Confinement 117

Chapter 117 Don’t Make a Noise in Front of the Staff Room

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 The closing ceremony was over in only 25 minutes.

 Fifteen minutes of it were spent on the principal’s talk, as usual.

 Kurosawa-san, who was sitting next to me in the order of names, had been hypnotized by the principal’s hypnotic sound waves and was struggling with drowsiness.

 Yes, she’s a pretty girl, so I don’t think she should look like that.

 After ceremony, I went back to the classroom to finish homeroom, and was dismissed at 10 o’clock.

 Today, from this moment on, is summer vacation.

 I can hear the voices of the well-behaved people shouting, “I’m free!”.

 As everyone starts to leave their seats, Fujiwara-san peeks at me.

 ”Masaki-chi is coming, but Fu~min, why don’t you join us? I’ll welcome you”

 What she was talking about was Kayama-san’s part-time job yesterday.

 When Fujiwara-san talked to that black-hearted old man, he said, “If that’s the case, I’ll personally interview her, so bring her home”.

 I don’t know what the old man was thinking, but he loves Fujiwara-san so much. If she asked him to do something, he would not do anything error.

 But, I politely declined Fujiwara-san’s offer, saying, “Nope, I’m not joking”.


 Fujiwara-san’s lips pouted as she left the classroom.

 After she left, many of people were still chatting in the classroom.

 The atmosphere is a little lively, typical of a long vacation. I suppose many of them are thinking of going out to play after school.

 I sat in my seat for a while, and before I knew it, there was no one in the classroom except me.

 I noticed that the clock was passing 12:15.

 When I went out into the hallway, I found it quiet and empty.

 Most of the students must have left the school by now.

 I locked the door in the classroom, went to return the key to the staff room, and went straight to the rooftop.

 When I opened the door to the rooftop, I could see the back of a girl gazing into the distance through the fence.

 Her chestnut-colored hair is braided on either side of her head.

 Although she had become quite shabby at that time, Rin Fukuda had regained her former vivacity.

 ”Senpai, you’re late, you’re twenty minutes late! You never show up at the appointed time, you know!”

 ”Well, I’m leaving”

 ”Wait, wait a minute, senpai! You’re being mean to me again!”

 She comes running up to me and wraps her arms around me. Then she looked up at me.

 ”Isn’t it cute when a girl sulks?”

 ”It’s not cute if you say it yourself”

 ”Buh~… Senpai, your treatment of me is getting worse and worse”

 ”If you don’t like it, I’m leaving”

 I glared at her, and she shrank back as if frightened.

* * *

 ”Geez… You’re so quick to threaten me like that…”

 ”Then take off your clothes”

 ”You’re really impatient… Oh, yes, senpai. It’s summer vacation, why don’t you come stay at my dorm?”

 ”In the dorm? Why?”

 ”The schedule of all the students in the dormitory is posted in the cafeteria, but next week everyone will go home, so it will only be me and one third-year student in the dormitory. It seems that the third-year students are away all day long for summer classes at the prep school… What do you think? It’s a girl’s dormitory, you know. It’s a forbidden garden”

 To be honest, the mention of a girl’s dormitory makes me feel something.

 I’m also interested in it simply because it’s a place I can’t normally enter.

 However, it is obvious that if I make a happy face, she will get carried away.

 ”Well, I don’t know if I’ll stay here or not, but I can at least show my face when I’m free”

 ”Yay! Thank you, Senpai!”

 I waved my hand and urged her to take off her clothes.

 Then, with a humming sound, Rin takes off her blouse and then her bra. She then strips down to her skirt.

 Of course, she never wore panties in the first place.

 Then, without my prompting, she lifts the hem of her skirt and opens her legs.

 ”I… Rin Fukuda is Kijima-senpai’s living onahole. I can’t help wanting his magnificent cock. Please, fuck Rin’s bitch hole as hard as you want”

 ”You’re such a vulgar bitch”

 ”Ugh… You made me do it, and now you’re talking like that… Isn’t that a little harsh?”

 ”Shut up”

 I don’t need foreplay, and I don’t want it.

 She’s an onahole. Nothing more, nothing less.

 I put my hands on the bench, take out my meat stick, and go behind Rin.

 And the moment I put my cock between her legs, a chill went down my spine.


 I heard the electronic sound of a shutter, which sounded like that of a smartphone.

 I hurriedly looked around and saw a girl looking at me from behind the door with her phone in her hand, looking very disgusted.

 Of course, I recognized her face, with its silver-rimmed glasses and slanted mouth, as if she were an uptight person.

 She had confiscated a weekly manga magazine that I had bought on my way to school.

 She was a stiff girl in the next class.

 Takata-san, the chairwoman of the public morals committee.

 ”I’ve got the evidence. You can’t get away with it now! I just thought you were a shady guy… but I can’t believe you’re reaching out to the underclassmen”

 ”Wait, wait a minute, Takata-san!”

 ”I won’t wait. I’ll report this to the teacher”

 Then she glanced at Rin.

 The look in her eyes was very cold.

 ”I wondered what kind of girl that scum was trying to poison, but she’s also scum. Let’s get rid of them both together!”

 ”No way… Takata-senpai, I…!”

 ”No questions asked”

 With that, Takata-san exited the rooftop and closed the door with all her might.

 Rin collapses to her knees, shaking and shaking, while I put away my exposed body and follow Takata-san.

 (I have no choice but to do this… )

* * *

 The four members of the track and field club were still missing, and the remaining fires of the kidnapping case were still burning.

 I didn’t want to make a scene for a while, but I couldn’t turn my back on it.

 And once I’ve confined her, I can’t just let her go.

 To be honest, I’m not the least bit interested in that stiff, glasses-wearing woman….

 I rush down the stairs toward the sound of footsteps.

 She was heading straight towards second-floor.

 She was probably going to run straight into the staff room.

 And by the time I caught up with her, she had her finger on the door of the staff room.

 I forcefully held the door which was about to open and shouted to Takata-san.

 ”Takata-san, wait a minute, listen to me!”

 ”I don’t want to hear anything you have to say! You filthy! Get your hands off me!”

 ”If you come in here, you’re in big trouble!”

 ”Shut up!”

 With that, she pushed me away, opened the door and jumped into it.

 Immediately, a confused voice leaks out from behind the door.

 ”W-what is it? What happened?”

 Well, of course.

 Anyone would be terrified if they jumped into what they thought was the staff room, only to find a dark, stone room.

 Before, just as I put my hand on the door, I made the door appear on top of the staff room door.

 As I closed the door with a puzzled Takata-san in the background, I shrugged my shoulders.

 ”That’s why I told you it was a bad idea…”

 At the same time I muttered, the door of the staff room opened and Kobayashi-san peeked out.

 He was the homeroom teacher of the next class, a young male teacher who had just been appointed last year.

 ”What are you making a fuss about?”

 ”No, it’s not me. I was just warning some idiot that was making a noise”

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