Confinement 137

Chapter 137 Past Redemption

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 ”Uu… Uuuh”

 Ryoko is standing on her toes with her hands tied.

 Her hands are above her head, and the ropes that bind her wrists are tied to the ceiling hooks.

 She is tied and hanged in her pantsuit, her work clothes.

 Although she is not completely floating, she has to stretch out her legs to keep her toes touching the floor.

 Her body and muscles were tense, and her breasts were covered in sweat from her open shirt.

 (This… I’d like to keep it on display as an sculpture)

 That’s how beautiful she looked.

 Although I had already seen every inch of Ryoko’s body, looking at this underexposed figure, a new excitement welled up in my lower belly.

 ”Kuh… Do you think you can get away with this for free?”

 I smiled lightly at Ryoko, who was glaring at me.

 ”Detective, how long do you think you can keep up that kind of strength?”

 As I said this, I put my hand on the breast of her blouse and pulled off the buttons.


 Then, with a rush of energy, I unbuckled her belt and pulled down her pants at once.

 Ryoko’s cheeks flush as she bites her lip in frustration, revealing her s*xy dark red underwear.

 ”Heh, you’re wearing s*xy underwear for such an uptight cop. Perhaps you were expecting it?”

 ”D-don’t be ridiculous!”

 ”Well, we have time. I’ll give you lots of fun”

 ”No, no! Stopppp!”

 I put my hand on the waistband of her underwear and pulled it down. Immediately, the smell of young cheese-like females hit my nose.

 Ryoko’s lower body now exposed. And with her hips lifted up tightly, I saw the beautiful line from her waist to her gently sloping lower abdomen.

 Then, I unhook her front hook, and her breasts spill out with a plump sound. Despite her reluctance, her dark pink nipples stood out as if in anticipation.

 ”Haha, detective, your body seems to be expecting it”

 ”N-no, it’s not…”

 Ryoko wriggles in embarrassment and her eyes are beginning to moisten.

 Since her hands are still tied, she can’t completely take off her clothes. Her white blouse and bra are hung over her shoulders, and see-through knee socks are left on both feet. The fact that she hadn’t completely removed her clothes was rather arousing.

 Then I went behind her and roughly grabbed her breasts and squeezed them.

 ”Aah, no… Kuh, no, stop it”

 As I rubbed and squeezed, her breasts gradually became warm. A hint of sweat also appeared, and the color of her skin turned pink.

 ”Haha, you’re feeling it”

 ”No, that’s, ah, not, true, ah, ah, ahh!”

 I pinched her nipples between my fingers, and she shuddered and writhed in agony.

 ”Ahh! Kuh, stop it, ah, ah, ah, ahh…”

 As I run my fingers over her skin, I move my hand down to the bottom of her body and pull her legs up through the other rope hanging from the hook, which is tied into a ring.

 ”Ahh! No! S-stop it!”

 Immediately, Ryoko screamed out. She shook her body to escape, but there was nothing she could do when she was tied up.

 As she was lifted up by the rope, one of her legs was raised high.

 And with her knees bent, she stands on one leg like a Y-shaped balancing act. After tying the rope around her legs, I stood back and watched her.

 Her crotch is spread wider than ever. Even the folds of her flesh were split open, letting the flesh inside spill out.

 ”You’ve got a very s*xy body”

 ”No… D-don’t look at it…”

 Still, I lean in close to her and whisper in her ear.

 ”Hey… Tell me, Detective. What is this place called?”

 With a chuckle, I open her labia with my fingers, and a gush of nectar wets my fingers and drips down her thighs.

 ”I-I don’t know, such a thing, I don’t knowww!”

 *Chupu*, *chupu*, *chupu*, *kuchu*, *kuchu*.

 As I stirred around the horny vagina vestibule, the nasty sound of water echoed off the walls.

* * *

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahh, Nnn, ah, s-stop it, ahhh!?”

 I slide my finger and rub her clitoris, and she lets out a high-pitched cry and opens her eyes.

 ”Haha, it’s a good reaction”

 I pinch her clitoris with my finger and rub it up and down as if I were handling a man’s p*nis.

