Confinement 105

Chapter 105 Maybe All Women are Devils

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 ”Ugh…… Ugh……”

 I wake up with a slight headache.

 Next thing I know…

 ”What the hell is this!?”

 I yell out.

 It’s no wonder, when I wake up, I’m sitting in a wheelchair with my hands and feet bound with what looks like a leather belt.

 I look around and see a stone dungeon-like room.

 There is one door on the wall in front of me.

 I try to regain my memory.

 After spending some time at the arcade, I entered the Ravian Rose, thinking that I was a little early.

 Then, as soon as I open the door of the room and step inside, I feel something like an electric current running through me…… and my consciousness is cut off there.

 ”Ahaha, you’ve been asleep for a very long time, Devi”

 Suddenly, I hear a girl’s voice, and I look around.

 Then, a red-haired girl with horns was floating in the air.

 ”W-w-what the hell are you! Why are you floating!”

 ”Well, that’s a good reaction, Devi, it’s fresh, Devi. Thank you for accepting Lili’s invitation today, Devi”

 ”Invitation? I promised Misuzu that I’d……”

 ”Ahaha, that’s all from Lili, Devi. I told Kurosawa-chan to cheer you up, but she said she didn’t want to, so Lili had no choice but to cheer Kasuya up, Devi. Was it really like Kurosawa-chan, Devi?”

 ”What!? You’re lying! I get it, you kidnapped Misuzu”

 ”Well, maybe you’re right, but maybe you’re wrong, Devi”

 ”Don’t be stupid! Take this off! Release me and Misuzu go! You little brat!”

 When I yelled at her, the horned brat shrugged her shoulders as if in amazement.

 ”It’s not good behavior to talk to an older person like that, Devi. Either way, I’ll take you to Kurosawa-chan, Devi. Well, it’s too late for Kasuya to wake up, she’s already had about four rounds, so she’s in a bit of a mess, Devi…….”

 With that, the horned brat waved her hand and the wheelchair began to move on its own.

 When the front door opens and the wheelchair enters, I found myself in a very luxurious room.

 In front of me was a huge bed with a canopy that could easily sleep ten people. There was a woman sitting on it.

 No, no.

 She’s not sitting on the bed. She’s sitting on top of a man.

 The woman is facing me, and straddling the man’s p*nis between her legs.

 The woman, who leaks a charming voice while looking down, has a white veil on her face. She was wearing frilly underwear that resembled a wedding dress, and she was slowly moving her hips.

 As soon as I saw the woman, I was speechless.

 ”Mi-Misuzu… Is it you……?”

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 I hid my face behind Misuzu’s back and peeked towards Kasuya-kun. He looked a bit gaunt, but his eyes were wide open in astonishment.

 At first, Misuzu was reluctant to go along with this plan.

 It was not that she had any regrets about Kasuya-kun, but she simply felt sorry for him, she said.

* * *

 But when I insisted that if she didn’t completely blow him off, he would follow her around forever, and she reluctantly complied…….

 While he didn’t wake up, she climaxed four times, and before she knew it, she was getting into the mood to show Kasuya-kun how much she loved me. And so on.

 ”Ahaha… Jun-kun, what’s wrong? Have you forgotten your words in shock?”

 ”Misuzu…… why are you dressed like that!?”

 ”It’s a special day, you know. Aha~! Jun-kun, do you know how happy I am right now! Geez, don’t move…… I have to tell him”

 ”What!? Y-you’re being threatened, aren’t you? After all, you’re dressed like that! I’ll help you in a minute!”

 ”How are you going to help me? No, no, watch carefully, this is your last chance to see my body”

 ”The last…… chance?”

 As soon as Kasuya-kun muttered in a daze, Misuzu began to move her hips vigorously.

 ”Nnn, Ah, Ahhh, look at this, if I don’t move my legs like this, I can’t get your big cock in here, Fumi-kun!”

 ”Hey, Misuzu……!?”

 Looking at the astonished expression on Kasuya-kun’s face, I peeked over my shoulder from behind Misuzu.

 ”Hey, Kasuya-kun”

 ”Hey, you, Kimo-jima, get off from her! Get away from Misuzu!”

 ”I don’t mind if I leave, but… What do you want to do, Misuzu?”

 I asked into her ear as I squeezed her breasts and ran my fingers over her clit.

 ”No! No, no, no….. I’m in a good place right now…… Sorry, Jun-kun. I’m now exclusive to Fumi-kun”

 ”Right, do you understand now? I’m not going to let go of Misuzu. Misuzu’s vagina is firmly sucking my cock into her vagina”

 As I said this, I squeezed her breasts even harder, and she moaned helplessly.

 ”Nnnhh… It’s so good to have my breast squeezed while being penetrated, Nnnh… More, more, I want more…”

 ”What are you doing…… you bastard!”

 When Kasuya-kun shouted angrily, Kurosawa-san sharpened her lips.

