Confinement 14

Chapter 14 Confinement Room Returns

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 On the morning after Lili’s special training to become a “beast and a gentleman”, I stepped into the classroom while yawning.

 As I thought it again, isn’t the only time I had slept in the past three days was in the infirmary?

 Perhaps the energy drink didn’t make me tired at first, but now I felt like I was getting very tired.

 However, because of the special training, Lili gave me another bottle of energy drink, but she said, “If you’re going to drink it, drink it little by little, Devi! Don’t drink it all at once, Devi!” She strongly reminded me.

 Well, I guess that’s happen after such a wild rampage.

 It can’t be helped.

 So now, after thinking that, I took my seat, but was it just a coincidence? Because Masaki-chan, who was sitting two rows next to me, third from the front, turned to look at me.

 When she noticed me, she secretly waved her hand under the desk and smiled slyly.

 (Oh man, she’s so cute. She’s an angel…… She is definitely an angel…….)

 Well, few days ago, I was talking about how I’m going to get revenge and how Masaki-chan is guilty as well, and yet here I am.

 Yeah, I’m not very good at this.

 So, as I was sloppily stretching out my nose…

 ”Hello…….” (*Note: ちょりーっす-> Chori-su)

 With a sluggish greeting, Fujiwara-san walked into the classroom.

 She was scratching her blond side-tailed hair and walking in a very annoying manner.

 Her face was brown-colored with thick makeup. And her bare legs stretching out from her ridiculously short skirt are erotic.

 Her blouse was loose, and I caught a glimpse of a black bra trimmed in pink on her breast.

 And after throwing her bag, decorated with various pins, on the desk, she walked into the circle of top caste people hanging out around Kasuya-kun’s desk.

 As I tried to follow her with my eyes, I panicked and turned my face down.

 (No, no, no)

 If I’m involved with Kasuya-kun again, I’m going to be in trouble.

 So, I plopped down on the desk and pretended to be asleep, while secretly watching her.

 (She doesn’t look like that at all……)

 Lili had said Fujiwara-san is bullied, her flashy appearance is just an intimidation, and she is need of dependence……

 (But…… Is it true?)

 I didn’t think it was possible, but if I dared to look at it that way, I would notice some things.

 For example, now she was hurried towards the boys.

 While the other girls of the top caste were chatting and laughing in another place…….

 Until now, I thought she just liked the boys more than the girls and she was just a bitch, so she didn’t care about it.

 But when I thought about it, I had never seen her talking to any other girl without Kurosawa-san.

 Rather than being close to boys, it might be more accurate to say that she doesn’t have many relationships with girls other than Kurosawa-san.

 She is good friends with Kurosawa-san, who everyone looks up to. That’s the only way she interacts with the other girls.

 In other words, she was using Kurosawa-san as a shield to protect herself from the other girls.

 It’s basically girls who bully girls.

 I’ve heard that it’s even more intense and insidious than bullying of boys.

 If, as Lili said, she had been bullied in the past, I could understand why she was so careful to keep her distance from the girls.

 But now that Kurosawa-san was gone, the situation had changed.

 She had no shield to protect herself.

 It’s not every day that she finds a girl like Kurosawa-san who can make other girls take a glance at her just by being with her.

 So, she went to Kasuya-kun, the top of the class caste, for a replacement for Kurosawa-san……

 Of course, she may not have done so on purpose.

 But I think she made a bad choice in going to Kasuya-kun.

 And it was a mistake.

 Even if Fujiwara-san’s approach was the same, the way people around her perceived her would be different depending on whether the person was a boy or a girl.

 As I was pondering this, I heard the girl diagonally in front of me click her tongue.

 Hikaru Teruya.

 She has a well-defined face with thick eyebrows and no makeup. She has a short cut and is well muscled and athletic.

 I think she is the ace of the track and field team, and has been selected as an athlete by the track and field association, and is very popular with the younger girls because of her boyish appearance.

 Apparently, the coach of the track and field team was so impressed with her talent that he scouted her all the way from another prefecture and enrolled her in the school.

 And she is the next most famous person after Kurosawa-san, but I guess Fujiwara-san couldn’t have gone along with such an opposite person.

 But that’s not the point.

 It’s a well-known fact that she has a thing for Kasuya-kun.

 She used to approach him a lot, but after Kurosawa-san and Kasuya-kun started dating, she stopped showing any signs of it.

