Confinement 106

Chapter 106 The Sleeping Beauty

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 Zing zing zing…… the sound of cicadas echoed early in the day.

 I left the house and went to the Japanese house next door, three houses from mine.

 I entered the backyard, passed under the clothesline, and took off my sandals on the porch.

 ”Excuse me”

 ”Oh, good morning, Shima”

 As I opened the shoji and stepped into Ui-chan’s room, Takasago, who had arrived before me, with her usual sleepy look in her eyes, said to the fan, “We are…… Alien…….”. (*Note: Shoji is a sliding outer or inner door made of a latticed screen covered with white paper)

 Despite the fact that we had returned to school for the first time in a week yesterday, today was a holiday. Currently, it 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

 ”What are we going to do at this early hour?”

 Takasago replied to my question with a look as if it were natural.

 ”If we go in the morning, we can have three desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner”

 ”Shut up, fatty”

 ”Well, well, Shima, it’s been a week since we’ve been back in that room. So it’s no wonder Takasago is so excited”

 Ui-chan appeased me with a wry smile.

 ”But, this is the place where we had a pretty bad experience…… I find it strange that she’s looking forward to returning there”

 While saying this, I turned my attention to Takasago, who was sitting on the floor in a girl’s seat.

 Her black hair was rustling in the breeze from the fan.

 Her eyes were as sleepy as ever, and her expression was lacking. But her face is elegant and cute, which is very acrid.

 My niece (Shiratori) says that this girl is absurdly popular among boys. I think it’s a blessing that they don’t know anything about her. I really want to show them the mess in her locker.

 Anyway, it seems quite surprising that this girl is the best friend of my niece (Shiratori).

 I talked to my niece, and she told me that Takasago is the only person she can be completely relaxed around.

 She said that Takasago is like a rare animal at the zoo that just rolls around eating bamboo grass and it’s soothing her. Well, I can understand that.

 Anyway, this girl is so loose.

 The way she was dressed now was probably because she was relaxed.

 She was wearing a loose T-shirt with a stretched-out neckline.

 There is a cute illustration of a pig on the chest, but the word written underneath it is “Pork”.

 If it’s not supposed to be eaten. It should at least be “Pig”.

 As I was making such a comment in my mind, Ui-chan pointed towards the wall.

 ”The door to “the room” has been installed on that wall, so we can move right in”

 ”So the Confinement King has been here at least once, right?”

 ”Yes, he complimented my room, saying it was very typical of me”

 ”I wonder if he ever complimented…….”

 What kind of room is it?

 I can tell from the hanging scrolls in the alcove and the buffalo horn figurine on the wall.

* * *

 ”Well, okay, but when we get there, the first thing we need to do is to have breakfast…… and then we will swim in the pool?”

 ”Well, I guess we’ll just have to take it easy during the day. In the meantime, it is my turn to be embraced by Confinement King tonight, but until then, I have nothing special to do”

 ”Embrace….. I mean, why you said it without embarrassment? Then, after I eat dinner, I think I’ll go home first”

 But Ui-chan looked serious and spoke.

 ”What are you talking about, Shima? You are my servant and you must stay close to me in the bedroom”


 ”Not “What”. I’ve been allowed to have a servant under the guise of having you assist me”


 ”Don’t worry. I have nothing to be ashamed of being seen”

 ”What am I supposed to be relieved about in that line?”

 Suddenly, I felt very heavy.

 After all, Ui-chan is a little crazy. I knew it.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After going through the door with Ui-chan in the lead, I found myself in a room that Confinement King had prepared for Ui-chan.

 The walls are lined with luxurious furnishings, with a sofa set in a unified green color scheme and a large bed with a canopy.

 When I visited the other day, I heard that Confinement King had said that champagne gold was the most suitable color for Ui-chan.

 Champagne gold…… seems to be too high a rating for Ui-chan in the Confinement King evaluation, and that makes me wonder about it.

 However, Ui-chan requested, “Please don’t use gold glitter because it makes me uncomfortable”.

 Then, when asked what her favorite color was, Ui-chan replied.