 ”Geez… Jun-kun, be quiet and watch me. Oh right, I remembered something today…. The first time I was confined, this cock taught me so much about the pleasures of womanhood”

 ”The first time you were confined ……? T-then, when you came back, you were already……”

 ”That’s right…… Jun-kun’s little, tiny, no-good cock was not enough, after all, I had already been taught by Fumi-kun’s big cock…….”

 Misuzu raises her hips slightly, pulls my cock out of her vagina and thrust out her hips out like a child showing off a toy.

 ”Look… it’s so hot, being spread out like this… I’ve already become Fumi’s personal meat hole! I’ve become his all-you-can-eat s*x wife!”

 Kasuya-kun’s eyes are glued to the joint of me and Misuzu.

 ”Misuzu’s hole feels great. I’ll use it more and more”

 ”Aha~…… I’m so happy ❤”

 Misuzu smiled with a face full of affection, and Kasuya-kun’s voice rang out as if he had come to himself.

* * *

 ”Ghh! K-Kimo-jima! You bastard!”

 He struggled to break free of his restraints, but of course, there was no way he could do that.

 Misuzu, who was watching him, opened her mouth happily.

 ”And with this dress! Today, I, Misuzu, am breaking up with Jun-kun and officially becoming Fumi-kun’s property”

 Immediately, Misuzu’s body moving up and down.

 ”Nfu, I said it, I said it! Ah, it’s so good. This cock is really, really good, I can feel it, I don’t have to be reserved too!”

 Her voice was already slurred. Then, as soon as she finished her declaration, she began to bounce her hips as if she had thrown away all her feelings about Kasuya-kun.

 Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter!

 She bounced up and down, making a loud splashing sound.

 ”Ah, Ah, Hiii, t-this is it… Jun-kun’s child p*nis can’t do this. I’m sure Fumi-kun will enjoy this…… The tip of his p*nis is hitting my back, and it’s making a nasty noise”

 Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter!

 Misuzu said a lot of embarrassing words, as if she couldn’t stop her excitement anymore.

 ”Nnnn, it’s good, Jun-kun, can you hear me? Fumi-kun and I are making love, the sound of my vagina sucking his cock…… Look at it, Fumi-kun’s cock is amazing, isn’t it……”

 ”Stop! No, no, no! Misuzu, Misuzu is not the kind of woman who would do something like that……”

 I coldly told Kasuya-kun, who was shaking his head desperately.

 ”Then, who is that in front of you? Who’s the one sucking my cock so vulgarly and shaking her hips so hard?”


 Misuzu bounces harder and harder on me, not caring that Kasuya-kun is moaning.

 ”Ah, Ah, Ahh, I love your big cock! Spread my pussy as wide as you can and I will accept it…… Ahhhhh!”

 She moves her hips up and down as if she were a machine, spraying her love juices all over the place and showing it to her ex-boyfriend in front of him. The neatness of the s*xy frilly wedding lingerie she was wearing only added to her lewdness.

 ”Wow, Misuzu. You’re even more horny than usual. Tighten up the tip of my cock and squish it a little more”

 ”Okay…. Squish, Squish, Nnn, Ah, Ahn, I’m going to squish it and have it spurt out inside my womb”

 When Kasuya-kun heard the word “womb”, he jerked up and down.

 ”No, no, no, no, stop it!”

 ”Why? Today is a dangerous day, or Jun-kun is going to do it for me? Will you stick your cock in here and make me climax and get pregnant? Can Jun-kun do it with his little one?”

 ”I-I can do it! Oh, I’ll do it …….”

 As soon as Kasuya-kun said that, Misuzu stopped moving for a moment.

 And then she turned her cold eyes on him.

 ”No way!”

 That’s what she said.

 She looked at Kasuya-kun, who was shocked, and began to move her hips violently again.

 ”You can’t do it. You can’t even reach it. Ah, Ahhhh… it’s stabbing…..! My womb, ah, is being stabbed by Fumi-kun’s cock, it’s being crushed……”

 Then Misuzu looked back at me and sucked on my lips.

 ”Nchu… Chu, Slurp, Lick, Lick, Puha…”

 ”Puha, why are you kissing me all of a sudden? What’s wrong?”

 I asked her after pushing back her tongue, and she let out a little frustrated voice.

* * *

 ”Although, I don’t know why…… And I still don’t seem to understand, but I thought I’d better show him that I really, really, really like you, Fumi-kun, slurp, lick, lick”

 ”Hahaha, you say cute things with your mouth, but your lower body seems to be trying to squeeze me very forcefully”

 ”That’s okay! That’s not the same as begging for a cock. I want to have s*x. I want to keep doing it with Fumi-kun all the time”

 Kasuya-kun was making some kind of loud noise, but it was nothing more than free noise to my ears. Misuzu seems to be the same way, staring at me with wet eyes, wiggling her hips and begging me.

 ”Slurp, Chu, Nchu…”

 We put our lips together again and devour each other. And then I thrust my hips up in response to her begging.

 ”Hiii!? Ah, Ah, hey, if you so intense with your amazing p*nis, I won’t be able to kiss you……”

 Then she looked at Kasuya-kun and continued.

