Confinement 104

Chapter 104 It’s because I got involved with the Plague God

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 I grabbed Rin Fukuda’s hair and used it to wipe off the spe*m that was clinging to my thing, and then I pulled up my pants.

 ”Haa~, haa~… the lowest ….”

 Rin glared at me as she collapsed to the ground with bloody s*men dripping from her genital.

 She’s leaning against the corner post, looking worn out and tired.

 I don’t know if she realizes it or not, but unlike before, her eyes have a life of their own.

 ”Rin, stay here tomorrow at this time. I’ll take care of you”

 ”Who wants to come…?”

 ”No, you’re coming. Because there’s no one but me who can take care of a stupid girl like you”

 ”I’m not coming. I’m not stupid”

 ”Also, you should clean yourself up a little more when you meet me. Then you’ll look reasonably pretty”

 ”Listen to me!”

 ”It’s almost lunchtime. If you want to be seen, you can stay that way”

 She hurriedly adjusted her outfit, looking frustrated. She then frowned grandly, reaching into her hair as she buttoned up her blouse.

 ”Yikes… my hair is so sticky. What are you going to do about it?”

 ”Don’t worry, no one will notice. After all, no one is looking at you”

 With that, I tossed a handkerchief in her direction and left the rooftop.

 She will surely be here again tomorrow.

 I have no doubt about that.

* * *

 ”Break up with me”

 ”…Do you have something on your mind?”


 ”Yeah, that’s fine”

 (It’s scary!? What are these people, it’s scary!!)

 It was lunchtime on the first day of school in a week.

 Ui-chan said goodbye to Hiratsuka-kun, so I followed her as a tag-along (also known as an onlooker), it’s only a minute later that we are standing in the middle of the corridor, facing each other. And that was the end of the conversation.

 ”Well, Hiratsuka-kun is a good guy after all. I’m proud to have been in love with him, even if only for a short time”

 Ui-chan nodded with a clear face as she stared at his back as he walked away.

 ”It’s so simple…”

 ”It’s not that simple. Right now, a man does not show tears, but he will probably cry alone in his manly tears”

 (It’s not easy being a… man)

 ”But, Ui-chan. Are you sure you want to do this? Even if you say Confinement King is a good man, you’re one of many women, right?”

 ”Well, Shima, I’m glad you’re worried about me, but the number of women is a trivial matter. What’s important is that I can become the woman of the best man”

 ”…I don’t get it at all”

 ”Well, you’ll understand once you meet him. One way or another. You are supposed to be my servant”

 I don’t even understand this position of servant.


 What am I supposed to do?

 ”Well, in the end, you said he was going to let me come and go freely between this room and that room, right?”

 ”Yes, but originally, that’s the privilege of a favored princess. I was scolded for promising something arbitrary. So, the next time I share a bedroom with him, I will be punished for creating the role of servant without permission”

 ”Ui-chan… your mouth is loosening”

 When I turned to look at her, I pointed my index finger at her.

 ”Umm, , Shima, you know the expression “sweet night”, right? it is really sweet”

 ”Noisy, you ero girl”

 ”As for myself, I’m going to have a door installed in my room that leads to that room, so I’ll be able to come and go whenever I want, but for everyone else, you’ll either have to come to my house or ask the Confinement King to pick you up. It’s a bit of a hassle at first, but I’ve heard that once he set foot in a place, he can open the door at that place anytime. It should be smooth the second time around”

 ”Anytime…. Hey, Ui-chan, it seems I’m getting used to it a little bit, but …Confinement King is absurd, isn’t it?”

 ”Yeah, because he’s the Confinement King”

 ”That’s not an answer, Ui-chan”

 ”In any case, Takasago is sending me messages saying “dessert, dessert, dessert, hurry up, hurry up” and it’s really annoying”

 ”She’s really sweets girl…. huh”

 ”So, tomorrow is Saturday. Let’s go to “the room” together with her, Shima, and me”

* * *

 Inomoto-senpai and I looked down at Inspector Nakamura, who was sitting on a sofa in the investigation headquarters.

 ”I’m going to take you into custody on suspicion of breach of trust, Inspector Nakamura”

 When I told him this, his eyes widened for a moment, but he quickly regained his composure and asked me a probing question.

 ”What are you talking about?”

 ”Anna Kamishima has confessed, Nakamura. You have taken advantage of your position as Chief to deliberately exclude Kamishima clan from the investigation”

 Inomoto-senpai said that she had confessed, but in reality she hadn’t. It’s not that he didn’t ask her about it, but she started talking about it on her own. To me.

 Other than that, she hasn’t spoken up at all.

 She’s a very obnoxious woman.

 It may be that she was thinking of using Inspector Nakamura as collateral damage out of spite.

 But no matter how much Anna Kamishima kept quiet, some of the members of the gang began to reveal that they had been kidnapping runaway girls and selling them overseas.