 ”Mugwort color”

 The Confinement King must have been troubled. I think he must have googled it. He doesn’t know the difference between olive, warbler, and mugwort, either.

 ”Let’s go to the dining room”

 When we left the room, the structure of the passageway looked very different from before.

 ”It seems that Confinement King has redone the entire structure of the room, making it a corridor”

 ”A corridor structure? So whether we go to the right or to the left, we’ll come back here at the end?”


 I guess it’s because the scenery keeps on being the same. On the side of the door, there was a plate indicating what room it was.

 Next to Ui-chan’s room is the “First Favored Princess Private Room”.

 It must be Masaki-sama’s room.

 ……I guess I still have to put “sama” on it, huh?

 Beyond that, there was a large bathroom, a swimming pool, a maid’s waiting room, and then we arrived at the dining room.

 When we stepped into the dining room, the maids who were working busily turned their eyes to us all at once.

 With the exception of the silver-haired maid, there are four other members of our club: Saito, Inui, Hotta and Kishijo.

 ”””” Good morning, Second Favored Princess””””

 The maids greeted us all at once, and Ui-chan raised her hand lightly.

 ”Okay, is everything all right with you guys?”

 ”Yes, the Great Confinement King-sama has given me the meaning of life, and I am happy to serve him every day!”

 I was horrified by this.

 After all, if something happened, the Cocky Saito, who would always stir things up by saying, “Senpai, are you serious? Please do it seriously!”, then suddenly saying such words, it sent shivers down my spine.

* * *

 (No, no, no. Isn’t this bad? Isn’t she being brainwashed or something?)

 With that, I couldn’t stay away from Ui-chan any longer.

 I clenched my fists, knowing that I had to protect her if anything happened to her.

 The dining room had become much more stylish than a week ago.

 It looked like a foreign café terrace.

 White round tables were lined up, and each one had a single flower vase.

 What surprised me the most was that the far wall was made of glass, and on the other side of it was an English-style garden surrounded by buildings.

 ”Are you surprised? The renovation of the dining rooms was produced by the Third Favored Princess”

 When I looked back toward the voice, I saw a silver-haired maid smiling quietly.

 (Third Favored Princess is….. that MISUZU, right? The one who is a model…….)

 As I was thinking about this, Ui-chan opened her mouth to the silver-haired maid.

 ”Freesia-san, I’d like to have breakfast”

 ”Certainly. French toast and scrambled eggs, if you don’t mind?”

 ”Yes, please”

 ”As for beverages, would the usual is good? Hojicha for the Second Princess, Mixed juice for Shima-sama, and honey milk for Takasago-sama?” (*Note: Hochija is a Japanese green tea)

 ”What’s for dessert?”

 Takasago interrupted, pushing Ui-chan away as she tried to answer.

 ”For the second princess, special pudding a la mode. For the other two, it’s fluffy pudding”


 Takasago’s eyes widened instantly.

 ”Why only…… Captain?”

 ”It’s only natural, isn’t it? The second favorite princess and the semi-favorite princess apprentice, Takasago-sama, are not treated the same”

 ”Hmm, then I’ll give my share to Takasago…….”

 But as if to interrupt Ui-chan’s words, the silver-haired maid broke her back.

 ”I’m really sorry, but that’s not a good example for the rest of everyone. We can’t do anything that would inconvenience the Confinement King-sama”

 ”Inconvenience to the Confinement King? ……That’s certainly not my intention”

 ”Hey, hey, will there be a difference in the other desserts?”

 ”Of course. After all, Takasago-sama is just a meal that has not yet been served to the Confinement King-sama in any way. So, it’s unreasonable to expect me to treat you the same as the favorite Princess”

 ”Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ……”

 ”It is useless to be sullen”

 The silver-haired maid dismissed Takasago, who puffed out her cheeks, with a cold stare.

 In the end, Takasago remained pouting throughout the meal.

 Then, when it came time for dessert, Ui-chan stared at her special pudding a la mode as if it was going to blow a hole in her mouth, which made her feel like she was having a very hard time eating it.

