Confinement 110

Chapter 110 The Fallen Young Lady is Clumsy Part One

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 ”Um… could you please contact Masaki-sama~?”

 As I peer into the classroom, I call out to the nearest female student.


 ”Oh, yes~”

 When I followed the girl’s gaze, I saw Masaki-sama clinging to the arm of a gentleman in a seat near the window.

 The blonde-haired, delinquent-looking girl and Masaki-sama seemed to be arguing as they clung to his arms from both sides.

 The other person behind them was the Third Favored Princess.

 She seemed to be hesitating as she repeatedly reached out her hand to the gentleman and then put it back.

 If the First and Third Favored Princesses are present, does that mean he is the Confinement King-sama?

 I thought so for a moment, but the man who was there was a dull and ordinary gentleman.

 (I see…… I get it~. It’s camouflage, isn’t it~? It’s to hide that they’re Confinement King-sama’s favorite princess)

 ”Haneda-san, you seem to have a visitor”

 When the person who I had asked for help raised her voice, Masaki-sama turned to look at me and tilted her head.

 I hurriedly bowed my head.

 Masaki-sama came out into the corridor and looked at me with a slightly puzzled look on her face.

 ”Well, Yui-chan, was it……?”

 ”That’s right, Masaki-sama~. You change your tone of voice at school, don’t you~?”

 ”Yeah, well, I guess so~. So, what’s up~?”

 ”Yes, I’ve come to ask you for a favor~”

 ”A favor?”

 ”Yes, I was wondering if I could meet Confinement King-sama~…….”

 As soon as I asked, Masaki-sama’s eyes widened and she looked from side to side, then she took my hand and pulled me to the landing in the middle of the stairs where there was no one.

 ”You shouldn’t have mentioned that name in this place”

 ”I-I’m sorry~. But……”

 ”Then, you should probably ask Ui-chan. The track and field club’s girls are supposed to be taken care of by Ui-chan……”

 ”Actually, I resigned from the club yesterday~……”


 ”Actually, I’ve been requesting the advisor to let me resign for a while, but he didn’t accept my request~…… But, since the advisor is currently under house arrest for questioning and the new coach won’t be arriving until next month~, I appealed directly to the principal, hoping that I could leave the club now~”

 ”I see……”

 ”Yes, so, I was wondering if I could join…… Masaki-sama’s faction~”

 ”What faction?”

 ”I know it from books and dramas~. The Inner Palace is an abysmal place of power and intrigue~. It is a battlefield for women, where fierce factions fight repeatedly for the favor of a single king~!”

 ”A-ahaha… I-I think…… that’s not true…”

 Masaki-sama smiled a very twitchy smile for some reason.

 Maybe she thinks that I can’t be relied on after all. But no matter what, I can’t back down from this.

 In order to draw a success story in the back palace of the Confinement King-sama, it is necessary to belong to the faction of the most powerful person in the inner palace, the First Favored Princess.

* * *

 My father is running away from home with a large amount of debt. He divorced my mother so that we would not be affected. (*Note : Otoo-sama and Okaa-sama)

 My mother is struggling to support our life with part-time jobs and domestic work, but she was originally a former child actress. And because she has never worked in the non-entertainment world, she seems to be in a lot of pain, and I can see her getting thinner and thinner every day.

 I’m thinking of getting a part-time job when I leave the club, but that’s not going to be enough to get our life back.

 For such a person like me, meeting Confinement King-sama was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s like a spider thread for me to crawl up.

 As if she could see through my thoughts, she said.

 ”Well, I don’t mind letting you meet the Confinement King, but if you meet him for…… money, he’ll probably be disappointed”

 ”Masaki-sama…… It’s the first time I’ve learned about love~”


 She also looked confused.

 I can’t deny that it’s for money. But it is also true that I am in love with Confinement King-sama.

 Now that my engagement has been broken off, I am free to fall in love. The thought of the Confinement King-sama fills my heart with joy.

 This feeling is also not a lie. Of course, I would have nothing to say if the financial part was attached to it.

 ”Please, I beg you~!”

 I hung my head deeply and waited for Masaki-sama’s words.

 Then, I heard a softly smiling exhale above my head.

 ”Then…… let’s go home together today. You can go directly to “that room” from my room”

 ”T-thank you very much~!”

 ”But be sure to inform your parents, because Confinement King often arrives quite late at night”


 I replied, but in reality, there was no need to contact home.

