Confinement 134

Chapter 134 I don’t think it’s a matter of just being a global society

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 ”I heard Tapeworm was killed!”

 ”Kukuku… No problem. She’s the weakest of the Four Pests”

 ”I mean, she’s not really a pest. It’s a tapeworm. It’s a parasite”

 ”If you say so, Earthworms are useful. I think it’s wrong to call them pests”

 ”Hey! The story’s getting off track!”

 ”Okay… Then Earthworm is next!”

 ”No, the next is me, Centipede!”

 ”What’s the matter with you, Centipede? You’re no match for me”

 ”What is it Earthworm! You stay out of this!”

 ”Well, well, well. Then let me Cockroach be the next one!”


 ””Go ahead, go ahead””


 I watched the maids pretend as the Four Heavenly Kings in the dining room and thought.

 (I may have gone a little overboard, Devi. I think they have some form of brain damage…. How stupid can they be, Devi?”

 And it’s began just a few minutes ago.

 When I said to the maids standing in line, “You can relax, Devi”, they all started to laze around like high school girls lazing around a desk during lunch break.

 And when they had too much time on their hands, they started to play like this.

 (They were lucky not to be seen by Freesia, Devi)

 After all, Freesia loves this kind of games.

 She might call another one of the Four Heavenly Kings from the demon world to play this game.

 After all, in the demon world, the siege of Fort Guile has ended in victory for our army.

 I’ve received reports that the enemy’s attacks are scattered and there’s a lull, but I can’t stand it if they drag the key part of the army with them.

 Although the situation is improving thanks to “Fumi-Fumi’s Growth”, the situation is still unpredictable.

 Freesia has been punishing Tapeworm since last night. Because “credit, reward, and punishment” is the cornerstone of our foundation, we are not going to go easy on them, nor do we intend to.

 (Although, these maids have become much more capable of fighting, Devi. If they train a little more, I might be able to send them to the demon world, Devi…)

 While I was thinking about this, the door opened and Fumi Fumi came into the dining room.

 Immediately, the maids jumped up and took an upright stance.

 ”””Good morning! Thanks to the Great Confinement King-sama, we are living a happy life every day!”””

 As the maids cheered, Fumi Fumi gave a twitchy smile.

 ”Today you’re up early, Devi”

 ”Yes, I just finished doing radio gymnastics. And now, I’m going back to Tokyo right after breakfast”

 ”Kurosawa-chan is not with you, Devi?”

 ”Ahaha… I was very reckless yesterday. She probably won’t wake up until noon”

 ”Fumi Fumi’s going to need a pair of girls to keep up with you, Devi…”

 When I cowered, Fumi Fumi looked around the dining room and tilted her head.

 ”The maids appear to be a little short”

 ”Oh, Tapeworm is working on making sausages for Orthrus to eat, Devi”


 It’s so gory from what I’ve heard.

 It’s better for both of us if he doesn’t ask any more questions.

 I guess he understood that.

 He changed the subject abruptly.

* * *

 ”By the way, how’s Kaneko-san doing?”

 ”She’s still sleeping, Devi. What about it, Devi?”

 ”Actually… The entertainment agency thing went unexpectedly well and I got a big kick out of it”

 ”In that case, we’d better put a plan together soon, Devi”

 ”Are you really going to do that thing we talked about the other day?”

 ”Of course, Devi. That’s why I went through all the trouble of reading manga about it, Devi. The selection of people is already done, Devi. All that remains is to finish the progress chart exactly, Devi”

 ”I’m going to postpone my reply until a week from now, so we can finish it by then. And, what’s Takata-san’s situation?”

 ”Her training has just begun, Devi, but so far it’s going well, Devi. Earthworm and Cockroach are doing well over there, Devi”

 I pointed towards the maids, and Fumi Fumi smiled at them.

 ”Well, thank you”



 Earthworm and Cockroach instantly turned red and slumped down to the ground. Centipede looked enviously at them.

 ”In the latter half of the summer vacation, Fumi Fumi must be there every day, Devi. I want you to keep that in mind, Devi”

 ”Yes, I understand”

 ”And… There’s something that’s bothering me, Devi”

 ”Something on your mind?”