 After a quick meal, Ui-chan asked the silver-haired maid.

 ”What about the Confinement King?”

 ”Yes, he stayed up late with the Third Favorite Princess last night, so he hasn’t arrived yet today. I’m sure he will be here before noon……”

 ”Then we’ll go for a swim first…….”

 ”That’s right. Takasago, what are you going to do?”


 After she responded in a nonchalant manner, Takasago walked out of the dining room, still pouting.

◇ ◇ ◇

 For me, yesterday was a memorable day.

 I finally got my revenge on Kasuya-kun.

 I’m actually a little curious about what he’ll do after this.

 When Lili said she wouldn’t use <Forget Person>, I somehow knew that she was going to mess with him one more time and give him another punishment.

 The devil is a devil, after all, and she thinks like one.

 However, there is no need to be afraid of Kasuya-kun now.

 If he tries to mess with me again, I’m going to have to push him down to the point where he can never challenge me again.

* * *

 As I summoned the door, I thought of the girls’ faces.

 The three favorite princesses. Masaki-chan, Ui, and Misuzu.

 Ryoko, my semi-favorite princess, and Kyoko, my living onahole.

 A girlfriend named Fujiwara-san. And then there’s Saori-chan, the cute little sister.

 Well, I think I should be cautious about deepening my relationship with Fujiwara-san, and I don’t want to mess with Saori-chan, but I’m surrounded by so many girls now. Not so long ago, this would have been absolutely unthinkable.

 I am happy, yes, I can say that I am at the peak of happiness.

 But on the other hand, I feel like I’ve lost my goal because I’ve accomplished my revenge. Lili said that I should behave as I desire, but …….

 As soon as I stepped into the bedroom with these thoughts in mind, I involuntarily stiffened.

 An unfamiliar girl was lying on the bed.

 (Who is it?)

 I walked up to her and saw a beautiful girl with straight black hair. She was about the same height as Ui, Misuzu, and Masaki-chan, about 150 cm.

 I thought she was asleep, but apparently she wasn’t.

 When she opened her eyes, she turned her face toward me languidly.

 ”The Confinement King?”

 ”Oh, yes, but……”

 ”Can you make Kei your favorite princess and so I can eat pudding a la mode?”

 ”Pudding a la mode?”

 The more I stared at her, the more I realized that she was a member of the track and field club. I think she’s one of the four people I mentioned as potential favorites.

 She looked vaguely familiar to me.

 But even though I know who this girl is, I don’t know what she’s talking about.

 ”Make you my favorite princess…. Do you know what that means?”

 ”Confinement King will feed me with All you can eat dessert, yummy”

 (What the hell is this girl talking about?)

 I’m confused. The Confinement King is confused.

 ”You know, being the favorite princess means making love with me, and…… to put it bluntly, having s*x with me, do you really understand that……?”

 ”Is that so?”


 When I nodded, she swam her gaze in the air as if thinking for a moment.

 ”I hate…… complicated things. I’ll sleep, so you can do whatever you want”


 I had to admit that I was surprised by this.

 ”Do whatever you want….. Well, have you ever had s*x?”


 ”Do you have a boyfriend?”

 ”It’s a pain in the ass”


 ”I’ve had a lot of confessions, but I turned them down because they were bothersome”

 Shocked. The Confinement King is shocked.

 一In a word, “What’s wrong with this girl?” .

 一What exactly is going on with her sense of chastity?

 To be honest, I don’t know what kind of feelings I should have towards her.

 ”Do you know what…… s*x is like?”

 ”Something ridiculous”

 ”Ahaha, i guess so?”

 ”I’ve seen cats do it”

 ”Hmm? Hmmmm?”

 No, if a cute girl like her, said, “Let’s have s*x! (Translation) “ I would be happy to have s*x with her, but is this really okay……?

 ”So, come on”

 With that, she turned over and buried her face in the pillow, and immediately I began to hear her sighing in her sleep.

 ”Um…… Hello?”

 No answer.

 She was seriously asleep.

