Confinement 132

Chapter 132 Sanada-san wants to Kidnap

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 The background music was surf sound. And sometimes, the sound of waves was added as a sound effect.

 The walls of the bar were painted light blue and the ceiling decoration looked like a thatched roof in Bali. Everywhere are decorated with hibiscus flowers, creating a tropical atmosphere.

 ”Seaside Bound” is a girls’ bar with a midsummer sea theme.

 According to online reviews, the recommended cocktails are frozen daiquiri and pina colada. It seems to be a popular place to enjoy a vacation if not minded the occasional smell of pork bone soup from the ramen shop next door.

 Although the bar has a non-Japanese atmosphere, as soon as my sisters and I stepped into the bar, all eyes were on us.

 Well, that’s how it usually goes.

 “A foreigner! A foreigner! What if they talk to me?”

 Such words. It’s nothing new to me.

 Because of my appearance, people usually look at me twice when I’m eating yaki udon at the food court.

 “A foreigner! Eating yaki udon!?”

 Why not, is it a problem? If a foreigner is eating yaki udon…

 Oh no! This is getting off track.

 Well, I suppose it can’t be helped.

 I can’t help but think to myself, it’s only natural people though so when two model-class foreign beauties would show up at a girl’s bar in the middle of nowhere.

 ”Claudia… That girl on the far right is probably the one”

 As soon as we entered the bar, my sister told me so.

 When I turned my eyes to the far-right side of the counter as she said, I saw a girl who looked slightly different from the one I had seen in the photo.

 Wheat-colored skin, a short cut dyed green, and ears with small ring earrings. But nothing can change her strong face with clearly defined eyes and nose.

 The name tag attached to her tube top bra said “Hikaru”.

 When my sister and I walked up to her, she looked a little puzzled.

 ”Excuse me… I think you’ve come to the wrong restaurant, foreigner-san”

 ”Well, we don’t usually come here. This kind of restaurant…”

 When I replied so, he looked obviously relieved.

 ”Good, you can speak Japanese”

 ”Rather, I don’t speak English”

 ”Ahaha, I see. So, what would you like to drink?”

 ”I’ll have a Coke. And what about Onee-chan?”

 ”Bowmore 18 year”

 ”Okay, wait a minute”

 She starts preparing the drinks.

 As I look at the small bottles of star sand at the end of the counter, I say to her.

 ”By the way, “Teruya-san””

 Then her hand stops.

* * *

 ”…Who’s that? My last name is Kasuya”

 Her answer was, of course, a lie.

 In my field of vision, her shape turns red.

 I heard from Tateoka that she was madly in love with a man named “Junichi Kasuya”… To use the surname of the man she was in love with as a pseudonym is so vindictive that it scares me a little.

 Nevertheless, it is clear that she still has a crush on Junichi Kasuya.

 If that’s the case, she might be more interested in talking about Junichi Kasuya than talking about her sister.

 While I was thinking about this, she was staring at me with wary eyes.

 I decided to see her reaction by talking about Junichi Kasuya.

 ”Junichi Kasuya… It looks like he broke up. With a girl named Kurosawa”

 Her reaction was dramatic.

 As soon as I said this, her eyes widened, and her thick eyebrows raised to form a shocked expression.

 ”Don’t worry. We’re on your side. I’d like to tell you more about Junichi Kasuya’s current situation, can we find a time somewhere?”

 She looked a little puzzled as I told her, then looked around and kept her voice quiet.

 ”I’m going to take a break in about an hour. So, please wait for me at the coin parking behind the building”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I, Tapeworm, am hiding behind a car in the coin parking lot behind the girls’ bar where Teruya-senpai, the target person, was working and keeping an eye on the situation.

 After several days of observation, the target comes out to this parking lot during her break time and looks at her phone with a canned coffee in her hand. I had decided that this was the right time to grab her.

 Yes, I’m going to kidnap Teruya-senpai today.

 When Lili-sama gave me the order, I thought to myself, “It’s finally here!” and expected that Teruya-senpai would receive the same punishment as the four of us.

 But that wasn’t the case.

