Confinement 126

Chapter 126 Female Friendship

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 At about the same time as Shima-san fell on my chest, the electronic voice echoed in the room, which I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.


 ”Natsumi Shima state has changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are available”

 ”● Room creation level MAX”

 ”You can create as many rooms as you want”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level 9″

 ”You can now install furniture of national treasure quality”

 ”● Special room – Prison”

 ”You can now set up a room with iron bars on one wall”

 ”● Delivery Entrance”

 ”You can install a delivery entrance to carry in large items”


 Yeah… It’s kind of a subtle feature.

 It’s hard to imagine what a large item is.

 However, the fact that the number of rooms that can be created has reached the upper limit, and that the upper limit of the leveling function is level 10, may be a benefit.

 After pulling out the meat stick from Shima-san, I slipped out from under her body.

 As I lay her rather thin body on the bed, a trickle of bloody semen dripped from between her legs.

 Tashiro-san and Shima-san. I look down at them lying side by side, and let out a sigh of relief.

 (I never thought Shima-san would lose her temper like that…)

 I had assumed from her devotion to Tashiro-san that Shima-san had an “M” in her. That’s what I thought.

 That’s why I tried to treat her in a domineering manner, but I didn’t expect to be punched in the belly, and then lose the temper.

 In the end, I still don’t know whether Shima-san is M or S.

 Anyway, I note in my mind. On Shima-san’s page, I wrote down that she was only scary when she gets mad.

 Then, I started to think about Shima-san’s future position.

 To my surprise, I like this girl, Natsumi Shima, a lot.

 Her looks, to be honest, are not nearly as good as Kurosawa-san, Tashiro-san, or Masaki-chan.

 Her breasts are only a little bigger than Fujiwara-san’s.

 Even so, I’m beginning to think that Shima-san may actually be the most comfortable person to be with.

 In that sense, she may be treated as my “favored princess”, but… she’s still in the [Submissive] state, and for now, I think it’s appropriate for her to be a “Semi-favorite princess apprentice” like Kei-chan and the others.

 Whether or not to raise her to the status of “Favored Princess” will be discussed later… I guess.

 Just as I was settling on such a conclusion, Tashiro-san rubbed her eyelids and said, “Uuuuu….”.

 She looked vaguely at Shima-san, who was lying next to her.

* * *

 ”Oh… You’ve got Shima in your clutches too, haven’t you? You bad guy”

 ”I won’t deny it”

 ”It can’t be helped that such a bad guy has taken notice. Me… and Shima too…”

 Tashiro-san smiled and shook Shima-san’s hand.

 ”But you seem to be quite happy, though you say you can’t help it”

 ”I can’t deny it. It’s natural to want my best friend to like what I like, too”

 If it is about books, movies, or idols, it may be so, but I honestly don’t understand the feeling of being happy to share a guy whom she like.

 When I was at a loss as to how to answer–

 ”…To be honest, I don’t know if I like him or not”

 Suddenly, Shima-san opened her mouth, and Tashiro-san and I widened our eyes.

 ”You’re awake, Shima?”

 ”Yes, well… I was conscious for a while, though it was faint”

 …It’s good.

 I’m really glad I didn’t do anything weird while she was sleeping.

 To tell the truth, I’m scared that she’ll lose her temper again.

 But as I patted my chest with relief, Shima-san smiled faintly and spoke.

 ”But, I’m not going to tell you that I don’t hate you… However, I’m convinced that Kijima is my destined partner”

 ”Eh… Wait a minute, Shima. “Destined to be with someone” is not something I want to hear”

 ”It can’t be helped but think so. After all, when I was a freshman, I had three seat changes, and Kijima was next to me all three times. I thought we were destined to be inseparable”

 ”Kuh… What’s that enviable story? Are you proud? Are you proud of that?”

 ”Well, for Ui-chan who didn’t remember being in the same class as Kijima in the first year, I guess so”

 ”Kuh!? Shimaa… You!!”

 Tashiro-san bites her teeth at Shima-san who suddenly started to mount him.

 ”Well… You guys are best friends, right?”

 I couldn’t help but ask, and Shima-san said with an unconcerned look on her face.

 ”Yeah, we are. But that’s the thing. If I have to fight against Ui-chan for the right wife, I’d better check her out while I can”

 Instantly, Tashiro-san raised her voice.

 ”Confinement King! I want you to hold me right now! I’m going to show this idiot the difference between us as women!”

 ”Don’t be stupid, you idiot! Until now, Ui-chan has been loving a lot, right? So, it’s my turn now! Kijima is my first boyfriend!”

 ”Don’t be silly! You’ve just been embraced! Now it’s my turn!”

 The two of them stared at each other corner to corner, and I couldn’t help but be stunned.

 Will it be all right, female friendship….

 ”Well well… You two get along… Okay?”

 For now, I activated <Two Glans in a Row>.

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the bowling alley at night.

 There, at the game corner next to the lanes, my sister and I were playing a game of air hockey.

 It was around twenty-one o’clock.

 I honestly don’t care about the score.

 After all, there’s no way I can beat my sister.

 Our physical skills are far different. On top of that, once she activates her ability, there’s no way anyone can beat her.

 And… worst of all, she’s not very mature.

* * *

 ”So… Why did you think Fumio was suspicious?”

 I ask that question.

 Not to my sister.

 But to the long-haired man playing air hockey with a girl at the next table.

 He’s wearing a light summer hoodie and hood, and he stops and gives me a flirtatious smile.

 ”Oh… it’s not like he’s suspicious. But he was just a bullied kid until a while ago, and in no time at all, the people who bullied him have ruined, and all the women have fallen in love with him”

 ”Well… He’s not that popular, really. But is that all? Maybe it’s just a popular phase”

 ”Popular phase… Well, regardless of Kijima, I was actually kidnapped somewhere and had a bad experience there. I think it’s the same with the incident with the track and field club”

 ”Was it the pig monster?”

 ”Yeah… I don’t even want to think about it”

 His story is full of lies, but the story about the pig monster is not a lie.

 In the first place, there are two reasons why I agreed to the story of this man who is full of lies.

 One is that it’s a chance for me to solve the much-talked-about “Mysterious Disappearance Case” and make my name known to the world as Detective JK.

 And the other reason is… From what this man said, it seems that “Devil” are involved.

 As a person who has received the blessing of angels, I can’t overlook this.

 ”You’re probably right about the track and field club being the same. In fact, it seems that almost everyone on the track and field club has fallen into the hands of the kidnappers. I don’t know if they can’t remember like you, or if they’ve been silenced, but it’s safe to assume that they’re under some kind of mental control”

 ”No way!?”

 The one who raised the voice was the girl who was playing with Tateoka.

 It is a girl who looks like a middle school student with cute twin tails. She seems to be Tateoka’s younger sister.

 ”I have friends in the t-track and field club…. Like Sato-chan, Shiratori-senpai, Kei-chan…”


 I’m lost in thought.

 I don’t know who the girls are, but it’s not a bad idea to ask his sister to find out who are the girls mentioned.

 For now, I’ve asked my sister to keep an eye on the captain of the track and field club.

 She’s black. Pitch black.

 There has to be a point in time where she will come into contact with the culprit.

 And so….

 ”Anyway, the person I want to see most is… the woman who was framed, is it Anna Kamishima? Do you have any idea where she is?”

 Tateoka cowered and shook his head.

 ”I don’t know. But… I know where her sister is. She’s working at a girl’s bar in the next prefecture called “Seaside Bound””

 ”Hmm… Well, I guess I’ll go see her first”

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