Confinement 113

Chapter 113 Friendship and Climax

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 ”Kuhiiiiii! No, no good! C-Confinement King is slamming my insides, ah, ah!”

 With each forceful thrust, Tashiro-san let out a scream-like moan as if she was being pushed to the limit.

 She was writhing in pain with her ponytail in disarray.

 ”Ah, ah, ah! I beg you, Confinement King, please make me cum. It’s hainful, it’s really hainful…”

 Pound, Pound, Pound! the sound of her ass being slammed echoed through the air.

 I thrust at her from behind with such force that her nectar scattered all over the place, and I made her squirm wildly as she lost her speech.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahh, ahh…”

 The lewd fluid secreted by the pleasure overflowed incessantly, mixed with the semen that had just been released into her vagina.

 And it dripped onto the bed sheet, leaving a silver thread and an embarrassing stain.

 ”Ah, p-please horgive me, ahii!? I’m going crazy, I’m really going crazy……”

 She clawed desperately at the sheets as if seeking relief. Her face was flushed and she was in pain as she twisted around. Her eyes also filled with tears.

 Normally, Tashiro-san has a dignified atmosphere. But because of her sensitivity is stronger than others, I guess her body can be said to be easily aroused.

 But she’s so horny not only because of her body.

 ”What’s wrong with me, I’ve become so sensitive, why can’t I cum?”

 After all, I had secretly activated <Ban (prohibition)>.

 And it was “Climax” that was prohibited.

 Thanks to this, she should have already cum dozens of times, and if it’s like a game, the last square in her climax gauge just won’t fill up.

 Three hours have already passed since I started holding her. I had already ejaculated four times, but she had yet to climax even once.

 The pleasure is still in the red zone.

 Desperately grabbing at the sheets, she moves her hips wildly, trying to come somehow. But the more she tried, the more frustrated she became.

 ”Don’t tease me, make me cum! Make me cumm, I’ll do anything you want, so please….”

 ”Ahaha, then say “I love cock” ten times”

 ”I love cock! Ahi, I love cock! I love cock! I love cock! I love cock! I love cock! I love cock! Nnn, I love cock! I love cock! I love cockkkkkkk!”

 I just wanted to make fun of her, but she kept calling out obscene words in a desperate voice. She seemed really desperate.

 ”Heh~, you really do everything for me”

 ”Ssshhh! Yes, that’s what you told. I’ll do anything you want……”

 ”Heh…… anything, huh……”

 She’s flirtatious to the point of being a plea.

 Well then, it’s about time.

 I glanced over to the corner of the room. And there was a girl there.

 The first thing that catches my eye is her short hair.

 As I lowered my gaze from there, I could see a greedy and debauched expression on her face.

 Her name was Natsumi Shima.

 As Tashiro-san’s servant, she was disciplined enough to stay in the corner of the room every time.

 And today, she was dressed in a miko costume.

 As usual, the two of them were dressed in matching outfits, but I had already taken off Tashiro-san’s.

 To be honest, hakama is not very comfortable to have s*x in.

* * *

 And Shima-san, who was sitting on the floor with her face bright red, gasping for air. Every time I glanced at her from earlier, I saw her reaching for her crotch, but she was shaking her head desperately and holding on.

 When I stopped moving my hips, I turned to Shima-san and spoke.

 ”Then, Shima-san, come here”


 Shima-san’s eyes widened, as if she was surprised.

 ”Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not gonna embrace you. But when I’m fucking her in the back, my lips get a little lonely, and I’d appreciate it if you could just kiss me.

 ”Y-you idiot! I-I’m not your girl!”

 ”Yes, but you’re Tashiro-san’s servant. If things don’t change, Tashiro-san might go crazy”

 ”Kijima! That’s only if you don’t do anything she don’t want to!”

 ”Well, that’s true, but… I’m always in heat, and I feel bad for Shima-san if you’re frustrated while watching us, so I thought I’d at least kiss you”

 ”That’s unnecessary! I’m not going to kiss you, you arrogant bastard! You’re getting carried away, you idiot!”

 I made eye contact with Tashiro-san and shrugged my shoulders.

 ”…….Well, you’re a heartless friend, aren’t you? Then let’s have some fun from here until morning, even though I’m the only one who can cum”

 Tashiro-san immediately choked out, “What!?”.

 ”Shima…… I beg you. Please …… help me, if you don’t do something, I’m going crazy, I’m going to die”

 ”Kuh…… ugh, coward”

 It seems that Shima-san can’t refuse her best friend’s tearful plea.

