Confinement 108

Chapter 108 How to Spend the Summer Vacation

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 ”……Don’t omit it, it’s weird”

 Omitting the “sen” of senpai is just too lazy, no matter what.

 ”Why are you at this place? Takasago”

 It was break time at the end of third period.

 When I left the bathroom cubicle to wash my hands, Takasago was standing behind me before I knew it.

 Takasago, a second-year student, was on the third-year floor.

 That may not sound strange, but it’s Takasago, after all. The fact that she was walking around was enough to make it an uproar.

 I’ve heard from my niece (Shiratori) that once she takes her seat, she stays put like a sloth until after school…….

 ”Kan-chan……. is not here”


 She came to see Kijima. Apparently, that’s what it means.

 It’s been a week since we’ve been able to go to school again, and lately Kijima’s surroundings have become such a topic of conversation that we’ve even heard about it.

 Every break, Kijima’s girlfriend Fujiwara, as well as Misuzu and Masaki, hang out around him, giving him what is now being called a Kijima harem.

 Ui-chan seems to be keeping her distance from Kijima at school out of respect for Hiratsuka-kun, but she can’t hide the fact that she gets anxious whenever she hears about it.

 On top of that, if Takasago comes to hang out with them, it will be a picture of hell in a sense.

 (……It seems interesting. I should go take a peek next time)

 ”Hey, hey……Shima”

 ”Wow, you’ve got some guts, omitting an entire ”senpai” word”

 Even though I threatened her, Takasago didn’t seem perturbed.

 ”I want to go buy underwear. Come with me to…… today”


 ”Yes, something he likes…….”

 At this, even I couldn’t help but look at her.

 ”What!? T-that Takasago is going to dress up for a man!”

 ”Is it…… bad?”

 ”No bad, but…… what, is it a sign of a natural disaster?”

 ”……That’s rude”

 Takasago puffs up her cheeks.

 ”Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. And what sort of things do he likes?”

 ”The things that Kan-chan seems to like it”

 ”Do you know what I mean!!”

 Oh, right, I’ve seen Ui-chan and he doing it twice now.

 But that doesn’t mean that I know what he likes.

 ”There are all kinds of colors and shapes, right? And in the first place, what size are your breasts, anyway?”

 ”I don’t know…….”

 ”Well, you’ll have to ask the sales clerk to measure you. There are only a few supermarkets around here, so you’ll have to take the…… train to a big store. Measure your under and top, and match them with some colors that may or may not look good on you depending on your skin tone……”



 ”………………It’s a pain in the ass. I quit”

 ”You’re giving up too soon!? Oh, no, no…… Yes. That’s what Takasago does usually. I’m rather relieved”

 ”It’s almost summer vacation”


 I was little confused by the sudden change of topic. Well, most of the time Takasago’s stories have no context.

* * *

 ”When summer vacation comes, I’m going to stay with him. He’ll feed me”

 ”Oh, hey…….”

 Is everything okay, Kijima? She’s determined to be a parasite!

 However, she did not seem to care about my confusion, and with her sleepy eyes as usual, Takasago proudly stuck out her chest.

 ”I’ll always be naked on that place. So I don’t need underwear. Perfect”

 ”What is it about?”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I let out a deep sigh in the bathroom cubicle as I listened to the girls talking away from me.

 (My favorite underwear for my boyfriend……)

 Because I never talk to anyone, I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to other people’s stories.

 The story of first love.

 Underwear for the person you love, which originally I would have had. It was the playfulness of such frivolous love.

 I left the bathroom with my head down and walked up the deserted stairs, listening to the chime of the beginning of fourth period.

 ”I’ll stay with him all summer”, that’s what the girl with the sleepy voice had said. I think it’s tough for his boyfriend. If it were me, I wouldn’t do anything that would be a burden to him……

 ”Summer vacation…….”

 Those words, which would have been fun before, are now only depressing.

 The other day, I texted my dad in New York, “Can I come over there for summer vacation?” but he replied, “No, you can’t because you might upset Fujiwara-san”.

 Even though he somehow managed to avoid being transferred to the other side of the world, I guess my father had to be cautious.

 I could only sigh.

 Well, it’s a bit of a relief that everyone is going home for the summer vacation and there will be no one left in the dorm.

 Even if there’s no one to talk to, there’s a difference between being ignored and having no one to talk to.

 If Mako had been here, would she have taken care of me?

 No, she’s the type of person who gets dragged around by others. She would ignore me too.

 Thinking about my best friend who was still missing, I walked past the landing and reached the door to the rooftop.

 A week ago, I was forcibly raped by Kijima-senpai on this rooftop. He took my virginity by force and said, “You’ll be my living onahole for the rest of your life” and…

 [Tomorrow, you will come back to be held by me again]

 When he said that, I thought he was an idiot.

 Who would go there? That’s what I was thinking……

 But, in the end, I went.

 The day I was raped, the other students refused to even let me eat in the cafeteria that night.

 So, I brought my meal to a windowless room of three tatami mats and ate alone. The food tasted like tears and was a little sour as I watched comedy videos on my phone.

 I don’t care about it…… anymore. That’s what I thought.