 In fact, there was a strong possibility that Teruya-senpai’s sister, the one who had been arrested as a substitute for the Confinement King-sama, and who was now missing, was being protected by the nobles of the demon world who were in conflict with Lili-sama.

 Whether she has been kidnapped or is cooperating with them is not clear, but there is no better way than to be wary.

 Lili-sama said that if Teruya-senpai in custody, she can be used as a shield in case of emergency.

 ”In that case, how should I treat Teruya-senpai?”

 Whether she’s above us or below us, the treatment will be completely different.

 ”That’s it, Devi. Let’s make the most of it, Devi. For the time being, she’s above you, but in the end she’ll be below you, Devi”


 I don’t understand.

 What Lili-sama means is…

 The Public Morals Commission’s Chairwoman is currently being trained by Earthworm and Cockroach. In parallel with this training, Teruya-senpai and Kobayashi-sensei are confined and forced to make love.

* * *

 Once they have become complete lovers, Teruya-senpai’s beloved Junichi Kasuya and Kobayashi-sensei’s lover, the Public Morals Commission’s Chairwoman, are added. In addition, Kobayashi-sensei’s wife is added.

 To be honest, I think it’s awful.

 It’s a picture of hell.

 I can’t imagine what will happen after that, but according to Lili-sama, Confinement King-sama will take all the women.

 And as a result, Teruya-senpai will fall to a level below us.

 So, the mission I was given was to kidnap.

 Teruya-senpai, Junichi Kasuya, and Kobayashi-sensei’s family.

 As long as I don’t kill them, I’m allowed to do whatever I want, so I’m going to chop off their hands and feet with my favorite battle axe and carry them compactly.

 (It’s supposed to be time for a break…)

 But as I look at the back entrance of the bar from the shadow of the parked Range Rover, I can see someone coming into the coin parking lot.

 I peeked out and saw two women who looked like foreigners.

 As if they were waiting for something, they started to stand there.

 (Tsk… They’re in the way)

 However, Lili-sama has strictly ordered me to keep this a secret. I can’t just remove them by force.

 While I was irritated and waiting for them to go away, the target appeared from the back door of the bar.

 She walks towards the two foreigners.

 (…Who are they? They’re not even friends…)

 The voices of the two foreigners are low, and I can’t hear what they are saying. In fact, Teruya-senpai’s voice was louder than theirs.

 Well, she was a loud person to begin with, but…

 ”Does that mean… I can go back to school? To the track and field club?”

 I could hear her voice. And then, after some exchanges of what sounded like pushing and shoving…

 ”Junichi-sama is free… I see, I see. Okay… I’ll cooperate”

 Teruya-senpai nodded her head.

 I have no idea what’s going on, but anyway. It’s not going to be easy to abduct her today.

 The door Lili-sama opened for me was near the entrance to a coin-operated parking lot.

 Other people can’t see it, so there’s no danger of them finding it, but for now, I’ll just have to wait until no one is around.

 (Huh… I’ll have to start all over again)

 I let out a sigh and looked up, and at that moment, I shuddered.

 I saw the figure of a foreign woman in front of me.

 She was one of the girls Teruya-senpai had been talking to earlier. The one with shorter hair was looking down at me with a sharp look in her eyes.

 ”…What are you doing here?”

 Well, I’ve been discovered. And it appears to be pointless at this point.

 As long as I don’t kill her, she can regenerate. Although, she’s not what Lili-sama ordered, but she’s not bad looking. The Confinement King-sama might be pleased with her.

 Behind me, I pick up the battleaxe I had prepared and silently slash sideways at the foreigner woman.

 The timing is perfect.

 However, the blow that was supposed to have been a sidewise slash was dodged by the slimmest of margins, and the momentum of the follow-through smashed into the hood of the Range Rover.


 I was surprised by this.

 My current blow would easily slaughter even Orthrus. At the very least, it’s not something a human could dodge.

 ”Eh… Eri?”

 I could hear Teruya-senpai’s voice leaking out when she saw me.

 (Damn, she saw my face. I have to make up for it somehow…)

 If I don’t, I’ll be punished by the head maid.

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