Confinement 142

Chapter 142 The Night Before the Death Game

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 I put the headphones to my ears and turn it on.

 Amidst the radio noise, I hear a whispering voice.

 [Onii-chan, today… I made hamburgers with my mom. I learned how to make it well and my dad said it was delicious… I want Onii-chan to try it too]

 ”Cunning devil… I wonder if he’s aware of her?”

 While muttering quietly, I slurp down a cup of coffee that has gone cold.

 Six days have passed since I started watching Saori Moribe. So far, I haven’t been able to catch her tail at all.

 She is a normal… Rather, she is acting like a good girl, an honor student, if I may say so.

 This voice that comes from the wiretap microphone is her daily routine.

 It’s a voice that she reports the events of the day before going to bed, probably to Fumio’s photo or something.

 Once, on the way home from the exercises, I forced her to go to her room, saying, “Tell me about school!” And set up a wiretap while she was preparing a drink for me. Since then, I have had to eavesdrop on this maidenly report every night.

 The reports include “I cried when Teruya-senpai scolded me”, “A sunflower bloomed in the field on my way to school” and “I won a popsicle”.

 After she went to bed, Saori didn’t do anything indecent, and slept quite well.

 However, she seemed to be weak in the morning, and was quite unhappy with her mother who came to wake her up.

 Her mother understood her well and said, “You can’t let Fumio see you like that, right? Wake up! You’re going to miss the time to get ready” And with that, she pushes her out of bed.

 With pouting lips, I muttered.

 ”I don’t think I can get anywhere with this….”

 If there’s no progress, I’ll have to use a little force.

 If her life is in danger, she will reveal herself. However, revealing herself means I need to prepare myself for a serious fight with the devil.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Where’s Claudia?”

 When I ask, Teruya points upward with a “Hmm”. I guess that means she’s upstairs.

 For a while now, that girl has been watching and listening to Saori Moribe.

 ”What do you think, Coach, about Saori being the devil?”

 ”Honestly, I don’t believe it. I didn’t think such a weakling was a devil”

 I have changed her to sprinter so that Teruya can monitor her more easily, but she is incredibly slow.

 The way she ran, she looked like a country girl running through a field of flowers.

 Her thighs are quite thin, and Teruya and I are working together to correct her skeletal structure by stretching.

 ”But… If Claudia says so, then so be it. There’s never been a mistake before”


 Teruya narrows her eyes suspiciously with her face is covered with band-aid and bandages.

 She has recently had a boyfriend, but he seems to be a very violent man, so her body is covered with bruises. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t have a band-aid on her face.

 Claudia and I told her not to go with such a man, but Teruya said.

 ”But sometimes he’s nice to me…”

 Teruya smiled, somewhat happily.

 I don’t think I can understand this mentality.

 While I was thinking about that, Teruya said…

 ”Oh yeah, I got a call from my sis”

 She said so.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”On the train, where do you fill the gas tank?”

 ”Gasoline!? It can’t be filled such a thing”

 ”Amazing, train is amazing. Does it run without gas? Isn’t that dangerous?”

 ”Ahaha, you’re funny, Taka-chi. A train runs on electricity”

 ”Oh, I see! Gen-san, you know so much~!”

 I giggle while dealing with the fat glasses who say he is train geeks. That’s another vote.

 I pretend to be an idiot for someone who has nothing to gain.

 I’ll lower myself below them to arouse their desire for protection, praise and flatter them, and finally look up at them with moist eyes.

 I’ll make them think I’m in love with them.

 After four days of this, I finally won first place.

 If I understood the rules and worked hard to follow them, my performance would improve. It’s the same whether it’s working at a girls bar or studying.

 But on the day I won first place, Rena-san was not at work.

 And yesterday, when she came to work, I easily dropped to second place.

 I bite my teeth.

 According to my calculations, the game is over if there are more than seven days without a first place finish before the summer vacation ends. My earnings will not reach three million yen.

 As of now, I have already wasted five days.

 Before I went to work today, I watched the DVD again from the beginning to see if there was any hint.

 I think my gal-speak is already perfect. My attitude and customer service are also fine. Maybe I’m even better than her.

 ”The difference between her and me… What is it?”

 To be honest, with proper makeup, I’m more beautiful than her.

 But most of the customers who have talked with both Rena-san and me have voted for Rena-san.

 Watching DVDs like this, I feel that it would be easier if I could use my body to make the customers fall in love with me.

 As soon as I thought that, I felt like I knew what Rena-san had that I lacked.

 She seems to be a guardless woman. She seems like she is ready to have s*x if someone push her, or something like that.

 Even yesterday, when a drunken customer said to her, “Renachuwan, will you marry me?” she laughed and said, “It’s really impossible for me to get married when I’m not even pregnant”.

 Wait a minute!? Pregnancy comes first? At that time, the customer looked more ashamed than I did.

 Pregnancy = s*x.

 I think she imagined that. In other words, what I need to work on is to acquire a naughty atmosphere.

 I would watch DVDs and study naughty gestures, and I would change my bikini to one with very little fabric.

 And now, I am steadily earning votes while catching men’s lustful glances with my cleavage.

 I could afford to think that men with their long noses are so cute.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Yeah, perfect ,Devi!”

 Lili nodded and smiled.

 The game area for the death game is now ready.

 A large white room with forty tatami mats in the center.

 In the middle of it, there is a white round table that can seat eleven people, twelve doors on three sides of the walls, and a large monitor on the remaining side.

 Only one of the doors was painted red, and the other doors were marked with the names of the participants.

 ”Well… That was a lot of work”

 The hardest part of this project was getting one surveillance camera for each room, which was not possible with furniture.

 Lili had prepared one that didn’t need wiring, but even so, installing it was all manual work.

 With the help of the maids, two cameras were installed in each room so that there would be no blind spots.

 ”Tomorrow, when you discuss the contract in the office, it will be executed, Devi. And are you going to take Oppai-chan and Nandeyanen with you from the start?” (*Note: Nandeyanen : Shima)

 ”Yes, they’ll be the new models I want to transfer with me…. I think that’s a better way to make them feel more involved than if they just appeared out of nowhere”

 ”I think that’s good, Devi. I’ll also have Freesia and Torture kidnap the female and male models, Devi”

 I nodded my head and looked around the death game area again.

 Kurosawa-san had said that death game was past its prime, but I couldn’t stop myself from getting excited.

 It’s like the day before a school festival. That kind of feeling. Well, I’ve never actually enjoyed a school festival.

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