Confinement 96

Chapter 96 When Three Women are Gathered Together, They Form a Character of Sex (姦)

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 My heart was pounding.

 I thought I could make it a meter or so with a good run, but it was much shorter than I thought.

 ”Are you okay, Devi?”

 ”Uh, yeah. I’m fine, I think”

 As I regulated my breathing, I used <Periscope> and looked in the opposite direction of where I had come in, to the other side.

 What I saw was a room in the ship. It was an unusually long and narrow room.

 Iron walls, iron doors. Two bunk beds were lined up on each side of the room, and there were several nude pin-ups on the wall. Some of them were reddish brown and about to peel off, while others were relatively new, but the overall impression of the room was just messy.

 It was probably a sailor’s room. Fortunately, there was no sign of anyone in the room.


 Then, I used <Passing Through Room> to go down to the sailor’s room, walked up to the entrance door, opened it slightly, and peeked out the other side.

 On the other side of the door is a corridor with an orange lamp that dims the color. It was so narrow that if two people wanted to pass each other, they would have to lie down.

 I tried to listen carefully, but could not hear a single footstep. The only sound was the low hum of what seemed to be the air conditioning.

 (I think this is called a…… sneaking mission?)

 I felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement. My heart was pounding more and more.

 I made up my mind and stepped out into the corridor.

 Carefully, so as not to make a sound.

 And if someone came from the front, I would immediately activate “the door”. With this image in my mind, I stood on my tiptoes and walked softly and gently.

 I wondered how many people were on this ship right now. Ten? Twenty? I don’t think it’s a hundred.

 Or are there only a few people left, lodging on land until the ship sails?

 Eventually, without seeing anyone, I reached the end of the corridor. There was a spiral staircase that goes up.

 Looking up, the staircase seemed to extend two levels up.

 If I could get to that level, I might be able to get to the deck I was aiming for.

 I grabbed the handrail and started to carefully climb the stairs.

 I was so nervous that my hands were sweating profusely. No matter how hard I tried to kill the sound of my footsteps, the steel stairs made a high-pitched thump, thump, thump.

* * *

 I’m in a hurry, but I don’t want to make any noise. I felt as if my heart was tingling with impatience.

 Somehow, I managed to reach the second level, when suddenly, from the other side of the corridor, I heard the sound of men laughing. Immediately, I crouched down.

 (What are they doing……?)

 As I listened carefully, I heard the sound of dishes and laughter. Apparently, there was a party going on somewhere on this level.

 I regained my composure and started walking up the stairs again.

 I wondered how much time had passed. When I reached the top of the stairs, I found myself in a small room. Looking out the window, I could see the deck piled up with containers.

 It seemed we had made it.


 I breathed out a sigh of relief and stepped out onto the deck using <Passing Through Room>.

 Immediately, the smell of the tide tickling the tip of my nose. and I feel lukewarm breeze.

 There were many containers piled up on the deck, and the moonlight cast their shadows onto the chemical floor.

 Probably because there were few lights around. The full moon, slightly to the east of the mid-sky, looked unusually bright.

 ”Do you know which container it is?”

 ”This way, Devi”

 Following Lili’s lead, I ran through the containers and reached the middle of the deck.

 The containers which were piled up. made it look like a back alley of an red light district lined with apartment buildings.

 ”Roughly around here, Devi…….”

 ”Got it. All I have to do now is search until I find the right one”

 I set up the door so that it was attached to the nearest container and use <Periscope> to peer into the container.

 I guess they plan to repair it and sell it. The inside of the container was filled with what appeared to be used washing machines.

 The rest of the process was the same, and I went through one container after another, until finally, at the fifth container…

 ”There she is!”

 I found Kurosawa-san.

 Under the pale lantern light, I saw several female figures. Among them, I found Kurosawa-san sitting there holding her knees.

 She was dressed in her school uniform as she had been when she was taken away. She didn’t seem to be injured.

 (I’m glad….. she is safe!)