 And, the next day, I went to the rooftop with such a desperate feeling that I was going to fall as far as I could.

 I was forcibly raped that day as well. But when I said something sarcastic while being held, Senpai replied in kind. I hated him, cursed him, and were raped by force.

 It’s a shame, but while I was being held by my senpai, I was talking to him. I was no longer invisible. I was being treated as Rin Fukuda, a junior female student.

* * *

 Then, after that day, I gradually began to look forward to seeing Senpai.

 Although he was bad, but I began to have the illusion that he was the only one who was offering me a helping hand.

 (Even though that can’t be true……)

 With a wry smile, I stepped onto the roof.

 My senpai hadn’t arrived yet.

 The wind shook my hair. The sky was slightly cloudy. From the field, the shouting of gym activities can be heard.

 ”I wonder if Senpai…… will come…… properly”

 Yesterday, Senpai did not come. I was afraid that he might have gotten bored with me, and my anxiety was coiled in my chest.

 While looking at the distance in a daze with an uneasy feeling, I heard a door open behind me.

 (He’s here! He’s here!)

 ”Geez, senpai! You’re late!”

 ”Ah …… sorry, sorry”

 When I turned around and puffed out my cheeks, Senpai waved his hand in an unwilling manner.

 I’m so happy. I’m so happy with just this exchange.

 ”W-why didn’t you come yesterday?”

 ”Well…… my kouhai wouldn’t let me go”

 ”Kouhai? Is it a girl?”

 ”Yes, but what?”

 ”That’s terrible! I don’t care if it’s Fujiwara-senpai, you have to give priority to me!”

 ”All right, now take it off”

 ”Aah! You fooled me!”

 ”Are you in a position to say that?”

 And then Senpai glares at me.

 ”I know, I know… You’re the one who threatened me……”

 With that, I take off my blouse and remove my bra. I’m naked on top, only my skirt. I’m not wearing any underwear since the very first time.

 After all, Senpai told me to go to school without it.

 I was embarrassed to be naked and wearing only a skirt, because I felt it was very naughty. I tried to hide my embarrassment by talking about something unimportant.

 ”Hey, Senpai, did you see the news this morning? The one that appeared on the Internet. I heard that the kidnapper of the track and field club has escaped”

 ”I saw it, but I’m sure they’ll catch her soon. Rather than that, lift your skirt and introduce yourself as usual”

 ”Geez, you’re so impatient…… I can’t disobey Senpai’s orders anyway”

 I lifted my skirt and opened my legs. The pose is obscene, exposing the vagina.

 Senpai is staring at my pussy. It was embarrassing.

 Then I said the greeting that Senpai had taught me, as usual.

 ”I, …… Rin Fukuda, am Kijima-senpai’s living onahole. I’ll do my best to make your cock feel good with my nasty female hole. Please fuck Rin’s bitch hole as hard as you want”

 He nodded his head in satisfaction and reached his finger between my legs.


 ”It’s a really nasty onahole. You’re already soaking wet”

 ”Ah… Isn’t Senpai the one who told me to ready? So, I masturbated during break time. I’ve prepared properly, so please praise me”

 For better or for worse, he treats me like an onahole. Since I knew he wouldn’t give me a proper foreplay, I prepared it in the bathroom.

 ”Haha, well done, you’re a well-made onahole”

 When he stroked my head, I couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

 ”Then turn your ass to me”


 I turned my back to him, grabbed the wire mesh, and stuck my ass out. When I shook my ass in a way that was very inviting, he put his cock in my pussy from behind.

* * *

 I’m used to it. I think, but this is the one moment that my heart always beats faster.

 His cock broke through the folds of my pussy and entered me. I felt a suffocating pressure. I felt an intense discomfort in my lower abdomen.

 (The…… cock came in……)

 ”Uh, oh, ah, ah………”

 I no longer feel disgusted by that. Rather, I’ve even learned to feel such pleasure as if I were tied to the person I love.

 No matter how wet I am, the inside of my vagina is still too narrow. Along with a twitching sensation, Senpai’s p*nis forcefully enters as if it were scraping the inside. I can feel it slipping in and out.

 ”Haa~, haa~… H-how do you feel, Senpai……? Does my meat hole feel good again today?”

 ”Yes, I think so”

 ”Geez, come on, say it more sincerely”

 ”Ah…… you’re so annoying. Do you want me to stop?”

 I felt a movement to pull out my p*nis and I screamed out in panic.

 ”No, senpai…… I’m sorry! I won’t be selfish. Please don’t leave me alone!”

 Tears started to well up in my eyes. I have no one but Senpai. Then, Senpai let out a stunned voice.

 ”I can’t help it, you’ve got that ugly personality, and I’m the only one who can take care of you. Then do your best to make me feel good”

 ”Yes, senpai! If you take care of me, I don’t need any friends! I’ll do my best to make your cock happy”

 ”Then, Rin, I’ll move”

 With that, he starts to move his hips slowly.

 ”Haa~, ahh, ahhh…”

 A sweet voice spills out as he thrusts deep into my womb. My body is trembling with joy. I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been waiting for his cock to kiss my womb.

