Confinement 103

Chapter 103 Retain the Invisible Woman

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 ”Hmm? What is it? Saori-chan”

 ”It’s nothing…… Ehehe”

 Saori-chan smiled softly as she lowered the corners of her eyes.

 Currently, I’m on my way to school, holding hands with Saori-chan.

 I’ve heard that I used to escort her to school when we were in elementary school, and that she and I are childhood friends who live in the same neighborhood…. but to be honest, I feel quite uncomfortable saying that.

 After all, I didn’t remember her.

 Right now, a week has passed since the day I rushed into the office.

 Saori-chan started school today, and all the other girls will probably start coming to school around today.

 Looking back on the past week alone, the situation around me has changed, although I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a drastic change….

 The special news program also caused a tremendous stir on school.

 In this age of declining birthrates and an aging population, securing students is one of the biggest challenges in running a school.

 At such a time, if the school becomes the stage for a large-scale kidnapping, even if the school was a victim, and a TV commentator calls it a “terrible school”, the negative image will be fatal. It’s not something that can be erased.

 A decrease in the number of applicants for the next school year is inevitable, and if the number of applicants decreases, the deviation value will decrease, and if the deviation value decreases, the number of applicants will decrease even more.

 It is frequently misunderstood that schools are for-profit businesses that sell the product of education, rather than charitable organizations. If the student population falls, the school will lose revenue and may even go bankrupt.

 Naturally, the board of directors was furious.

 And unable to hold the kidnappers accountable for their actions, they turned their attention to the students who had caused the problems.

 As a result, the assault on me by the soccer club’s first-year students was thoroughly investigated as a case of assault, and Kasuya-kun and the first-year students involved were suspended indefinitely. They were also banned from participating in official games for a year.

 Of course, the members of the club who had nothing to do with the incident were not happy about it.

 Their anger was naturally directed at Kasuya-kun and the others. After all, they will not be able to return to the soccer club any time soon.

 On the other hand, Teruya-san, the kidnapper’s younger sister, appears to have left the dormitory and submitted a withdrawal notice to the school the day after the special news program aired.

 I don’t know where she went after that, but there is an unverified rumor that she was seen working at a girls’ bar in a neighboring prefecture.

 So how was I treated? Well, I was far from being treated like a hero, but I think I was treated a little better…….

 However, at best, the name “Kimo-jima” has been changed to “Kijima-kun”.

 And rather than being a popular person, many people, especially boys, think that I’m a dangerous guy who would run into a yakuza’s office by himself, so they avoid me.

 Originally, I didn’t have any friends, so I wasn’t affected, but if I did have friends, I would have lost them in a second.

* * *

 It was a very dangerous situation.

 On the other hand, as for the girls…… I honestly don’t know. My impression is that more and more girls are returning my greetings.

 Fujiwara-san also said, “I don’t like it when more and more people start paying attention to Fu~min. Even if they realize Fu~min’s value now, it’s too late!” But, unfortunately, I don’t feel that way at all.

 On a side note, if it’s about my girls, I actually have a bit of a problem.

 My favorite princesses have all been sent home, and Ryoko is absurdly busy right now. However, I just can’t go days without embracing a girl.

 So, for the past week, I’ve been putting all my s*xual energy into Kyoko.

 I think I’ve been pretty reckless, but I like her quite a bit for sticking with me even after all that recklessness.

 However, perhaps because of my daily recklessness, she no longer resists calling me “Master,” and she no longer complains face-to-face about the fact that I force her to wear Lolita fashion all the time.

 Maybe I’ve broken her heart just a little bit.

 Back to the story….. She is Saori Moribe.

 When our gazes meet, she smiles back at me happily and softly.

 ……What is it with these cute creatures?

 She’s a cute girl with bangs and shoulder-length black hair that has a gentle, ladylike air about it. It’s not as bad as Masaki-chan, but she’s still small, baby-faced and has an infant shape.

 She seems to be quiet and timid…… and even I, who tend to be a bit of a S, was tickled with the desire to protect her as if she were a Chihuahua.

 It seems that she was also one of the members of the track and field club that I had confined, but I honestly don’t remember.

