Confinement 129

Chapter 129 Revenge Request of the Woman Being Framed

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 ”Nee~, Papa, that girl Misuzu bothers me a lot”

 ”I know. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”

 ”Take care of it… Like how?”

 ”She’s with a small agency. We’ll just pull her in. If I tell her she can move to a big agency, she’ll bite. Anyway, I’ll call that dull manager tomorrow and have him set it up. If we tell him that we’ll bring him in as well, I’m sure he’ll bite without a second thought”

 ”And if they don’t?”

 ”Just pile up the bait. For the manager, it’s annual salary, and position. For Misuzu, it’s movies, dramas, and gravure. CD debut if she wants. Well, there’s no limit to how much bait I can add. And, once the contracts are signed, they can’t violate it”

 ”Ahaha, Papa, you’re so terrible! But that girl really pisses me off. Even though, she’s younger than me and she’s an amateur reader, but two times in a row she’s the main and I’m the sub… How is that possible? Just let her go around the local pachinko parlors and supermarket events”

 ”Well, there’s going to be some money involved to start with. But, all I’m going to do is use it up all over and then dispose of it at the end in a way that allows me to recover it exactly. Of course, I won’t let her do any work that would interfere with Akira-chan, and any good work that comes to Misuzu can be given to Akira-chan”

 ”Ufu, I love you, Papa!”

 ”Yes yes, Akira-chan, I’ll take you to the top of the modeling world!”

 ”…And that’s about it, Devi”

 ”…The one who’s pissed off is me!”

 As soon as Lili’s acting demonstration was over, Kurosawa-san wrinkled her brow and slammed the table.

 On the night of the photo shooting, we were in a high-rise hotel room that Kurosawa-san had reserved for us.

 I had asked Lili to keep an eye on the president after today’s photo shoot.

 Of course, I did this because I thought that Akira Mizuki must be the president’s lover.

 I had thought that if I could capture the scene of their affair on camera, I could use it in various ways, but unfortunately no such action was taken.

 However, it does not mean that there was no harvest at all.

 There was a conversation in the car on the way back to the office.

 This is what Lili has just replayed.

 At that time, Kirihito Hikami was also in the passenger seat, though he didn’t interrupt them, so he must have been involved.

 To tell the truth, I am surprised.

 I was surprised at how bad the conversation was… No, not really.

 Because it was so accurate to Kaneko-san’s story.

 That’s how dirty they are on a daily basis, probably.

 I remember the day when I first talked to Kaneko-san.

 It was two days after I rescued Kurosawa-san from a ship bound for Southeast Asia.

 It was the day after I raided a yakuza office and was detained by the police.

 Kaneko-san was in her mid-twenties.

 She has long, one-length hair dyed in a light chestnut color. She has a sharp-looking face. Her proportions are excellent, with long arms and legs.

 She was slim but had a large bust, giving an unbalanced overall impression.

 My first impression of her was that she looked like a gravure talent.

* * *

 However, that impression changed after about two seconds because her mental ill.

 On her white skin. I mean, until I saw her wrist, peeking through the puff sleeves, there is a pink line that looked like a self-inflicted wound.

 And she was asking me with uncontrollable anger on her beautiful face.

 ”…I have a request”

 From that point on, her story was truly terrible

 It was from the previous year. At the age of twenty-three, although a late bloomer, she was beginning to gain popularity as a model and gravure talent, when something tasty came her way.

 She was recruited by a big agency.

 The president of the company himself visited her and offered her droolingly delicious conditions along with toothsome rhetoric.

 Naturally, she jumped at the offer.

 How could she not be happy to have such a high evaluation of herself? Besides, she knew that compared to the young models around her, her shelf life as a model was not that long.

 ”But… Everything the president said was a lie. None of it came true”

 The president’s talk was about future policies and prospects, not the contract. On the other hand, she herself was tied up in a contract.

 The only work that came around was for erotic photo shoots. And gradually, the exposure went up and up. Still, she endured and did her job.