 ”Ahh, ahhhhh…. ah, ah, ah, ahh, Nnnn”

 ”Rin, it’s class time downstairs. The window is also open. What if someone notices your voice?”

 ”Haa~, haa, S-senpai, that’s really a stupid, ah, it’s turn out you have thought about me, ah, even though you’re bad!”

 ”I’m sorry if I’m bad”

 Senpai suddenly put his hand around my breast and grabbed my bulge. I’m not sure if he’s angry or not, but he’s pretty rough. He squeezed my breasts as if he were twisting them apart and began to move his hips even harder.

 ”Ah, ah, Senpai, it hurts, it’s not cool to get angry when you get the wrong idea”

 ”Shut up! Stop talking, onahole”

 ”Ah! Is it Ok or not OK? Ah, so intense! Ah, ah, ah, it so good! Please poke me harder and harder”

 ”Just when I think you’ve said something auspicious. It’s about time you understood your position”

 ”Nnnn! I understand, I’m your meat onahole. I won’t disobey you anymore, ah, ah, ah, Hiiiiii”

 I was made to obey the orders of a man who despised me, who took away my first kiss and my virginity, and I’m still panting helplessly with pleasure as he squeezes my breasts. My pride and everything else are shattered by the pleasure, and I am reminded that I am, after all, a living onahole.

* * *

 (I really can’t believe I’m enjoying being treated like an onahole……)

 ”Kuh, you have a great hole. It clings to me, and it feels so good”

 ”Nnn, Senpai’s cock is so good, ahhh, ahhh, I won’t say anything else, just keep pumping and pumping me as hard as you can”

 A storm of pleasure was raging inside my body. However, Senpai moves his hips even faster, wanting more and more.

 ”Haa~, Nnn, I can’t take it anymore, haaa~! Senpai, my Senpai, my only Senpaiiiiii”

 I clutched the wire mesh tightly in anticipation of my climax.

 I wanted to soak up more of this pleasure if I could. I didn’t want it to end. However, my intensely aroused body could not hold back and rushed to climax.

 ”I’m going to cum! Take it, Rin!”

 ”Ah, ah, p-please put it inside me, Senpai!”

 And then…

 Tremble, Tremble! Spurtttt! Spurttttt!

 The hot liquid hit my cervix hard.

 ”Aaaaahhh! It’s coming out, it’s hot, it so hot! Cumming, Cumming, I love Senpai’s seed, Cumming, Cummmmmming!”

 The moment I felt his cum, my eyes went blank and I felt an explosion of pleasure. I felt my body convulse violently as I was pushed to climax at once.

 (Oh, I’m so full of cum! ……My insides are full of Senpai’s!”

 When I think about it, the edge of my mouth naturally lifts up.

 However, when the ejaculation was over, Senpai pulled out his cock.

 (Ah…… don’t pull it out, I’m so lonely)

 As I lost my support, I slumped down on the spot, grabbing the wire mesh, feeling satisfied and lost at the same time.

 (A strange feeling……)

 Each time I was fucked by Senpai, the ratio of feelings of regret and disgust dropped. Now, the ratio of happiness was about nine to one. I felt like I was alive. Now, only when I’m being held by Senpai, I’m definitely alive. That’s what I thought.

 ”It felt good, Rin”

 When my senpai stroked my hair, I felt a fluffy sense of joy well up in me.

 ”Ehehe…… I’m glad”

 Afterwards, while I was cleaning Senpai’s cock with my mouth, I asked him something that had been bothering me.

 ”Speaking of which, Senpai…… what are you going to do during your summer vacation?”

 ”Summer vacation?”

 ”Well, y-you’re not going to leave me alone until the new semester, are you?”

 ”Maybe I will do that?”

 ”No! No, senpai! Demon! Devil! You bastard! Starfish!”

 ”That’s a lot of words”

 ”A-anyway, tell me your social media account. I’ll come and you can hold me whenever you call me! I’m your onahole!”

 ”Well, okay, but…… do you want to see me that badly?”

 I stared into Senpai’s eyes and nodded my head.

 Then, Senpai showed a bit of thoughtfulness and spoke.

 ”Well, I was thinking of taking a trip by myself for a day or two, but I might as well bring an onahole. If you’re quiet, that is”

 ”A trip with Senpai!? I’ll do it! I’ll be quiet!”

 All at once, I was looking forward to the summer vacation.

 I looked up and before I knew it, the sun was shining through the clouds in the cloudy sky.

 Author note:

 I filled out a character sheet for an illustration order the other day, and one of the items on the sheet was (CV), which I thought was unnecessary, but I filled it in while checking on Youtube to see if it would help the illustrator imagine the character better (lol).

 Kijima Fumio – Nobuhiko Okamoto

 Lili – Aoi Yuki

 Misuzu Kurosawa — Risa Taneda

 Masaki Haneda –Kaede Hondo

 Fujiwara Mai — Nao Toyama

 Ryoko Terashima — Misato Fukuen

 Freesia — Miyuki Sawashiro

 As for Lili, I thought she was Rie Kugimiya, but I purposely left her out (lol).

 What do you think? …… Is it too far off from your image?

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