 After all, Tashiro-san was the only one of the members of the track and field club that I had met face-to-face. I don’t think there was a girl like Saori-chan in the club when I was selecting my favorite candidate from the club members based on their mug shots.

 So…… why am I going to school holding hands with such a girl? Well, last night she came all the way to my house with her parents to say hello.

 Her parents also bowed to me at the door and said, “Thank you very much for rescuing my Saori” which made me feel awful.

 I’m a criminal, after all.

 When her parents bowed, she, who had been blushing behind her mother’s back, also hurriedly bowed.

 She really is like a little animal. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

 Then, her mother asked me to help her.

 ”I’m afraid she’ll be kidnapped again…… Could you please accompany her to school in the morning if it’s not too much trouble?”

 Going to school with a cute girl can only be described as a reward.

 So, I agreed without a second thought, and I saw her expression light up.

 ”Then, starting tomorrow…… please look after me……. Onii-chan”

 I seriously thought that I could eat three bowls of rice just by hearing her call me “Onii-chan”.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After parting ways with Saori-chan at the school gate, I headed to my classroom.

 When I stepped into the classroom–

 ”Ah, Kijima-kun, good morning”

 ”Good morning!”

 ”G-good morning…….”

 Some girls greeted me before I took my seat with the same gross scowl on my face.

 Despite the fact that I’m still act like that, I’m now being called cute instead of gross, which is the most confusing thing that’s happened to me lately.

* * *

 After a while, Fujiwara-san came into the classroom and spoke “Hello~!” .

 ”Good morning, Fu~min! Ehehe……”

 She threw her bag down on the seat next to me and clung to my arm, attaching her chair to mine.

 I guess this is a usual scene for classmates.

 But then, a few minutes later…

 ”Fumio-kun, good morning”

 ”Good morning, Fumio”

 Masaki-chan and Kurosawa-san came into the classroom together.

 The two victims of this kidnapping case. It was the first day of school after the kidnapping, so the atmosphere in the classroom instantly became tense.

 However, the girls didn’t seem to care about the stares of their classmates.

 Instead of going to their seats, they came straight to me.

 ”Misuzu, Masaki-chi! Good morning, I see you’re coming today!”

 Fujiwara-san said, waving her hand in the air.

 ”Good morning, Mai-chan”

 While replying to Fujiwara-san, Masaki-chan brought the chair next to me with “Unsho” and sat down. Then, she clung to my arm, the opposite arm of Fujiwara-san.

 ”Huh!? Wait, wait! Masaki-chi! What are you doing to my boyfriend!?”

 Fujiwara-san shouts out in astonishment at the sight of Masaki-chan’s powerful breasts engulfing my arms.

 ”What exactly am I doing? Of course, I’d like to express my gratitude to him. It’s my way of saying thank you for saving me from the yakuza. Oh right, Fumio-kun also loves me so much that he wrote me a love letter, so I thought he’d like it if I did this for him”

 ”Love letters are a thing of the past! He’s my boyfriend now!”

 ”Well, Mai-chan, shouldn’t you be proud when your boyfriend is so popular with the girls?”

 ”Eh? ……Well, yeah, I guess so”

 ”So, it’s not a problem. Come on, Misuzu-chan, let’s do it too”

 ”Eh, wait, wait!? Hey!?”

 Fujiwara-san’s eyes were black and white as she was forced to deal with Masaki-chan’s incomprehensible logic.

 On the other hand, Kurosawa-san was somewhat fidgety.

 ”I-it’s not that I don’t care about Fumio… But it’s because I’m too embarrassed to do it here…”

 ”Your tsundere hasn’t been cured yet, huh?”

 ”Don’t talk to me like I’m sick! I get it, I get it!”

 With that said, Kurosawa-san hugged me from behind with “Ei”.

 ”I-i-i-i-it’s not like I’m trying to get attached to Fumio, you know! Please don’t get me wrong!”

 Oh, I received the best tsundere ever. Thank you very much.

 It’s a paradise of big breast, beautiful breast, and small breast.

 Although the boys’ gazes are painful, there’s nothing wrong with it.

