Confinement 124

Chapter 124 I don’t Allow Free-riding

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 In the evening, I welcomed Ui and Shima-san to my bedroom.

 They were both wearing micro bikinis with very little fabric.

 I don’t know if they’re good friends or not, aside from Ui, is Shima-san okay with that? I can’t help but wonder.

 In fact, Shima-san is covering her breasts and crotch with her hands, while Ui is acting proudly.

 And unfortunately, in spite of the very erotic outfit, the color of the bikinis, blue for Hatsu and red for Shima, reminded me of “The After-school Electromagnetic Wave club”, and gave me a feeling of a huge omission. (*Note:

 Immediately after entering the room, Ui walked up to me.

 ”Confinement King… Hurry up and embrace me!”

 ”W-what’s wrong with you? Today, you’re very aggressive”

 ”Well, I’ve been a bit annoyed with some club activities today. I want to be held by you and regain my peace of mind”

 When I turned to Shima-san, she said, “Ahaha…” and scratches her cheek with her index finger and smiles.

 In the club activities… That means a new coach. Does it mean that something happened with Claudia’s sister?

 But enough about that for now.

 If she’s willing to come to me, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t.

 I get up from the bed and face Ui.

 I see her tan, in the shape of a split track and field uniform.

 No matter how many times I see it, Ui’s toned body is beautiful.

 In particular, I think her legs, which are as toned as those of a wild animal, are particularly beautiful.

 In terms of hugging comfort, I would have to give the award to the fluffy and puffy Masaki-chan, but in terms of sculptural beauty, I have never seen a body more beautiful than Ui’s.

 Her skin was already red and hot.

 She was aroused.

 I could see that her nipples were already erect under the tiny fabric of her micro-bikini.

 ”I really don’t want to be away from you even for a moment… Confinement King”

 Her hands moved to my back and hugged me tightly.

 Her skin was warm. Her slender breasts pressed up against me. The touch is also soothing.

 ”Make love to me as much as you like tonight”

 Ui’s eyes are slightly moist.

 Her cheeks were beautiful as always, but today she looked even prettier than usual.

 And with that, Ui’s lips came close to mine.

 At the same time, I heard Shima-san’s gulping sound from behind me.

 ”Nnn… Nnnn”

 Our lips touch each other.

 A soft, warm, moist feeling.

 It was just a light kiss, but I could feel a sense of happiness spreading from it.

 Apparently, it was the same for Ui.

 When our lips parted, she smiled and pressed her forehead against mine.

 ”Ah… I can feel my irritation melting away. Kissing the man I love on the mouth is a form of happiness”

 ”You’re exaggerating”

 ”Noisy. It’s your fault I’ve become so dependent on you… Confinement King”

 With a slightly reproachful expression on her face, Ui puts her lips on mine again.

* * *

 ”Nnn, mwah… Nnn…”

 This time, the kiss doesn’t end with just lapping lips. Her tongue wriggles aggressively. Then, she thrusts her tongue into my mouth.

 ”Chu… *slurp* *slurp* Chu, chu…”

 Our tongues intertwine, and the oral mucosa is debauched.

 We kissed deeply, as if our tongues were mingling with each other.

 Saliva was poured in and each of the teeth was licked and the lips were sucked.

 Ui, not caring that saliva was dripping from the edge of her mouth, continued to devour my lips like crazy.

 ”Nnn… Haa… Haa…”

 When our lips parted, a white thread of saliva was drawn from our lips, and Ui’s long, slit eyes narrowed in fascination.

 ”More… More, I want to kiss you”

 It was like a rocket start.

 Ui was completely in heat.

 I hug her back tightly. And I feel her body heat.

 Perhaps it’s because she’s in heat, but I also feel my body burning.

 The evidence of this is that my crotch is already painfully tense.

 I was so frustrated that my hips began to move of their own accord.

 As I devoured her lips again, I rubbed my cock against her waist again and again, pushing up her underwear.

 ”Nnn… Nnn…”

 Then, as if to match, Ui also began to wriggle her hips.

 (Oh… I love it)

 When I stroked her body, the feeling of her skin absorbing my touch felt good.

 I traced her tight neck and squeezed her firm ass.

 ”Nnn… Nnn… Nnn…”

 She exhaled nasally in time with my hand movements.

 Continuing, I put my hand under her micro-bikini and rubbed her breasts as if squeezing them.

 ”Ahh… Nnn, nnn, nnn”

 Her sensitive body immediately responded to my caresses on her breasts.

 ”Aah, aah, aah, aah…”

 Our overlapping lips parted, and Ui’s cute moans spilled out from between her teeth.

 (But then again, her sunburn marks… Also, erotic)

 A man is a creature that is excited by sight more than anything else.

