Confinement 140

Chapter 140 Target Fixed

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 Yui-chan is surprisingly stubborn.

 Even though they are being asked to work as servants, this is merely a pretext.

 In reality, my stepfather is just trying to protect Yui-chan’s mama so that he won’t feel uncomfortable.

 My stepfather said that he wanted her to return to the entertainment industry, and if she wanted to, he would probably back her up.

 So, I thought I’d rather welcome them as a guest. But…

 ”We’ll do our best to serve as maids for Ojou-sama~. If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna be number one~. First of all, we will master the way of the maid~! Then, Mother and I will rule the maid world. We will never give up to climb the maid hill ~”

 ”Yes~, that’s right~, Yui-san”

 Yui-chan is very motivated. And Yui-chan’s mama clapped her hands.

 Yeah, maybe Yui-chan’s mama wasn’t thinking at all.

 Anyway, I want her to focus on one thing, whether it’s the hill, the road, or the world. It’s too messy and it’s bugging me.

 ”Well… But you don’t have to wear a maid’s uniform”

 Even if I say so…

 ”No! I’ve heard that maid uniforms are the soul of a maid. As long as I am paid to work here~, I cannot take off my soul~”

 But in fact, my servant doesn’t wear a maid’s uniform.

 Tanaka-san, the part-time maid whom she calls “Senpai maid-sama”, wears her own kappogi[1].

 However, when I tell her that…

 ”Kappogi is a maid’s uniform~”

 Her answer was puzzling.

 Hmm, I see. It’s a maid’s uniform.

 Sorry, sorry… I can’t argue it anymore.

 That’s why Yui-chan has become rather out of my control.

 That’s funny… That kind of character is supposed to be my specialty, but …. I can’t help but feel a little sick.

 By the way, on the way to school for the make-up class, she was walking three steps behind me, holding my bag on her chest.

 ”Yui-chan, it’s hard to talk to you when you’re walking behind me…”

 ”No, a servant should never stand shoulder to shoulder with her master~”

 There must have been servants in this girl’s house before, but did they treat her like this?

 The mental structure of an inherited lady and an acquired pseudo-daughter of a former commoner like me might be different.

 ”…I mean, you don’t have to follow me to the make-up class”

 ”No, Ojou-sama~. I’ll always stick around and do my best to make sure you’re never feel uncomfortable~. That’s what a maid does~. I’ll be waiting in the hallway while you study, so please let me know if you need me~”

 What’s with that shameful play?

 To be honest, I was sick of it, but when I arrived at the school, I noticed three women walking toward the schoolyard in front of me.

 All three of them were wearing jerseys, but they stood out. They don’t look like students.

 Two of them are blond foreigners. The other one with green dyed hair is walking right behind them. When I saw her faces, I couldn’t help but look down.

 (…Teruya-chi!? Why? Why is she here?)

 When I looked back at her, I saw that Yui-chan was also looking like this (゜ Д ゜). Come to think of it, she’s also on the track and field club. It’s no wonder she knows Teruya-chi.

 The reason she’s here… Is she planning something? Maybe she’s trying to get revenge on Fu~min for Anna-senpai.

 After all, Anna-senpai was arrested because of Fu~min’s raid on the office.

* * *

 ”Yui-chan, I have a request… I want you to keep an eye on Teruya-chi. Just while I’m at school”

 ”Teruya-senpai? Why~?”

 ”Teruya-chi… I think she hates Fu~min. That’s why I think she’s trying to avenge him…”

 ”Keep an eye… R-revenge on Kijima-sama~?”


 ”That’s a big deal~. Please leave it to me~. I’ll make sure I grab her tail~!”

 ”What tail? That’s not certain yet. Don’t get ahead of yourself. You don’t have to push yourself. If you think it’s dangerous, turn back immediately”

 ”I understand~…”

 I feel like Yui-chan’s character is getting more and more strayed, but anyway, this kills two birds with one stone.

 I’ve successfully avoided embarrassing myself while monitoring Teruya-chi.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Today, I decided to change my schedule and observe the practice of the track and field club.

 I talked to Tateoka on the phone this morning, and I had a reason to do so.

 When he picked up the phone after the eighth call, he seemed to be in a very bad mood. He said he simply hadn’t been sleeping well.

 […Certainly, I wrote that you should call me, but you should think about the time… Damn]

 ”Shut up, you stupid neet. The world is awake at 7:00″

 [I’m not a stupid neet. I’m still in school]

 ”I don’t care about that. What do you mean, Saori died once?”

 [Well, I… I tried my best too. I think you should praise me…. Well, whatever. When I visited the elementary school where this girl Moribe graduated from, I talked to her former homeroom teacher. He was an old man on the verge of retirement]

 ”…How come you weren’t treated as a suspicious person?”

 [For that matter, if I say, “My friends and I are looking for a surprise for Moribe-chan’s birthday” I’ll get most of them. They’ll be happy to tell you all about it]

 ”Oh… Your charisma is sometimes useful. I was surprised”

 [Fufun. And the teacher, said “I remember Moribe very well”. Also, he said, “Why I remember it? Because she died once”]

 ”So I’m asking you what that once-dead situation is”

 [Really, you’re an impatient person… When she was in the fifth grade, the teacher got a call from her parents. They said, “Moribe had a high fever and passed away this morning”. And after that, he reported it to the students, and everyone cried and held a moment of silence, but the next day she came to school as usual]

 ”What? What’s that?”

 [Right…? I mean, what’s with that story? Apparently, that teacher called Moribe’s house in a panic, but her parents said, “I don’t remember making such a call. It must have been a prank”. But the teacher said it was definitely Moribe’s mother’s voice]

 ”…Isn’t that just the ramblings of an old man?”

 [To be honest, that’s a possibility, but… What’s interesting is what happened after that. Moribe’s personality completely changed after the fuss about her death. She used to be cheerful, selfish, and the center of the class, but after that, she became quiet, timid, and reserved]

 I gasp.

 [”She looked the same. but she’s like a completely different person”, the teacher said. He also joked with the other teachers that she might actually be her twin sister.]

 It’s clear.

 I thought so.

 At that fifth grade, she and the devil had switched places.

 When I thought about it, it was natural that the members of the track and field club hid the fact that they still had a connection with the culprit.

 After all, the devil is in the same club.

 I don’t know whether Fumio is involved or not. Even if he is, I don’t know whether he is using Saori Moribe or being used by her.

 However, if I can monitor Saori Moribe thoroughly and find conclusive evidence that she is the devil, the situation will be greatly improved.

 A kappōgi (割烹着, “cooking wear”) is a type of smock, originating in Japan.

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