Confinement 121

Chapter 121 Lie, lie

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 While eating watermelon, I had a great time with Saori-chan and Claudia-san.

 It was a very luxurious start to my summer vacation to spend time with my adorable sister and a beautiful foreign girl.

 When I came back home humming, the clock was still around 8 o’clock in the morning, thinking that this summer vacation would be enjoyable

 I felt a little sticky from watermelon juice and sweat, so I decided to take a shower first.

 As I wash my hair, I think.

 (By the way, Claudia-san was so cute…)

 Just the fact that I could meet a foreign girl made me happy somehow. Yes, it’s a global society. On top of that, if the girl is beautiful, there’s nothing to say.

 For a moment, the word “Confine” flashed through my mind like a terrorist message, but I shook my head.

 I can’t just confine her like that without any restraint.

 If I confine someone as soon as I find them cute, I’m not just a bad person, but a devil.

 (Even so, it would be nice if we could be… friends)

 That’s what I think.

 Saori-chan also seemed to enjoy communicating with a foreigner even though she was nervous.

 And when Saori-chan told her that she was a member of the track and field club coached by her sister, Claudia-san was surprised.

 ”W-what kind of person I your sister?”

 I guess Saori-chan is wondering about the new coach. She said she hoped she would not be too strict….

 But Claudia-san’s answer to Saori-chan’s question was…

 ”She’s kind to me”

 Which is not really helpful.

 Claudia-san said that she would go to the school with her sister today, complete the procedures for transferring schools, and observe her sister coaching the track and field club.

 On her way back, Claudia-san said, “Bye-bye, Fumio. Saori! See you later” while waving her hand smilingly as she left.

 (I really wish we could get along…)

 Then, with the shower on my head, I entered into my usual fantasy.

 On the start of a new school year, she walks into my classroom as a new student.

 When she sees me, she exclaims, “It’s Fumio! Yayy!” and rushes up to me, excited. Then, everyone pays attention to me at the same time.

 Such a fantasy. Yeah, it’s really freaky.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I returned to my room, wiping my wet hair with a towel, Lili appeared as if she had been waiting for me.

 ”Fumi Fumi, Oppai-chan and Ringlet are here, Devi”

 ”Masaki-chan? At this hour?”

 ”She’s in the dining room, Devi”

 We haven’t made any appointment. Anyway, it’s still early in the morning.

 ”Well, I’ll find out when I get there…”

 After I finished drying my hair, I tilted my head and summoned the door.

* * *

 When I stepped into the dining room—

 ”””” Good morning. The Great Confinement King-sama! Thanks to you, we’re living happily ever after “”””

 The first-year maids of the track and field club stand uprint and cheer loudly.

 I smiled bitterly and waved hello to them.

 (As usual… it’s still hard to get used to, huh?)

 I told Lili that it was overreacting, and that I wanted them to stop, but she refused, saying that it was a form of discipline.

 When I looked around the dining room, besides the maids, I saw Kyoko in a sweet lolita dress and another woman chatting at a table in the back facing the courtyard.

 The woman was Kaneko-san, who had followed me when I rescued Kurosawa-san and decided to stay here.

 At the table in front of them were Masaki-chan and Kayama-san.

 ”Good morning, Fumio-kun”

 ”Oh, Confinement King-sama! Good morning!”

 Masaki-chan smiles, and Kayama-san stands up hurriedly.

 Masaki-chan is dressed roughly in T-shirt and culottes. Kayama-san, on the other hand, is dressed in her school gym jersey.

 ”Why jersey?”

 ”I don’t have many clothes…”

 She bit her lip and groaned as she said so.

 I’ve…. heard something I shouldn’t have.

 So I told her that she could take any clothes she wanted from the dressing room on her way home, but Kayama-san looked puzzled.

 Then I looked at Masaki-chan and she smiled.