 Well, I can well understand that with Kurosawa-san as a partner, she has no choice but to give up.

 However, now that Kurosawa-san is gone, there must be many other people, including Teruya-san, who think they have a chance.

 For them, the presence of Fujiwara-san, who casually sticks around Kasuya-kun, must be quite an eyesore.

 I felt a little pity for Fujiwara-san when I saw her chatting and laughing away from Teruya’s uncomfortable gaze.

 Because it’s the same as being bullied.

◇ ◇ ◇

 It’s not that I’m surprised, I just let out a big sigh.

 Because I was supposed to have fallen asleep in a soft bed, but when I woke up, I found myself on a rugged stone floor.

 I thought I was dreaming, but when I checked what I was wearing with my hand, the texture was that of the lovely negligee I had worn to bed.

 ”What is going on……?”

 The room was completely dark, without a single light.

 It’s hard for my eyes to adjust to a place without the slightest light source. Because no matter how long it takes, darkness will always remain darkness.

 I try to find a wall with my hands, and lean against it, holding my knees.

 As expected, I’m back to this dark room.

 ”……Are you kidding me?”

 I really want to cry when I think about how I’m going to suffer from hunger and thirst again. The thought of it could break my heart.

 I try to think of some way to get out of here, but the answer comes quickly.

 I can’t. I did everything I could when I was first locked in.


 The next thing my eyes were moistening and I was about to burst into tears, but I hurriedly held them back.

 Because I never know when I’ll be able to drink water again.

 When I thought about it, I was afraid of losing even a little bit of water from my body.

 Now, I don’t even have the freedom to cry.

 (I guess I’ll just need to fall in love with him. But I don’t like him……)

 Should I pretend to be in love with him? Could I do that?

 When I thought of having to do that, I felt my pride cracking.

 (But then again, maybe that’s the only way……. It’s not like I’m a virgin, and I’ve been violated so many times. Although, it’s kind of gross, but I can live with that……)

 I’ve been violated many times.

 As soon as I think about it, the sensation of being violated by a creepy guy suddenly comes back to me.

 That’s right. I’ve been violated in this room.

 ”If I think it again, it was kind of amazing…….”

 That kind sensation of being pushed up into the deepest part of my belly, and forcing the pleasure into me.

 I think I was just screaming like a crazy person with no way to help myself.

 But that guy’s thing…. is big…. Every time his thing rubbed up against my inside, an electric current ran through me and stars were flying in front of my eyes the whole time.

 And it made me become crazy. So, while thinking about that, I went blank and faded out.

 That’s where my memory goes.

 The s*x with Jun-kun was gentle and warm, and I feel like it was over as soon as I stayed still.

 To be honest, I can’t remember much about it now.

 Compared to that, having s*x with that creepy guy was like being devoured by a predator.

 I was nothing but prey at that moment.

 But when I remember, I get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and my body starts to heat up.

 (It’s funny……)

 But there is no sign that it will ever go away.

 (Probably, just a little……)

 I crawled my fingers between my legs.


 As I stroked my fingers in a circular motion over my underwear, I could feel the moisture deep inside my body.

 ”Ah, ah…… ah, ah…… Nnn…..”

 I couldn’t stop my fingers. And when I touched my breasts with my other hand, my nipples were swollen to the point of pain.

 ”Ah….. ah…… Why I’ve become such a naughty girl……”

 The reason why I feel so comfortable is because that creepy guy has been playing with me a lot.

 ”It’s that guy’s fault……. Hii….. Ah…. Nn…..”

 I put the guilt that was building up in my heart into the hands of the creepy guy, and while touching my breasts, I crushed the sensitive part between my legs with my fingers.


 Immediately, a tingling electric current ran up my spine, and my body leaned back.

 The sweet pleasure washed over me as it spread slowly.

 I’ve never even thought about comforting myself before.

 And yet, I can’t stop my fingers.

 And the image of his fingertips roughly playing with me passes through my mind.

 Chuckle, chuckle…….

 I felt like my head was going to boil at the sound of the water echoing back and forth.

 ”Aaah, Nnn, Aaah…….”

 I can’t help it.

 However, the moment I finally tried to slip my finger into my underwear…..

 ”Kurosawa-chan. It’s time to breakfast, Devi”

 She called out to me.


 I jumped up a few inches.

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