 So, with the contrast between the tanned skin, which was a healthy tan from club activities, and the white breasts that had escaped the sun, and Ui’s expression, who was on the verge of crying.

 There’s no way I can keep my cool. Furthermore, she was also panting and aggressive.

 ”I love you… Ui”

 So cute.

 While expressing this honest feeling, I crawl my lips on her neck.

 Her body trembles in response to my words.

 ”M-me too! I love you too, Confinement King! Nnn”

 As if to interrupt her, I sucked on her neck and left a hickey on her slightly tanned skin.

 I repeated the pecking kisses on her breast and traced her areola with my extended tongue.

 ”Nku! Aaah!”

 Immediately, Ui’s hand wrapped my head, and she arched her back, letting out a sweet gasp.

 ”Hiii!? Ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 As my face was pressed against her soft breast, I rolled her hard nipple with the tip of my tongue, and she immediately reacted violently.

 Her nipples were soon covered with saliva.

* * *

 As I continued to work on her nipples, a red-faced Ui opened her mouth.

 ”Oh, you look like a baby… Confinement King”

 If she says so, I have no choice but to comply with her request.


 I sucked on her soaring nipples with all my might, making a sucking sound like a baby.

 ”Ah! Ahhhhh… No! Aah, aah, aah!”

 Instantly her moaning raised by an octave.

 Her arms tightened around my head, and as if she was getting an itch, she pressed her hips against my crotch again and again.

 ”Then… Shall I make you feel even better?”


 I glanced at Shima-san, and activated <Sense Sharing>.

 After seeing Shima-san s body jump, I pushed Ui down on the bed and rained kisses not only on her breasts, but on her entire body.

 I kissed her cheeks, her lower breast, her sides, her neck, her navel, and her thighs.

 Then I opened her legs, pulled down her micro-bikini panties, and stared at her petals.

 ”D-don’t look at it too much… It’s embarrassing”

 Ui covers her face with both hands. While her secret slit blossomed lasciviously, dripping with love juice, seeking me.

 Then, kneeling between Ui’s legs, I place my mouth on her petals.

 ”Aah!? N-no, not there!”

 Her body jumps, and her hips try to escape.

 But I don’t let her go.

 I wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed her vulva repeatedly, just as I had done to her nipples earlier.

 ”Ha! Nnn, it feels so good, Confinement King, ah, ah, ah!”

 Ui writhes while shaking her head from side to side.

 As she moans, I hear another moaning sound.

 I glance over to see Shima-san holding her crotch with one hand and collapsing on the floor, biting her finger desperately.

 She is writhing on the floor, letting out a gasp.

 I want to drive both Ui and Shima-san crazy.

 I want to make them feel more and more.

 Such a desire was overwhelming me.

 With my outstretched tongue, I carefully licked up the flesh folds in front of me, one by one.

 The taste of her love juices is slightly salty. And as I felt the sweetness of it spreading in my mouth, I tortured the maiden’s garden.

 Then, at the edge of her slit, I could see her clitoris gradually becoming erect.

 It had grown to the size of the tip of my pinky finger, and it was insisting that I humiliate it even more.

 With my fingertips, I peeled off the foreskin and rolled it around,

 ”Hiii!? No, no, no! S-stop it! It’s too stimulating, it’s too much! Ah, aah, aah, aahhhhhh!”

 Ui bounced herself shallowly, like a fish on land.

 But I have no intention of letting her go.

 ”Come on, feel it more”

 ”Nhh? Ah, ah, ah, ah! N-no! Ah, it’s good, it’s so good, ah, ah…”

 I pinched her clitoris with my fingertips, and her love juices flowed out.

 (I’ll make you feel more, more, and more)

* * *

 This time, I pinched her clitoris with my lips and intertwined the tip of my tongue with it.


 Ui’s eyes widened and she arched her back.

 She feels it. She feels it so much. And that makes me happy.

 Feeling better, I further fastened my tongue on her clitoris and licked it up.

 At the same time, I stroked the folds of her flesh with my fingers and finally inserted my fingers into her vagina.

 ”Haa~, haa~, nnn, ahhh!?”

 The soft flesh entwined with my fingertips.

 I rub her vaginal walls, bending my fingertips and intermittently thrusting up below her navel, feeling the freshness of the touch.

 ”W-what is this? It feels so good there, it feels so good, no, no way, it feels too good”

 In response to the dramatic response to the G-spot, I moved my finger violently as if I were scraping all the love juice out of her vagina, and sucked on her clitoris as if I were tearing it apart.

 ”Nhiii!? Ah,ah, s-s-stop, if you keep doing that, I’m going to cum! No, stop it, I really going to cum. I don’t want cum with your fingers. I really don’t want it! I want to cum with that magnificent thing of yours!”