 ”Even though this is my first k-kiss, I’m doing it in this …… way …….”

 ”Ahaha, I look like a villain, right?”

 ”You’re dead, you lowlife!”

 While raising her voice, Shima-san got on the bed angrily. She then got down on her knees and moved her face towards mine, glaring at me.

 ”This is the worst……”

 Although she was trying to look uncomfortable, her eyes were moist and she had the look of a female in heat.

 Then I put my hand around her neck, and as we made eye contact, I told her.

 ”Don’t forget that I was your first kiss, Shima-san”

 With that, I forcefully take her lips.

 I pushed her lips apart and inserted my tongue into her mouth, which were tightly tied together.

 ”Nnn, Nnnn!?”

 A muffled sound escaped, and she opened her eyes. But I’m not going to let that stop me.

 I rub her tongue up and down with the tip of my tongue, pouring in a large amount of saliva and sipping up her saliva.

 Gradually, her tongue began to wriggle in response.

 The look in her eyes gradually became more and more debauched. She was in heat from the start, so it was easy to make her cum.

 Then, as I tasted her lips, I began to nip my fingers into Tashiro-san’s soft skin and slam her hips with all my might.

 ”Ahhhh! Ahhhh! I’m being pounded by… Confinement King’s cock while he’s having an affair, ahh, ahh, I’m going insane… even though he is doing so… and it’s so good……”

 The impact of her lower abdomen hitting the floor caused her shapely breasts to heave.

 ”Nnn, nchu, nn, ah…”

 And before I knew, Shima-san had her hands around my neck and was clinging to me.

 Her tongue wriggled aggressively. And to respond her, I violated Shima-san’s mouth with my tongue while I violently fucked Tashiro-san’s vagina.

* * *

 ”Nnn, puha…… ah……”

 ”It’s so deep, it’s good, it’s so good, ah, ahh, ah”

 The two of them were breathing lustily on the bed, and I felt that I was nearing my limit.

 ”Hiiiii! P-please make me cum, please… Ah, ah, ahhh!”

 As I relentlessly pounded on her already full cervix, Tashiro-san arched her back and let out a scream.

 Here it comes. The timing was right.

 I activate <Sense Sharing>.

 It’s a function I’ve been aiming to use at some point. And if I was going to use it, I was going to use it on her best friends.

 It was a function that allowed people of the same s*x in the same room to share their senses.


 As soon as I activated it, Shima-san fell on the bed as if she had been bounced.

 She shuddered with a shocked expression on her face and let out a scream.

 ”W-w-w-w-what happened!? It’s in there! It’s inside meee! Aahhh! Aaahhh!? Hiii, I’m going crazy! Not good, not good, not good!”

 As it was, she arched her back like a bridge and scratched the air frantically.

 To be honest, I was a little flustered by her overly dramatic reaction. However, it was only natural that she would do this if she was made to experience the same sensations as Tashiro-san, who was on the verge of climaxing while still a virgin. It was a feeling she had never felt before.

 ”Guua, uaaahh, ahhh…… ahhhhhh”

 ”Ahhhh, please make me cum, make me cum……”

 Shima-san clenched her teeth with her eyes closed, and Tashiro-san begged desperately. The two of them screamed as if they were competing with each other on the bed.

 ”Then cum together!”

 With a single thrust, I released <Ban (prohibition)>.

 And immediately, the pleasure that had been held back until now broke through the red zone at once, pushing both of them to climax.



 The two girls screamed in unison and rose to their feet.

 One was on all fours, neighing, and the other was on arched back like a bridge.

 The climax of many times came at once.

 Tashiro-san’s vagina contracted and tightened so hard that it seemed to bite my object off.

 I couldn’t help but stiffen my body at the intense pressure.

 As if squeezed by the peristaltic vagina, I release my semen into the depths of her body at once.

 Tremble! Spurtt! Spurttttt!

 ”Ahhhhhh, it’s coming out, it’s coming out so much! Even though I’m still cumming, I’m cumming again, Cumming, Cumming! I’m Cummmmming!”

 ”Ahhhhhh! W-what is this! H-help me…… it’s filling my belly, ahh! Ahhh! It’s scary! It’s scary! Nooo, I can’t, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna dieeeeee!”

 At the same time as Tashiro-san screamed, Shima-san screamed in confusion and scratched the air desperately.

