Confinement 114

Chapter 114 Miserable Kyoko-chan

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“Kyoko-sama, Confinement King-sama wants to see you”


When the maid named “Tapeworm” who always takes care of me came to call me, I groaned involuntarily.

This week, he hadn’t called me at all, and I was just relieved to see that he had finally had enough.

After all, last week, I was really fucked up every day.

And I really thought his dick was going to kill me.

He made me cum at least three digits in just one week.

I seriously regretted why I had disobeyed him.

I was supposed to be a cool girl… but now I’m a living masturbator for a younger, ugly guy.

I am humiliated by being forced to wear a sweet Lolita outfit that doesn’t even fit me, and being forced to use childish words.

Every time I’m called, my self-esteem is torn to shreds, but in contrast, I’m physically indulged.

Now, I no longer had the energy to rebel.

After all, if I didn’t rebel, I would be humiliated less often.

But at the same time, the thought of submitting to such an asshole made my self-esteem creak.

“Then I shall help you change your clothes”


As usual, Tapeworm has brought a sweet Lolita outfit from the dressing room. It seems to be mainly pink today.

Today, as always, I am dressed like Alice in Wonderland.

“It looks good on you”

“…You’re being sarcastic”

I stood in front of the mirror and let out a sigh, feeling like a terrible cosplayer.

After all, I look like an AV actress.

…By the way, the woman I talked to in the dining hall the other day said she was an AV actress.

She looks like a prim and proper young lady, but appearances can be deceiving.

I’ll ask her her stage name… next time.

Then without a choice, I left the room and walked heavily to his bedroom. In front of the door, I take a deep breath and tell myself to endure.

(Endure, endure. If I disobey him, he’ll punish me)

Then, as I push open the door, I raise my voice in a flirtatious tone.

“Ehehe, sorry to keep you waiting, Onii-tan! It’s Kyoko-tan!”

The next moment, I froze in place with a flirtatious smile on my face.


“This is… pretty bad”

There were three people in the room.

Sitting in the middle of the bed was the asshole.

And the one whose cheeks are twitching is Kurosa-chan in her school uniform.

And my sister in a suit standing by the bed, looking at me as if she were looking at filth.

“Please forgive me. Master”

(Hey! Nee-tan! Why did you apologize!?)

“I mean! I don’t care about Nee-chan, but why is Kurosa-chan here?”

Then, my sister walked up to me and slapped my cheek.

“Ouch! What are you doing?”

“Don’t do something rude. I won’t allow you to talk rudely to Misuzu-sama. Misuzu-sama is Master’s third favorite princess. A subhuman, living masturbator like you can’t just casually talk to her!”

“Subhuman, I mean I’m your sister…”

“Stop talking!”

When my sister says so, Kurosa-chan chuckles.

* * *

“Well, even though I’m the third, I’m the one who got Fumi-kun’s virginity. In fact, I’m the best. Right, Fumi-kun?”

What is Kurosa-chan trying to appeal to us?

But I’ve heard about it from the maid, Tapeworm.

This is a class society, and this asshole is at the top.

Below him are the three favored princesses, and my sister is the runner-up.

At the bottom of the hierarchy are the apprentice maids, including Tapeworm, who says with an enraptured look on her face, “I dream of one day having my virginity taken by Confinement King-sama”. I thought she was crazy.

Incidentally, when I asked her what my rank was, she replied, “I don’t know. But I’m sure you’re higher than us”.

“No… no way, O-Onii-tan, planning to fuck Kyoko-tan in front of these two?”

Aside from my sister, I have been dressing up a lot in front of Kurosa-chan.

However, it was too shameful to be seen crying out in childish language.

Then the asshole asked Kurosa-chan, “What is she saying?” .

Immediately, she clung to the asshole and pouted her lips.

“Nope! He promised to take care of me and Ryoko-san today, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right…”


As soon as the asshole turned his head toward me, I couldn’t move.

He must have activated some kind of strange power again.

The asshole walked up to me, his face twitching,

“Kyoko’s role is this”

He hung something like a plate around my neck.

I really have a bad feeling about this.

◇ ◇ ◇

My sister in a suit and Kurosa-chan in a uniform are kneeling at the foot of the asshole sitting on the bed, licking their tongues over his dick.

Their tongues which were healthy and peachy, slurping on the vicious rod from underneath and to the side, making only the sound of water pecking and chuckling.

The expressions on their faces were not those of the two people I knew.

They were lovingly licking up the grotesque meat stick, and looking up at the asshole with debauched eyes.

(…Nee-chan making such an obscene face)

Seeing her, I gulped involuntarily.

After all, that serious and inflexible woman was licking his cock with an incredibly dirty look on her face.

“Nha, chu. Master… you’re twitching right now… Lick, chu, does it feel good here?”

“Yeah, it feels good. Ryoko, you’re good”

“Ehehe… thank you so much”

The asshole strokes her head, and she squints her eyes as if she’s melting.