* * *

 ”……You’re sleeping too fast. Are you Nobita?”

 It’s a situation that makes no sense at all, but it’s a shame for a man not to eat.

 I’ve always wanted to be in a situation where I could do whatever I wanted with a sleeping girl.

 So, I got on the bed and gently pulled up the bottom of her T-shirt dress.

 What emerged was a pair of cotton pants with loose rubber, neither s*xy nor plain.

 I can’t call it shorts. So, it’s pants.

 I thought, “Seriously……?” but I wasn’t going to be distracted by this.

 I slipped my fingers into the rubber, pulled it off, and covered her from behind.

 She was so soft to be touched, with just the right amount of flesh. She was quite comfortable to hold. Then, I crawled my fingertips between her legs.

 I traced the slit vertically, labia minora to labia majora. As I continued to caress her following the shape of the slit, I gradually began to feel the wetness on my fingertips.

 Her cheeks began to flush and her breathing seemed to quicken.

 I put my other hand underneath her body and squeezed her breasts. They were not as big as Masaki-chan’s, but they were quite large. I pinched her nipples and squeezed them relentlessly.

 ”Nn…… Ah…….”

 A small voice leaked out.

 But still there was no sign of her waking up.

 It was hard to stimulate her clitoris from behind. So, while stimulating her nipples, I gently insert my finger into her vulva. The narrow entrance is unique to virgins. The tightness is so strong that it seems to refuse my entry.

 I inserted my finger up to the first joint and rubbed up the entrance area as if I were squeezing. After a few minutes of this, she started to show some reaction.

 ”Ah, Ahh, Nnn… Ahh, Nn…”

 It might be quite refreshing to hear her moans sounding fluffy, like she was talking in her sleep.

 As I played around with my fingertips, her private parts became wetter and wetter, and under normal circumstances, it was time for me to insert myself.

 (But it’s her first time……)

 No matter how wet she gets, I can’t eliminate the pain of deflowering.

 Normally, it’s very difficult to penetrate a virgin due to the nervousness and tension in the body, but this was not the case with the sleeping girl. So it would be better to do it all at once.

 I took off my pants and pressed my cock against her crotch.

 I placed it at her vulva and penetrated her at once.

 Rub! Rub! Grind Grind! I forcefully pushed her tight hole open and tore her virginity membrane at once.



 She let out a scream.

 Her whole body stiffens, and her tight hole tightens around my object, as if she is squeezing it.

 ”It hurts! It hurts! You stupid! Die! It hurtsss……”

 She was in a sleeping back position.

 As I watched her flailing her arms and legs wildly under my body, the “S” part of me tingled violently.

 ”Ahaha, did that hurt? Sorry, sorry”

 I apologize, and thrust even harder into her vagina.

 ”Ouch! Hiii, hey, it hurts, stop it, Nggh, I’ll break, y-you murderer!”

 The pain would be considerable if she was violently penetrated before the pain of her deflowering had subsided.

 But I have no intention of stopping.

 She wanted to be mine.

 So, this is a good opportunity. For her to learn what happens when she licks me.

 Let’s show her that I’m the master and she’s just a hole to satisfy me.

 ”N-noo, stop it, it’s too much”

 When she turns her head to look back, I grab her chin and forcefully take her lips.

 ”Gufu!? Ngu, Nku, Slurp…!”

 I ravaged every inch of her mouth with my tongue, pouring so much saliva into her mouth that she couldn’t even speak. The slick feeling of saliva. The rough feeling of tongues rubbing against each other. It’s very comfortable.

 ”Fuuunn, Slurp, Nchu, Nchu….”

 Gradually, her resistance weakened, and her tongue intertwined with mine as she did.

* * *

 ”Puha…… Nnnn….”

 I let go of her lips, and for a moment she had a sad expression on her face. The expression on her face said she wanted more.

 Then, I lifted her hips with all my might, raised her to my knees, and resumed the pumping at once.

 ”Ouch! Hiii! It hurts! It hurts so much! Wait, wait, wait!”

 ”I can’t wait!”

