Confinement 15

Chapter 15 Trembling Women

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 When I hurriedly looked up, I saw the cosplay girl floating in the middle of the air, glowing with a faint light.

 ”Ahaha, Kurosawa-chan, you’re so naughty, Devi”

 It seems I have been seen clearly.

 Oh, this is so embarrassing.

 ”Kurosawa-chan who loves to play with herself. It’s like your name suggests about that”

 (What kind of false accusation is that, judging by my name?)

 But I can’t blame anyone, because I did it all by myself.


 I hung my head in embarrassment, but the cosplay girl said.

 ”Ahahaha, you must be hungry after having private time alone. Here you go, Devi”

 Then she threw something in front of me.

 The thing that fell on the floor was a slice of bread.

 And it just a piece.

 It was not baked, and there was no jam or butter on it.

 ”Don’t throw it! It fell on the floor. And this is all you brought?”

 ”Yes, Devi. You should be grateful. From now on, I’ll give you a slice of bread for lunch and dinner. I’ll give you a bottle of water every day. Here, the water”

 ”It’s water……”

 I hate myself for being a little bit happy when I receive the plastic bottle offered to me.

 But I think about it again.

 (In any case, it’s better to fall in love with him as soon as possible and get out of here. If I’m going to be violated anyway, it’s the same)

 ”Hey. Call that creepy guy…….”

 ”Hmm? Why?”

 ”It doesn’t matter. Anyway! Just tell him I’ll let him to hold me and he’ll come right over”

 As soon as I said that, the cosplay girl blurted out, “Pfft!”.

 ”Ahaha, you said you’d let him hold you! The fact that you can still talk about it from the top is a big deal in a way, Devi”

 She grinned and pointed her face at me as I was annoyed.

 ”Rather, Kurosawa-chan, you have to work hard so that Fumi Fumi doesn’t get bored”

 ”Huh? How can he get bored with me?……”

 ”Ah, you know, Devi. Fumi Fumi is currently looking for another girl, Devi. So, now Kurosawa-chan is just like a used onahole, Devi”

 ”No way……”

 ”Well, it might be too late for you to try harder, Devi. Fumi Fumi might not even come to this room anymore”

 ”So-so, am I going to be disappeared then?”

 [If he gets tired of you, you will be disposed of]

 Freesia’s words flashed through my mind.

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. It doesn’t hurt at all, and when you notice it, you already gone, Devi. It’s just that when you notice you’re gone, you won’t notice it, Devi. Ahahahaha!”

 At her own words, the cosplay girl laughed out loud, holding her stomach.

 But that’s not what I’m worried about.

 I’ve been trying to hold out for a while now, but I’m going to be killed without even being given a chance?

 Will I disappear without anyone noticing?

 Will I never see Jun-kun again?

 When I thought of this, something that had been holding me back broke off.

 Immediately, my body couldn’t stop shaking, and my back teeth made a clattering sound.

 ”No….. No…… I don’t want to disappear……”

 I was so scared that I let out a cry like that.

 And while seeing me like that, the cosplay girl shrugged her shoulders in annoyance.

 ”You don’t want to disappear, Devi?”

 ”I-it’s obvious!”

 ”Hmm…… I can’t help it, Devi. Lili is not a monster either, though I’m a demon. Okay. I will ask Fumi Fumi to hold Kurosawa-chan at least once more, Devi”


 ”But! I’m only asking. What to do is up to Fumi Fumi. At best, just pray that Fumi Fumi will come”

 With that said, the cosplay girl suddenly disappeared.

 When she disappeared, the room was once again in darkness.

 True darkness, not a single sound.

 I felt as if I would be crushed by fear, thinking that I might disappear before I knew it.

 ”C-come…. come….. Please come quickly, please….. I-I’m going to like you so you can like me, please, come quickly….. It’s scary, it’s very scary…..”

 My heart was completely broken.

 And I held my knees with the bread in my hand and just shivered.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Phew~….. finally finished. It’s really messed up”

 After school, I was forced to clean the classroom. And as I finally finished everything, I was in front of the shoebox.

 ”I can’t believe they put all of this on me alone…… Huh?”

 As I looked towards the school playgrounds, complaining, I noticed a group of girls walking towards the back of the school building, in the direction of the old school building.

 (What are they doing at this hour? Huh? Fujiwara-san?)

 Among the group of girls, I saw Fujiwara-san’s flashy side-tailed blond hair.

 It was late in the day, and if I looked towards the school playground, I could see that the athletic club members were starting to clean up the place. Such a time.

