Confinement 111

Chapter 111 The Fallen Young Lady is Clumsy Part Two

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Noticing the change in Masaki-chan’s expression, I tell ringlet young lady.

“Well then, can you stop what you’re doing and lick the tip first?”

“K-kiss……. it~?”

“Oh, don’t worry, it does not count as a first kiss because it is not lip to lip”


She let out a sigh of relief.

And as I looked up at her, I tsukkomi to myself, wondering what the count is.

Well, I don’t know why. There’s something about this girl in a box. I can’t help but think she’ll be deceived by a bad guy and end up in a bad situation. (*Note: Girl in a box: rich/noble girl that is usually overprotected and knows little of the world and may even have little freedom)

“So, I should just lick it, right~?”

She hesitated for a moment before turning her gaze to the towering head soaring into the ceiling.


With a tense look on her face, she licked the tip of the glans.

And after slight frown, she began to lick the entire glans with her clean pink tongue.

“Nnn, lick, lick, nnn, lick, lick, lick…….”

Surprisingly, she was very bold.

The contrast between her beautiful face and the reddish-black meat stick was very seductive.

After a while of enjoying the awkward touch of her tongue, she suddenly asked me a question.

“Oh yes… I-I think I’m supposed to suck and suck on it, right~?”

Perhaps it was something she had heard somewhere, but before I could respond, she had taken my thing in her mouth and began to swallow it..

“Oh, wait, nnn…….”

I raised my eyebrows as she sucked my cock all the way to the middle of the rod. Her mouth was warm and sticky, and it felt really good.

However, my thing size is not ordinary.

But even though her eyes were black and white as she saw how much bigger it was than it looked, still there was no turning back. So, she began to suck slowly, shaking her head up and down while handling the rod with her fingers.

“Nnn, nfu… Nnn, puha, it’s very big~… Slurpp, nnn… Nmu, nfu, nnn…”

The pink lips that tightened the rod, sending a steady, but awkward, stream of pleasure.

And, after a while, she released her mouth with a chomp and puffed her chest, somewhat proudly.

“Fufun, how is it~? What do you think of my technique~?”

(Technique… huh?)

I let the grass grow wildly in my chest.

After all, not to mention compared to Fujiwara-san who is a blowjob genius, even compared to Masaki-chan and Misuzu, her technique is at the amateur level.

I think she’s pretty good for her first time, but I’m not sure I’d call it a technique.

Nevertheless, she was doing her best.

I think it’s okay to give her a little lip service.

Lip service in return for a blow job.

Oh, I’m good at that. One zabuton. (*Note: zabuton: A cushion for sitting)

“Yes, I think you’re good. It’s a little awkward, but I think that’s refreshing……”

But she made a pouting face.

“W-what do you mean by awkward!? Even though I’m sucking it for you~!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I was just trying to compliment you……”

“I-is that so~? If that’s the case, I’ll forgive you~”

Ringlet answer in a clear and concise tone.

But, her behavior seemed to be happy.

* * *

If I were to use an analogy, I’d say she’s like a dog wagging its tail furiously, even though she’s turning away from me like she’s not interested.

However, contrary to her appearance, behind her was a demon with a cute smile and blue streaks appearing on her temples.

If I listen carefully, I can faintly hear Masaki-chan’s muttering.

“……. Did you yell at Fumio-kun? ……And what do you mean about forgive him?”

Well, I don’t care anymore. But, when I saw Ringlet doesn’t notice it, I shouted in my heart like this.

(Shimura! Behind you!)

But my cry didn’t reach her at all. Instead–

“Please enjoy my noble mouth to your heart’s content. Nnn, nfu! Nmu, slurp, slurp, chu, nnn!”

Perhaps, she’s in a good mood, she begins to give me a thicker blowjob.

Ringlet violently shakes her head as she increases the suction.

“Kuh, so intense…….”

“Nfu, slurp! Nnn, chu, lick! Slurppp, Slurrrppppp!”

Perhaps excited by the obscene sound she was making, her momentum of sucking became more and more intense.

And although, it appears to be repetition, and she isn’t very good at it. However, there is a lot of momentum.

So, I turn my throat back and relax my entire body, immersing myself in the pleasure of the lip-sucking.

It feels good physically, but the fact that I’m being served by a young lady (Fujiwara-san is not counted!) makes me even more aroused.

“Ohh, here is it! I’m going to cum!”

The heat that had been swirling in my lower belly finally broke through the barrier.

Spurt! The first spurt struck her throat. And startled by the suddenness of it, she almost released her mouth as quickly as she could.

