Confinement 141

Chapter 141 Those who Stray from the Path

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 ”I’m back~”

 Near evening, Yui-chan came home.

 She’d gone to check on Teruya-chi, and because there was no sign of her return, so I’d gone home first.

 ”Good work! So, how was it?”

 When I asked her, Yui-chan said excitedly.

 ”It was great~!”


 ”It was love~! It’s love~! The reason Teruya-senpai came back was to confess her love to her beloved gentleman~!”

 “Her beloved gentleman”, Oh, I understand.

 (I see! It’s Kasuya-chi!)

 Well, that makes sense then.

 She was very obsessed with Kasuya-chi.

 Knowing that Misuzu had broken up with him, she came back to attack him.

 Yui-chan told me that she had been teaching sprinting in the morning, but after lunch, she suddenly started acting suspiciously.

 Teruya-chi went to the restroom, changed into a neat white dress, came out and went to the back of the school building.

 On there, she met a boy.

 ”The gentleman looked unhappy and uninterested from beginning to end~, but… Teruya-senpai expressed her fondness for him~… In the end, the two of them walked out of the school through the back door arm in arm~”

 Yui-chan looked up into the air in fascination.

 She looked like a girl in love.

 She looked as if she was thinking of someone she liked.

 But, I’m sorry to say, there’s no one better than my Fu~min.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Nnn, nchu, chu…”

 Junichi-sama said to take off my clothes and kneel between his legs, and I ran my tongue over his cock.

 It’s the first time I’ve seen a real cock. I lost my parents early, so I don’t remember seeing even my father’s cock.

 It smelled so grotesque and fishy. Still, I couldn’t help but love it when I thought of it as a part of Junichi-sama.

 Just by licking it with my tongue and holding it in my mouth, my heart is beating wildly.

 My blood was pumping so fast, I felt as if my head was boiling.

 The love hotel behind the station. A room at the Ravian Rose. I’d always wanted to go there with Junichi-sama.

 The atmosphere of the first love hotel I entered was very similar to the one I had seen in a TV drama. There was now a pink light shining down on me and Junichi-sama.

 The reflection of my face in the mirror was completely debauched. It’s nasty. Junichi-sama, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to show much expression. I wonder if it’s because he’s more experienced and has more room to breathe.

 ”Nchu, slurp, slurp, slurp nfu…”

 I want to make him feel good. With that in mind, I desperately continue sucking Junichi-sama’s cock.

 A long time ago, I dreamed of having s*x with Junichi-sama. I was so excited that I became dizzy when I thought that I was going to give my first time to him.


 ”Ouch, it hurts!?”

 Junichi-sama suddenly grabbed my hair and let out a low voice.

 ”…Hey, bitch. How’s my cock?”


 ”Is it big? Or small?”

 Even if I were told such a thing, I would be at a loss. After all, I’ve never seen a cock before. So, I don’t know if it’s big or small.

 (…Oh, men are happier when I say it’s big, right?)

* * *

 ”Oh, it’s big…”

 As soon as I replied with an upward glance, Junichi-sama’s expression suddenly changed.

 The flames of anger flared up in his eyes which until then had looked indifferent, and deep wrinkles appeared at the top of his nose.

 ”Eh, oh, eh…”

 When he lets go of my hair, I was confused.


 Junichi-sama suddenly kicks my shoulder and I fell down on the carpeted floor.

 ”You’re a liar, you bitch! When you licked it! You must be laughing in your heart because it is so small!”

 ”No, no, I don’t…”

 ”Shut up!!”

 Junichi-sama then sits on top of me and swings his hand over my head.


 He slapped my cheeks again and again as I choked on my fear.

 ”No, no, I-I’m sorry, I’m sorryyyy”

 A slapping sound echoed through the air. My desperately apologetic voice was completely ignored.

 ”I won’t let you make a fool of me! Try to laugh! And I’ll kill you!”

 ”No, no, it hurts, I’m not making fun of you! I’ve never seen a man’s cock before! I don’t know if it’s big or small! I don’t know it!”

 When I raised my voice desperately, his hand stopped hitting my cheek.

 ”It’s your first time? You’re lying!”

 Then he grabbed my breasts and twisted them with all his might.

 ”Ow, it hurts, it’s tearing, it’s tearing!”

 He twisted his mouth around my face as I writhed frantically.

 ”Hey, bitch! You want to be mine, don’t you? Didn’t you say I could do whatever I want?”

 ”Yes, I said it”

 ”So, “No matter what you do to me, please let me be with you”. You’re the one who said that, right!?”

 Junichi-sama said, and got off my body, put his hand on his cock and put it to my pussy.

 ”Wait, wait, wait please…”

 My mind wasn’t ready, and probably my body wasn’t ready either.

 But he clenched his fist…

 ”Shut up!”

 He punched my stomach.