 My mother worked part-time at a canning factory in a seaside industrial complex until morning.

 She said that the pay was better than her daytime job.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”So this is Masaki-sama’s private room~”

 When I stepped through “the door” from Masaki-sama’s home, I found myself in a pure white room with pale pink as a color scheme.

 The furniture and furnishings were all first-class.

 I let out an involuntary sigh.

 ”Ufufu, Fumio-kun made this room for me. Isn’t it nice?”

 ”Fumio-kun? Is Fumio-kun…… perhaps the real name of Confinement King-sama~?”


 ”Oh…… what a poetic name~”

 ”Ahaha …… I wonder about that”

 When I left Masaki-sama’s private room and stepped into the dining room, I saw my classmates working hard in their maid uniforms.

 When the girls spotted me behind Masaki-sama, their faces turned puzzled.

 ”First Favored Princess, Yui-sama, it’s happy to see you in a good mood. It’s an unusual combination”

 When the silver-haired maid smiled at her, my classmates hurriedly straightened themselves and raised their voices.

 ”””” First Favored Princess, Yui-sama, it’s happy to see you in a good mood””””

 I used to think that these classmates were also unrefined people, but it seems that they have been corrected a lot here.

* * *

 ”Ufufu, yes, good evening. Fumio-kun hasn’t arrived yet?”

 ”Yes, he hasn’t arrived yet today”

 ”Well, I guess we’ll have dinner first”

 When we got to the table, Masaki-sama urged me to sit across from her.

 The dining room was different from before, with glass walls in the back. I could see the elegant English-style garden.

 As I watched the maids place the plates and cutlery on the table, a silver-haired maid smiled at me.

 ”Would you like to drink as usual, Barley Tea for Masaki-sama and Grape Juice for Yui-sama?”

 ”Yes, thank you”

 ”For today’s main dish, we’ll be serving strawberry steak with foie gras sauce”

 ”Foie gras……~”

 It’s my favorite. How long has it been since I’ve had it?

 In fact, I planned to ask Masaki-sama to take me here today, so I prepared something in advance.

 It’s a little embarrassing, but I can’t turn my back on it.

 ”I love foie gras~. Do you have any more~?”

 ”Yes, we have plenty”

 ”Then, please put it in this Tupperware~”


 ”I mean, in this tupperware~……”

 The silver-haired maid made a very subtle face, but Masaki-sama smiled and said, “Ahaha”

 On my way to her home today, I told Masaki-sama about my situation.

 I think she felt sorry for me but Masaki-sama said, “If that’s the case, I’ll help you to become a favorite princess”.

 ”Please fill it in this big Tupperware too~”

 ”Ehh, if you fill it up, it will last you for a week”

 ”I don’t know if I’m poor or wealthy if I can eat strawberry steak with foie gras sauce for a week~”

 Aside from Masaki-sama’s wry smile, I asked the silver-haired maid.

 ”What’s for dessert?”

 ”Eh? Ah, yes. The dessert is chocolate. It’s a chocolat de platinum from Hotel Ricardo that costs 5,400 yen a piece”

 ”Then place it in this Tupperware~”

 ”How many Tupperware do you have in your bag?”

 There are four.

◇ ◇ ◇

 As we finished dinner and were enjoying our after-dinner tea, the silver-haired maid informed Masaki-sama.

 ”It seems that Confinement King-sama has arrived”

 ”Okay, thank you. Let’s go, Yui-chan”

 ”Y-yes, Masaki-sama!”

 When I followed Masaki-sama into the bedroom, I found the gentleman sitting on the luxurious bed.


 Masaki-sama ran into the room and jumped on the gentleman like a child and rubbed her cheek against his chest like a spoiled cat.

 ”Ahaha, you’re like a spoiled child, Masaki-chan”

 ”After all, I haven’t had s*x in a week. The “Fumionium” in me is on the verge of depletion”

 ”What’s that mysterious substance?”

 ”It’s more like semen”

 ”Don’t say it so plainly!?”

 Then my eyes met his.

 As for me, I can only be stunned.

 There he was, that dull gentleman I had dismissed as a camouflage for Masaki-sama.

 (He’s the Confinement King-sama~? Eh, that’s a bit~……)

 No, I know. I know that appearances mean nothing. The most important thing is what’s inside.

 However, I couldn’t help but be disappointed by the huge gap between him and the Confinement King-sama in my imagination.

 ”Masaki, who is that girl?”