 But, one day.

 She heard a rumor about herself.

 [Chihiro Kaneko is so selfish. She doesn’t even want to take gravure jobs. Whenever she makes a hole, Akira Mizuki fills it up]

 She couldn’t believe it.

 For a long time now, she hasn’t been able to get a job as a gravure of a proper magazine.

 She complained directly to the president.

 She asked him to let her quit the agency.

 But she couldn’t do that. Rather, she was told to return the 100 million yen that had been invested in her with all ears.

 The terms of the contract stated that there would be a penalty fee if the contract was terminated mid-term.

 There was no way she could afford that.

 ”I’m not a demon, though. If you finish five more jobs, I’ll agree to terminate the contract”

 The week after the president said this patronizingly, she was taken to the site of an AV shooting.

 When she tried to escape, the filming had already started.

 This is a hard rape story in which a girl who doesn’t want to be raped is gang raped.

 When it was released, the promotional copy was “Serious acting”.

 That’s true. Because it’s not acting.

 She tried to kill herself, but it ended in an attempt.

 Because she was comforted by Kirihito Hikami, a junior model.

 She indulged in his kindness and be comforted many times, and he promised to marry her. Therefore, Kaneko-san became more and more dependent on him.

 If she made four more AV films, she would be free.

 She accepted the ridiculous stage name “Ai☆Maimi” and made a silly face with W-piece while crying in her heart, thinking that she would be happy with him.

 And when she shot her second AV.

 She couldn’t take it anymore.

 She thought of filing a complaint to the police with Kirihito Hikami. But on the same night that she consulted with the police, she was kidnapped on the street and taken to a ship bound for Southeast Asia.

 After listening to the story, my impression was– terrible story. That’s all I could think.

 Well, I’m still waiting for the tsukkomi, though.

 Anyway, I don’t understand Lili’s intentions.

 What does she want me to do after hearing what she just said?

 When I looked at Lili, she was circling near the ceiling with an indifferent face.

* * *

 ”So… What do you want now?”

 When I asked this, Kaneko-san’s eyes widened, her cheeks twisted, and she spoke.

 ”Akira Mizuki, President Kurashima, Kirihito Hikami, and Manager Kiyoka Yamauchi… I want them all to go to hell”

 ”I’m not on the side of justice, and I’m not running a charity. I rescued you while I was rescuing Kurosawa-san. It was just a whim. I have no obligation to respond to such a request, do I?”

 ”I’ll make sure there’s something in return. If you need money, I’ll do as many AV films as you want, and I don’t mind selling my body. Of course, if you want to hold me, you can do whatever you want. If you want me to die, I’ll gladly die”

 ”…But, once you’re in this room, I can do whatever I want to Kaneko-san if I want to, so there’s no reason for me to obey you”


 Kaneko-san gritted her teeth.

 ”Hey, Lili, what do you think?”

 I pretend to be uninterested, but I dare to ask Lili.

 In fact, I feel sorry for her and want to do something about it, but I can’t get into the conversation so easily without confirming what this devil is trying to do.

 And apparently, that was the right attitude.

 Lili nodded her head in satisfaction and spoke.

 ”As for Lili, I think it’s the right way for a devil to make wishes come true if she’s offering herself as a sacrifice”

 ”I’m not a devil”

 ”Fufun, here’s some good news. Akira Mizuki is going to inform with whom she will be working soon”


 ”Kurosawa-chan, Devi”

 ”…I see”

 So it means that Kurosawa-san could be the next victim.

 That’s certainly more than enough reason for me to get involved.

 But still, I can’t believe that Lili brought me to Kaneko-san out of pure good intentions to save Kurosawa-san.

 There must be some other reason.

 ”Lili… it’s a pain in the ass to figure out what’s going on. What do you want?”

 When I asked, Lili smiled and spoke.

 ”Ahahaha~, it’s not a big deal, Devi. It’s just that an entertainment agency is… It might be a good place to start in the future, Devi”

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