Confinement 127

Chapter 127 Tokyo Lovey-Dovey

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The second day of the summer vacation.

 After finishing my morning radio gymnastic and taking a shower, I activate <Revisit> to go to the station and meet Kurosawa-san at the up platform of the bullet train.

 ”Good morning, Fumi-kun!”

 She came running up to me with a luggage in her hand, wearing large sunglasses, an off-the-shoulder top, and high-waisted tight pants.

 As expected of a model, she looked so stylish in her casual clothes that I felt self-conscious.

 ”Good morning, Kurosawa-san… You’re really cute”

 ”Ehehe… It’s a trip to Tokyo with Fumi-kun. That’s why I’m so excited”

 ”What trip? Isn’t it Kurosawa-san’s photo shoot?”

 That’s right. The purpose of this trip to Tokyo was to shoot for Kurosawa-san’s teen magazine. I was accompanying her.

 ”That’s fine. I can have Fumi-kun all to myself today and tomorrow. Let’s call it a trip, right? Look, the bullet train will be leaving soon”

 With that, she wrapped her arm around my hand and started walking towards the bullet train.

 We are seated in the last row of a regular train carriage, and Kurosawa-san pushes me into the window of a two-seater seat and leans on me as hard as she can.

 ”You’re a rat in a bag, aren’t you? Fumi-kun” (*Note: A rat in a bag => a situation where you cannot escape)

 ”It’s close, too close, your face is too close!”

 ”The thought of flirting with you for the next two hours without a care in the world is making me very excited”

 ”Without a care…”

 The bullet train is almost full.

 In fact, I can see young businessmen sitting in the three-person seats across the aisle, listening to us with interest, though he is careful not to look at us”

 ”I mean… Don’t you have to wear a disguise or something?”

 I asked her, and she giggled.

 ”If I wear sunglasses, people won’t recognize me. Besides, I don’t think I’m that famous because only high school girls who read the magazine. You know it, right?”


 ”That’s fine, Fumi-kun. Don’t be stingy! Let me spoil you!”

 Without the acquaintance’s eyes, the tsun part of her tsundere has disappeared and Kurosawa-san is now dere dere. It’s a great dere dere.

 I can feel her breasts on my arms, and she is clinging to me tightly, kissing my cheeks, and rubbing her nipples all over my clothes.

 ”Chu, chu, nnn… Kiss me, Fumikyun. It’s so lonely…”

 (Oh no… My rational mind can’t take this)

 At the time of the initial brainwashing, Lili had said that Kurosawa-san was the type of person who would be extremely sweet when we were alone, and it was actually right in bed, but I never expected her to go this far in her normal life.

* * *

 After all…

 ”Ah, ah, ah! It’s good! Fumi-kyun is so good!”

 An hour after our departure, in the bathroom of the cramped bullet train, we found ourselves making love while standing.

 I don’t care how people around us looked at us as we both stood in the toilet and came back, breathing hard.

 We could only hope that they would think that Kurosawa-san’s constipation had been relieved when she came back in an absurdly good mood.

 Regardless, I softly asked Kurosawa-san.

 ”…Are they coming?”

 ”I asked the editor in charge… Today’s shooting is with Kirihito Hikami-kun and Akira Mizuki-chan, so they’re probably… coming”

 Actually, I asked Kurosawa-san to accompany her to Tokyo this time.

 The reasons are… actualy a lot.

 First, I simply want to go to Tokyo. It’s the longing of a country bumpkin.

 Secondly, I want to see where the models are shooting. It’s a meek interest.

 Thirdly, once I have visited Tokyo, I can take Kurosawa-san to her office in an instant by using <Revisit> whenever she has a job in Tokyo.

 And finally…

 To fulfill my promise to Chihiro Kaneko-san, aka Ai☆Maimi, the AV actress currently staying in “My room”.

 ”Let’s see. This one is Hikami-kun and this one is Akira-chan”

 Kurosawa-san takes out a magazine from her bag, turns the pages, and points to the two people.

 The man is very handsome, with a half-Japanese face.

 Yes, the enemy. An enemy of humanity, I could say.