 I felt something uneasy, so I hurriedly changed my shoes and followed the girls.

 While hiding myself in a bush, I saw Teruya-san, the ace of the track and field team, walking at the front of the girls.

 And behind her, I could Fujiwara-san walking with her head down.

 All the girls surrounding her are short-cut, as if they have been arranged.

 They are probably the junior members of the track and field club.

 (No way…… that was quick. Teruya-san, you are very fast)

 I don’t really care what happens to Fujiwara-san, but I’m kind of bothered by the idea of her leaving here.

 So, I decided to follow them for now.

 Once the girls reached the old school building, they inserted the key into the back door.

 Naturally, the old school building was forbidden to enter due to its decay.

 Moreover, there are rumors that it is haunted.

 I don’t know why Teruya-san has the key, but no one can disturb them inside the old school building.

 After observing the girls go inside, I pause for a moment and put my hand on the knob of the back door.

 Cautiously, Teruya-san and the others seem to have locked the door.

 But whether the door was locked or not, it didn’t matter to me.

 Because I have an ability, so I piled my door on top of the door to make it appear, and easily entered the old school building by <Passing Through the Room>.

 As I expected, I couldn’t even hear the voices of the athletic team up here.

 The corridor of the old school building was dyed in the orange of the setting sun, and there was a lot of dust flying around, glittering in the sunlight.

 The floor also covered in dust, as no one had used the building for a long time.

 But thanks to that, their footprints were still on the floor.

 I followed their footprints on the floor, while killing the sound of my footsteps.

 As soon as I reached the second floor from the stairs at the end of the first floor, I heard a scream, “Kyaa!” and the sound of someone being slammed against the wall.

 (Whoa, whoa. Seriously? That’s not calm)

 I suppressed my urge to run and approached the door of the classroom where the footprints continued. Then I peeked inside from behind the door.

 As the building was just waiting to be demolished, the classroom was empty.

 There were no desks, no chairs.

 But in the back of the classroom, I saw Fujiwara-san leaning against the wall, with her head hanging down, and Teruya-san and the others surrounding her.

 It was obvious what was going on.

 But to be honest, I found it surprising.

 I thought girl bullying was something more shady, like hiding something or spreading a bad rumor….. but I was wrong.

 ”Ahaha…..Teruya-chan, you’re joking too much. You’re mistaken, you’re mistaken. I don’t have any feelings for Kasuya-chi~ and it’s true. So, give me a break”

 Fujiwara-san insisted with a flattering smile, but Teruya-san stared at her in silence face to face.

 ”W-…… what?”

 Teruya-san said to Fujiwara-san, who looked away.

 ”You’re…… Koganei, right?”

 (Koganei? What’s Koganei?)

 I couldn’t help tilting my head.

 But Fujiwara-san’s reaction to that comment was dramatic.

 Her eyes were wide open, her face pale and her lips quivering.

 ”I knew it. I thought you just looked alike because you have different names and you look completely different”

 ”I-I don’t know! T-that’s not my name!”

 Fujiwara-san shook her head desperately. However, Teruya-san completely ignored her and asked.

 ”So, Koganei. Are you still “doing it”?”

 ”W-what are you talking about? I-I’m not doing that! You’ve got the wrong guy!”

 ”That’s enough. It’s obvious. You ran away and caused us a lot of troubles, you know. My sister is constantly blaming me for the loss of her moneymaker”

 ”I told you……. It’s wrong”

 ”You’re so persistent. If you want, why don’t I call my sister right now? Maybe she’ll come over and beat the shit out of you”


 ”I’ll tell you something. My sister got married last year. Her husband is look like this, you know?”

 With that said, Teruya-san showed a pretense of drawing a scar on her cheek.

 ”If my sister finds out, it’ll be a problem. Maybe she’ll sink you in soap and you’ll never come back to the surface”

 Immediately, I saw Fujiwara-san’s cheeks twitch with fear.

 ”I-I get it! I get it! I get it! I’ll never go near Kasuya-chi~ again, I promise!”

 ”Huh? Do you think that’s enough? You’re really annoying, aren’t you? You’re a bitch who sold her body for a single ticket, and now you’re flirting with Junichi-sama”

 (Junichi-sama ……?)

 I was stunned. To Teruya-san, Kasuya-kun must be a prince or something.

 ”I’m sorry, please forgive me……”

 Fujiwara-san finally started to cry. Teruya looked at her as she shook her head and said without expression.

 ”Then take it off”


 ”I’ll take embarrassing pictures of you so that you’ll never think of disobeying me again. So, for today, I forgive you”

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