Confinement 109

Chapter 109 The Combat Maid

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 ”Inui…… Masako, dedicate yourself to me”

 At the very moment he called my name, the soaring p*nis between the legs of the Confinement King-sama began to turn into countless tentacles, making a squirming, watery sound.


 I was so horrified that I backed away.

 But when I tried to escape, it was too late.

 Several greenish tentacles already clung to my back, stomach, legs, and everywhere else. It crawled over my skin and rubbed its slippery mucus on my body.

 I felt disgust at the feel of the tentacle caressing my nape, and my body froze at the tentacle crawling up my inner thigh.

 ”P-Please forgive me, please forgive me, Confinement King-sama!”

 I tried desperately to twist and pull the tentacles away, but it was no use. It didn’t even budge. The tentacle then crawled over my face as if to lick it, broke through my lips and entered my mouth.

 ”Nnggghh, nnggghh!?”

 At the same time, I hurriedly looked down at the tickle that assaulted my breast, and saw that the tentacles that had invaded the bosom of my maid’s uniform had entangled their way to my breast.

 As I twisted and writhed desperately, the tentacles sucked at my skin and wriggled as if they were squeezing my breasts.


 I jolted as I felt the tentacle suddenly crawl over my nipple.

 ”Nnhh, ah, ahh……”

 My mouth full of tentacles let out a faint moan, my nose breathing unevenly, and at the moment when my nipples were scratched, I couldn’t hold back and arched my back.


 In my mouth, I could smell the fishy smell and taste the mucus. I felt as if I had been stuffed with raw fish in my mouth.

 However, it gradually invaded my brain through my taste senses. The feeling of disgust gradually faded away, and instead, I felt a sweet tingle sprouting inside my body.

 The nipples that were being rolled were getting harder and harder, and the stimulation that was being given to them was becoming sweeter and sweeter.

 I found myself the sensation of tentacles crawling around my thighs, stomach and back was the same. Every time I was caressed and the mucus trickled out, it was replaced by a different feeling, not unlike disgust.

 I had to admit it. I had to admit that I was getting pleasure from it.

 Before I knew it, my maid’s uniform had melted away, leaving me bare except for the sleeves and ribbons. My hips were forcibly lifted, and my legs were spread by the tentacles wrapped around them.

 Then, two new tentacles crawled up to me.

 One went to my crotch, and the other went around to my ass and into an unclean hole. It crawled up to a place that I had never let anyone touch before.

 I felt the split in my lower body and my asshole being pushed from side to side, and it was twitched as if in fear.

 The tentacle that was swaying with its pointy end in front of my embarrassing spot begins to change shape.

* * *

 Only the tip swelled up and formed a glans like a real p*nis.

 I knew exactly what it was going to do to me.

 I knew what was coming.

 As I involuntarily turned my head away, I felt a slimy sensation between my legs. A thick, hard, pulsating object entered me from the front and back at the same time.

 ”Nn! Nnnnn! Nnnnn!”

 I twisted frantically, but it was only a futile resistance.

 The mucus-covered glans easily pushed open my pussy and anus, and a foreign sensation burrowed into my body from the front and back was about to tear my lower body in two.

 (No, help me, please help me, Confinement King-sama, it’s coming…… in ……)

 It’s a great feeling to have both my front and back holes violated at the same time. I even feel as if I’m being nailed by a bare nerve.

 The tentacles invade the inside of my vagina as if to explore the inside of my vagina, but when the tentacles that are sticking into my vagina reach the proof of my virginity, it stops moving for a moment.

 And after stopping for a moment, it pierced it all the way through with an unstoppable motion.


 At that moment, I leaped up on the bed.

 ”Haa~, haa~, haa~……”

 I woke up on my bed, breathing unevenly with a sweaty body.

 Even though it was a dream, the feeling of tentacles crawling all over my body is still fresh. And because we, the maid apprentice, is forced to sleep naked, the embarrassing juices that dripped from my crotch were soaking the sheets.

 Looking around the room, I saw that Kishijo, Saito and Hotta were breathing hard as well.

 And this is always happened.

 Ever since the day when everyone in the track and field club was released, we have been having the same dream.

 If I recall, our hell started from that moment when Shiratori-senpai saw through us.

 Looking back, we were still in heaven as long as we were treated like livestock.

 But when we were tortured in the name of interrogation, the back of our legs was crushed together by a huge vise.

