Confinement 133

Chapter 133 The Devil’s Proof of Involvement

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 The old neon lights on the wall were flickering, and moths and winged insects gathered and squirmed in the streetlamp light. And in a relatively spacious coin-operated parking lot behind the entertainment district.

 ”Raah! Raaaa! Roaaaaaah!”

 I, Tapeworm, was wielding a battle axe in my hand, following with my eyes the movements of the foreign woman in front of me.

 Vertically, diagonally, horizontally.

 An intense wind slashing sound.

 The axe pierced the ground, and the gouged asphalt exploded.

 But all my attacks cut through the air in vain, and she continued to dodge by the slimmest of margins.

 ”Kuh! Why I can’t hit her!?”

 It seems I’ve been seen through.

 After all, she’s really dodging with minimal movement.

 I wondered what kind of kinetic vision she had to have to be able to do that.

 It didn’t seem human.

 Could she be the noble of the demon world that Lili-sama had mentioned, or an agent of one?

 However, in appearance, she looks like a foreign model who has just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

 Her shaggy blonde hair is short and bobbed, and she has good looks like a sculpture. Her arms and legs are long enough that makes me jealous, and she has a good figure.

 Oh right, Head maid also looks like a foreigner. That means she must be a dweller in the demon world.

 ”You’re dangerous enough to attack me out of the blue just because I ask you what you’re doing”

 ”Shut up!”

 At the moment I raised my battle axe again, the woman disappeared from my sight. No, it just looked like she disappeared.

 Because, the next thing I knew, she was crouched in my bosom.


 And in an instant, I felt a slight shock on my chin.

 (Did she hit me? But such attack…!)

 As soon as I think that, I suddenly feel dizzy. My body doesn’t listen to me.

 The handle of the battle axe fell from my fingertips, and I nearly fell to my knees.

 (W-what was that…? Oh, no. No, no! I can’t be caught here…. I can’t trouble Confinement King-sama… I can’t!)

 I struggled to hold on to my consciousness, which was about to be interrupted, and somehow managed to hold on.

 In front of me was the figure of a foreign woman who was preparing herself like a boxer.

 ”Uuuu, uahhhhhhh!”

 I almost fall as I stagger to my feet and grab at her. She dodges, as she should, but that’s okay.

 I just ran into the entrance of the parking lot and opened the hidden door and rolled inside.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Did you see that?”

 ”Yeah… I saw it”

 My sister nodded her head in response to my question in a stunned atmosphere.

 After all, there was a door in the middle of nowhere, and as soon as the maid entered it, she disappeared.

 While searching the area where the door disappeared with my hand, I asked her again.

 ”What do you think?”

 ”I don’t know what to say… But I think Tateoka’s right, the devil’s involvement has been proven”

 ”Yeah, I guess so”

 My sister put her finger on her chin and showed a thoughtful expression.

 ”The same goes for the maid. Even though I jolted her brain, she still can move that much, I don’t think she’s human”

 ”By the way, Teruya-chan. You seemed to know about the maid earlier”

 Teruya-chan suddenly jumped when she was asked to talk.

* * *

 ”Eh, y-yeah. If I’m not mistaken… She was a first year student on the track and field club who’s been missing… I think it was Eri Hotta”

 ”Then it proves that there is a connection between “that door” and the “Mysterious Disappearance Case”. Certainly, if they can open doors like the one we just saw, it would be easy to kidnap the entire track and field club at once, wouldn’t it?”

 Teruya-chan’s face paled at my comment.

 That’s true. It would be too much for an ordinary person to talk about devils.

 There must be a person who’s using that devil. After all, there are stories of people making contracts with devils in exchange for their souls….

 Then, the image of a person crossed my mind.

 (Maybe my ability didn’t work because she didn’t have a soul?)

 That person was Saori Moribe.

 Although the person Tateoka was most suspicious of was Fumio Kijima, he seemed to be a very ordinary boy.

 And Saori Moribe seemed to admire him.

 If, as Tateoka says, he is blessed with good fortune because Saori Moribe sold her soul to the devil for him, then ….

 As I was pondering, my sister opened her mouth, pointing at her feet.

 ”…What do we do with it?”

 I turn my head and see the maid’s belongings lying there.

 ”…I guess we’ll just pretend we didn’t see it”

 It’s a battleaxe… you know.

 At least, it’s not something we can expect to see in modern Japan.

◇ ◇ ◇

 A room in a high-rise hotel.