 But when I listen to the voices leaking out from the girls…

* * *

 ”He saved their life, so it’s only natural that they fell in love with him, isn’t it? It’s going to be tough for you from now on, Mai-chan”

 ”Lately, Kijima-kun is looking good. Kasuya-kun can’t do anything about it if he’s like that, and Kurosawa-san might be thinking about switching”

 ”Ahaha, it’s kind of cute when Kijima-kun is embarrassed”

 It was surprisingly favorable.

 Perhaps she couldn’t say anything strongly with these two as her opponents, but Fujiwara-san jiggled her legs and spoke.

 ”Geez! Both of you! You can do it until class begins! But once class starts, Fu~min is all mine!”

 In other words, please stay away from him during class. Fujiwara-san said.

 And every time the break came, there was a similar exchange between Kurosawa-san, Masaki-chan and Fujiwara-san, and the gaze of the classmates changed to a very warm one.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When the fourth period class was about to start, Lili suddenly appeared in the air.

 ”Fumi Fumi, head to the roof right now. It’s time to help people!”

 She then smiled, baring her double teeth.

 I’ve got a bad feeling about this, especially when the devil tells me to help people……

 ”Well, you can leave it alone, Devi… But it’s also kind of annoying to be depressed by Fumi Fumi, Devi. Don’t be shy, just bang her, Devi!”

 ””Just bang her”… Is that word intended to help people?”

 ”Well, well, well, you’ll see, Devi”

 Yeah, I don’t get it at all.

 But since Lili went to the trouble of showing up at the school, there must be some appropriate circumstances.

 ”Fujiwara-san…… I forgot to use the restroom. I’m gonna go now”

 ”Eh, class is about to start, hey, Fu~min, I said Fu~min!”

 I shook off her hand and ran out of the classroom.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”No way, I can’t… I can’t do this anymore….”

 My own voice was drenched in tears.

 I muttered that with my hands on the rooftop fence.

 The events of that worst day are stuck in my head and won’t leave me.

 The day I became invisible, the day I was nowhere to be found.

 It was the day after that special news program.

 I had planned to take a day off from school.

 I knew that if I went to school, the teacher would get mad at me. That’s what I thought.

 But then the terminator came to pick me up from my dorm.

 ”I will never allow you to take a day off”

 That’s what Fujiwara-senpai told me.

 I want to reject it. I thought to myself, but I knew there was no point in resisting.

 So, I reluctantly prepared myself and left the dorm room.

 But I was naive. Only the teacher would be mad at me? That’s funny. That was not going to be the end of it.

 ”Good morning…….”

 As I entered the classroom, cold stares pierced me all at once. And when I turned to look at them, they all quickly looked away.

 ”G-good morning”

 The boy sitting next to me, who was always glancing at me, also silently looked away.

 ”Oh, um…….”

 I try to talk the boy seated in front of me, but he also silently walks away.

 What…… is this?

 As I sat there, the sound of girls in my class talking reached into my ears. And it’s about me….

* * *

 ”How could she come? Isn’t she an idiot?”

 ”……I mean, she’s got too much guts. If you get involved with her, you never know what kind of accusations she will make against you”

 ”If you’re framed as a kidnapper like Kijima-senpai, it’ll be a disaster……”

 ”Oh right, she was called a sociopath. She can’t read the atmosphere. Although everyone hated her before, but she didn’t understand it at all. She wanted to be admired by men, so she was acting like a pretender”

 That day, I spent the whole day with my head down.

 I thought it was the worst.

 But that wasn’t the bottom yet.

 When I returned to the dormitory, I found all my belongings had been taken out of the hallway.

 ”What? Why?”

 I asked the head of the dormitory who was there.

 ”Your roommate said she didn’t want to share a room with Fukuda-san. The other girls all said they didn’t like it either. Can you please move to a single room?”

 And I went upstairs to a room in the corner.

 I was moved to a windowless three-mat room that had been used as a storage room until yesterday. There was no bed, just a set of futon. There was no other furniture.

 It was hopeless. I’m sick of it.

 I don’t want to go to school. But despite my protestations, every morning a terminator would forcibly come to pick me up.

 ”If you don’t do what I say, your family will be in trouble……”

 No one cared if I left class.

 I don’t know how many days I haven’t talked to anyone properly.

 I’m not going to ask to be admired.

