Confinement 118

Chapter 118 Change Home

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 Back on the rooftop, Rin has adjusted her clothes and is sitting on a bench.

 She stared up at the sky, following the clouds with her eyes.

 When I closed the door and it made a loud noise, she jumped with fright.


 ”Why do you look like you’re about to cry?”

 ”It’s just…”

 ”Don’t worry. I talked to her a lot and she understood”

 ”Understood.. What did you mean?”

 ”About a lot of things. Anyway, she promised not to sue the teacher”

 Then Rin got up from the bench and scratched the air in a panic.

 ”A-are you serious? That’s Tattakata-senpai, you know!? I mean you were able to convince that walking right angle?” (*Note: 直角(ウォーキングライトアングル))

 ”Yeah, she was surprisingly nice. That Takata-san”

 Rin leaned back against the bench and let out a huge breath of relief.

 ”I’m glad… If I quit school with Senpai, we’ll go on a love escape together. I’ve already simulated the birth of our third child while living a self-sufficient life deep in the mountains of Okuhida”

 ”There are too many things to comment on, but why Okuhida anyway?”

 ”I think you’ll like it, Senpai. It sounds naughty. Okuhida”

 ”Apologize to everyone who lives in Gifu Prefecture!!”

 ”Oh, so it’s in Gifu, I thought it was in the top part of Hokkaido. It’s so far…”

 ”Yes, it’s far”

 I was taken aback, but Rin let out another sigh of relief.

 ”I really thought about what I was going to do. After all, the other person I mentioned earlier who was staying in the dormitory was Tattakata-senpai”

 ”You mean the one who says she won’t go home because she has prep school summer classes?”


 ”You… How dare you ask me to stay in the dorm while she is still there?”

 ”I thought It would be fine as long as we didn’t get caught… In fact, I have been ignored lately”

 But that’s good to hear.

 If I play my cards right, I might be able to hide the fact that I’ve confined her.

 ”Oh, right, Takata-san said that there was a mishap at her parents’ house and that she will change her schedule to return home today. Do you have a copy of her summer vacation schedule?”

 ”Uh, yes”

 ”He asked me to rewrite it. She also said that she will be returning home until the end of summer vacation”

 ”Well, that’s okay”

 Rin nodded her head as if she didn’t understand what was going on.

◇ ◇ ◇

 I didn’t feel like embracing Rin any more today, so I just promised her to go stay at the dorm soon and went home.

 Rin seemed quite unhappy, though.

 It was past two o’clock when I arrived home, and when I returned to her room, Lili was reading a manga, floating in the air as usual.

* * *

 ”Welcome home, Devi. This is an interesting manga where the head turns into a chainsaw, Devi. The part where the bomb-headed woman dies was a bit touching, Devi” (*Note: Chainsaw man?)

 ”Hey… Don’t tell me what you’re reading…”

 ”By the way, why are you here so early today, Devi?”

 ”Yeah, it’s just the last day of school… And a lot of stuff happened”

 ”A lot?”

 When I explained what had happened, Lili gave me a stunned look as usual.

 ”I didn’t think you’d suddenly make a detour when you’ve already decided on your next target, Devi”

 ”It can’t be helped”

 ”Well, that’s fine, Devi. At any rate, I’ll tell Freesia to bring some of that Takata girl’s belongings to here, Devi. That way, we can make it look like she’s back home, Devi”


 ”From what I’ve heard, that girl is a pretty interesting material, Devi. You can use her as a brainwashing and training subject during the summer vacation, Devi”

 ”Interesting? What do you mean? In fact, she’s just a plain looking girl with a single eyelid and unsociable glasses. More importantly, her inflexible personality is beyond help”

 Then, Lili showed a slight sign of thinking.

 ”Then… What if she gets down on her knees for Fumi Fumi’s dick, Devi?”

 ”… I’m a little excited”

 I said, and Lili smiled.

 ”Well, let’s start planning the brainwashing, shall we, Devi? She’s so uptight, she’s voluntarily policing the other students, isn’t she?”

 ”Yes, she is”

 ”The other students don’t like her, do they, Devi?”

 ”That’s… Well, I guess so”

 ”That’s a bad role to play, Devi. Why is she doing something to make them hate her, Devi? What is the advantage for her?”

 ”Eh, benefits? Well, she’ll be remembered by the teacher, and she’ll have an advantage in her exams…”

 ”If she doesn’t get the teacher’s attention, she won’t be able to pass the exam, Devi?”

 I shake my head.

 ”I think she was much better than me. She was probably in the top ten in her class”

 ”Then there’s only one possible advantage, Devi”

 ”What is it?”

 ”It’s “comfort”, Devi. It’s natural for her to act stiffly and force others to do the same. Do you understand why, Devi?”

 ”… Is it a label?”

 I replied, remembering the time of Tashiro-san.

 I was told that she had become that way as a result of being labeled as a brilliant and noble person.

 Lili shook her head.

 ”Rather the opposite, Devi, I’m sure she grew up with parents who told her she was sloppy, Devi”

 ”Huhhhh!? How can you say she’s sloppy…”

 ”That’s not what I mean, Devi. It’s not that she’s sloppy now, it’s that she’s become that way as a result of being oppressed more than necessary, Devi. As a result of her oppressive parents who forced her to fit into a mold, her natural state was to behave stiffly, Devi. And forcing it on other people is…”

 Then, Lili points her finger right under my nose.

 ”Revenge, Devi”

 ”… I’m sorry, I don’t know”

* * *

 ”You see, humans are creatures formed by habit, Devi. Whether they like it or not, if it becomes a habit, it becomes “comfortable”, Devi. So the woman, who has been forced to live in a stiff state since she was a child, become “comfortable” in a stiff state, Devi”

 ”That’s too much”

 ”Well, it’s a common pattern, Devi. But on the other hand, she feels unequal because she is oppressed while others are not, Devi. That’s why she unconsciously tries to enforce it on others, Devi”

 ”But she’s living in a dormitory, so she won’t be oppressed if she’s away from her parents, right?”

 ”That’s what she might have thought at first, Devi. But unfortunately, that’s not possible, Devi”

 ”Why not?”

 ”Haven’t you ever heard of someone who won the lottery and became a millionaire, only to run out of money and become a poor man again, Devi? Have you ever heard of someone who successfully lost weight, but then quickly gained it back, Devi?”

 ”Well, yes…”

 ”That’s because poor people and fat people are their “home”, and rich people and thin people are their “away””

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”Humans have a homeostatic function (homeostasis), Devi. In other words, even if there is some kind of abnormality, the body tries to return to a normal state, Devi. Thanks to this homeostasis, even if a person has a fever, the temperature returns to normal and does not drop below that level, Devi. And it works the same way for behaviors, Devi”

 ”So, what you’re saying is that being poor or fat is normal for them?”

 ”Yes, it’s very difficult to change a “home” once it’s been established, Devi. As for the girl, her “stiff behavior” is normal, so even if you try to stop it, she will eventually return to that state, Devi”

 ”I see, so what do you suggest?”

 Lili puffed out her chest and sniffed.

 ”We’re going to force her to change her home over time so that she can’t go back even if she wanted to, Devi. She will become a flashy and inexplicably vulgar gal, Devi. She’ll become a slut who can’t get enough of Fumi Fumi’s cock, to the point where you’re her “home”, Devi”

 It’s been a while since Lili-sensei appear (laughs).

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