Confinement 95

Chapter 95 The One You can’t Get used to

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 ”Get off!”

 The woman sitting in the passenger seat looked back at the back seat. Then, the two men sitting between me opened the door and got out of the car.

 ”Hurry up!”

 They shouted at me, and I stepped out of the car fearfully.

 As soon as I stepped outside, the two men who had gotten off before me grabbed my arms.

 The first man was a tall, skinny man with a long face, and the second man was a square-faced man in a shabby suit.

 When I got out of the car, I smelled the smell of the sea. I could see a ship in front of me. There was a large container ship with several containers on the deck.

 ”You’ve got some good guts, huh. Most people would be crying their eyes out in a situation like this”

 A woman got out of the passenger seat and looked into my face.

 She was wearing a pastel-colored tank top, hot pants and sauvage hair, looking like she was from Samba country. It standing out.

 Is she half-Japanese? After all, her face looked like she was from South America.

 ”I’m used to being kidnapped…”

 When I responded to her sarcastically, the woman looked puzzled for a moment, and then laughed out loud.

 ”Nee-san, Chen-san is waiting for you. Let’s hand her over quickly” (*Note : 陳 -> Chen -> Chin)

 A nervous-looking young man got out of the driver’s seat and rubbed his stomach as he said this, and the woman tucked her chin toward the men who were holding my arms.

 ”Let’s go”

 When the woman began to walk, the men began to walk while clutching my arms. We climbed up the movable stairs (ramp) to the deck of the ship, and made our way deeper and deeper, weaving between the three stacks of containers.

 When we reached the middle of the deck, a man was waiting for me.

 He was wearing a national uniform and had a loach beard. He was a man with very narrow eyes.

 ”Ai Ya, Aina-san, you’re late”

 With that comment, I was convinced that he was Japanese. I don’t think there is any Chinese person who speaks in such a manga-like manner.

 ”Shut up! Ochinchin. Where should I throw her?”

 ”It’s not Ochinchin, it’s Chen, Chen!”

 ”I don’t care if it’s Ochinchin or Ochinpo! Just tell me what should I do. I want to go home and watch my drama!”

 As the Sauvage woman ruffled her hair in annoyance, the fake Chinese pointed to one of the containers with a sigh.

 ”That’s it”

 Then she turned back to me.

 ”I’m sorry, little girl, but… you’re going to be on a nine-day ship trip from here. I don’t know exactly where you’re going. But I’m sure there’s water and food inside, so I don’t think you’ll be too hungry”

 When I heard that there was water and food, I thought, “That’s very kind”, and it made believe myself that I’ve gotten used to it in a very bad way.

 (I can’t escape it, can I?)

 Before I was put on the ship, I took a quick look around, but other than the windows of the ship, all I could see was the light of a lighthouse in the distance.

* * *

 I could hear the sound of a muffler in the distance, which sounded like an exhaust from motorcycle gang, but there was no other noise. Of course, there was no sign of anyone. In this situation, there was no point in crying out.


 When the tall man opened the door of the container, I could hear a girl’s crying voice coming from inside.

 There were six women in the container. They were illuminated by a small lantern. The women were of varying ages and appearances. I wondered if they had all been kidnapped.

 As I entered the container, the door closed and a heavy metal clank sounded. This probably meant that I couldn’t open the door from the inside.

 ”Please excuse me…….”

 When I sat down like that, the woman sitting in the corner with her legs stretched out gave me a suspicious look.

 ”You seem to be…… okay with it”

 ”I’m not okay with it. I was kidnapped in another place a while ago, so I’m used to…… it”

 When I answered that, all the women in the room looked at me at once.

◇ ◇ ◇

 The food was absurdly good. Even I, who had been fed delicious food every day, thought it was a world apart from what I was used to.

 How about most of the club members who have been fed only oatmeal until this morning?

 In fact, except for Yui-chan, who kept asking questions, and Captain, who kept answering her, everyone else seemed to be absorbed in the food.

 As the main dish began to empty, Captain smiled at Yui-chan who was still trying to ask a question, stopped her with her hand, and looked around at the group.

 ”I’d like you to listen while you eat. It’s about the treatment of everyone after this……”

 It’s not something that can be ignored. Everyone stopped and looked up at the same time.

 ”First of all, the four of you, Kishijo, Hotta, Inui, and Saito, were sentenced to be cut up into little pieces…… but somehow I managed to reduce your sentence to one year of labor as an apprentice maid. I know you want to go home, but even with this, he was very persistent. I would appreciate it if you could bear with it and think that it would be better than being executed”

 I turned my attention to the four girls, but they were keeping their faces down by the wall. Perhaps the girls have already heard this story.

* * *

 If the sentence has been commuted from death to one year in prison, I don’t think there’s anything to complain about……

 ”Next, Kayama, Takasago, and Shiratori were supposed to serve the Confinement King as semi-favored princess apprentices, but…… I begged and pleaded, and somehow they were allowed to go home”

 As soon as she said that, Yui-chan kicked her seat and stood up.

 ”No, don’t do anything unnecessary. I’m going to stay here no matter what anyone says!”

