Confinement 107

Chapter 107 As a Best Friend

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 ”Ahhhhm…… Yummy!”

 When I came back to the dining room after tossing and changing from the pool to the bathhouse, I found Takasago sitting on the man’s lap, being fed pudding a la mode by his hand.

 As soon as I saw that, Ui-chan was like.

 ”W-w-what are you doing! Takasago! Hold on! Such an enviable and shameful thing to do to me, the favored princess!”

 She walked up to her, raising her voice.

 ”Takasago! Move over! Get out from there! I’ve never even had Confinement King give me “Ahhm””


 Ui-chan’s face twisted in frustration as Takasago clung to the man with a tight grip.

 ”Well well… calm down, Ui. I’ll take care of you later”

 ”A-absolutely, okay? You’ll love me even more than Takasago!”

 ”Kan-chan, your hand is stopped. Ah” (*Note: Takasago calls Kijima with “Kan-chan” -> 監(かん))

 ”Yes, yes”


 How could he make Ui-chan so crazy and even tame the lazy Takasago? ……That’s the king of confinement.

 ….. I mean, Isn’t he Kijima?

 No matter how I look at it, it’s Kijima who was in the same class as me in the first year.

 ”Ui-chan! Ui-chan! Hey!”

 When I called out to her, Ui-chan told Kijima as if she remembered.

 ”That’s right! I’d like to introduce her to the King of Confinement. This is my servant, Natsumi Shima!”

 Kijima then bowed her head.

 ”Ah…… Nice to meet you”

 ”Ah, yes…….”

 I mean, that’s not it! That’s not the way it is!

 He mustn’t say, “Ah…… Nice to meet you”.

 If he’s going to call himself a king, he should have a more appropriate attitude!

 Hmm? Nice to meet you?

 ”You’re…… Fumio Kijima, aren’t you?”

 When I asked this, Ui-chan interrupted me before Kijima did.

 ”Yes, that’s a pseudonym for the Confinement King!”

 ”That’s pseudonym!? I mean, that’s not what I want to say! Why we must introduce each other again!? We were in the same class when we were first years!”

 Then Kijima and Ui-chan looked at each other and made a puzzled face.

 ”What are you talking about, Shima? You were in the same class as me”

 ”That’s! Why! Ui-chan, Kijima and I were in the same class!”

 Ui-chan then said, “Is that so?” And I nodded.

 ”No way… I-I wasted more than two years of my school life by not knowing Confinement King…”

 Ui-chan collapsed down from her knees.

 Well… I left Ui-chan alone for the time being and turned my attention to Kijima, who gave an apologetic look and spoke to me.

 ”I know Ui was in the same class as me, but…… I’m sorry, I don’t remember you, Shima-san”

 Eh… what?

 ”Are you being cursed? Why you can’t remember me sitting next to you all the time, no matter how many times I changed seats?”

 Then Kijima tilted his head.

* * *

 ”Eh? But I thought you had long hair”

 ”I can change my hairstyle anytime! You stupid!”

 ”I see…… Sorry, sorry. When I was a first year, all I saw was Ui……”

 With that one word, Ui-chan was revived quickly.

 ”Oh, I see…… Ufufu. Confinement King was crazy about me from that time, hmm, I see… Ufufu”

 ”Kan-chan, your hand is stopped! Ahhh!”

 ”Yes, yes, Kei-chan, wait a minute”

 While Ui-chan laughs unpleasantly, Takasago shakes Kijima’s body, and Kijima takes care of Takasago like a caring father.

 What is this?

 Why the Confinement King is that timid Kijima?

 It just doesn’t fit the image.

 After all, Confinement King was the kind of guy who would kidnap all the members of the track and field club and have them whip each other. And Kijima who I knew was not the kind of person who could do something like that.

◇ ◇ ◇

 As the Confinement King said he was going to return to his house, Shima and I dragged Takasago back to my room.

 As soon as we reached the room, Takasago started sleeping on my bed without permission.

 ”Never thought I’d be sneaked out by this girl……”

 I couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Shima, on the other hand, wrinkled her brow and asked me.

 ”Hey, Ui-chan. Do you really like Kijima? What’s good about him?”

 ”What’s good about him? There’s no end to the list, Shima”

 ”I know his grades weren’t bad, and he even showed me his homework a few times, but aside from that, he’s timid and unattractive…… I don’t think he’s a good match for Ui-chan or any of the other favorites princess”

 ”Phew… you’ll soon find out. Right, please help me choose an outfit. I would like to seduce Confinement King, but I am not familiar with such matters”

 ”Seduction…… I don’t even know what that is”

 ”Shima, aren’t you going to change your clothes too?”

