Confinement 130

Chapter 130 The First Day of Work

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 ”Takata-sama, it’s time to go to work”

 It was evening when the maid, who called herself cockroach, came to my room again.

 Well, there was no window and no clock in the room, so I don’t know exactly what time it was. However, she said my workday starts at five o’clock in the evening, so it must be evening now.

 ”Before we leave this room, let me remind you that it is useless to ask for help. There is no point in trying to talk about the Great Confinement King-sama or this room. If you try to tell anyone about it, you can’t do it”

 ”I can’t talk to anyone about it”, is a strange thing to say.

 It’s not “don’t do it”, or “I’ll get hurt if I talk about it”, but “I can’t”.

 But somehow, I get it. Maybe I really “can’t-do-it”.

 After saying so, the maid walks up to the entrance at the back of the room and beckons me to come quickly.

 ”I can’t go out in this bikini!”

 ”No problem. On the other side of this door is already the bar’s locker room and break room. And the bar’s uniform is a bikini on top and a miniskirt on the bottom too. The miniskirt will be provided by the bar”

 Reluctantly, I followed her through the door and found myself in a small room with five steel lockers, no more than six tatami mats.

 In the middle of the room, there were two long folding tables surrounded by six folding chairs.

 The maid opened one of the lockers, took out a tartan-checked miniskirt, and offered it to me.

 ”Please take this one and wait a moment”

 With that, the maid walked out the door.

 (It’s…… better than a bikini, though)

 I put on a mini skirt for the time being. Even though it’s a mini skirt, it doesn’t serve the purpose of a skirt if it’s this short.

 And the top is only a bikini bra, which seems to make the outfit even more indecent.

 (Really…… why do I have to do this?)

 My shoulders slumped involuntarily.

 I felt uncomfortable and alone.

 After a while, a knock sounded, and one of the girls peeked her head out.

 ”Hello!” (*Note: ちわー (Chiwa))

 A girl with a slightly long haircut dyed in platinum pink, very girlish enter the room.

 She was wearing a school uniform, but I couldn’t tell what school she belonged to.

 ”From~ today, please take care of me. I’m Mako, nice to meet you”

 ”I-I’m also starting today……”

 ”Oh, I see~! Nice to meet you. Hey, what’s your name?”

 ”I’m T-Takata”

 ”Taka-chi…. Okay, okay, I remembered”

 She sat down with her chair close to me and came at me with a big smile on her face.

 I don’t know what it is, but it’s stupid and insanely intimate.

 To be honest, she’s the type I hate the most. This is the type of girl who will flirt with anyone and go along with the flow and become a delinquent.

 After that, three more gals came into the room.

 They came in saying “Owayo” and “Yoro” and started to change into their bikinis, making a lot of noise.

* * *

 What the heck is this place? I can only think of it as a…… nest of idiots.

 After they finished changing, they spread out sweets on the desk and asked me and Mako-san questions without any hesitation.

 ”What’s that? Where did you make it look like that? Manba1 type? That’s really cool. But if you’re going to go that far, you should at least wear make-up, it’s not balanced”


 ”Yes yes, she said it was a waste of time when your hair was that color and your makeup was that color”

 Mako-san was cackling along with the girls, but I couldn’t do it, or rather, I didn’t want to be put together with them.

 As I was twitching and twitching, the door opened and two women came in.

 One of them was cockroach maid.

 As soon as I turned to look at the other one, who followed her in, everyone in the room gasped.

 A foreign woman in an elegant evening dress.

 Her long, silvery hair was like silken threads, glittering in the fluorescent light. She was beautiful.

 ”Wow! She’s really beautiful!”

 ”I mean, the last one. Why a maid?”

 Just as the gals were saying that, cockroach maid opened her mouth.

 ”The owner of this bar has been replaced today. But please be assured that there will be no change in the way you are treated”

 ”Eh, really, not that dirty old man anymore?”

 Then the silver-haired beauty opened her mouth.

 ”The new owner who bought this bar has put me in charge of it. You can call me “manager”. I look forward to working with you from today. Also, I told you that there would be no changes to the bar, but starting today, the customers will be asked to vote on your popularity”

 ”What’s that? Is it similar to a beauty pageant?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Every day the rankings will be announced, and at the end of the month, the results will be counted, and the first place winner for the month will receive a bonus of 100,000 yen”

 ”A hundred thousand yen!? Seriously?”

 ”Wow, that’s really generous!”

 ”We’ll just have to work hard at it!”

 The maid clapped her hands as the gals began to get excited.

 ”Then the bar will open, so please stand by”


 The manager led the gals, which seemed to be in a buoyant mood, out of the room, leaving me, Mako-san and the maid alone.

 ”Are you ready? The contest has already started from the stage of taking positions”

 As if driven by the maid, I left the break room and found that the other side was already a bar. It’s a very long and narrow counter only.

 The three gals were in the middle of the room, so Mako-san and I stood in the corner.

 ”I’ll handle the customer orders from the two newcomers for today. Please concentrate on your conversation with the customers”

 The maid announced from behind me, and Mako-san smiled, “Aha, okay”.

 After a while, customers gradually came into the bar.

* * *

 ”Is Rena-chan out today?”

 ”I’m here. Yama-chan, why did you come to see me?”

 ”Of course, I’m madly in love with Rena-chan!”

 A group of what seemed to be regulars took up positions in front of the gals and started drinking happily with them.

 One by one, customers started to come in, all heading towards the three gals.

 ”It’s hard to get customers, isn’t it, my friend?”

 ”……I guess”

 I didn’t know what to say, so I let my brow cloud over, and she looked into my face and smiled.

 ”Geez, Taka-chi, it’s no good, you need more smiley faces!”

 ”Eh…. ah, yeah”

 After a while, the bar was full. The counter in front of Mako-san and me was filled with customers, as if they were being pushed out of the way by the crowd.

 ”Are you new here?”

 ”Yes. You can call me Mako! Do customers come here often?”

 As Mako-san started chatting with the customers without hesitation, an unrefined man came in front of me, looked up at me and made a troubled face.

 ”Well, are you new……?”






 I nodded my head.

 (High outside pitch? Does that mean he wants to talk about baseball?)

 Then, a maid comes up behind me and offers a drink.

 ”Highball. Please serve it to him”

 (Oh, it’s a drink called “highball” ……)

 Anyway, I put it down in front of him, and he looks annoyed again and moves aside the glass he was drinking from before. He then looked behind me and opened his mouth.

 ”Hey hey, you, why are you a maid?”

 ”I’m the new backup here. Please think of me as a kind of shadow”

 ”Oh, really? I’d much rather talk to you than this pouty girl”

 ”Please don’t do this, the manager will be very upset. Takata-san, the customer wishes to speak with you. Please say something pleasant to discuss”

 ”A story? O-okay”

 In response to the maid’s rash request, I pondered a bit.

 It’s better to have an interesting…… story that is informative anyway.

 And then I told the man in front of me.

 I decided to tell the uncle in front of me how harmful tobacco and alcohol are to the healthy development of young people.

 Manba -> deep tan and contrasting white make-up. Their hair is usually pastel-coloured or blonde, and very long and back-combed. Their clothes are neon and layered)

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