 A muddy voice like a beast leaks out, and sour stuff floods into my mouth from the back of my throat. It hurts, it hurts. Why? Why is it like this?

 The cheek that was just slapped is burning. My mouth is tingling with the taste of blood. And tears are flowing naturally.

 ”A-at least, on the bed…”

 ”I don’t care”

 I begged, but he threw up and thrust his cock forcibly into me.

 ”Hi, it hurts, sob, sob, it hurtssssssssss!!”

 I felt as if my body was being torn apart. And the piercing pain crawled up my spine.

 I clenched my teeth, clawed at the carpet, and rolled over on my back.

 ”Ugh, ugh… Uuu, uuu, uuu…”

 I can’t speak. I just sobbed and cried.

 ”What the hell… I thought you’d be more relaxed, but you’re a lot tighter than I thought”

 And then Junichi-sama started to move his hips without mercy.

 ”Ouch! Ouch, it hurts! It hurtssssss!”

 I can’t help it, it hurts so much. I couldn’t help but scream as he rubbed the wound up and down.

 Just as I was about to scream, Junichi-sama raised his hand again and slapped my cheek.

 ”Don’t make such an unpleasant sound, you bastard! Come on, moan! Tell me it feels good! You fucking bitch!”

 ”Don’t, don’t, don’t hit me! Hiiiii, oh, oh, ohh! It feels so good!”

 I was desperate. I did as I was told and raised my voice. But still, Junichi-sama’s mood was getting worse.

 I didn’t know what to do.

* * *

 ”You’ve got to be kidding me! Bitch! You don’t even look good to me! You’re making fun of me!”

 As he shouted, Junichi-sama put his hands around my neck and strangled me.

 It’s painful, I’m dying.

 I scratched the air desperately as he strangled me without restraint.

 ”Ju-Junichi-sama, I, I’m gonna die… Uu!”

 ”Hahahaha! If I strangle you, your cunt will tighten up too, bitch! Come on, bitch! If you want me to continue to hold you, you’re going to have to work hard to get your cunt tight!”

 ”Hii, Hiiiii, guuu, gaha, kaha”

 Junichi-sama’s hips are pounding mercilessly, and his hands are tightening around my neck.

 My eyes gradually become blank. He’s looking at someone else. That’s what I felt.

 My head feels fuzzy, and my consciousness fades away.

 The pink light flickered on and off.

 My vision is getting darker and darker.

 At the very moment when my consciousness was about to be swallowed up by the darkness, I felt that Junichi-sama was going to release his semen into me.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”It should be perfect… But…”

 After changing into a light blue bikini, I, Takaka Takata, looked back at the pile of DVDs on the table.

 I watched all the DVDs while I slept.

 Frankly speaking, I thought I was going crazy.

 Sexual intercourse is supposed to be a confirmation of love.

 It is supposed to be a sacred act for procreation.

 Yet, the girl in the DVD piled herself on top of the man as if it were a recreational activity.

 She was rude, accustomed, and have no sense of chastity.

 And yet, the man in the film seemed to take pleasure in her attitude.

 (This is not the s*x act I know… It’s something else entirely)

 The act with Kobayashi-sensei was a hidden act in the quiet of the night. That’s the impression I got. He was gentle, and the act was poetic, as if we were confirming our love for each other.

 I surrendered myself to him and responded to him lovingly like a little bird. Such are my memories. It may be a bit of a beautification.

 Yet, even though it was the same s*xual act, the girl on the screen was completely different.

 She was like animals who straddled a man and demanded him to go deeper or to move his hips more, making fun of him and devouring pleasure while taking advantage of him.

 When I think back, I feel strange.

 I shook my head and thought to myself.

 (I’ll just pretend I didn’t see the s*x part! It’s the attitude and language I should be referring to!)

 I look into the mirror and stick out my tongue as if to provoke them.

 Remembering that some of the DVD’s had pierced tongues, I wondered how they would have spoken.

 ”It’s okay, right? It’s so excited~, ahaha, that’s sounds cute, right~!” (*Note: Agepoyo~)

 I say it out loud and twist my head.

 What’s “cute”?

 I’m not sure. Maybe it means something awesome.

 When laugh, open the mouth and say, “Yahaha!”.

 When talk to men, try to be friendly and make fun of them.

 After a long simulation, I nodded my head.

 The gal make-up I had learned yesterday was perfect.

 Of course, I don’t think I’m as good as Rena-san, but in this way, I’m probably pretty cute.

 Don’t worry, I’ll get out of last place today… No, I’m going for first place.

 If I don’t get the first place soon, I’ll be stuck. I don’t have a lot of time.

 It’s okay. I’m a hard worker. It’s been written in my report card since elementary school that I’m a hard worker who sets an example for everyone.

 If I work hard, I can make it.

 Teruya-san just fainted. He’s not dead.

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