 ”Me? I don’t, because it’s none of my business. I’m just watching, right?”

 Currently, Shima was dressed in a layered tank top and hot pants. As usual, she was dressed very roughly.

 But no matter how nasty I was dressed, the atmosphere might be ruined if she was dressed like that.

 ”Hmm…. I’ve got an idea. I’ll have you wear the same outfit as me”

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I visited the bedroom at the appointed time, the Confinement King was already lying on the bed in just his underwear.

 ”Ui… that look”

 ”Fufu…… how is it? Does it look good on me?”

 ”Y-yeah, you’re both tall, so it looks really good”

 ”I-I’m just watching! Don’t even look at me!”

 The outfit I chose was a leotard.

 I was always watching rhythmic gymnastics broadcasts and wondered if I would ever feel embarrassed in such an outfit.

 The leotard had a high neckline and 3/4 length sleeves. The back was wide open and the slit between the legs was at a steep angle.

* * *

 It would be a good way to seduce the Confinement King. That’s what I thought, and apparently I was right.

 Well, it took a lot of effort to persuade Shima, but…….

 Aside from Shima sitting in the corner of the room, I got on the bed and kissed the Confinement King.

 ”Nnn, Fuchu, Fuchu…”

 We hugged each other’s bodies and played with each other’s backs. The kiss is warm. And I shuddered at the feel of his lips on mine.

 ”Chu, chu, nnn, fuchu, fuchu…”

 I felt my whole body tingling so hotly that I couldn’t think straight just from the sensation of his tongue on my tongue and sucking on my bottom lip.

 The night I was made to be this man’s property. Perhaps it’s because of the unbelievable amount of fleshly pleasure that was imprinted on me in one night, but now just the mere act of laying my lips on his is enough to make my nether regions tingle hotly.

 I could feel my love juices flowing out from deep inside me in response to the rough touch of his tongue.

 I was being finished off in this man’s hands.

 (……I’m being watched, Shima is watching me)

 My best friend’s gaze pierced my skin. I can feel it clearly.

 I’m sure I have a very nasty look on my face right now.

 ”Nnn, slurp, nnn……”

 The more deeply our lips connect with each other, the hotter our bodies become. His breath came in hot, his breathing fast, his heart beating fast.

 Eventually, while still kissing, he played with my nipples through the thin fabric of my leotard and reached down to my lower body.

 ”Nnn, nnnn, haa~, nnn……”

 My hips bounced as my nipples were stimulated.

 His hand doesn’t stop. He plays with my nipples in a circular motion, while his other hand moves from my hips to my thighs.

 After stroking my thighs with his palm, he rubbed my clitoris up and down on the cloth as if he were drawing a shape, then drew a circle on my clitoris.

 Finally, he slid the crotch of the leotard down, and his fingers dug inside the fabric.

 ”Nnn, nnn, nnn, nnnnnnn!?”

 My crotch was already dripping wet. And then his fingers quietly slipped into my vagina.

 The two fingers gradually increase in speed. Nuchu! Nuchu! And the sound of the water echoed in my ears.

 The pleasure made me arch my back and part my lips.

 ”Ah, ahh, ah, ahh, it’s good, ah, ahh…”

 A moan that I couldn’t hold back immediately flooded out of the back of my throat.

 I was so excited by the sound of my own nastic voice that my body shuddered with the pleasure of the flesh as his fingertips moved back and forth, and my love juices dripped like a flood, dripping down my thighs and staining the sheets.

 ”Are you excited to be seen by Shima-san?”

 ”Ah, I don’t know…… I don’t know, but I want your thing so badly…… I don’t think I can stand it…….”

 ”Well, why don’t you show your best friend? How much Ui loves me……? You can show her by inserting it yourself”

 He whispered in my ear, and then he took off his underwear and lay down on the bed.

 His cock was soaring towards the ceiling and seemed to be even bigger than usual.

 The reddish-black glans was swollen to the point of bursting, with distorted gills and clear juice dripping from the crevice of the flesh.

 He looked like he had plenty of room to spare, and maybe he was also excited by the situation of someone watching him.

* * *

 At that moment–

 ”It’s…… it’s big…….”

 I heard such a voice leaking out behind me. When I turned to look, Shima hurriedly turned her face away.

