Confinement 122

Chapter 122 Pressure to Commit a Crime

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 ”Kyaa~, Fumio-kun, don’t hit me!”

 ”Ahaha, take that, take that!”

 I scoop up the water with both hands and splash it on Masaki-chan, who is dressed in a bikini.

 While Kayama-san was being lectured by the maids of her former classmates, Masaki-chan and I were cackling and giggling in the pool.

 Yes, it was wonderful. The first day of summer vacation was very summery.

 This summer vacation is really going to be good.

 Just to be clear, we’re not having s*x today.

 We were just splashing each other, swimming competitively, and playing with each other in the water.

 I had decided from the start that today would be like a pool date for a newly dating couple.

 After all, if I eat rich foods all the time, I’ll get bored, and I’d prefer to eat light foods on occasion.

 That’s basically what I mean.

 In fact, a lovey-dovey pool date with my long-cherished crush, Masaki-chan, is just plain awesome.

 I’m throbbing.

 There’s a difference between naked and in a swimsuit.

 The pink bikini with a little frilly fringe around the waist looked good on Masaki-chan, and she looked very cute in it.

 However, it is also true that Masaki-chan herself looked a little unsatisfied.

 Every time I tried to pull her bra off, she would blush and say, “Geez, Fumio-kun’s pervert” and I couldn’t help but feel like I was being told, “Hurry up and get your hands on me!”.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”How’s Takata-san doing?”

 In the afternoon, after Masaki-chan and Kayama-san had left, I asked Lili.

 ”For now, I’ve stripped her naked and pinned her up, Devi”

 ”That’s it?”

 ”And… I already changed her look, Devi. Full body tanning with a tanning bed, Devi. In addition, I colored her hair a light ash gray, Devi”

 ”Haha, she’ll be surprised. I curious what Takata-san’s face would be if she saw herself dressed like that”

 ”Oh right, Devi. She’ll slowly get used to changing her “home”, but this time she’ll train outside the “room”, Devi”

 ”What do you mean, “outside”?”

 I roll my eyes at this.

 ”Well, we’re not going to release her, Devi. We’ll just put <Quiet> on her and put her in a completely different environment, Devi”

 ”But what if she escapes?”

 ”That’s the thing, Devi, Fumi Fumi needs to find her weakness first, Devi. Find out what would be really bad if it were revealed, Devi”


 ”You’ll shackle her, seize her weakness, and put a collar on her so she can’t flee, Devi”

 ”How are we going to find out her weakness?”

 ”You can ask her, Devi. Use <Monologue>”

 ”Oh… I see. So, what exactly is the training she will do?”

 ”Well, listen carefully with your ears open, Devi!”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 After receiving an explanation of the training from Lili, I stepped into the room where Takata-san is being held.

 In the back of the room, there is a girl with ash-gray hair and a coffee-colored or dark brown tan.

 ”I guess things change when someone changes. I don’t even recognize her anymore”

 I say admiringly, and Lili whispers to me.

 ”Let’s get started, Devi. Turn off the lights and I’ll pull out the pins, Devi”


 A few moments after I turn off the light, I hear a moan from the back of the room. .

 It seems that Takata-san has woken up.

 However, in this darkness, she must not have noticed the change in her appearance yet.

 ”Eh… It’s pitch black, what’s going on?”

 Takata-san’s puzzled voice was already making me feel a little excited.

 ”Yo~, Takata-san”

 ”…Fumio Kijima? What’s this? You! What did you do to me? Do you think you’ll get away with this for free!?”

 What an out-of-character response. I don’t know if it’s just a pattern or what.

 ”At times like this, your reactions are the same as everyone else’s, huh?”

 ”Everyone? …No way, you?”

 ”Yes, I’m the one responsible for the mass kidnapping. In other words, you unknowingly stepped on a huge landmine, Takata-san”

 A gasp came from within the darkness.

 (Well… Let’s try it)

 I activate <Monologue> and open my mouth.

 ”You know what? Takata-san isn’t exactly my type, and I’d be happy to let you go. But, I know your weakness, so you have no choice but to do my bidding…”

 As soon as I said that, Takata-san’s voice echoed in my head.

 [Weakness? N-no way… he means he knows that I’m dating Kobayashi-sensei?]

 (Whoa, whoa… Seriously? A huge bomb has suddenly appeared)

 Kobayashi-sensei is the teacher in charge of the public morals committee, a young teacher in her second year at the school. But I remember hearing that his child was born a while ago….

 If a teacher, who was married, had a hand in a student’s life, it would be more than just a matter of disciplinary dismissal.

 (I’ll try to find out more…)

 ”A teacher shouldn’t touch a student, right, Takata-san?”

 ”…What do you mean?”