But at that moment…

“Don’t let it go!!”

Masaki-chan held her head forcibly from behind.

“Nnn!? Nnnnnnn!”

Ringlet eyes were black and white as she desperately rampaged.

But Masaki-chan yelled at her.

“Don’t waste the Confinement King-sama semen! Swallow it!”

Spurt! Spurtttt! Spurt!

Once I started to ejaculate, I couldn’t stop. And the semen that slammed into her throat, causing her to jerk and flail as she struggled to breathe.

“Fumuuuu! Nnn!? Nnn! Gulp… Gulp… Gulppp…”

Every time her throat gulped, a tremble ran through her whole body in agony. And because her head was restrained, she needed to swallow or she’d choke. Then, with a shudder, she swallowed the sloppy juice, gulping it down little by little.

However, she soon reached her limit.


Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and ringlet threw up.

The semen that had been so painstakingly swallowed was now flowing backwards.

“U-geeeee, geeee, -gee――――”

The sour-smelling semen mixed with her stomach juices was splattered all over my lower abdomen.

The vomit was so strong that semen flew out of her nose, and she half-madly shook off Masaki-chan’s hand, leaned over the bed, and vomited more painfully onto the floor.

“Pukeee, ogeee, gueee, -ge――――”

Then she shuddered heavily, huffing and puffing in exasperation.

She couldn’t stop crying, and her face was a mess of drool and snot mixed with semen.

* * *

“Well, it’s her first time. It can’t be helped”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

But Masaki-chan was relentless.

She walked over to the dazed ringlet on the bed and suddenly slapped her cheek.


Ringlet fell down while spewing semen residue from her mouth.

Then, Masaki-chan looked at her and spoke.

“You want to be Fumio-kun’s favorite princess, so I help you, but you spit out the semen he gave you, indicating that you don’t love him enough!”

She then put her hand on her cheek, looked at the despairing ringlet with cold eyes, and spat.

“How dare you… You’ve embarrassed me”

“I-I’m sorry~, puke, I’m gonna do it now~, puke”

As Ringlet struggled to keep herself down, I tried to calm Masaki-chan down.

“W-wait a minute, Masaki-chan, you need to calm down, okay?”

“I’m sorry, Fumio-kun. If I had known she was such a bad girl, I wouldn’t have brought her here……”

“No, no, it’s her first time, so……”

“Fumio-kun is kind…… But the first time is the most important in discipline. For her sake, don’t spoil her!”

When Masaki-chan said this, she grabbed Ringlet hair and made her look up.

“Now, let’s do it all over again, Yui-chan. Hurry up and do it!”


“Put your hands behind your back! Get down on your knees! Don’t be shy!”


Masaki-chan sent off a merciless reprimand, and Ringlet did as she was told, getting down on her knees with her hands behind her back.


She must still be feeling vomit. Her legs were twitching and twitching.

Masaki-chan let go of her hair and grabbed her chin and head to hold her head in place.

“So, Yui-chan, what do you want to be?”

“I-I want to be…… Confinement King-sama’s favorite princess~”

“Then you have to be able to do something like this, right? Show me what you can do”


She said that with her mouth covered with semen and her eyes were filled with tears.

“Then, Fumio-kun, give this useless child one last chance”

I stand up as she asks, exposing my cock in front of ringlet.

I think I have a strong S.

Because I was so aroused by the sight of the pathetic young lady, and it made my semen-covered cock became even harder and swollen than before I ejaculated.

Ringlet tried to turn her face away, but Masaki-chan was holding her head. And there was a hint of fear on her face.

“Well then, Fumio-kun! I believe she’ll be able to do it properly if you train her by mercilessly gouging her throat”

“Is it okay to be merciless?”

“Yes, choke her out, please”

Immediately, Ringlet choked out her throat, “Hiii”. But Masaki-chan didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Open your mouth! Hurry up!”

“Y-yes! Nnn……”

Masaki-chan yelled at her, and Ringlet struggled to open her semen-stained lips.

I then inserted my cock into her tiny mouth. I just let her suck on the tip, and her peachy lips spread full.


The tears spilled out of her eyes and a painful moan escaped from her nostrils.

“So, can you lick my glans first?”

“Mugghhh…… Uuuu…….”

She just moaned with the glans in her mouth.

Her throat was probably still vomiting, and she was suffering from the taste and smell of sperm spreading all over her mouth and nose.

But Masaki-chan didn’t care about that.

“Yui-chan! Hurry up!”