 Recently, I feel as if I can communicate with Masaki-chan just by looking at her. I wonder if it is called “Heart-to-heart communication”. I believe that she will choose an outfit that suits Kayama-san and let her take it home.

 As I took my seat, the maids hurriedly brought coffee and assorted fruits to the table.

 As I reached for the cup, I asked.

 ”What’s wrong, so early in the morning?”

 I asked, and Masaki-chan smiled and opened her mouth.

 ”Ah, yes. I didn’t expect Fumio-kun to be here, but I came to ask the maids to teach Yui-chan today”


 ”To tell you the truth… Yui-chan is going to work at Mai-chan’s house as a live-in worker. With her mother”


 I guess this is the case where Fujiwara-san was asked to introduce Kayama-san to a part-time job, but the conversation seems to have taken a strange turn.

 ”But Yui-chan was surprised when she met Mai-chan’s papa. He knows Yui-chan very well, right?”

 Kayama-san nodded her head.

 ”Yes, I was really surprised to find out that Mai-sama’s father was Seigo Fujiwara-sama~”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”Papa-san said he had a good relationship with Yui-chan’s papa and they had met many times at parties”

 ”Yes, even though Fujiwara-sama and I come from completely different families, I remember he was very kind to me~”

 (I see, their fathers were friends…)

 ”And there’s another reason why it’s special… about Mai-chan’s papa. He was a big fan of Yui-chan’s mama”

 ”Yes? What’s that? What do you mean?”

 ”My mother is not very famous~, but when she was single~, she was an actress under the stage name Aoi Umidori~, and Seigo Fujiwara-sama was her… admirer for a long time~”

 ”Eh? that old man!?”

 I turned my head upside down. That black-hearted old man was pursuing her!?

 Then, Masaki-chan opened her mouth, seemingly enjoying herself.

* * *

 ”Papa-san said his youth was for Yui-chan’s mama. And when he got married, he had his company release the “Aoi Umidori Complete Video Box 30-Pack”, which included all the videos of her appearances, so there’s a different level of mixing public and private life”


 ”And yesterday, when Papa-san learned that her mother worked part-time late at night at a canning factory, he said that he was going to buy the factory and make Yui-chan’s mama the manager, but Mai-chan and Mai-chan’s mama rushed to stop him”

 (But, isn’t it bad for such a big fan to hire the actress of his dreams as a live-in worker?)

 ”Well, if she’s a live-in, does that mean he’s trying to make her his mistress?”

 ”Yeah, that’s what most people think”

 ”That’s what I think too”

 ”But it doesn’t seem to be the case. After all, Papa-san is too embarrassed to meet her in person, but he doesn’t want to see the person to whom he devoted his youth suffering. And Mai-chan and Mai-chan’s mama looked at him in dismay, like “It started again…”, so I believe that is the case”

 ”What kind of pure heart is that?!?”

 ”Yes, currently, my mother and I will be hired as Mai-sama’s maid and tutor, with very little contact with Seigo-sama~”


 ”Yes, to teach Mai-sama how to behave and use her words as a daughter of the upper class”

 I see. Fujiwara-san was a commoner until a while ago, so I guess she’s not very good at that yet.

 In this respect, Kayama-san, who is now poor but a real lady, is a perfect tutor.

 Then, Masaki-chan said with a wry smile to Kayama-san.

 ”Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t think Papa-san is thinking of making you work. He’s rich enough to support one or two people, and he simply wanted to protect both of you. That’s obvious. After all, Yui-chan’s mama was the woman whom he devoted his youth to. And to think that the woman he gave his youth to is now covered in crabapples in a canning factory is….”

 ”But I don’t want to take the advantage~, so I’ve come to ask the maids to teach me so that I can do my job properly, that’s why~”

 Kayama-san clenches her fists firmly as if making up her mind.

 ”But you know what? …”

 When I looked around at the maids, they stood up straight and still.

 ”The maids here are in a bit of a special situation…”

 I’m not sure if the girls who are being trained to worship me like a god will really be able to help her….