 As soon as I had released all the white liquid he could into her womb, Tashiro-san collapsed headfirst onto the bed.

 Shima-san, on the other hand, clenched her teeth and went rigid in a grasping position.

 After the last spurt, I slowly pulled my cock out of her.

 ”Ugh …… Ah ……”

 ”Ahhhh…… Haa….”

 The two of them moaned in unison.

 Immediately, a stain appears between Shima-legs, san’s which are still dressed in her miko costume. She appears to be incontinent.

 She’s so relaxed that she can’t find the strength to do any more.

* * *

 (With this……Shima-san could be mine, too)

 I couldn’t help but twist my mouth.

 Shima-san is still a virgin, but she has tasted one of the greatest vaginal climaxes (nakaiki).

 Once she learns this pleasure, whether she does it alone or with another man, she will find it insufficient.

 All I had to do was wait for her to ask for me.

 As I stood up on the bed and looked down at the two of them with satisfaction, I suddenly heard a crashing sound as if something was collapsing behind me.

 ”W-what is it?”

 I turned around in surprise.


 The figure of a fallen angel with one black wing, wearing a headsack, was lying on the floor.

 I wondered what had happened, and the answer was simple.

 ”It seems Torture has also been affected by <Sense Sharing>……”

 Perhaps Lili asked her to keep an eye on me.

 And now, she was caught in the middle of it all.

 I walked up to her and said, “Hey, Torture, are you okay?”.

 But there was no reply.

 She twitched and twitched and appeared to be fainting.

 (Is this …… a chance, perhaps?)

 I couldn’t help but relax my mouth.

 A monster wearing a headsack. Normally, I would be afraid of her, but she has saved my life many times. So, I have no sense of repulsion.

 On the contrary, I was very curious to see what kind of face was hiding under her sack.

 When I looked at her again, I noticed that her body, wrapped in the rider suit, was slender and her arms and legs were long and slender.

 She is tall and has the figure of a supermodel.

 (Let’s start with the …… body)

 I put my hand on the zipper of the rider’s suit wrapped around her body. .

 As I gently pull it down, paying attention to the sound of the zipper, I see white skin from the chest of the rider suit. No matter how I look at it, it’s the skin of a white person. (*Note: Hakujin (White person) : Japanese term designating a person of European descent)

 As I lowered it further, small breasts appeared, with pale pink nipples. When I pulled it down to her crotch, there was a pale golden pubic hair.

 (Some angels in manga are hermaphrodites, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. So……next)

 I gulped and reached for the headsack that covered her face.

 As I gently pull it up, the first thing I see is a thin white neck. And then a strand of golden hair fell out.

 (Blonde White Person…… the image of an angel, right?)

 A thin, pointed chin and fresh, slightly fleshy lips.

 When I pulled up the sackhead further, I saw a high, slender bridge of the nose that was fundamentally different from the Japanese.

 (No way…… she’s quite a beauty……)

 My heart skipped a beat.

 And just as I was about to move my hand to remove her sackhead in one breath…

 ”That’s far enough”

 I heard a woman’s voice behind me, and I jumped.

 The next thing I know, I feel a cold sensation on my neck. A knife is pointed at my neck.

* * *

 ”Who is it?”

 But there is no answer to that question.

 ”Please don’t move. I am very sorry, but this is also for Fumi Fumi-sama. Her evil eye is too dangerous”

 The voice sounded vaguely familiar.

 The next moment, I was blindfolded with the palm of her hand, and suddenly my lips were sealed.

 As soon as I shuddered at the feeling of being sucked up, I fainted.

◇ ◇ ◇


 Letting out a huge burp, Freesia bowed her head and said, “Please forgive me”.

 ”Even so… it was a close call”

 ”Looks like it was just barely, Devi”

 Freesia’s report made me chuckle.

 It’s my own fault for telling Torture to protect Fumi Fumi at all times, but I never thought it would come to this.

 ”Curiosity kills cats, Devi, after all if someone looks at her evil eye, their soul will easily disappear, Devi”

 Torture’s true identity is that of a former angel who controls the heresy. She is an archangel who has used her evil eye to condemn angels who were found to be heretics. She is also one of the seven archangels to whom God has entrusted the trumpet of the apocalypse.

 ”Fumi Fumi needs to be reminded of this, Devi”

 ”Yes…… but I have a little problem”

 ”What is it, Devi?”

 ”It seems that learning the lust has led her to further corruption…… I think we need to prepare a little more sacrifice”

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