 It’s a horror of having a part of my body slowly turned into mincemeat.

 And before I knew it, my legs were back to my normal state without a scratch, but I never wanted to feel that kind of pain again.

 However, unlike everyone else who had been released, we were going to stay here for another year.

 Now, I’m desperate to flatter the head maid so that I won’t be punished.

 There are times when I feel that the head maid is trying to brainwash us from every word she says.

 But I rather welcome it.

 Once we are completely brainwashed, we won’t have to undergo such a messy punishment.

 The first time we were allowed to see Confinement King-sama was the day after everyone was released.

 The king’s real identity was that Kimo-buta-senpai.

 To tell the truth, I had a pretty good idea of who the Confinement King was.

 I had gone to see him in the classroom because my best friend, Rin Fukuda, was going to make him her camouflage boyfriend.

* * *

 At that time, Mai Fujiwara-senpai, my senior with the small breasts, was happily clinging to his arm.

 So when I heard that Mai Fujiwara was the favorite princess, I actually thought that he might be.

 ”I don’t want to kill you. But I don’t think I can forgive what you guys did to Fujiwara-san. So as a penalty, I’m going to have you work here as maids for a year”

 Confinement King-sama said this with no dignity whatsoever.

 Looking at him like this, I’m sure everyone would underestimate him. But I couldn’t bring myself to do so.

 I wondered if Rin was also in a bad situation.

 After all, this guy was too dangerous to be her camouflage boyfriend. Maybe she is no longer in this world.

 But at this time, there was someone who had underestimated the Confinement King-sama.

 That night, as we returned to the maid’s waiting room, Ayaka Kishijo, the cynical one, said under her breath.

 ”What’s that, isn’t he gross? There’s no need to be scared of that little guy. It’s the head maid and the sackhead that scare me. He just like a fox with the authority of a tiger”

 No one was listening except the four of us. I guess that was what we thought. But that perception was too naive.

 Sure enough, the next morning, Kishijo was forced by the head maid to bathe half of her body in a bath of concentrated sulfuric acid.

 White smoke billowed out of the bath, and the sound of Kishijo’s screaming voice was still stuck in my ears.

 There is no one who can resist the sight of Kishijo’s lower body shriveling up as if it were burning.

 ”Confinement King-sama is a generous man, and he has told me not to kill you. But he said there’s no problem as long as I don’t kill you, and it is not forbidden to make you think that you would be better off dead. Is that clear? This is discipline. It is called a love whip”

 The head maid smiled and told us so.

 I was too scared.

 I want her to be brainwashed me as soon as possible. That’s what I thought.

 Since then, we have been reciting the words in praise of the Confinement King-sama every morning, rubbing our foreheads on the ground and thanking him for the fact that we are alive now, all thanks to him.

 We are not forbidden to talk, but we rarely do. The only time we do is when we praise the greatness of the Confinement King-sama.

 I’ve heard that he is generous to those who worship him.

 I can tell by looking at it. I’ve seen his favorite princesses on occasion, and they look very happy.

 That is why our current ambition is to become a semi-favorite princess, if not Confinement King- sama’s favorite…….

 The head main said that those with special achievements will be given the right to offer their virginity to the Confinement King-sama.

 That’s our encouragement now.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After getting out of bed, we prepared ourselves and lined up in the dining room to await the Head Maid’s arrival.

 ”Good morning”

 ”””” Good morning. I woke up today in a happy mood, having learned the meaning of life from the Great Confinement King-sama””””

 We responded to the Head Maid greeting with the usual words.

* * *

 ”Very well. We will now have our breakfast and briefing for the day”

 ”Yes, mam!”

 ”The Third Favorite Princess was sharing a bedroom with Confinement King-sama last night. After the Confinement King-sama left, Earthworm was in charge of taking care of the Third Favorite Princess. Then, Centipede and Tapeworm was the one who made the bed, and Cockroach was in charge of taking care of Kyoko-sama. Also, the Second Favorite Princess will be arriving today, accompanied by Shima-sama and Semi-Favorite Princess Apprentice Takasago-sama, so please prepare a feast for them”

 ”Yes, mam!”

 Earthworm is my name here. Centipede is Kishijo, Tapeworm is Hotta, and Saito is Cockroach.

 And so our day began in a hurry.

 As soon as Takasago-sama left the dining hall and the Second Favored Princess and Shima-sama went to the swimming pool, the head maid said, “Now then, we will begin today’s training. Everyone please moves to the training area”.