 My emotions rose, and without a second thought, I used <Passing Through Room> and stepped into the container.


 The girls screamed as I suddenly jumped into the container. Kurosawa-san didn’t scream, but her face went rigid with surprise.

 ”Fumio!? What, why?”

 When she saw that it was me who had jumped in, her face lit up with joy. But it was only for a moment.

 ”That door…… no way…….”

 When she realized that there was a door behind me, her expression turned grim.

* * *

 Of course, I knew this would happen, and I was prepared for it. But right now, it was more important to get out of here.

 ”I’ll explain everything later. Just get inside the door! We’re getting out of here!”

 ”……Can other girls enter the room as well?”

 When I nodded, Kurosawa-san looked back at the other girls and raised her voice.

 ”Anyone who wants to escape, follow me!”

 When Kurosawa-san jumped into the door, the other women looked at each other and then ran into the door as fast as they could.

 I watched them all go in, and closed the door.

 The room used for the <Passing Through Room> is in its smallest size in order to shorten the running distance. In short, it is the default state where no changes have been made.

 The room is made of stone and is about six tatami mats in size. Looking around the room, Kurosawa-san sighed.

 ”Haa~, I’ve come back here again……”

 Come to think of it, the room had been in this state when she had been confined before. It must be a very familiar room to her.

 And Kurosawa-san looked complicated.

 Despite this, Onee-san, who resembled a cabaret girl, approached me and asked me a question.

 ”Hey, hey, you! What are we going to do from here? You look so calm, but if we don’t get out of here quickly, they’ll come after us!”

 It was natural for the girls to be terrified. After all, they were going to run away, but they had only gotten through one door.

 ”Don’t worry. We’ve already escaped. This room is in another dimension, so no one will be able to follow us”

 ”Another dimension……?”

 Onee-san’s face instantly turned puzzled.

 I don’t know if it’s really in another dimension or not, but I don’t know how else to explain this room.

 ”All I have to do is open a door somewhere appropriate and get out of here……”

 I thought to myself.

 (I could put <Quiet> and <Forget Person> on them right now and let them out, but that would be dangerous during this time of night……)

 There is no reason to keep them here, but it would be a bad idea for them to wake up in another dangerous situation after they have been rescued.

 ”I’ll open the door in the morning in front of the station or somewhere, so you’ll have to wait here for one night”

 As I said this, I opened up the room and set up six beds.

 The room was changing in real time, and the women were looking at me with a frightened look.

 After I finished setting up the room, I turned to Kurosawa-san. To be honest, I don’t care about the other women.

* * *

 The problem is…… starts from here.

 ”So, Kurosawa-san, please follow me”

 ”……If you do anything weird, I’ll scratch you”

 Kurosawa-san glared at me with a sense of discomfort. But I still take her with me and leave the room.

 I set up a corridor on the other side of the door, and connect it to “the Bedroom of the Confinement King” in real time.

 When I think about it this way, the structure of the “room” seems to have become quite complicated.

 This fourth door leads to “the Bedroom of the Confinement King”.

 The other three are the door to the outside and the door to the area where Masaki-chan’s and Ryoko’s rooms are located.

 And there was another one that lead to the area where the track and field club is confined.

 As soon as I stepped into the Confinement King’s bedroom, Kurosawa-san glared at me.

 ”It was…… you, wasn’t it? Fumio. You’re the beast that kidnapped me and raped me……”

 ”That’s right”

 ”What are you going to do with me?”

 ”I’m not going to do anything. It’s late today, so I’m just going to erase your memory of me and ask you to leave in the morning”

 Kurosawa-san then raised her eyebrows in suspicion. Well, it was inevitable that she would be suspicious, and I couldn’t help but smile.

 ”I promised Kurosawa-san before that I wouldn’t involve you again. So, I thought I kept my distance from you. But only this time as an exception to the rule. After all, this was the only way I could think of to help Kurosawa-san”

 ”You’re trying to deceive me by saying such an auspicious thing, aren’t you!? That’s right. You’re the one who kidnapped the girls from the track and field club too, right?”