 I felt proud of myself, thinking how great my beloved was.

 Even though I was in this situation, I felt a sense of superiority that brought a smile to my mouth. I am the man’s woman that my best friend would be amazed by.

 ”Then, here I go…….”

 I gulp and slowly lower my hips, supporting his meat stick with my right hand.

 (Oh…… I’m going to have s*x in front of my best friend’s eyes…… She’s going to watch me writhe in agony on this stick…)

 The thought of that made my heart race as if it was going to explode.

 I felt a tremendous pressure around my entrance.

 ”Hmm! It’s so thick!? It’s bigger than usual!”

 Nuchu, Grinnndd!

 I lowered my hips, and the folds of my flesh were pushed open, and something hot and fierce invaded my vagina.

 ”Nnn! It’s entering…… Your hard thing is inside me…… It’s amazing”

 It’s as if a huge stake is being drilled into my body. At the same time, a feeling of euphoria washed over me as if I were being filled.

 And by the time I had swallowed his thing down to the root, I was already breathing on my shoulder.

 ”Haa~… Haa~…. Shima, don’t look away, are you looking at me? I’m happy now, he’s spreading inside me, pulsing hot. This is the best feeling ever……”

 When I raised my voice, Shima shouted, “I-I don’t know, I don’t know!” with a raspy voice.

 But her cheeks were red and her eyes were slightly moist. I don’t know if she realized it herself or not, but she was rubbing her thighs together fidgety.

 I started to move my hips with her at my back. As soon as I did, a shiver of pleasure rushed up to my brain.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, nnn, ah…”

 The hard meat rubbing up against the folds of my vagina. My womb also already descended, but the tip of a large, swollen cock was thrust upward, spreading pleasure like ripples throughout the internal organs.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 The sound of my voice was in a steady rhythm, and the movement of my hips became more and more violent in the pursuit of pleasure.

 ”It’s good, Ui, it feels good”

 I was praised. As soon as I thought that, my vagina shivered with pleasure and repeated the contraction as if to say, “I’m happy, I’m happy”. And I was amazed at how much I loved this man.

 Therefore, I devote myself to shaking my hips for my beloved man.

 As I continued to shake my hips, I felt my climax swelling uncontrollably, and I begged the man I love for forgiveness.

 ”I-I’m sorry. I-I’m going to cum”

 ”Oh, let’s cum together”

 With that said, he grabbed my hips and started thrusting hard.

 ”A-ahhhhhh! Suddenly, so intense, hiii, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

 The fiery thrusts ruffled my hair and made me gasp without a care in the world.

 And then…



 At that moment, when the tip of his flesh thrusts wildly up into the depths of my vagina.

* * *

 ”I’m going cum! Take it!”

 ”C-come! Cum inside me! Fill me up!”

 He and I shouted at each other as if we were yelling at each other, and then it happened.

 Tremble! Spurtttt! Spurttttt!

 ”Nhhh! Ah, it’s hot, it’s coming out. Ah, the semen is coming out, this is no good, I’m cumming, I’m cummmming!”

 The heat of the white liquid spreading inside my vagina pushes me to climax at once. I can’t stand it. There’s no way I can stand it.

 I climaxed at once, as if swallowed by the waves of sensuality that assaulted me like a muddy stream.


 He moaned faintly.

 I felt his cock spurt out the last of its contents, and I collapsed onto his chest.

 ”Ah…… Haaaa~…….”

 As my body relaxed in the weakness of my climax, I let out a swooning breath, forgetting that I was in front of my best friend.

 ”It felt good…… Ui”

 ”Me too…… chu, chu, chu”

 In the aftermath of my climax, our lips met and I glanced towards Shima.

 (Fufufu, she must be so envious. After all, she saw me and the Confinement King making love…… And with this, it will give her a better idea of how amazing this man is than a bunch of words)

 Her eyes were moist, and she was staring at our joint so intently that she didn’t even know I was watching.

 Her breathing was ragged and her shoulders were rising and falling violently. She looked as if she was on fire afterwards.

 She had the same nasty look on her face as I did.

 (Have you noticed, Shima, that the leotard cloth doesn’t cover the stain between your legs?)

 From now on, I’m going to ask her to stay with me when I’m in the Confinement King’s arms.

 That way, she won’t be able to deny how great the Confinement King is.

 And if…….

 If she wants to be held by the Confinement King, I would be happy to share my bed with her.

 As a best friend.

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