 ”She is Yui Kayama-chan, the semi-favorite princess apprentice. You’ve seen her before, right?”

 ”Oh, yes. Of course. She’s the one I chose”

 ”She said she wanted to become Fumio-kun’s favorite princess, so I decided to take care of her from today”

 ”Oh……. Okay, so she’s coming with you today?”

 ”Yes, but it’s her first time, and I think she’ll probably “give-up-sooner-or-later””

 I couldn’t help but raise my voice at Masaki-sama’s comment.

* * *

 ”No, that’s not true~!”

 I know that I am always at a disadvantage because of my high pride.

 But even if the other party is Masaki-sama, I can’t stand the thought of being underestimated.

 ”…….After all”

 When I looked at the Confinement King-sama, Masaki-sama cowered with a wry smile on her face.

 She then beckoned me over.

 ”Well, Yui-chan. Come here. It’s okay if we keep our uniforms on, right, Fumio-kun?”

 ”Of course…… rather it might excite me”

 ”Ahaha, pervert”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I took off my clothes and lay down on the bed in just my trunks and looked up at the girl that Masaki-chan had brought in.

 She has ringlet chestnut hair and white skin not unlike a track and field girl. She may have some foreign blood in her, but she is a beautiful girl with clear-cut eyes and nose.

 Her body is small and her breasts are normal. No, maybe even large. I guess it’s bad that the comparison is with Masaki-chan.

 ”So, where shall I start~?”

 It seemed like she was nervous. She looked away from me and asked Masaki-chan.

 ”Well, I guess you could start by kissing his cock”

 As soon as she said that, I could see the blood quickly drain from her face.

 ”K-kiss…… it~?”

 ”Yes, because it is the precious p*nis of my beloved Confinement King. You should do it with love and care”

 ”M-my first kiss…… is…… a pe…… nis~…….”

 I can’t help but chuckle at her stunned mutterings.

 ”You don’t have to do it…….”

 Then she twitched her cheeks in blatant defiance.

 ”D-don’t worry about it~! I’m fine~!”

 She then knelt down between my legs and nervously slid my trunks down in one fluid motion. Immediately, my erection sprang out with a bang! that she squealed, “Kyaa!” .

 ”I’m sorry~”

 ”It’s okay! You just suddenly jumped out at me, so I was just a little surprised”

 As I said this, she gasped when she saw my cock bulging out in front of her.

 ”S-so this is your thing, huh~? It’s big and grotesque in color and shape~…… I can’t believe it’s hanging between legs~”

 Masaki-chan laughs at her as her face twitches.

 ”Ahaha, It’s the first time you’ve seen a p*nis?”


 ”Yui-chan, you can stop if you’re scared”

 ”No, I’m not scared~! I was just looking at it…… because it was unusual~. I don’t think it’s scary at all~!”

 No matter how I look at her, she’s just trying to show off, but I guess that’s her way of saying things. Her words sounded as if she was speaking from above.

 ”Yeah, well, that’s fine then”

 Masaki-chan said in a somewhat offended tone.

 That said, she probably doesn’t know what to do about it. As she repeatedly reaches out and puts her hand down, I gently call out to her.

 ”For now, you can start by holding it”

 ”I know exactly what you mean~! I was just about to do that~!”

 She must have really lost her composure. She raised her voice hysterically.

 She then reached out with her right hand and gently grasped the rod with her thin, white fingers.

* * *

 ”Uuuuu… It’s so hard~. And it’s warm and tender~……”

 ”Try squeezing it up and down. Be careful not to squeeze too hard”

 ”I-I know that much~! D-don’t order me around every time~!”

 Behind her, Masaki-chan frowned unhappily at such a comment from above~. I quieted her down and said, “That’s okay”.

 She didn’t notice the exchange, but she slid her supple, slender fingers down from the base of the flesh to the frenulum.

 ”D-do you like it like this~?”

 She asked with an upturned gaze, stroking it with her fingers awkwardly.

 ”Yes, it feels good. That’s pretty good for your first time”

 ”Of course it does~. Because I’m the one who’s doing it for you~. How could it not feel good~?”


 I couldn’t help but chuckle. Behind her, the wrinkles between Masaki-chan’s eyebrows deepened again.

 Oh… Somehow, it’s not a good vibe.

 Masaki-chan has a very low boiling point when it comes to me.

 I felt like I could see the “Anger-Gauge” building up above Masaki-chan’s head every second.

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