 ”Hiiiii! Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh, hiii!?”

 Her reaction was dramatic. Ryoko shook her head violently and screamed. I guess it’s about time.

 My cock was already tense too. So, I took off my underwear and rubbed it against Ryoko’s crotch, and her expression twitched.

 ”Oh, no! I’m about to be raped! No, please don’t do that!”

 ”Shut up, bitch!”

 With that, I thrust my rod into her vagina at once, and she screamed with great agony.

 ”Hiiiiiiii!? Noooo! I-it’s coming innnn!”

 From that point on, it was pure and simple. I thrust my hips violently, devouring the prey in front of me.

 *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!*

 I slammed my hips hard into her ass from behind, and its sound reverberated off the stone wall.

 ”Aaah! Ah! Ah! Ah, ah, ah, hii, ah”

 It must have been very painful, standing on one leg in an unsteady position. After all, I can see her legs twitching and trembling. But I’m not going to let her off the hook.

 I thrust in further, and the meat stick went all the way in.

 ”Higu! Hiiiiii!”

 Ryoko clenched her teeth, shaking her head and tensing up. Her mouth was full of drool, which dripped onto the floor.

 ”How about it, bitch, it feels good, right!? Haa!”

 ”That’s… not… true…”

 ”You dirty bitch! You want me to do more”

 ”No, don’t! Nhiiiiiii!”

 I move my hips even faster. And with relentless thrusting, I pull out and thrust, pull out and thrust again.

 *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!*

 I grab Ryoko’s wavy hair and yell at her while slamming my hips so hard that her ass turns red.

 ”Come on! Just be honest! Tell me it feels good, bitch!”

 ”Hiiiiii! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh!”

 *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!*

 While slamming her hips hard, I squeezed her breasts and presses them together.

 ”Come on! It feels good, doesn’t it? Come on!”

 And finally, she’s fallen.

 ”I-it’s heel hood! I-it’s so hooodd!”

 After all that pounding, my ejaculation is reaching its peak.

 ”Come on! Beg me to put it in your vagina! After all, it’s going to come out! Tell me you want me to impregnate you!”

 *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!*

 ”Oh, p-please l-let it out! Let it out inside my vaginaaaaa! Please impregnate Ryokoooo! Please knock my bellyyyyyy!”

 ”Ahahahahaha! Detective! Now you’re my bitch forever! I’ll impregnate you to my heart’s content!”

 With the pain of ejaculation having already reached the perineum, I thrust the final blow deep into Ryoko’s vagina, right into her womb.

 ”Kuh! Ugh!”


 I thrust with all my might, piercing her womb. With a scream, Ryoko opens her eyes and sticks out her tongue into the air.

 At that moment…

 *Tremble*! *Spurtttttt*!

 White muddy liquid spurted out like a shower over her womb.

 ”Aaah! I-it’s outttttt, ah, I’m going to be impregnated, I’m going to be stuffed, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!!”

 Ryoko arched her back and moaned without a care in the world.

 Then, after pouring every last drop of cum into her, I pulled my cock and Ryoko slumped in her suspended position.

 The white liquid dripped down her inner thighs in a steady stream.

 I grabbed her hair and made her look up. There was no sign of the dignified female detective there.

 ”Ah… Uuuu… I’m a bitch…”

 There was only one bitch with a stupid face.

◇ ◇ ◇

 I untied the ropes and lowered Ryoko, then I made the bed appear and lay down with her.

 ”Haa~… Master, that was great”

 She kissed me lovingly on the cheek.

 Tonight, I had originally planned to take care of her, but then I realized that ….

 I felt so badly of her when she was assigned the role of dying in two minutes by Lili, so I decided to ask her for her request, to give her the love she wanted instead.

 As a result, this is what she answered immediately without any hesitation.

 ”I’d like to be in a situation where I’m a female detective captured by criminals and trained to be a bitch”

 It’s too deep for me to comment, but… If she likes it, that’s good. In fact, the first time she was captured, she was even more reckless.

 Then, Ryoko rubbed her cheek against my chest in a sweet way and whispered.

 ”Leave the role of a dead body to me. Master can cut me up to the very limit. I’m used to it”

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