Confinement 125

Chapter 125 Prey in the center of the bed, screaming ^Endure!^

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 I’m going crazy.

 That’s what I thought.

 One more thrust and I’ll cum. I really couldn’t stand it if I was thrown out like that.

 Even though my body was swirling with heat from the lust that had lost its way, I couldn’t do anything about it.

 (This is… too terrible)

 While thinking so, Kijima gets off the bed and walks over to me, and I can’t help but give him a resentful look.

 ”Do you want my… thing?”

 I stare at Kijima in silence.

 (…Even though he knows it, but he wants to mess with me, this guy)

 ”Heh… You don’t want it?”

 I turned my head away, but Kijima thrust his grotesque, taut meat stick right in front of my eyes.

 The smell of male and female bodily fluids tickled my nose.

 My throat ripples involuntarily as I want to smell more, even though it stinks.

 ”Phew… I see. Shima-san doesn’t seem to want it, so of course I won’t connect your senses. Then, I’ll love Ui one more time”

 Don’t throw me out like this.

 I’m angry, but I don’t think I can stand it.

 I can’t go against this guy.

 ”…I want”

 ”I can’t hear you”

 ”… I want it”

 ”What do you want?”

 ”Uuu… I want K-Kijima’s cock… I-I want it”

 ”So you’ll be mine too, right, Shima-san?”


 ”Well, naturally, if you become mine, you can’t cheat on me. My things belong to my girls, but Shima-san is Ui’s servant, not mine yet”


 When I try to speak, Kijima thrusts the tip of his cock directly under my confused nose.

 The tip of the reddish-black glans is dripping.

 My eyes were glued to the vividness of it.

 ”Shima-san, you’ll be mine, won’t you?”

 Kijima got carried away and started to press her rod against my cheek. It was annoying, but the fresh heat and smell of it was making my head feel fuzzy. Finally, I nodded my head.

 ”I… I’m Kijima’s thing…”

 With that, the edge of Kijima’s mouth twisted into a smile. I’m afraid I’ve said something I can’t take back.

 ”Okay, Natsumi. I’ll take good care of you”

 Kijima then smeared the spilled pre-cum on my cheeks and then slid the glans from my cheek to my lip.


 My lips split forcefully and the rod entered my mouth.

 The taste of freshness, the smell of male and female bodily fluids wafting into my nose. The texture of the raised blood vessels also touching my tongue.

 (Oh, no… It’s thick… and hard)

 I found myself involuntarily pursing my lips.

 My face must be disheveled.

 It’s embarrassing.

 I must look like a baby with a bottle in its mouth.

 No, it’s not that cute.

 After all, it’s a grotesquely veiny p*nis. I’m sucking the most disgusting thing in the world and exposing the face of a submissive female.

* * *

 But my body, which has been stopped just before the climax, is starving beyond my control. It’s so thirsty.

 ”Chuu… … Fuahh… *lick lick*, *slurp*, *slurp…*”

 As soon as I take it in my mouth, I wriggle my tongue lewdly and move my head back and forth. The pre-cum bubbles up on the glans immediately.

 (Oh no… I’m like a well-behaved dog… But why, why can’t I stop… Ah, I like it. I don’t know why but I like this)

 I’m sucking so hard that my cheeks are puckered, while licking the man’s pubic area with my lips covered with nasty juices.

 My own lustful shallowness was making me extremely excited.

 ”Natsumi, you’re sucking so deliciously”

 (It’s frustating… But I can’t stop…)

 Tears well up in the corners of my eyes from frustration.

 But the desire drives me on.

 *Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Jubo…*

 I shook my head violently back and forth, and the lewd sound of water echoed through the air.

 My mouth was foaming with his bodily fluids and the lewd smell wafting through my nose makes my head go numb.

 ”Unn… Mufu… Muu *chu…*”

 A complex feeling of mixed affection for this grotesque thing and the pride of making it feel good swells up inside me, chasing away my frustration and disgust.

 ”Ugh… Natsumi, you’re good”

 When he stroked my head, my body trembled with happiness.

 (Why I’m so happy? Don’t do that!)

 My rational mind tried to fight back, but it was futile.

 After all, my saliva drips from my mouth as I hold the rod in my mouth.

 And on my drooling face, my facial muscles relax on their own and I try to form a smile.

 (It’s such a shameful face… What kind of perverted woman would look so happy with a cock in her mouth…)

 My reason weakened and my desires are out of control! I want to make this man feel better and better.


 I extend my tongue, tracing the frenulum, under the glans, sucking it into my mouth, and rubbing the glans up against the inside of my cheek.

 When I poked the hole at the tip with my tongue and Kijima’s body trembled, I felt my heart flutter.

 If I swallow deeply, the pubic hair at the base of the p*nis will stimulate the tip of my nose. The vulgarity of it was also a source of excitement, and before I knew it, tears were dripping down my cheeks.

 It wasn’t tears of pain.