 Misuzu, in her s*xy underwear, is kneeling on the floor and crawling her tongue between my legs as I sit on the bed.

 The peach-colored tongue licked up the body of my meat rod, and the hot, wet pleasure made me shiver.

 ”Fufu, ehehe, Fumi-kun, is it so good?”

 Misuzu’s eyes narrowed happily at my reaction.

 ”Today, Misuzu bullied me a lot, so you’ll have to serve me all night”

 ”Eh~… But Fumi-kun told me to do it”

 Her words were frustrated, but her expression was happy and debauched. Then she boldly took my cock into her mouth.

 *Jubo*, *Slurp*, *Jubo*, *Jubo*.

 She makes a deliberately vulgar sound as she squeezes my cock with her lips. The hot wetness and supple touch made me involuntarily raise my head.

 As her soft lips squeezed my rod, she flicked her tongue over the underside of my cock. I couldn’t help but put my hand on her head as the pleasure rumbled deep into my loins.

 Then Misuzu parted her lips and whispered to me.

 ”Unn… Fumi-kun’s is so great, so hard, so amazing…”

 It is a purely pleasant feeling to be told such a thing by a beautiful girl like Misuzu.

 My arousal is immediately transmitted to my crotch, where it makes my veins tense up even more.

 ”Wow, it’s getting big again!”

 Misuzu gave the glans a gentle lick, kissed the tip, kneaded the underside, then sucked on the glans and began to move her head back and forth.

 *Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Slurp*, *Jubo*, *Jubo*

 Almost at the same time as I let out an involuntary sigh of comfort, my phone vibrates with a loud ringing sound.

 The area code is 03. I don’t recognize the number, but my mouth twitches involuntarily.

 ”Good, good… Keep going, Misuzu”

* * *

 Misuzu smiled with her upturned eyes and resumed her sucking with her eyes closed. She began to shake her head violently while handling the base with her fingers.

 *Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Slurp*.

 With the sound of water echoing in the background, I tapped my phone to pick up the call.

 ”Yes, this is Fumijima”

 ”Ah… It’s Kurashima from First Beauty”

 ”President Kurashima!?”

 I pretend to be exaggeratedly surprised.

 ”I-I appreciate your hospitality earlier and t-thank you very much for today. Um, what can I do for you?”

 ”Yes, it’s about you and Misuzu. There’s something I need to talk about. I’m sorry to bother you on such short notice, but could you come to my office tomorrow?”


 ”Hahaha, there’s no need to be so nervous. It’ll be good for you too”

 ”Yes, but, President… Ugh…”

 When I turned my eyes, Misuzu was rubbing my testicles with both hands while moving her face back and forth violently.

 Misuzu was looking up at me with a mischievous smile on her face as I suddenly let out a cry due to the different stimulation.

 ”What’s the matter?”

 ”I-I’m sorry. I’m just getting a foot massage… Excuse me. But Misuzu-san has already left Tokyo and returned… She won’t be back until a week from now…”

 ”I see… Then, I’ll at least have you for now”

 *Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Slurp*.

 Misuzu is increasing her momentum and driving me into the depths of pleasure.

 ”Y-yes, ugh… Haa~, please don’t hesitate to ask me”

 ”Then come and visit me around thirteen”

 ”Y-yes, I understand!”

 As soon as I said that, I tapped my phone and hung up. I’m on the verge of climax, but I don’t want to cum while listening to an old man’s voice.

 ”Mi- Misuzu! I’m cumming!”

 When I announced this, her head movements became faster and more rapid.

 Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Jubo*! Jubo*, *Jubo*, *Jubo*!

 With such a passionate blowjob, a torrent of burning heat swirled around my lower abdomen, rapidly approaching.

 ”Kuh! Ugh, gghhhh!”

 I force my sphincter and stomp on the floor to hold back my ejaculation, but my climax comes easily.

 ”I’m cumming, Misuzu, I’m cumming!”

 *Tremble*, *Tremble*! *Spurt*, *Spurtttt*!

 At the same time as my cry, the hot white turbidity gushed into her mouth.

 ”Nnn, nnngh, gulp, gulp!”

 Misuzu doesn’t stop sucking on my cock, even though a large amount of white muck is being released into her mouth.

 Rather, she continues to give me more and more loving service.

 ”Kuh, kuhhhh, you’re sucking me to dry…”

 As she sucked me to the last drop, I shook my hips and spat out the white muddy liquid into her mouth.

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