 All of them denied kidnapping Masaki Haneda and a member of the women’s track and field club. Of course they did. In fact, it wasn’t them.

 They all say that the girls came out of nowhere, but unfortunately, they came out of a windowless reception room in the back.


 All the circumstantial evidence indicates that they were confined. The physical evidence alone would be enough to prosecute.

 ”The investigators were all suspicious. Why did you so stubbornly refuse to get involved with the Kamishima clan?”

 ”…Well, it was all for you. It was all for your own good”

 ”For me?”

 ”Yes. Anna Kamishima said that she was not involved in any way in the kidnapping of the track and field club. She said she didn’t want to be suspected, and that if I tried to get the Kamishima clan involved with the case, she would have my fiance… you kidnapped by the Continental Mafia”

 ”Continental mafia?”

 ”As you know, it is nearly impossible to protect an individual who has been targeted by the continental mafia. If Anna Kamishima is arrested, she’ll asked them to kidnap my fiancé. It is clear from the scale of the case that Kamishima clan is not involved in it… I thought”

 ”They took your fiancée as a hostage and you offered her a favors”

 Inspector Nakamura nodded.

 Now I know. The reason why Anna Kamishima told me about the treachery of Inspector Nakamura.

 She was trying to make him despair that the continental mafia would be after me.


 ”Then you have nothing to worry about”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”I have no intention of marrying a criminal. I’m breaking off our engagement. Now you and I are strangers. There is no reason for me to be targeted”

 ”W-why! I’m doing this for your sake!”

 ”Then, for my sake, please be honest and break up with me. I will pass on the information that you and I have nothing to do with each other to an informant who may be connected to the continental mafia”

 ”…Sorry, Nakamura”

 Inomoto-senpai, who has a wrinkled brow and a pained look on his face, grabbed the shoulder of the weakly sagging inspector Nakamura.

 * * *

 In a dimly lit game center.

 At the coin-operated game corner, I was piling up coins and consuming them mindlessly.

 I was just killing time. I still had a lot of time before the appointed time.

 To put it bluntly, the past week had been nothing but a disaster. All I could think about was why I had to go through this.

 When I picked up the phone, I heard, “I’ll kill you, Kasuya!” The timeline of my social networking site was overflowing with pranks and accusations, and I finally deleted my main social networking account. Right now, I only have a sub-account that I use to communicate with Misuzu.

 My father beat me up, my mother cried, and my brother looked down on me with contempt.

 What did I do? I just wiped out the featherbugs that were trying to woo Misuzu for her sake.

 In retrospect, Misuzu’s disappearance in the the day after she attacked Kimo-jima, the other day she was kidnapped when Kimo-jima was with her, and because of my involvement with him, made me suffer such unreasonable treatment.

 He’s like a plague god or something. He must have too much bad luck and he’s dragging everyone around him into it. That’s what I thought.

 For the past week, the only thing that supported my mind was the messages I exchanged with Misuzu. She was the only one who told me it was not my fault and encouraged me.

 She told me that she is back to school today.

 And today, she’s supposed to meet me after school.

 The place is the same room as before at Ravian Rose.

 I’ve made a reservation there and ask her to come at nineteen. That’s what was written at the end of the message we exchanged yesterday.

 It’s been a while since I’ve seen Misuzu. I can hold her again. My heart was racing, and I couldn’t calm down.

 Of course there was a problem with going out while I was suspended from school, but I eventually made it to the city in the early afternoon and found myself in a game center behind the station, spending time with the slow passage of time.

 Just as I was about to pick up another coin and throw it in…

 ”Jun, what are you doing here?”

 I looked up to see a man in a light hoodie with his hood pulled up tightly over his eyes.

 ”What’s the matter, hikikomori?”

 Under the hood was the face of Masahiro Tateoka, a long haired man I hadn’t seen in a long time.

 ”It’s not that I’ve been a recluse. I heard from my little sister that you’ve been in a lot of trouble”

 ”Yeah, it wasn’t all that bad”

 ”You’re just like me. You’re being set up”

 ”Set up? By who?”

 ”If I knew that, I wouldn’t be in trouble. But somehow, through the channel, I got a guy who might be able to help me find it”

 ”Someone who might find it?”

 ”If I don’t know who it is, I can’t do anything about it. You’ve heard of Detective JK, right?”


 No, I’ve heard of it, but it’s like a story on the Internet. As I recall, they have a special eye for detecting lies…

 ”Hey, hey, hey, are you okay, dude?”

 ”Well, I’m not surprised you don’t believe me. Call me when you feel like it, because the more allies you can trust, the better”

 Masahiro gave a small shrug of his shoulders as he said this, and then left.

 I turned my attention to the clock. I look at my watch, it’s just past noon.

 ”It’s a long… day”

 I muttered to myself as I put coins into the game again.

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