 Rather, the words “tears of excitement” and “tears of joy” are probably the best, though I am not comfortable with them.

 (No way… I’ve become… I’ve become a perverted woman)

 Sucking a man’s dick and crying with joy.

 I thought it was hopeless. I thought.

 But Kijima doesn’t know what’s going on in my heart, and he lets out a snort.

 ”You have a very erotic face, Natsumi. It turns me on”

 As if he can’t hold back, he thrusts up the back of my throat without any hesitation.

* * *

 ”Nghhh… Aghhh… Ogooo, ogoo, oeeeeee!”

 (I’m dying! His cock is killing me!)

 No matter how hard I squirm, he won’t stop. I try to plead with him with a pained look, but he gets more and more excited.

 In his excitement, Kijima grabbed my hair.

 And I felt a sharp pain in my scalp.

 The pain made me squeeze my mouth involuntarily, and as if that felt good, the devil did it again and again.

 And then–

 ”Let’s go! Ora! Ora!”

 He slammed his hips rhythmically.

 ”Muuuu! Amuuuu! Ogoo! Ogee! Egoooo! Oeeeeee!”

 Tears welled up in my eyes from the hellish pain of being stabbed in the back of my throat. As I struggled to endure, I felt his cock swell even larger in my mouth.

 (Is he going to cum? Is he going to cum in my mouth…?)

 The movement of his hips became even faster and the speed of the spear is increasing. However, However, I was subconsciously anticipating that moment with my mouth narrowed.

 ”Natsumi! I’ll cum! Don’t spill it!”

 ――Don’t spill it.

 For some reason, that word seemed like an absolute command to me.

 The next moment, the meat stick bursts in my mouth.

 ”Muu, mugoooo!?”

 Semen gushed into the back of my throat.

 There was so much of it that my eyes went black and white.

 The semen was flowing back up to my nose and it mixed with my nasal secretions and dripped down. I was so embarrassed at how nasty it was that I felt like I was going crazy.

 It’s painful, I’m drowning. But I have to swallow it all. I mustn’t spill it. With that thought in mind, I held on desperately with his cock in my mouth.

 ”Ugh… It’s good, Natsumi”

 When I looked up at him, Kijima’s face was in agony.

 Eventually, when the ejaculation stopped and I finished sucking up what was left in his urethra, Kijima pulled his cock out of my mouth with satisfaction.

 My mouth is full of semen.

 If I’m not careful, I can almost feel the semen oozing out of the corners of my mouth.

 I try to swallow it with eyes closed, but it gets stuck in my throat.

 It tastes foul, warm, and bitter, the worst of all.

 Even though I think it’s the worst, somehow I can’t help but regret swallowing it.

 Today, I’ve been betrayed by myself.

 After swallowing all the semen, I shallowly reach out my tongue to the residue of semen around my mouth.

 Kijima looked on and nodded in satisfaction.

 ”You seem to like my semen a little too much”

 ”… Absolutely not. You made me drink something bad”

 ”You mean you want to taste it somewhere else?”

 Kijima shows off his meat stick in front of me.

 It’s covered with my drool and semen and has a sticky sheen to it, and it’s bent over facing the ceiling.

 (…I guess I’ll just have to play along)

 How did this happen? Where did I go wrong?

 I just want to fall in love like anyone else.

 We’d go on dates, kiss each other, and have s*x with each other in embarrassment….

 But now, just the sight of Kijima’s cock makes me tingle in my lower belly, and I’ve been reduced to a perverted woman.

 Thanks to the pleasure I shared with Ui-chan, I’ve learned just how good Kijima’s grotesque thing feels.

 (Such a pleasure… I can’t stand it)

 Then, I cling to Kijima’s legs and plead miserably.

 ”K-Kijima… I can’t take it anymore… I want it. I want your hard thing… I want it”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 By the time he brought me to bed I was dizzy.

 I was at my limit.

 I wanted to cum so badly that I couldn’t hold on any longer.

 But he said.

 ”If you want it, you can have it yourself”

 All I could do was nod my head when Kijima started saying that.

 On the bed, Ui-chan was lying limp with semen pouring out of her crotch.

 She looked so happy and exhausted.

 I envied her so much and I almost hated her.

 As Kijima lay down next to Ui-chan, he urged me to “straddle” him.

 So, I stood over Kijima, smelling a sour odor coming from his slimy, reddish-black pecker.

 With a wobble, I slowly sat down on top of Kijima.

 It was thrilling when my pussy touched the tip of Kijima’s cock! My spine began to tingle with pleasure.

 (Finally, finally… I’m going to be filled, I can cum…)

 I try to tighten my cheeks, but I can’t stop the smile from falling on my face.

 (Cock… Cock… Cock… It’s finally here)

 All I can think of is how good it feels to have Kijima’s cock in me.

 As a result, when I put the tip to my vulva, I feel like a hungry animal…

 But the next moment…

 ”Ouch, it hurtssssssssss!”

 I screamed.