 ”I don’t understand. What do you want, Ui?”

 ”Ah… I-I… want… a p*nis”

 ”Penis? I can’t give it to you if you talk it like a child”

 ”Uuuuu, uuuu! Confinement King is being mean today. Kuuh… C… ock, ahh! Geez! Cock! Cock! Stick your big cock in me, please!”

 Ui’s face turned red as she screamed, she was just too cute.

 ”Well said”

 I lay down on top of her, kissing her mouth, and placed my cock at her vulva.

 Immediately, from the corner of the room, I heard Shima-san moaning voice say, “Oh… it’s coming in” from the corner of the room.

 Pushing down on Ui’s body, I licked up her tongue with my tongue and inserted my cock into her vagina.

 I pushed the folds of her flesh open from side to side as I filled her with my cock.

 ”Nnnn, nnnnnnnnn! Nnnnnnnnnnn!”

 ”Hiii, it’s in, it’s finally hereeee, it’s so hardddd, ah, ahh, ahh, ah, ah!”

 With her lips still sealed, Ui lets out a muffled moan, but Shima-san moans with a mixture of pleasure behind her.

 Ui’s ripe body screams with pleasure at the long-awaited insertion of the meat stick.

 After all, the pot of flesh began to contract and her womb descending in search of my seed. Then, immediately, the tip hits the cervix.

 ”Oh, it’s hitting me. The cock is hitting me!”

 When I parted my lips, Ui’s eyes widened and she screamed out in a pleading voice.

 ”Ui’s womb is sucking on my cock. What? Do you want it so bad? Do you want to be impregnated so badly?”

 ”I want… I want to be impregnated. I want to be conceived by Confinement King. Please, ejaculate into my vagina. I love you. I love you, Confinement King. I want it a lot, a lot, I want it a lot”

 With an enraptured look on her face, as if she’s having a fever dream, Ui asks for me.

 Of course, I can’t help but respond.

* * *

 ”Then I’ll fuck you hard”

 I thrust my hips out and crush her cervix. Then I start pistoning hard.

 *jubu* *jubu* *jubu* *zunzunzun*!

 ”Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh, there it is! Oh, it’s so intense! The cock’s finally inside! Oh, it’s going all the way inn! Nnn, nhii!”

 Ui scratched the air as if searching for something, then clung to me desperately like a drowning child.

 *jubu* *jubu* *jubu* *zunzunzun*!

 ”Ahhhh, I like your cock! Ah, your cock’s so great! It’s so good inside meeeeee!”

 While moving my hips violently, I stare into Ui’s eyes.

 Her eyes… were slack-jawed with pleasure.

 ”Ui, I love you”

 ”Ah, me too, I love you, I love you so much, I really love youuu”

 “Love”. I can’t help but be filled with such feelings.

 I hugged her tightly and started to give her the last spurt.

 *zunzunzun*! *zunzunzun*!

 ”Nhiiiiiii! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, cumming, I’m cumming”

 At the very moment when Ui was about to reach her climax, I “cut off” the <Sense Sharing>.

 Immediately, Shima-san’s panting voice, which had been echoing like background music, ceased. And in the midst of her disordered breathing, I heard, “Eh? Eh? W-why…?” mixed with her confused voice.

 On the other hand, Ui is steadily climbing up the stairs to climax. “Ah! Ah! Aah!” with each thrust, her moans getting higher and higher.

 And then…

 ”I’m cumming! I’m cummmmmmmmmmming!”


 Ui’s body tenses up, and she jerks around wildly.

 At the same time, her vagina squeezed my cock and squeezed out all the semen at once.

 *spurt* *spurttttt*!

 The semen overflowed from the dam and rushed into Ui’s womb.

 ”Uuu, it’s coming out, it’s coming out in streams! I’m being impregnated, it’s seeping into my womb, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum again, I’m going to cum all the timeeeeeee”

 Ui is drowning in a sea of climax.

 She clenched her teeth and arched her back, and then sank down on the bed as if she were exhausted.

 ”Haa~… Haa~…”

 And I fall into her breast, breathing unevenly.

 ”It felt good… it felt so good… Confinement King”

 ”Me too”

 Then there was a chuckle.

 I glanced at Shima-san as I caught my breath.

 ”Well, now that being said… I can’t just keep letting you ride the pleasure forever…”

 When I said this, Ui smiled at her.

 Ui seems to have realized that I cut off <Sense Sharing> at the last minute.

 ”Really… You’re a bad guy”

 ”Do you hate me now?”

 ”Don’t ask me the obvious…. I love you too much”

 I smile back and pull my thing out of her.

 ”Nnn… Nnnn…”

 Then, I got off the bed and walked over to Shima-san, who was sitting on the floor with a confused expression on her face.

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