“Hey, you see, it’s feel good with me too, right? …Nnn… hey, Fumi-kun, right…?”

Kurosa-chan said, and the asshole stroked her head in the same way.

“Of course. Misuzu’s tongue is the best”

“Nfufu, yes, of course!”

They continued to lick the whole rod relentlessly from side to side.

Eventually, my sister’s tongue, which had been licking up to the base of the rod, began to wander down to the crease below.


Immediately, the asshole reacted slightly. Seeing this, even Kurosa-chan began to lick and roll the other testicle.

* * *

(I’m so envious… to have such a beautiful girl suck his testicles… Why don’t I have testicles?)

As a woman who is okay with both men and women, I can’t help but be envious. At least, I want Kurosa-chan to suck my clitoris.

After licking and rolling his testicles for a while, both of them moved their tongues to the tip of the glans at the same time.

They don’t care that their tongues touch each other, they just keep running their tongues over his dick until their tongues are intertwined with each other.

“Ahh… Ryoko-san, you’re licking Fumi-kun’s tip too much… Give it up a little… *Lick* *Lick*”

“Then I’ll take the rod… Nnn… *Chu* *Chu*”

As I watched the two of them, I noticed my tongue wriggling unconsciously in my mouth.

(No! It’s not like that… I’m envious of the one who’s getting sucked! Who would want to suck that asshole’s dick…!?)

But those two guys look like they’re just so happy to be sucking dick.

And they were clearly playing as a team to make that asshole feel good.

When Kurosa-chan started to lick the meat stick’s side, my sister started to lick it as well.

When my sister licked the entire surface of the glans with her tongue, Kurosa-chan traced the underside of the glans with the tip of her tongue.

When Kurosa-chan sucked on the cock, my sister extended her tongue to the testicles and took them into her mouth.

*Jubo* *Jubo* *Jubo* *Jubo*!

*Nchu* *Slurp* *Slurp*!

The lips of the two women make their own nasty sounds, and the asshole’s breathing becomes more and more ragged.

Perhaps it’s more pleasurable for the one being fucked.

I can feel how much they both love this asshole. And it makes me throb to watch.

“O-okay, wait a minute, both of you, I’m about to cum”

The asshole stops them, but Kurosa-chan shakes her head no and sucks his cock even harder.

The asshole frowned. And he looks like he’s holding back a lot.

“Hey, Misuzu…”

“No, I hon’t want it, Fumi-fun’s is helicious!”

“Don’t be selfish, I’ll let you drink to your heart’s content next time. Okay?”

Kurosa-chan reluctantly remove his cock from her mouth and pouted, “Bu~….”

And the asshole stood up, smiling at her, and walked over to me.

“Wait, O-Onii-tan, w-what do you want?”

“Just do what the plate says”

The asshole then puts his cock in front of me and starts rubbing it rapidly.

And the next thing I know…

Spurt, Spurtttt!

“Wait! stop, stop it!”

Foul-smelling semen which spurts out from the tip of his cock, sprayed onto my face, where I am unable to move.

I close my eyes quickly and feel semen hit my eyelids and cheeks. His sperm also falls on my face.

* * *

“I’m going to pour all of today’s semen on Kyoko. Won’t that make you happy?”

(How can I be happy!?)

I curse in my heart, but the words don’t come out.

(Probably, I’m being prevented from speaking rebellious words again. Yeah, it must be)

But as if he could see through me, the asshole said.

“Oh, just so you know, I’m only restricting your movement today. Just tell me what you think”


(This asshole… could I be rebellious here…)

But I don’t want to be made to suffer any more.

After a lot of hesitation, my heart… broke.

“I’m….. happy, Onii-tan”

After a moment of silence, the asshole begins to laugh out loud.

“Hahahaha! I see! Then I’ll pour you some more!”

From that point on, I kept my eyes closed.

“Aaah! Suddenly hit my backkk!”

“Master! Nnh! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

The room was filled with the sound of their voices.

I didn’t open my eyes, partly because I was afraid of getting semen in my eyes, and partly because I thought I might cry if I did.

The asshole held them both for a long time, spraying me with semen every time he came.

And after another four hours or so.

“Now… Let’s go to the bathhouse, both of you”

“Yeah, I’ll give you a back scrub”

With that, the asshole leaves the room with my sister and Kurosa-chan.

At the same time as I heard the door slam, my body was suddenly able to move.

The room is deafeningly quiet and still.

And I can smell the enticingly foul odor of sperm.

(Why am I the only one in this situation….? Even though Nee-chan is loved…)

No, I know.

Because I disobeyed that asshole.

I brush away the semen dripping from my eyes with my hand and open my eyes.

Then I see my reflection in the mirror beside the bed and my shoulders slump.

It’s a dirty little cosplay Alice, smeared with semen. The plate around her neck says “Bukkake Special Trash Can”.

“Uuuu… Uuuu…”

The sheer agony of it all caused me to burst into tears.

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