 I told her coldly, while her face twitched.

 Pound Pound Pound Pound! Pound Pound Pound Pound!

 ”Uaaahh, uaahh! Nyahh! Ahh, Uahhh! Gnyyyaahh!”

 My crotch slammed into her ass, making a rhythmic popping sound.

 She screamed like a cat in heat at the sudden and violent thrusts from the back, and flailed about trying to escape.

 Of course, there was no way she could escape.

 Pound Pound Pound Pound! Pound Pound Pound Pound!

 ”No, no, no, no, nya, Ah, Ahiii, h… help, help… me….!”

 When I held her hips tightly and fucked her, her relatively petite naked body shook like a leaf.

 She has a really good face now.

 She used to look so languid, but now she has a desperate look on her face. The look of desperation on her face really hit me in the groin.

 My heart leapt with excitement at the thought that I was violating the girl who had licked me so thoroughly.

 But suddenly, her reaction changed.


 She suddenly opened her eyes, arched her back and let out a scream. She then collapsed, burying her face in the pillow.

 ”W-what? Did you just cum?”

 ”I don’t know, but I felt a shiver run down my spine and then I jumped…… Is this… called cum?”

 Her pink skin was flushed with sweat, and her vagina was still quivering, probably from the sudden rush of pleasure.

 I was surprised because there was no warning, but she was definitely coming. But…

 ”Then I’ll continue”


 She looked at me as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

 But I hadn’t come yet.

 There’s still a long way to go.

 I resume the pumping without mercy.

 Pound Pound Pound Pound! Pound Pound Pound Pound!

 ”Oh, no! No! …..I don’t want to cum anymore! I don’t want to cum anymore!”

 ”If you want make me happy, you’ll have to work even harder”

 I move my hips in small movements and cover her up, grabbing her breasts with both hands.


 I ran my tongue over her ears, sinking my teeth into her earlobes as I pistoned away. With four points being tortured at once, her eyes widen in panic and she writhes violently.

 ”Stop it, I’m so sensitive, and you’re making me cum all over again, it feels too good, I-I’m going to cum again…”

 Pound Pound Pound Pound! Pound Pound Pound Pound!

 Splatter, Splatter, Splatter!

 The sound that echoes through the air is made more and more watery by the love juices that overflow from the depths of her vagina. Her body began to tense up and her vagina began to pulse with excitement.

 No matter how much of a virgin she was, it would be unbearable for her to be tortured like that all at once. Moreover, it was impossible not to fall when her uterus was being pushed up so relentlessly.

 Realizing that she was nearing the end of her rope, I decided to finish her off.

 I squeezed her nipples and gave her a deep thrust to the back of her vagina.

 ”Nnngh!? Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

 Immediately, she let out a scream that could only be described as a scream.

 Her body flipped over and her toes tensed up.

* * *

 At the same time–


 The mass of heat that had been swirling between my legs was released into her vagina with great force.

 Spurt, Spurtttt, Spurttttt!

 ”Uahh… Ahhh, Haa… Ahh..”

 She moaned with a glazed look in her eyes as she accepted the semen into her vagina, and then collapsed back onto the pillow.

 ”Haa~ Haa~ Haa ~…………”

 I collapsed on top of her, breathing hard on my shoulders.

 Immeidately, there was a familiar electronic sound that echoed through the room.


 ”Takasago Kei’s State has been changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Room creation level 9″

 ”You can now create up to 32 rooms simultaneously”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level 8″

 ”You can install furniture of cultural heritage level”

 ”● Special room – sauna”

 ”You can install a sauna in a room”

 ”● Sleepwalker”

 ”You can force people in the room to sleep and perform simple actions while they are asleep.”


 ”It seems I can use <Sleepwalker> in the same way as <Paralyze>, But I can’t think of any use for it……”, When I was thinking about it, she turned her head and stared at me.

 ”Did it feel good? Your first time having s*x”

 I asked her with a smile, and she replied, a little fidgety.

 ”I don’t know, I don’t know……. Maybe I like …… it as much as pudding a la mode……”

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