 [Don’t worry, ours was pure love. He promised to leave his wife, and we’re getting married right after graduation… There’s no problem at all]

 (Whoa… Seriously? It’s a marriage scam, for sure. I don’t know why she would believe this…)

 ”Aren’t you ashamed that the chairwoman of the public morals committee would seduce a teacher who has a wife and child?”

 ”Don’t say something bad to me!”

 [It’s true that I confessed my love to him, but I didn’t seduce him! Ours was pure love! We were destined to meet!]

* * *

 (Her love life is impure, but her affair is pure love… This girl is awesome)

 ”I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation…. But, maybe I’m wrong, but I believe you’re the only one who believes it’s pure love. After all, the world doesn’t think so. If it is found out before you actually get married, Kobayashi-sensei will be fired as a lecherous teacher, and will die socially”

 After a heavy silence, I could hear Takata-san’s voice moaning.

 ”Uu… Uuu… I apologize, I won’t tell anyone about you…. Just leave us alone. What must I do to persuade you to keep your mouth shut?”


 ”H-how much do I have to pay you?”

 ”Three million”

 ”T-that’s impossible!”

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll get you a job. It’s a girl’s bar, but it’s not a place for s*x. If you make three million dollars there during the summer vacation, I’ll let you go and I’ll keep your affair with Kobayashi-sensei a secret”

◇ ◇ ◇

 Here’s what Lili’s plan was, as explained to me before I extracted the secret from Takata-san herself.

 Freesia had taken control of a girls’ bar last night. Then, Takata-san would be put to work with a large number of gals.

 ”Women are very empathetic creatures, Devi. Compared to men, women are much more likely to turn red when they meet someone who was red, Devi. In other words… if she meets a gal, she becomes a gal, Devi”

 Lili says proudly.

 ”Is that all?”

 ”No, Devi. That’s just the foundation, Devi. She will be put in a place where all the customers come to have fun with gal, Devi. And under the value system that the more gal you are, the better you are, if she’s not doing well, she’ll be given a hard time as you wish, Devi”

 ”…I see. But, even if it works and her “home” is changed to a vulgar black gal, I don’t think she’ll have any contact with me at all, and it won’t be much fun for me”

 Then Lili smiled.

 ”As I explained earlier, the training this time is to make her earn money to the target amount, Devi. If she did it normally, she would never be able to achieve it, Devi”

 ”Well, it’s three million in a month, after all”

 ”And right here! Put a spider’s thread in front of her, Devi”

 ”You mean I’ll going to help her?”

 ”Specifically, Fumi Fumi will put a price on the s*x you have with her, Devi. If you have s*x with her, the amount will be deducted from the target amount, Devi”

 ”That means… it’s not like I’ll force her to have s*x with me, is it? I don’t think she’ll go for that”

 Then, Lili held up her index finger, waved it from side to side, and clicked her tongue. Yeah, it’s annoying.

* * *

 ”Fumi Fumi, it’s actually very easy to lead people astray, Devi”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”In academic terms, it’s called “deviant behavior”, and there’s a certain formula for the amount of pressure that makes people do it, Devi”

 ”Formula? Is there such a thing?”

 ”Devi Devi. The pressure for deviant behavior is proportional to the possibility of the realization and the intensity of the desire. Do you understand that, Devi?”

 ”I don’t get it at all”

 ”It’s simple, Devi. For example, there is a loaf of bread that looks very delicious, and there was a person in (A) when he goes home, there is a meal waiting for him. And a person in (B), he is on the verge of starving to death. Assume these two types of situations, Devi. In all likelihood, the person in (B) has the stronger desire for bread”

 ”Well, obviously”

 ”Then, here is the state of the bakery: (1) The bread is in a glass case in the store, with a clerk in front of it. (2) The bread is piled carelessly in baskets in the store, and there is no clerk around. Devi.”


 ”Since the person in (A) has a low desire level, no matter what he does, he can’t generate enough pressure to steal the bread. And even though the person in (B) has a high desire level, but in the case of (1), the possibility of realization is low, so it is difficult to take action, Devi. But when the person in (B) encounters the situation in (2), that is, when the person with high desire level encounters a situation with high possibility of realization, the pressure for deviant behavior – in this case, stealing – will be extremely high, Devi”

 ”In other words, you’re saying that Takata-san will be forced into a state of (B) x (2)?”

 ”That’s what I mean, Devi. It’s fun, isn’t it, when the uptight public prosecutor feels guilty and starts to sell her body for money?”

 ”Wow, that’s harsh…”

 ”Moreover, once a person goes astray, the psychological barriers are lowered, and the more experience they gain, the more likely they are to do it, so the pressure to deviate becomes even stronger, Devi. That’s why criminals are more likely to re-offend, Devi”

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