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”A new coach has arrived today! Please say hello to her! Coach YolandaJolandaStun, it’s nice to meet you!”

 A tall pony-tailed girl who looks like a captain looks back at my sister.

 Then my sister stepped forward, looked around at the club members, and opened her mouth.

 ”My name is YolandaJolandaStun Camilia. I’ll be your coach from today. I’m also aware of your particular situation of being kidnapped”

 As soon as she said that, some members of the club jerked and shook their heads.

 ”Some of you may say unspoken things. But if we can do well in the competition in three weeks’ time, we will be able to look back at those who look at us negatively. Let’s do our best together!”

 Then, a modest clapping sounded from the members of the club.

* * *

 As far as I could see from the back, there were not that many of them.

 There were only twelve of them, according to my count.

 Four first-year students were still missing after the kidnapping. On top of that, I’ve heard that some of them have left the club.

 In particular, the short-distance runners, who were supposed to be the stars of the team, have either disappeared or left the club, except for one who escaped the kidnapping and my sister was troubled.

 It’s a good thing my sister took over as the coach, but the club is no longer what it used to be… Well, there’s no way she can say that here, but…

 The reason why the members of the club all looked surprised was probably because my sister spoke Japanese normally.

 My sister was born in Rome, but she’s been in Japan since she was two years old, so she’s a fake gaijin like me.

 By the way, her favorite soccer player is Nesta. She is a big Lazio fan.

 When I mention this, many people ask me, “You were born in Rome, but you play for Lazio?” But in fact, Lazio is in Rome.

 Roman fans are divided into AS Roma fans and Lazio fans. As for baseball, Carp-girl. (*Note: Carp-girl => women wearing red costume in baseball stadium. Carp-girls might be Nike (Goddess of victory in Roman myth))

 My sister is a huge comedy fan, and at her previous school, she and her colleagues performed the Yoshimoto comedian’s “Nipple Drill” at the teachers’ banquet, which made the male teachers uncomfortable. (*Note: Yoshimoto Shinkigeki)

 After all, she had a model body that could have been in the Milan Collection, so it was a terrible scene.

* * *

 While I was thinking about such unimportant things, my sister glanced at me.

 (Yes, yes, I’m watching you)

 ”By the way, I heard that you don’t remember anything about the time you were kidnapped”

 At my sister question, the captain and the short-cut girl next to her looked at each other.

 ”Um, coach, it’s true. Unfortunately, we don’t remember any of it”

 As soon as the captain said this, her shape glowed red in my vision.

 (That’s a lie)

 ”I think I saw Teruya-chan’s sister who was arrested at the place where I was confined)

 (The shortcut girl’s… is also lying)

 While glancing at me, my sister asks more questions.

 ”The public is curious to know if you’ve had some kind of dubious experience”

 ”That’s ridiculous. That’s impossible”

 The captain let out a somewhat annoyed voice.

 (But this is also a lie…)

 ”So there’s no more contact with the culprit, is there?”

 ”Of course not. That’s impossible!”

 (And a critical lie. They’re still in contact with the culprit. If we follow their actions, we may be able to get to the culprit. I don’t know if it’s Fumio Kijima, but…)

 My sister looks around at the other members of the club and asks.

 ”Is there anyone who remembers what happened during the kidnapping?”

 ”I don’t remember….”

 Everyone who says this is bright red.

 Only Saori and the other three who did not say anything are not colored.

 One of the girls is asleep standing up, leaning against Saori. She looks like a very sluggish girl.

 The other girl might be one of the girls I heard was not kidnapped.

 Still, it’s very difficult to keep this many people completely keep the secret. There seems to be some kind of secret.

 Moreover, the captain and the girl next to her do not seem to feel agony in telling a lie.

 This is a little difficult to imagine, based on my past experience.

 When I turned my attention to the other girl who was not colored in red, she was looking at me intently.

 She had a sullen look on her face.

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