 But, at the very least, please don’t treat me like air.

 ”Maybe I should just die……. I wonder if that would make me feel better……”

 Through the fence, I peered down from the rooftop.

 I feel like I’m being sucked in. There are a lot of students on the ground during gym class right now. If I jump down, they will notice me right away.

 I wonder if the students who ignored me will feel a little guilty?

 Or will they laugh and say that it was a good thing?

 But if they’re still indifferent to me…… that’s not good.

 Well, that’s okay. If it makes me feel better, it’s…… good.

 But at the moment I put my toe on the fence to climb it–

 ”You’ve gotten a lot worse in the short time I haven’t seen youー”

 I heard a voice behind me.

 It was a boy’s voice, a familiar voice.

 I turned around and there he was, that Kimo-buta.

 ”What do you want……? isn’t it all your fault……?”

 In fact, I think I’m pretty miserable now.

 My hair is a mess. I don’t take care of my skin at all. There’s no point in dressing up if no one will take me seriously.

 ”Are you going to die?”

 ”Yes, I’m going to jump. It’s your fault”

 It was a strange feeling.

 I didn’t want to see his face, but the fact that he was talking to me made me happy. I was very, very happy that he answered me.

 And when he replied.

* * *

 ”Hmm, well, it’s a waste of time, let me have a shot before you die”

 Even if the reply was such a lousy statement.

 ”Huh!? Are you kidding me…..!?”

 Kimo-buta immediately grabbed my chest and forcefully held me against the fence.

 ”You’re in no position to talk back”

 ”I’ll tell you what! I’m going to tell them that you’ve been raping me!”

 ”You know…… between you and me. Who do you think people will believe?”


 ”They’ll just think you’re crazy again, right? Nobody’s going to believe you anymore”


 I can only droop. That’s the truth.

 The next moment, Kimo-buta pressed his lips to mine.

 ”No…… Stop it….”

 I couldn’t shake him off even if I wanted to.

 He twisted up my breasts with one hand, and at the same time his fingers entered my skirt. His hands are incredibly experienced. I was terrified that as his fingers crawled over my breasts and between my legs, my disgust would turn to pleasure at a frightening rate.

 ”No, don’t…… An, P-please let me go…… ah, ah, ah”

 The next thing I knew, my underwear was pulled down and my breasts were bare.

 (Why is this guy so skilled at this……?)

 ”Are you sure? You don’t want me to stop? I’m the only one who cares about you anymore, you know?”


 ”You want me to stop?”


 The next thing I know, he’s turning me away and holding my cheek against the fence.

 ”But, no. There is no such answer”

 Instantly, something hard touched my crotch. The blood rushes to my face.


 The next moment, as if prying open my crotch, something entered me.

 ”Oh, it hurts, noo, stop it, it’s ripping, it’s ripping!”

 But he doesn’t stop. The more I bit his lip and tried to release his hips, the more it slipped in.

 And then.

 ”Noo, it hurts, it hurts, stop it, stop it……”

 ”You’re my onahole now”

 I screamed as I felt something ripped out of me.

 I felt a mixture of pain and heat. My body was on fire, and cold sweat was licking my skin.

 ”It was my first time…… you are terrible……”

 As I looked at the joint, my tears burning from the pain, I saw that Kimo-buta’s very thick object was buried up to the base.

 ”You’ve got a terrible personality, but you’ve got a pretty good one here”

 ”Uuuuuu… t-that’s enough…… j-just pull it out already”

 ”Are you stupid? It’s s*x until I move and come inside you”

 ”Don’t make it sound like a field trip…… Ouch”

 The slightest movement of the hips is enough to send a sharp pain through the wound, as if salt were being smeared on it.

 ”It hurts, I said it hurts”

 No matter how much I screamed and complained about the pain, Kimo-buta would not stop moving his hips. My body felt as if it was being torn into eight pieces.


 ”Good, not bad. Rin’s cunt is pretty good”

 ”It would be so much cuter if you just stayed in my arms like this”

 ”Your facial expressions are fake, but when you get fucked, you look amazing”

 Whenever Kimo-buta say this to me, I felt an itch in my groin, even though I was uncomfortable, even though I was supposed to be uncomfortable.

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