 There was a staircase leading from one of the servants’ waiting rooms to the basement. As we descended the stairs, there was a large room with bare concrete walls.

 We lined up there and waited for the head maid at the front to speak.

 ”Well, you fucking bugs! It’s time for another fun exercise session! Have you been looking forward to it?”

 ”””” Yes, mam! “”””

 ”Cockroach! Describe your role being downgraded to the lowest form of life on earth”

 ”Yes, Mam! To become a weapon of slaughter, ruthlessly slaughtering the fools who stand in the way of the Confinement King-sama!”

 The Head Maid then spoke quietly as she walked slowly in small steps.

 ”Very well. You are a subhuman germ that does not deserve to live. Your very existence is an insult. I cannot fathom how such maggots as you came to be born from the loins of human beings by mistake. You are the leftovers from your father’s balls, the failures that just happened to be fertilized by some mistake”

 It’s a horrible thing to say, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

 At the beginning of this training, we couldn’t stop the tears from falling from our eyes just from the abusive language.

 ”You are shit. You are worthless filth. But if you can train yourselves into weapons, you will become diamond shit, no matter what shit you are. Until then, you are just shit. Your value is nothing more than a pile of shit and urine, and that’s what you are. Let’s start with the push-ups! Go!”

 The first step in the training menu is always to start with push-ups.

 ”Kuh…… Ugh”

 Hotta moaned as her arm trembled after forty times push-up.

 ”What? Tapeworm. Are you finished? Do you want to take a bath in concentrated sulfuric acid right now? Haaa?”

 ”No, mam!”

 The Head Maid relentless cursing echoed through the room.

 ”The reason you can’t do it is because you think you can’t! Do something with your guts! You fucking worm!”

 ”Yes, mam!”

 It’s an absurd theory of guts, but there’s no way I can argue with it. If I did, I would immediately be given a bath in concentrated sulfuric acid.

 But Hotta wasn’t the only one in pain.

 The quota was 200 times. As a matter of course, until today, no one had been able to reach the quota, and we ended up retiring after being abused and called a failure.

 Everyone was holding back tears that were about to spill over and making a mess of their faces.

 In the end, we all fell out after sixty attempts, and the head maid continued to throw abusive language at us as we collapsed and gasped for breath.

* * *

 Considering that we had all dropped out after ten attempts on the first day, it was a quantum leap forward……

 ”You amphibian pukes. How long are you going to be happily napping? It’s time for combat training. If you don’t want to be eaten alive, pick up your weapons and fight back”

 ”Yes, Mum!”

 Instantly, part of the wall of the room opens. We jumped up in a panic and prepared ourselves by grabbing our weapons that were hanging on the wall of the room.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Why do they only have heavy weapons like that, Devi? Isn’t that a disadvantage against the fast Orthrus, Devi?” (*Note: Orthrus (Greek Mythology) : a two-headed dog who guarded Geryon’s cattle and was killed by Heracles)

 The maid apprentices were desperately fighting against the demon beasts brought from the demon world. In their hands, they hold a battle axe, a war hammer, an assault spear and a great sword.

 As I looked at them, Freesia say a word.

 ”The weight and destructive power are the key. That’s how maids fight”

 I’ve never heard of such a thing.

 Apparently, Freesia is obsessed with it.

 ”But, Ohime-sama, your “Devi” ending has already taken root”

 ”It’s getting more and more troublesome for me to add it or not, Devi. Anyway, the apprentice maids have become much more able to resist the demon beasts in the past few days, Devi”

 In fact, the four of them are now able to fight one-on-one on even terms. Although, in the beginning, they were helplessly devoured.

 ”The food that I give them contains miasma, so they are now half demon. If it means that the level of demonization does not affect their appearance, then this is the limit”

 I told Fumi Fumi that they are honey traps, but in reality, they are combatants.

 To make matters worse, some of the nobles in the demon world seem to have sensed Fumi Fumi’s presence.

 Fumi Fumi is my trump card.

 I have to protect him no matter what.

 ”Fumi Fumi-sama needs to gain more strength. Otherwise, there is no way to change Ohime-sama’s fate”

 ”Even you say so, Devi…… Fumi Fumi seems to be satisfied with his revenge, Devi. I need to think of something that will motivate…… Fumi Fumi, Devi”

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