Confinement 136

Chapter 136 It’s almost Devilish to Force a Topic that’s Past Its Prime

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 It was past six in the morning when I returned to the room I was given.

 I took a shower, went to bed, and was woken up by Cockroach maid at two in the afternoon.

 As I ate, I told her that I wanted to be at the bar by four o’clock today. When I told her that, she replied bluntly.

 ”Takata-sama. From now on, you’re on your own. You may skip work or take a nap, but I will not force you to do so. If you have a request, just ring this doorbell and I’ll come”

 She then placed a small bell on the table.

 ”Request… Will you listen to me?”

 ”It depends”

 I made a bold request.

 ”I want to study. I need a reference book or something. Like guide to entertain customers and… a gal stuff”

 When I told her that, she bowed down deeply and spoke.

 ”Accepted. I’ll bring it before you come back today”

 And now, it was four o’clock while I was getting ready. After a few moments, I opened the commuter door and made my way down to the locker room.

 After entering the locker room, I take out the miniskirt from the locker that was hanging and put it on.

 Today, I’m wearing a pastel pink bikini, and as I check my figure, I’m still not used to it.

 After all, it’s embarrassing.

 I sat down on a folding pipe chair and waited for a while, then the door creaked open and Mako-san peeked out.

 ”Taka-chi, good morning!”

 ”It’s already late in the evening, isn’t it, Mako-san?”

 Then she smiled and told me that it was OK to say good morning for night work, no matter what time it was.

 Well, if “good morning” means “early”, it seems to make sense.

 Yesterday, after much crying, I asked her to teach me how to entertain customers.

 It’s really frustrating, but that cockroach maid has a point. Criticizing what I cannot do is nothing but a sore loser.

 In addition, I can’t keep still if she says that I’m disturbing the atmosphere.

 In the end, I understood it this way.

 If my common sense and concept is baseball, the common sense here is soccer.

 And when I thought that I was angry with those who were playing soccer, saying, “Why don’t you stand in the batter’s box?”.

 I felt embarrassed because it’s ridiculous.

 ”Mako-san. Thank you for your guidance”

 When I bowed to her, she looked troubled for a moment, and then smiled.

 ”Just call me Mako, we’re friends, after all”

 I was surprised. It seems we are friends.

 Then, she taught me how to entertain customers, step by step.

 ”First, greet customers cheerfully when they come in and say “Welcome” normally”

 ”Eh… But everyone says hello and chiisu”

 ”If you get used to it. After all, people who come to this bar don’t want to be polite, they want to be able to talk casually like girlfriends. But I think it’s better to say “Welcome” naturally than to force yourself to be awkward”

 I see, it’s important to learn the basics first.

 ”Then, when the customers come to the counter, we take their drink orders… Well… For example, you might ask them like a boy you’re close to, or your boyfriend”


 I think of my usual conversation with Kobayashi-sensei.

 ”What… drink would you like?”

 ”What kind of boyfriend are you dating!? I mean you can say, “What do you want to drink?” or “What are you going to drink?”. Those things are fine!”

 From there, I practiced repeatedly with Mako-san, saying “Welcome” when a customer came in and “What will you drink?” and so on.

* * *

 ”And the most important thing in a girl’s bar is conversation. Basically, there are only people who want to talk to you, so all you have to do is give them a friendly smile and you’ll be fine”


 ”OK is fine. And, if you have the three words “I think so, me too”, “I see”, and “No way~”, you can usually manage. When you get used to it, you can insert some gal word into your speech, and the customers will be happy” (*Note: Sorena, A~ne, Yaba~)


 I can almost understand this. “Exactly” means sympathy, “I see” means understanding, and “No way” means amazement.

 ”Then, when you see the person, you just talk to him randomly”

 ”That sounds… difficult”

 ”Well, I’ll play the customer, so let’s practice! From now!”

 And we practiced for 20 minutes.

 For some reason, Mako-san looked like a member of an expedition who had found something extraordinary.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When we got back to “the room”, Kurosawa-san and I were having a discussion with Lili in the dining room about the strategy of the entertainment company.

 On the table was an A4 copy paper given to me by the president.

 Kurosawa-san said, “Of course everyone’ll bite. If the president gives such a condition”.

 ”So, Lili, are you really going to do that?”

 I asked, and Lili nodded as if it were obvious.

 To be honest, I’m not too keen on the idea.

 But Lili was very confident.

 ”This time, it’s not brainwashing, it’s judgment, Devi. Our goal is to make them confess their sins and kill them socially”

 ”Wow… That sounds awesome. What are you going to do?”

 When Kurosawa-san said this with a curious look, Lili puffed out her chest in an increasingly good mood.

 ”Fufun! You’ll be surprised to hear it, Devi! This time, it’s the popular “Death-Game”, Devi!”

 When Lili said this in a high-pitched voice, there was a delicate atmosphere in the room.

 Kurosawa-san opened her mouth, showing a puzzled expression.

 ”Death game… I think that’s a little past its prime”

 ”No, no, that’s not true, Devi. There are many death game manga published every month”

 ”Oh… That’s just inertia. I heard they don’t sell well even though they are published. In fact, there aren’t that trend, really” (※This is Kurosawa-san’s personal opinion)

 ”What!? Kurosawa-chan! You’re making an enemy of the publishing industry!”

 Kurosawa-san asks Lili with a wry smile, waving her arms around.

 ”W-well… But how exactly are we going to do that?”

 ”First, the selection of participants, Devi. That has already been done, Devi”

 ”Okay, Kurosawa-san and I are confirmed, what about the others?”

 ”Devi Devi. The role requires a certain amount of acting ability, Devi. Among Fumi Fumi’s harem, I have selected people who are relatively sensible and dexterous, Devi”

 The word “sensible” makes me tilt my head.

 To be honest, no face comes to mind. I don’t remember there being anyone like that.

 ”First of all, Fumi Fumi and Kurosawa-chan are naturally, Devi”

 ”Well, we’re kind of related”

 ”And the AV girl, Devi”

 ”Oh, Kaneko-san, she’s not playing the mastermind?”

 ”Just the fact that she’s in it is enough to scare the president, Devi”

 I see. If a person who was supposed to have been tricked and sold to a foreign country, appear again, that alone is absurdly scary.

 ”And, there is a survivor of the last death game, Devi. For now, I’m going to assign “unsociable” to the role that makes all kinds of meaningful statements, Devi”

 ”Oh… There’s it. There is such a character. Well, Shiratori-san is certainly like that”

 ”Next, the role of a cheerful black man in a Hollywood movie called “Why not?”” (*Note: 陽気な黒人役を’なんでやねん‘)


 ”And then a character who looks harmless but is actually a serial killer… Oppai-chan!”


 That’s… I have a bad feeling about that.

 I thought it was a mismatch, but it’s actually a great match….

 ”Are you saying Masaki is the mastermind?”

 Lili shakes her head in response to Kurosawa-san’s question.

 ”She’s not, Devi. It’s just that she’s a serial killer who happened to wander into the city, Devi”

 What kind of scenario is that?

 ”And the person that gets killed in the first two minutes is Ryoko, Devi”

 ””That’s terrible!””

 Kurosawa-san and I unconsciously echoed each other.

 As usual, Ryoko is not getting any reward. I seriously thought that she was born under an unlucky star.

 OK maru is the same as OK. This is young generation Japanese slang.

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