She shook Ringlet’s head in her grasp as if to stimulate her.

“Nggguu, H-hlease… henhoi hit…”

With that, she finally begins to move her tongue.

“Ngghh, lick, p-puke, lick, lick, u-uuu, lick”

But the movement of her tongue was frightening. It’s like she’s completely deflated. I can clearly see that she is scared of my cock.

“Oh, you can’t do it after all! If you keep doing that, Fumio-kun’s will wilt!”

“P-please forgive me…… I don’t know about it…… But I’m going to do my best…… Uuu, lick, lick… Lick”

While apologizing, the eyes that look up at me are slightly irritated. She is a very proud young lady.

But Masaki-chan would not let such a defiant attitude go unnoticed.


With that said, Masaki-chan slightly squeezed her chin. She apparently said, “Put it all the way down her throat”.

“Nggghha… Ngggho…. Ogooobobo”

As I slowly push my hips forward, Ringlet’s mouth widens into a perfect circle, and my cock slips into the gaping hole.

“Ugobobo… Obu! Uh, Ebu, Ubuuu”

Ringlet’s body trembled painfully while she was kneeling. And, based on what I saw, it appears that she is no longer able to hold back her tears. After all, tears were streaming down her cheeks and chin.

* * *

Still, after letting her continue for a while, the movement of her tongue became a little smoother.

“Yeah, it’s getting a little better, but look up at me properly. Show me your cock-sucking face”

“Ubu… Y-yes… Lick, lick…”

“You must smile at least this much!”

“Y-yes, I-I hunderstand…”

Masaki-chan firmly grasps Ringlet’ head as she instinctively tries to back away.

Maybe it was my imagination…… but Masaki-chan seemed to be enjoying herself.

“You can’t just hold it! Entwine your tongue firmly around the cock in your mouth!”

“Yes, Nbo, Slurppp, Lick, U-uu, Ohhn”

Ringlet flicked her tongues frantically as she fought to keep from throwing up.

“Yes, that’s it, you can do it after all”

“Oooh, yess……”

(Somehow, she’s becoming more sporty……)

When I chuckled, Masaki-chan squeezed her chin again and turn to me.

Her eyes said, “Put it in deeper”

I think it’s terrible, but it’s not a bad idea to go all the way.

I thrust my hips out as hard as I could and pushed the meat stick all the way in to the base.


The glans pushed away her uvula then it slid further and further.

It’s like Fujiwara-san’s deep throat. I can see it clearly from the outside, as Ringlet’ throat bulged out.

“Ogoooo, Ogooooo, Gebooooo!!”

I guess she hadn’t imagined that it would suddenly enter that far in. Her body shuddered violently as she rejected my object.

“Don’t throw up! You have to endure it!”

Masaki-chan was relentless. She holds her head down firmly and holds it in place with the meat stick impaled to the base.

On the other hand, Ringlet was panting desperately, tears streaming down her cheeks as she tried to hold on somehow.

But that didn’t stop my S part from rising. And it made me more excited.

So, I thrust my cock deep into her throat and lightly shook my hips.

“Gebo! Ogh! Goga, Gobu! Ububu!”

Whenever Ringlet moaned in agony, a stream of saliva spilled out of the gap between her mouths, which were now full of my cock.

“Yeah, that feels good”

I said so as I stopped the movement of the rod that I had embedded to her throat and enjoyed the feeling of the oral and throat mucosa squeezing it.

“But it’s only a blowjob until I ejaculate, so I’m going to give you a real hard-on from here on out”

“That’s right, Yui-chan. Serve his cock with all your heart and soul!”

“Y-yhes, I’ll dho my besth…”

Masaki-chan and I looked at each other unconsciously.

But then I had to live up to her expectations.

So, I pulled my cock out to the glans and plunged it all the way in.

Ringlet’s eyes which were in daze, widened at once. The meat stick that pierced the back of her throat, prying it open as she tried to close it.


Her body trembled like a jittery, broken doll. No matter how much guts she had, her body is hopelessly rejecting my stuff.

“Gebo, ogh, oggggghhh!”

But I will not hesitate. I slammed my hips down even harder with the meat stick plunged to the base.

The meat rod violates the oral cavity, and the glans, which is embedded in the back of the throat, rubs up against the mucous membrane of the throat, churning and churning.

“Gobo! Oboh! Bogooo, Gugeeeee!”

With each thrust, I can feel her convulsing throat trying to get rid of the foreign object.

* * *

(I’m thrilled……. So this is what called deep Throating?”

