Confinement 116

Chapter 116 Bishoujo Fresh Cream

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 When I visited my bedroom at night, I found Kei-chan sitting on my bed, waiting for me.

 ”What’s wrong, Kei-chan?”

 ”Lunch… You weren’t here”

 She looked a little pouting.

 When I asked her about it in detail, she said she came to the classroom to meet me, but couldn’t because of a miscommunication.

 So, she begged Tashiro-san to let her in here somehow.

 ”Kan-chan… You’re not playing with me at all, that’s terrible”

 I couldn’t help but laugh at her pouting lips.

 Actually, in terms of rank, she’s a semi-favorite princess apprentice, and I can’t give her priority over the other favored princesses, but somehow, when I look at her, I can’t help but want to spoil her.

 In a way, she is a witchy woman.

 Tonight, I have promised to take good care of Misuzu.

 However, I felt a little sorry for her if I just said “Hi, bye” and let her go.

 (Now, what should I do? Wait a minute?)

 Actually, I had a thought when I saw Kayama-san’s affection for Masaki-chan this afternoon.

 I think I should have each of the Favored Princesses take care of the semi-favored Princess apprentices.

 There are three favored princesses and three semi-favorite apprentices.

 Although they’re not seniors or juniors in the club, but they could be in charge of guiding them.

 Kayama-san is confirmed with Masaki-chan.

 It would be better to have Tashiro-san and Shima-san take care of Shiratori-san, who has an unpredictable and scary nature.

 She’s probably too much for anyone else to handle, I think.

 In that case, the leftovers… she’ll probably be offended if I say that, but it would be Misuzu and Kei-chan.

 After a while, I talked about it to Misuzu who came to my bedroom, and she said, “Yes, it’s OK”.

 I hadn’t really been aware of it, but this kind of reaction made me think that she was also in a state of [Enslaved].

 ”So, this is Kei Takasago”

 When I introduced her, Misuzu suddenly got excited.

 ”What, this girl! She’s so cute!”

 Misuzu walks up to Kei-chan and starts poking her cheeks without asking any questions.

 ”Oh, you’re so puffy! Your skin is so white! How? How do you keep your skin like this!? What kind of skin care do you use?”

 ”No, no, stop…”

 Misuzu is pestering her like she’s Fujiwara-san.

 Kei-chan, trying to get away from her, replied as she twisted away.

 ”… I don’t use it”

 ”Ehh!? Seriously?”

 Misuzu seems to be really surprised, but I think Kei-chan’s puffy cheeks are the result of her overwhelming amount of sleep.


 ”If you need anything, you can talk to me. I’m like your guardian here”

 At Misuzu’s words, Kei-chan tilted her head slightly.

 ”Then… Misuzu mama?”

 The moment she said that, Misuzu let out a “Kaha–…” as if she was about to bleed and then stepped back.

 ”F-Fumi-kun… Oh no. Oh no! Something’s coming out of me”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”Love and drool…”

 ”No, love and drooling should not be in the same category…”

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 Fortunately, Misuzu seems to like Kei-chan, and Kei-chan doesn’t seem to mind either.

 So, I decided to take care of both of them together tonight.

 Just looking at the two of them lying naked on the bed, my cock is already tense to the point of pain.

 (What the… It’s amazing)

 Of all the girls around me, these two are probably the most deserving of the term “Bishoujou”.

 Of course, all the other girls are cute and beautiful, but in terms of neatness of face, they are no match for these two.

 ”You like sweets, don’t you, Kei-chan?”

 ”… Yes, I do”

 ”So, I’ve prepared something for you”

 Misuzu tilted her head when she saw what I was holding in my hand, which I had just gotten from the dining room.

 ”Fresh cream and strawberries?”

 I climbed up on the bed–

 ”Yes, and… I’m going to do this”

 ”What!? That’s cold! Wait, Fumi-kun”

 I squeeze the fresh cream into Misuzu’s bewildered breast.

 Then I shape it into a spiral soft cream and top it with strawberries.

 ”I feel like such a pervert…”

 While Misuzu lowered her eyebrows in embarrassment, I smiled at Kei-chan.

 ”Eat her, Kei-chan”


 She gives a small nod, then lies down on top of Misuzu, who is lying on her back, and bites into the strawberry.

 She extended her tongue to the fresh cream and licked it off.

 ”No, no, no, no, Kei-chan, wait, wait…”

 *Lick* *Lick* *Lick* *Lick*.

 At first, Kei-chan’s tongue was a bit awkward, but she couldn’t resist the taste of fresh cream, and she became more and more daring.

 Soon, a pink cherry-like nipple was discovered under the cream, and Kei-chan licked it up with the cream as well.

 ”Aah, aah, aah…”

 *Lick* *Lick* *Lick* *Lick* *Lickkkk*.

 Kei-chan holds Misuzu’s squirming body in place as if to keep her from moving the plate.

 Her mouth was already sticky. And on her nose, there is a little bit of fresh cream and she looks cute.

 Seeing so, I got carried away and started squeezing the fresh cream out of Misuzu’s other breast, then move to her belly.

 Kei-chan followed me and ran her tongue from her nipple to her belly.

 ”No, that tickles, Kei-chan, no, no, ah…”

 Misuzu shivered slightly like a small animal as we used our tongue to tickle her.

 As a finishing touch, I dribbled fresh cream between her legs.


 Misuzu bounced her hips at the coldness of it.

 Then, Kei-chan crouches down between Misuzu’s legs and licks the fresh cream with all her might.