 I felt something tear off.

 I thought my body had been ripped in half.

 In pain, I punched Kijima’s belly, and his moaning “Agghh!?” echoed through the air.

 I forgot.

 I’m a virgin.

 I totally forgot and broke it. That hurt.

 I fooled myself into thinking I’d been penetrated many times, but I was just sharing the pleasure I felt.

 It hurts so much. It hurts like hell.

 It still hurts, and I don’t feel like I can move.

 And yet, the pressure of my vagina expanding is making my body quiver with pleasure. The desire to cum is hurrying me.

 I want to move. But it hurts when I move.

 What the hell am I supposed to do?


 Kijima reached out and stroked my head as I crouched there with my brow wrinkled from the pain.

 ”Are you okay? There’s no need to push yourself…”

 At that moment, I was pissed.

 I wondered what he was doing, acting like a nice guy.

 And before I knew it, I was grabbing Kijima’s hair and yelling at him. In a word, I lost my temper.

 ”You’re annoying! I want to cum! I just want to cum! It’s your fault that you’re making me like this, you idiot! You’re taking my virginity! What are you going to do about it? Haah! Take responsibility, you bastard! Idiot! Stupid! Scum!”


 Kijima nodded his head with his cheeks twitching.

 Then, he muttered, “Torture, please”.

 The next moment, I suddenly felt a warmth in my belly. And after a while, the pain disappeared completely.

 ”Eh, why? …It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

 When I rubbed my belly, Kijima looked relieved.

 ”You look fine. Besides, I’ll take full responsibility”


 ”Natsumi’s mine now, too. I like you. So, I’ll take good care of you forever”

 ”Uuuu, Stupid…”

 If he says that to me with a straight face, I’ll suddenly feel embarrassed. But then… I want him to treat me the same as he treated Ui-chan.

 ”Then tell me too…”

 ”Tell me what?”

 ”Well, you know… Like you said to Ui-chan earlier, “I love you…””

 My voice is getting smaller and smaller as if it’s about to fade away.

 I wonder what I’m saying… I’m so embarrassed.

* * *

 Just as I was about to turn my face down, Kijima raised himself up and hugged me. Then he whispered in my ear.

 ”I love you, Natsumi. I love you”

 ”Uaah… Ah, ah, it’s embarrassing, uahhh…”

 Instantly, my face, which was already inflamed, became as hot as if it was boiling.

 (No, this is not good. I’m going to die!)

 Even though I was so occupied, Kijima suddenly started to move his hips in an excited manner.

 ”Ahh, hiiii… So suddenly! It’s so intense! Aah!”

 We are sitting face to face in a hug.

 The power of the meat stick thrusting up my womb canal brought my embarrassed mind back to pleasure at once.

 ”Natsumi, do you love me?”

 ”I-I don’t know, I don’t know it! But, when you say you love me, I’m so, so, so, so happy!”

 I’m completely absorbed. I’m in a M-shape position, desperately slamming my hips down on his cock.

 The folds of my vagina quiver with delight, and every time Kijima’s cock moves back and forth inside my vagina, a tremendous feeling of pleasure runs up her spine.

 (I know it’s indecent, but I can’t stop now! Call me a slut or a bitch, whatever he wants! I’ll do anything for this pleasure!)

 Kijima let out a moaning sound as he thrust his cock up and down.

 ”Kuh, that was intense… I feel like my dick is being ripped off. Did you want it so bad?”

 ”Want, want it! I really want it! Uhhh, hiiiii!”

 At that moment, a spark exploded inside my head.

 My cervix, which was already lowered, was crushed by the deeply penetrating rod, and I was pulled down while releasing sweet pleasure.

 My thoughts melted into white, as if my spinal cord had been electrified by the shock.

 I could feel my black eyes rolling upward.

 ”Fuhhh… Hiiii… Ahh… Ahh, ahhh…”

 As I was about to lose consciousness, Kijima whispered in my ear.

 ”When you cum, do it together… okay?”

 Zun! Zun! Zun! Zun! Zun!

 Just when I’m losing my mind, he starts to pump harder and harder.

 A pistoning movement that sparks fire.

 ”Hii… It’s so intense, it’s so goooodd, endure it, endure ittt! This is not good, this is not goooooood!”

 Like striking a match in a gas-filled room, I writhed helplessly at the explosive pleasure.

 And at the very moment when I was about to be thrusted into the midst of my climax…


 Kijima’s moan struck my ears, and the semen flowed out at once.

 Tremble! Spurttt, Spurtttttt!

 The hot semen spurted into my womb, and I could do nothing but pant.

 I couldn’t even tell which way was up and which way was down.

 Desperately shaking my head, I screamed out.

 ”Cummming, Cummminggg! I’m cummmmmmmingggg!”

 And then–

 ”Oh, oh, oh, ffuuuh… Ohhh… it feels good, Ki-Kijima, please take care of me, okay?”

 I fell down on top of Kijima and lost consciousness.

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