“Ugebooo, Obu, Gutsu, Bubeee, Ebu”

She was already on the verge of suffocation.

Tears spilling out of her eyes and stomach juices spewing out of her lips and nostrils.

But I can’t stop now. As I watched her gagging in agony, I thrust my meat stick into her pulsating esophagus.

“Gubee, Bo, Obbu, Bobee, Ogeeeeeee, I-it’s painfull, I’m going to die, H-help me… I’m going to die”

Masaki-chan looked at her with cold eyes as she desperately pleaded.

“What? Are you still talking like that? How pathetic”

It’s better not to ask for help from a dominant person.

It will only make her happy.

As a matter of course, Masaki-chan’s hands, which were gripping Ringlet’s head, were filled with strength.


As I thrust my meat stick into Ringlet, Masaki-chan began to move Ringlet’s head as if it were slamming into my waist.

“Buoooo, goboo, geboo, bobobobo!”

Masaki-chan and I gouged her throat with our pistons and fucked her thoroughly.

“Bube, Boo, Gobo, Bobo Bobo, Ugeeeee, Bobeeeee!”

Her body bounced like a shrimp as my cock slammed into the back of her throat, and her lips which had widened to the point of cracking, spurted out a bubbling liquid.

“Gyopu, Geba, Gobo, Gobo, Gubaa!”

Ringlet’s eyes were completely flipped and white.

“Yeah, that’s good! Yui-chan, keep it up! That’s what makes you Fumio-kun’s sows!”

Masaki-chan’s voice is full of excitement as she shakes Ringlet’s head. Her face is ecstatic, and she even looks like she’s about to climax.

“Ho mhore, gobo, gobo, bobobo!”

“Come on! Cum in her throat! Become a sow and cum!”

The one who blames and the one who is blamed.

The sight of the two females in a frenzy made my urge to ejaculate unbearable.

“Mobooo, abuu, gebooo, baaa!”

The meat stick thrust into the back of her throat swelled even more just before ejaculation, and her body began to convulse as her breathing was blocked.


Then, in time with the final thrust just before my ejaculation, Masaki-chan slammed Ringlet’s head into my waist with all her might.

Tremble! Spurtt! Spurttttt!


A muddy stream of semen, even more than what I had just ejaculated, was released into the back of her throat.

“Gebo, boaa, boba, guba”

Her body, which was completely pale, was twitching dangerously. But there is no escape for her. After all, her head is restrained.

The uncontainable stream of sperm erupted from the corners of her mouth and from her widened nostrils.

If I don’t do something, she’ll drown in my own semen. But, as I hurriedly tried to pull out my meat stick, Masaki-chan shouted out.

“Drink it! If you want to be a favorite princess, you should be able to drink this much!”

(Of course, if it’s a favorite princess……)

It seems Masaki-chan’s S part is at an all-time high. After all, Masaki-chan still shook Ringlet’s head and reprimanded her.

And then–


When I think that Ringlet’s body bounced greatly, its throat began to swell powerfully.

“Gobyu, bu, ego, bu, gubububu, gulp, gulp, gubobobo, zuzozozozo”

Apparently, Ringlet swallowing my semen.

* * *

Although she was half fainting, and was violently clearing her throat, she still swallowing the semen as Masaki-chan told her to.

“Yes, that’s it, that’s it! More, more, more!”

“Obo, Obo Bobo, Bohea, Buba, Gubaa”

“How is it? Isn’t it good?”

“Yehs, hits helicious, guboooooo…”

With that said, Ringlet’s throat became more and more swelled, and she continued to swallow down the semen until I finally spilled the last drop.

When I finished my long ejaculation, I remove my cock out of her mouth.

“Burp, burp, bu――――――rp”

Ringlet produced a series of shameless semen burps. Her quivering lips were trembling, and her semen-soaked tongue was dangling sloppily.

I wonder if she’s even in her right mind anymore. Perhaps she thought she was still sucking on my cock, after all, her eyes were still white and she was shaking and trembling.

However, she fainted and collapsed on the spot at the end.

“Yes, yes. You did well”

Masaki-chan patted the collapsed Ringlet’s head.

“Hey… Did I overdo it…..?”

“That’s not right. After all, she really wants to become Fumio-kun’s favorite princess. Isn’t it necessary to go through this kind of ordeal?”

“When did it become such a thing……?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Then Masaki-chan leaned towards me.

“But I’m really excited. Hey…… Fumio-kun, please make love to Masaki-chan next time……”

“Then it’s your turn to be tortured”

“Ufufu, please go easy on me”

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