 ”Yes, I kidnapped them. After all, some of the girls were trying to threaten Fujiwara-san by taking naked pictures of her. And because I couldn’t figure out who it was, I kidnapped them all and finally found them today. But I’m going to release them tomorrow morning”

 ”So you’re saying you’re doing this for Mai?”

 ”No, I think it’s more like…… for myself. The reason I came to help Kurosawa-san this time is the same. It was just because I was unhappy”

 ”……It’s hard to be angry when you say it like that”

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I never come to you again. This time, I’ll tell Fujiwara-san, “I hate Kurosawa-san, so I don’t want to get close to her””

 Then, for some reason, Kurosawa-san seemed to be in a panic.

 ”Y-you don’t have to go that far…….”

 At the moment she stuttered, the door leading to the room of the princess suddenly opened with a slamming sound.

 ”Fumio-kun! What kind of toilet paper roll did you just ask me for……….. huh?”

 The person who came was Masaki-chan carrying a large amount of toilet paper roll. As soon as she caught sight of Kurosawa-san, her face twisted in displeasure.

 It’s dangerous……. The timing is too bad.

* * *

 But whether she noticed her expression or not. Kurosawa-san rushed towards her with a look of great emotion on her face.

 ”Masaki! You’re safe!”

 However, Masaki-chan gave her cold words as she ran up to her.

 ”What are you doing here? You thieving cat…”

 ”Eh, thieving…… cat? W-what do you mean? What’s wrong with you, Masaki……?”

 Masaki-chan pointed the toilet paper roll at the nose of the confused Kurosawa-san and glared at her.

 ”You’re trying to seduce Fumio-kun again, aren’t you! Isn’t that right!”

 ”You’re joking…? What are you talking about, Masaki……?”

 I hurriedly intervened between the two of them when I saw that Masaki-chan looked like she was about to grab her.

 ”Masaki-chan, please calm down!”

 ”But Fumio-kun! This woman is…….”

 Masaki-chan stomped her feet in a jittery manner.

 However, bad things happen in bad times…….

 The next moment, the door leading to the area where the track & field club is being held captive slammed open this time.

 ”Oh! You’re back, Confinement King! I’ve missed you! You’re going to take good care of me tonight, aren’t you?”

 Tashiro-san came in, wearing a white dress. She came running towards me and clung to my arm tightly. When she noticed Kurosawa-san’s presence, she raised her eyebrows.

 ”Who are you?”

 ”And who are you?”

 ”Hmm, I’m Hatsu Tashiro, the second favored princess of the Confinement King. So, who are you?”

 As soon as she heard the words “Second favored Princess”, Kurosawa-san glared at me.

 No, I don’t want to be glared at there.

 ”I’m Misuzu Kurosawa”

 Then, Tashiro-san tilted her head, “What?”.

 ”I’ve heard that name before…… Oh, I remember now, Lili-dono claimed that was the name of a poor woman who lacked the ability to judge men!”

 ”Haaaaaaa!? What are you talking about!”

 I wondered if that was the case, but…… Tashiro-san is the type of person who can’t read the atmosphere very well……

 Kurosawa-san was very upset, but Tashiro-san looked down at her and tucked her chin.

 ”Isn’t that right? I’m disappointed that you’re letting a trivial man manipulate you and that you’re letting the best man in the world slip away”

 ”What? The best man? You’re making me laugh. What is the best?”

 ”All of it. I’m currently listening to Lili-dono, asking her about the history from the birth of the Confinement King to now, and the more I learn, the more I fall in love with him”


 When I raised my voice involuntarily, Masaki-chan looked at me as if to say, “Me too!”.

 ”Just right. Did you say Kasuya? I’ve always wanted to see the face of a woman who would choose such a man”

 ”Jun-kun is not trivial!”

 When Kurosawa-san raised her voice, Tashiro-san snickered.

 ”Anyone who listens to that voice record will agree that he is a trivial man”

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