 *Lick* *Lick Lick* *Nchu* *Chuuu*.

 ”No, aah, aah, aah, aah, aahhhhhhhhh!?”

 When Kei-chan took her clitoris in her mouth and sucked it, Misuzu moaned without a care in the world.

 Fresh cream play between two bishoujou.

 This was very exciting.

 I dribbled some more fresh cream again between Misuzu’s legs and went behind Kei-chan, who was licking it off with all her might.

 I covered her from behind and crawl my fingers between her legs.


 Kei-chan bounces back and forth.

 Regardless of that, I lightly tease her vulva, then rub her clitoris with my dripping wet fingertip.

 ”Nyah, ah, noo, it’s tingling! Ah, ah, ah, Fugyaaahh!?”

 Kei-chan bounced her body with her nose in Misuzu’s crotch, right there on her fresh clit.

* * *

 ”Kei-chan, your mouth is stopped, you have to lick it off”


 Kei-chan started to move her tongue again, and I put my finger inside her vagina and rubbed it up.

 ”Nyaah, ngyaah, Ahh, ah, ah, ahhh…”

 ”Ah, aah, aaah, it’s good, aah…”

 Kei-chan and Misuzu’s panting voices echoed together.

 I guess it’s about time.

 I smeared some fresh cream on my own cock, and placed it between Kei-chan’s legs.

 ”Come on, I’ll feed you here too”

 In the back position, I pushed my cock into her vagina.

 ”Nn, nn, oh, it’s coming in… Nyaah, aaah, aaah…”

 I forcefully insert my creamy cock into her tight hole.

 Her vagina is quite narrow, even though it’s quite wet and slick with fresh cream.

 ”Haa, haa… It’s so big, it’s full of Kan-chan, nigi~… Nyaah, aah, aah…”

 ”Does it hurt?”

 I asked, and Kei-chan shook her head.

 That being the case, I forcefully thrust the meat stick deep into her.


 Immediately, she arched her back like a horse, and let out a scream.

 I started pumping at once.

 ”Nyaah! Nnn, ah, ah, uh, ahhhhh…”

 The sound of pounding against her ass and her moans echoed in the air.

 Then, somehow, Misuzu managed to escape Kei-chan’s tongue and raised herself up, putting her hands on both sides of Kei-chan, who was smiling and panting.

 ”Nya, what? What?”

 Then, with Kei-chan on all fours, Misuzu brought her to kneeling position and hugged her from the front.

 ”Kei-chan, you look so s*xy”

 Kei-chan was sandwiched between me and Misuzu.

 Misuzu held out her hand toward me, while Kei-chan was bewildered.

 ”Fumi-kun, can I have a fresh cream?”


 ”I have to return the favor”

 Then, while looking a Kei-chan, she takes the fresh cream, sticks out her tongue in an indecent manner, and puts it on her tongue.

 And then…

 ”Nn, nnnn!”

 She covers Kei-chan’s lips with her own, and thrusts her tongue, covered with fresh cream, into her mouth.

 *Slurp* *Slurp* *Chu* *Chu*.

 Kei-chan’s eyes were black and white as she was kissed by the yuri act.

 I was honestly aroused by the sight of such lewdness.

 And it made me so excited that I was shaking my hips like a dog in heat.

 I pounded her vagina relentlessly, as if I were stabbing her body to death.

 ”Nnnn!? Nnnn!? Nnn? Puha!?”

 With a muffled moan, Kei-chan tapped Misuzu’s back again and again as if to beg for forgiveness.

 When Misuzu parted her lips, the fresh cream mixed with the stirred saliva dripped sloppily down to their breast.

 (…It’s so erotic)

* * *

 At the sight, my arousal swelled even more.

 ”Ah, nyaah, it’s so intense! Kan-chan, you’re so intense! Aah, aah, naaah, nyaah…”

 The folds of her flesh spread outward with each pull of the rod.

 With each thrust, the pressure sent a spray of creamy love juice into the air.

 ”Nyaah, uh, hii, it’s so tight, it’s so good, hii, ah… Haa~, fugiii! Naaah, fuaaahhh…”

 Kei-chan’s body was burning red as her vagina was being stirred full of clitoris and love juice.

 Her expression was so debauched that her moist tongue sloppily slipped out of her half-open mouth.

 As I continued to ravage her vagina, Kei-chan suddenly shook her head violently.

 It seems that she’s about to reach her limit.

 ”Hyuuunn, ahh, it’s so good! No! I-it’s too lewd, it’s too much! Nya, nya! Ngyaahh… Funyaaahhhhhhh!”

 She’s desperately struggling against the pleasure.

 However, it was futile as she was engulfed in a wave of pleasure.

 Just as her body trembled, her vagina contracted and tightened around my object.

 At that moment, the boiling hot water that had been spreading in my lower abdomen rushed up toward the tip of my flesh.

 *Tremble* *Spurttttt* *Spurttttt*!

 A hot white liquid burst out.

 And it made my eyes are flickering.

 My whole body also trembles with pleasure as I almost lose consciousness.

 ”Kuhii! Oh, no… it’s coming out, it’s coming outtttttttttt, nyyaahh, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

 Kei-chan clung to Misuzu like a drowning child.

 Then, after shaking her body many times, all the power drained from her body.

 Kei-chan buries her face in Misuzu’s neck and leans against her with her eyes narrowed in fascination and her mouth half-open as she lets out a series of hot breaths.

 ”Haa… Haa… That was amazing…”

 Misuzu patted her head and smiled at me.

 The three of us made love again and again, covered in cream, until late at night.

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