 The girl, on the other hand, has blonde hair in a mushroom style, and her lipstick is unusually glamorous, as if she were wearing oruchan makeup. (*Note: Oruchan makeup style, coming from an approximated pronunciation of a Korean phrase for “beautiful girl” and was characterized by thick eyebrows with very little arch)

 ”I think Kurosawa-san is cuter. By far”

 ”Geez, Fumi-kun…”

 I know you’re happy, so stop pinching my nipples, Kurosawa-san.

 ”Are these two reader models too?”

 ”No, they’re not. They’re professional models”

 According to Kurosawa-san’s explanation,

 Reader models are generally just fashionable ordinary people who do not belong to an agency and appear in the magazine.

 But this is not the case with these two, they are models as their profession.

 However, it is not true that all reader models are ordinary people, and there are some cases where so-called talent eggs start out as reader models.

 Kurosawa-san is a case in point.

 She belongs to a small entertainment agency, and basically her work as a reader model is not done through the agency.

 In addition, she is paid only a small honorarium, including transportation expenses, and apparently, she had to pay more out of pocket.

 So, why do she continue to work like this? In a word, it’s for her future.

 In “CUTIE☆CUTIE” a women’s fashion magazine targeting mainly high school students, Misuzu was the main reader model.

 Therefore, after graduation, she will use the popularity she gained as reader model as a foothold to enter into a professional career.

 ”That’s great. Kurosawa-san. You’re working hard now, thinking about the future… You’re like an adult”

 To tell the truth, I didn’t think modeling was a glamorous thing.

 When I couldn’t help but be impressed, Kurosawa-san smiled and spoke.

 ”But, Fumi-kun‘s thing is more adult”

 ”Don’t ruin it!!”

 When I shouted out, the office workers across the aisle looked at me to see what was going on.

 I shrugged my shoulders and asked Kurosawa-san again.

* * *

 ”So, you’re saying that they work at the same office, right?”

 ”Yes. Especially Akira-chan, the office seems to be pushing her hard. So… You understand, right?”


 When I show some sign of thinking, Kurosawa-san leans toward me.

 ”Then, this conversation is over. Let’s be lovey-dovey a little more. I’m so happy to be traveling with Fumi-kun, it’s a waste if I don’t enjoy it to the fullest”

◇ ◇ ◇

 After arriving in Tokyo, we took a local train to the building where the studio we wanted to visit was located, and went around to the alley behind it.

 Then, in a secluded place, I summoned the door and stepped into “the room”.

 ”I’m going to change my clothes”

 ”Would you like me to help you adjust?”

 ”If Kurosawa-san adjusts my clothes, I’ll look stylish. Since it’s a disguise, it’s better to be shabby”

 ”Well, Fumi-kun is my new manager, right?”

 ”Yes, Kurosawa-san will treat me like a servant. You should act as if you don’t see me as the opposite s*x, and you really like bullying me in a dominant way”

 ”That’s a difficult”

 ”You want to be an actress, right? Don’t worry”

 ”O-okay… I’ll do my best, but… I don’t see you as a man… is…”

 Kurosawa-san looks troubled, but all she has to do is return to her old attitude toward me. It should be fine.

 Eventually. After changing clothes, Kurosawa-san who saw me coming out of the dressing room――


 She laughed heartily.

 After all, I was wearing an oversized navy blue suit and a loose shirt. The bright red tie and round glasses. I’m hunched over more than usual.

 ”Oh, right! There’s a guy like that! He seems to buy lunch at a convenience store every day, stares at ads for marriage agencies, and likes trains. Also, all his friends seem to wear glasses, and he seems to have a kotatsu and a fan in his room regardless of the season!”

 (Hey, Kurosawa-san, you should apologize to all of them!)

 Kurosawa-san opens her mouth, breathing hard and wiping the tears from her eyes with her fingers.

 ”Oh no… This is a real gem. You really make me want to tease you”

 ”Hey… Please cut it out”

 After that, we left “the room” and went to the studio again. We took the elevator to the fourth floor.