 ”Ah, ah, how is it? It’s not s*x if you have a poorly made p*nis that I can’t tell if it’s in there or not. Jun-kun, you can’t have s*x with that p*nis……”

 This is terrible. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

 But the fact that it came out at this point probably means that it was Misuzu’s true feelings that she had been suppressing until now.

 As I continued thrusting, she was probably nearing her climax. Misuzu began to unconsciously pull her hips back. Of course, I had no intention of letting her go. I thrust even harder to drive her back.

 ”Hi, hiiiii!? N-nooo! Nhi, hi, i-it’s so good, it’s killing me, it’s killing me, if you do that again… it’s killing me…”

 I asked for it and Misuzu responded, and then she asked for more and I pushed it up. The love juice dripping from Misuzu’s crotch was already white, cloudy and bubbling.

 ”Who do you belong to, Misuzu?”

 When I whispered in her ear, her body pulsed loudly inside and out, and her hole tightened.

 ”I’m Fumi-kun’s thing! I’m leaving Jun-kun and having s*x with Fumi-kun’s cock all the time! I’m happy, I’m looking forward to it, it’s the best s*x I’ve ever had, I’m going to forget all about Jun-kun’s lousy s*x, and I’m going to love your big cockkkkk!”

 Perhaps excited by her own words, Misuzu’s hip movements became more intense.

 The vaginal flesh tightened around my object and rubbed up against my glans even harder.

 Splatter, Splatter, Splatter, Splatter!

 ”Ever since morning! I can’t get enough of Fumi-kun’s nasty juices!”

 It’s looking like I’m about to cum.

 With that in mind, I turn my attention to Kasuya-kun.

 His expression is desperate. It’s the face of a man who’s been discarded, whose cheeks are pale and too pathetic. I can’t take it. That feeling of superiority became the final push.

 ”Take it! Misuzu! I’m going to cum!”

 ”Come! Come! Shoot it inside me! Please!”

* * *

 At that moment, my cock exploded inside Misuzu.

 Tremble, tremble, spurtttt! Spurtttt!

 It was probably due to the excitement of my emotions. The ejaculation was so long that I couldn’t believe it myself. It was like a small explosion within Misuzu, unleashing my accumulated semen and laying waste to her womb.

 ”Ahii, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? I-it’s cominggggg, what’s this, it feels so gooooooddd!”

 Misuzu’s body tenses, and her arms stretched to grab the air. She’s feeling it. Misuzu is feeling so much, so much. After all, she tightens my cock in delight, and I can tell how much she is enjoying it.

 After pouring in every last drop, we leaned against each other as if we were running out of steam.

 ”Haa~ Haa~ Haa~…. You’re amazing, your cock is still erect even though it just came out, and it’s sticking inside me”

 She smiled at me with a debaucherous smile. She was so cute that it made me want to play a prank on her, rotating my hips to scrape the semen from her vagina and play with her loose body.

 ”No, no, no, don’t stir it, you’ll make me want to cum again……”

 She said sweetly, and then turned her attention to Kasuya.

 ”Oh… I’m sorry, I forgot you were still here”

 He’s still here. No, because she knew that he couldn’t move on his own, she deliberately ignore him.

 In fact, women are more cruel and unforgiving when it comes to this. It’s the same with humans and wild animals. Females are more terrifying.

 ”But, since you’re there. Please become a witness to our love vow. Whether you sick, or when you healthy, Misuzu will love Fumi-kun for the rest of her life”

 Kasuya-kun’s shoulders slumped, as if he could no longer afford to stare at us.

 But Misuzu is still trying to push Kasuya-kun into a corner.

 That’s probably how dissatisfied she was, but it was complete overkill.

 ”Aha~, Fumi-kun, I love you, my last boyfriend was a failure, he had the worst p*nis, the most useless p*nis. I don’t want a p*nis like that, I want this one, and the proof is…….”

 Buchu, Botabotabota….

 She raised her own hips and pulled out my object, showing Kasuya-kun the large amount of semen and love juice dripping from it.

 ”Ahhh, Fumi-kun’s love is so much in my vagina, I’m so happy…… Please don’t call me again…… Jun-kun”

 This will probably be the last time Misuzu calls him “Jun-kun”.

 Perhaps realizing this, Kasuya-kun drooped even more on the spot and did not move at all.

 It was so pitiful that I had no words to express my pity.

 Then Lili opened her mouth when I was looking at him with an indescribable expression.

 ”So, Lili will take Kasuya to his home, Devi. Just <Silence (Quiet)> will do, right, Devi? It would be a waste if <Forget Person> made him forget about today, Devi”

 ”You’re right. After all, you’re a devil”

 ”Yes, Devi”

 With that said, I watched as Lili pushed the wheelchair which Kasuya-kun sitting on, out of the room as well as Misuzu smiled at me, showing a hint of embarrassment.

 ”Hey…… Fumi-kun, let’s continue…….”

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