 ”Kayama, you say that, but you live alone with your mother. She must be feeling lonely”


 As Yui-chan stammered, an unexpected person spoke up.

 ”I’d like to stay too”

 It was Shiratori-senpai. She looked around with her usual unfriendly face at everyone who looked surprised, and then opened her mouth.

 ”Isn’t this a chance to get rich? Right, Miss Bowel?”

 By all accounts, Yui-chan was also in it for the money, but she didn’t like to be told that, so she turned mushy.

 Then the Captain folded her arms and made a thoughtful gesture, “Hmm”.

 ”How about you, Takasago?”

 ”The dessert is delicious. I like it”

 Apparently, she wanted to stay.

 ”Then, let me put it this way. As for you, I will ask Confinement King to allow you to travel back and forth between here and outside, as I do”

 Certainly, if that is allowed, it will be a wishful thinking for Yui-chan, but…….

 ”As for the others, all of you will be released tomorrow. I’ve been told that some of your memories of what happened here – about people – will be sealed”

 ”About people?”

 When I asked that, Captain nodded her head.

 ”Oh, yes. A person who has been whipped will remember being whipped, but will not know who whipped her. The opposite is also true”

 ”Ughh…… isn’t that just going to make things even more awkward?”

 When Shima-senpai let out a complicated voice, Amemiya-senpai raised her hand and said, “Umm…….”.

 ”What’s wrong, Amemiya?”

 ”If I can come and go, I’d like to stay too……”

 Immediately, a surprised gaze gathered on Amemiya-senpai. It’s natural. Although it’s 100 percent Yui-chan’s fault, Amemiya-senpai is the most whipped person here.

 ”Hmm, Freesia-san. What do you think?”

 ”It’s up to Confinement King-sama to decide, but if she’s someone servant…… I’m sure he’ll allow it”

 When silver-haired maids answered that, Amemiya-senpai turned over in embarrassment.

 ”Then, I will be Yui-sama’s servant……”



 When Shima-senpai and Captain looked at each other and tilted their heads, Yui-chan twisted her mouth into a grin and said, “Oh, you say the cutest things”.

 ”If you do that, Hatsu-chan. Can I be your servant, too, Hatsu-chan?”

 ”Hmm, I don’t mind”

 ”How about you, Moribe? Why don’t you join us?”

 Shima-senpai turned her head towards me.

* * *

 However, I don’t know why anyone would want to stay here, and more importantly, I have a decision to make.

 ”No, no, I have something I want to do when I get out of here”

 ”What do you want to do?”

 ”Well, the thing I regret most about before coming here is that I didn’t tell the person I love that I love him, so I’m going to try my best to tell him……”

◇ ◇ ◇

 As I opened the door to the wall of the museum, I pulled out my bike, which I had brought in beforehand.

 ”I’ll ask you to navigate”

 ”Leave it to me, Devi!”

 I looked at Lili, who was floating in the air, and nodded at each other, then I got on my bike and started riding.

 Summer was near and the air was warm. I could feel the sweat dripping down my T-shirt as I pedaled.

 A man’s hand reaches out to Misuzu, and the sound of her crying and screaming came to my mind. I pedaled on, desperately trying to shake off these unpleasant fantasies.

 In the redeveloped area of the seaside, there were almost no stores or houses, just a large factory lit up against the dark sky.

 There were no people on the street, and even though it was a big road, there were only a few cars coming and going. In the distance, the sound of straight pipe exhaust pipes of a motorcycle gang echoed loudly.

 After about thirty minutes of riding straight down the main road of the seaside, I eventually saw a signboard with the words “Ferry Port” and an arrow.

 ”Turn at the sign, Devi”

 I was now covered in sweat.

 I didn’t have time to reply, so I did as I was told and made the turn.

 The street on either side of us was dark, with a warehouse district atmosphere and few streetlights. As I drove straight through, I could see three cargo ships on the other side of the countless containers.

 ”Which ones?”

 ”The one in the middle, Devi”

 As I neared the pile of containers, I could barely stand my bike up, so I rolled it over and hid behind them.

 As I regulated my ragged breathing, I observed the ship.

 The windows were lit, but there was no sign of life around the ship. There were no streetlights around, and even if they were watching from the deck, it would be too dark to see us.

 ”Which part of the ship?”

 ”Probably one of the containers on deck, Devi”

* * *

 ”Worst case scenario, I’ll just have to go through them”

 I jumped out from behind the containers and ran toward the ship.

 The movable stairs (ramp) were already up. So, the only way to get in is to use <Passage Through Room>.

 But even though the ship was docked, there was still more than a meter of distance between the ship and the shore.

 ”It can’t be helped!”

 I made the door appear as if it were stuck to the hull of the ship and shouted to Lili.

 ”Lili, open the door!”

 ”Roger that, Devi!”

 Lili was the first to open the door.


 I ran as fast as I could and jumped in the air with the momentum of my run. If I don’t reach it, I’ll end up in the dark sea. But there was no time to be afraid of that. Just in time, just in time. And I tumbled headfirst into the doorway.

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