 ”Devi. I have told you that Anna Kamishima might be working for another noble in the demon world, right, Devi?”


 ”So… I was trying to secure her sister in case of emergency, but it got interrupted, Devi”

 ”You mean another noble from the demon world came out?”

 I shake my head.

 ”No, Devi. But, it’s a foreign woman… probably a saint with the blessings of an angel in her body, Devi”

 ”An angel!?”

 Fumi Fumi looked surprised at this.

 ”But the chance of angels descending is zero at this stage, Devi. They’re not really interested in humans, Devi”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”After all, justice is overwhelmingly dominant in this world, Devi. Sometimes when they give a blessing to the right person and say, “Well, work hard”, the person will worship them all by himself, Devi. So, they don’t need to come down all the way, Devi”

 ”It’s kind of random…”

 ”It’s better that way, Devi. If they come out, it will be a pain in the ass because they try to destroy the human race, Devi”

 ”What the hell is that? It’s so scary!”

 ”Just like the story of Noah’s Flood, in fact, in all the scriptures and teachings of the past and present, there has never been a time when mankind was in danger of extinction because of the devil, Devi. Whenever mankind is on the verge of extinction, it is always because of divine punishment, Devi. It’s the work of angels, Devi”

 ”So who are these foreign saints?”

 ”They’re like pawns in a game, Devi. Something to pass the time, Devi”

 ”Uwaa… Their nature is bad”

 ”So well, the saints aren’t much of a threat, Devi”

 ”I see. By the way, the number of foreign people has been increasing lately, as well as that saint. There was a foreign girl who came to the radio gymnastic today. She’s a girl I became friends with a while ago”

 ”A foreigner at radio gymnastics… It’s a global society, Devi”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Moribe, when I ran into Kitora-chan earlier, she was dressed up really well…”

 ”Is that so?”

 As I tilted my head, Ninagawa-senpai interrupted the conversation.

 ”Look, isn’t it like a date after work!? I heard Kitora-sensei got a boyfriend recently. The rumor is they’re about to cross the finish line”

 ”Huh! Seriously!”

 While we were changing in the club room, Coach YolandaJolandaStun walked in and clapped her hands.

 ”Okay okay! Attention, please! One of the coaching staff will be joining us from today’s practice for the tournament”



 It was very sudden.

 With the exception of Takasago-senpai, who was sleeping on a pipe chair, everyone turned suspicious at once.

 The next moment, we all rolled our eyes when we saw a person entering the club room.

 ”Let me Introduce You. She is Hikaru Teruya, who will be coaching you in the sprint”

 A Yankee jersey, black with gold lines.

 Green hair, countless piercings in her ears.

 Although she looked different, the person who appeared was indeed Teruya-senpai.

 When everyone was stunned, Coach YolandaJolandaStun raised her voice.

 ”She’s going to be taking care of the sprint… Moribe!”

 ”Y-yah!? Yess!”

 Suddenly she called my name, and I jumped up.

 ”You, switch to sprint!”

 ”Ehh!? B-but, I-I’m a high jumper…”

 ”In the first place, high jump is a mismatch for a person of your height, and training in the sprint will be a plus even if you go back to high jump! You should compete in the sprint in the next competition!”

 Instead of me, who had suddenly stiffened up, Shima-senpai shouted a protest to Coach YolandaJolandaStun.

 ”Wait a minute, Coach! You’re being arrogant! Hey, Ui-chan!”

 ”Well, the events are chosen by the members when they join the club, and even if Ninagawa is the only one in the sprint now, there will only be Takasago in the high jump, what do you think about that, Coach?”

 When Tashiro-senpai looked at her sharply, Coach YolandaJolandaStun met her head-on and opened her mouth.

 ”I’ve seen you practice yesterday and the day before, but Takasago is not going to practice. When we split up to practice for different events, Moribe is practicing by herself. I think that’s more unhealthy, don’t you?”


 Shima-senpai moans quietly.

 She can’t say anything back if she’s told that.

 ”For now, until the next tournament, let Moribe go for sprint!”

 Coach YolandaJolandaStun reminded me, and I nodded reluctantly.


 I glanced at Teruya-senpai.

 (Teruya-senpai, she’s scary and loud… I don’t like her)

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