 After informing them of our arrival on the extension line at the entrance, we stepped straight into the studio.

 ”Good morning!”

 As soon as we entered the studio, Kurosawa-san shouted loudly and bowed down. I also hurriedly bowed my head.

 Looking around, I saw that there were many more people than I had imagined beforehand.

 There was an elderly female photographer and two men who seemed to be her assistants.

 A woman who looked like a stylist.

 A well-dressed man in his fifties wearing a double suit.

 A beautiful girl who looked like a model, and a tall, handsome man who also looked like a model.

 These two are Akira Mizuki and Kirihito Hikami, whom I saw in a magazine a while ago.

 However, Mizuki-san’s image is quite different from the picture in the magazine. Her hair is longer and she looks more strong-minded than Kurosawa-san.

 And she was at least prettier than the picture I saw earlier.

 (Although Kurosawa-san is much prettier!)

 ”Kinuta-san” (*Note: 砧(きぬた))

 When Kurosawa-san called out to her, the woman in front of her came up to her and smiled.

* * *

 ”Yahhoo! It’s been a long time, Misuzu-chan. We were worried about you”

 She has shoulder-length hair.

 She was a young woman with freckles on the tip of her nose.

 She wore a girly dress, and had a round face and a warm atmosphere.

 ”I’m sorry to trouble you”

 ”Sorry? Oh, no, no, no. It’s all right! I’m sorry to say this, but the editor-in-chief is very happy to have you back. After all, you are our featured model. We’re going to have you on the cover this time!”

 ”The cover!? T-thank you very much. Hey, Fumijima! Hurry up and bow too! You’re such a jerk!”

 ”P-please take care of me!”

 Kurosawa-san grabbed my head and forced me to lower it.

 ”Hmm? Who’s he?”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry. I have a manager now, so I’d like to introduce him to you. Come on, Fumijima, say hello properly, you jerk”

 Kurosawa-san kicked my legs with her toes. It really hurts.

 (Wait…? This is an act, right? right?)

 ”I-I’m Fumijima Kijio, the manager of Misuzu at Modero Project”

 ”Yes, nice to meet you! I’m Yasuko Kinuta from the Morita Publishing editorial department. Please feel free to call me Ponpoko”

 ”Pon-Ponpoko… -san?”

 When I made a puzzled face, she smiled at me.

 ”You see, if you read my family name backwards, it is Tanuki”

 (… I mean, her appearance is quite tanuki-like, too)

 ”Well… By the way, who’s over there?”

 I looked at a man in a double suit. He looks like a tough guy.

 ”Oh, that’s Kurashima-san, the president of First Beauty Agency.

 ”First Beauty..!? One of the major companies in the industry!?”

 I pretended to be exaggeratedly surprised.

 ”Yes, I heard that Akira-chan is being produced by the president himself…”

 ”I-I’d love to meet him”

 When I went to greet him with a bow, President Kurashima only nodded his head and said, “Oh”.

 He took my business card without interest, threw it into his pocket, and did not give me his card.

 After a few moments, the photo shoot began, and I watched them absentmindedly, but they appeared to be struggling.

 About the photo shoot…? No, not the photo shot.

 Rather, it’s about dealing with a strong old man.

 Today’s shooting was for the cover and a special page of three men and three women in a snapshot style, but even though she’s a reader model, Misuzu’s popularity in “CUTIE☆CUTIE” is by far the highest.

 The photo session proceeded with Kurosawa-san as the main subject.

 During the process, President Kurashima interrupted it again and again.

 He insisted that the photo shoot should be centered on Akira-san, and that she should appear on the cover as well.

 Unexpectedly, Ponpoko-san resisted the request.

 It was natural that the modeling agency should not interfere in the affairs of the magazine, no matter if he was the president or not.

 And so, President Kurashima and Ponpoko-san clashed with each other many times, and the session was delayed for a long time.

 ”If you insist on such a thing, I’ll ask another agency”

 I think it was just words for words, but Ponpoko-san, who was really upset, raised her voice, and in the end, Hikami-san told the president, “We’re in trouble if we lose the job at Morita Publishing”.

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