Confinement 13

Chapter 13 Beast and Gentleman

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 I spend the rest of the afternoon in the infirmary.

 It wasn’t that I was feeling sick or anything.

 I just went there to get a bandage and skipped the class.

 The school nurse, Kitora-sensei, was an old woman in her thirties with a bad temper, but she was a reasonable person, and when I told her I wasn’t feeling well, she simply said, “Oh, go to sleep, go to sleep” and lent me a bed.

 Although, yesterday, I didn’t sleep at all and I wasn’t tired, but when I lay down and closed my eyes, I fell asleep easily.

 And with the sound of the brass band practicing from upstairs after school, I woke up, but the sun was just starting to set and Kitora-sensei was nowhere to be found.

 However, in her place, there was a single scribble on the desk that written, “Lock the door”.

 ”At least, wake me up…….”

 My retort slipped away in vain as it hit the white wall of the infirmary.

 And when I looked at the clock, it was a little after four o’clock.

 So, I took the key to the nurse’s office and went back to the classroom to get my stuff.

 Sure enough, no one is paying attention to me……

 And of course, the door was locked.

 (Just in time, let’s try the <Pass-through the Room>)

 I put the door on top of the classroom door and made it appear.

 As I entered, I found myself in the usual dark room.

 I turned on the light on my phone, and another door appeared at the back of the room.

 If I go out the other side of the door, I will find myself in a classroom.

 Just like the name <Pass-through The Room> says, I could pass through the wall by entering and exiting through the room.

 ”This is amazing….. I can break in anywhere I want!”

 No matter how tightly the door is locked, it is completely useless.

 In a way, it’s a very evil feature.

 If I wanted to abuse it, I could do so as much as I wanted.

 After thinking so, I picked up my bag, kicked Kasuya-kun’s desk lightly, and walked through the room again toward the library.

 Today was my duty as a member of the library committee at the counter.

 Although, I’m late, but I have to be there until five o’clock.

 To be honest, I didn’t feel like it. I even thought about skipping it.

 And, I want to go home early and have s*x with Kurosawa-san.

 But Lili told me that I should act as normal as possible.

 If I acted differently than usual, people might suspect me.

 Because, as I remember, I’ve never skipped my duty as a member of the library committee.

 The reason is because it’s the only time I can talk to Masaki-chan.

 But now that things have turned out that way, and it’s no longer worth it.

 Despite my reluctance, I stepped into the library and saw a girl at the counter.

 Masaki Haneda.

 She is the…… girl I like, or used to like.

 When I look at her again, I realize that Masaki-chan is still cute.

 She has shoulder-length chestnut hair and a round, calm face. Her forehead is a little wider, and when she smiles, it gives off a soft, puffy atmosphere.

 She told me that she is often mistaken for an elementary school student because of her short stature and baby face, but I dare say that is lie.

* * *

 I believe that’s a lie.

 Because there is no such thing as an elementary school girl with big breast.

 And until now, Masaki-chan was an angel to me.

 That’s why I’ve always told myself that I shouldn’t look at her that way.

 But now I can say it.

 Those breasts are erotic. Too erotic.

 The balance of her small physique and her breasts is not right, no matter how I look at it.

 Big breast? No, it’s rather huge breast and it’s like she’s got one pair of breasts that are too big for her.

 As she saw my figure, she let out a “Ah…..” and turned her head away.

 Well, that’s awkward, isn’t it?

 I feel awkward too. Or rather, I’m the one who’s awkward.

 Because I’m the one who sent her the love letter, so, naturally it was awkward, but now everyone has reading it, and I was being exposed like that.

 However, there was no way I could turn back now.

 So, I walked into the counter and sat down next to her without saying a word, and she opened her mouth with a frightened look (as usual).

 ”Um…… Ki-Kijima-kun, are your…… head okay?”


 ”Y-you got hurt…… didn’t you?”

 For a moment, I thought she was being disrespectful, but then I thought of the injury on my forehead.

 ”Oh…… this, I’m fine”

 That was the end of the conversation.

 There are no visitors in the library, just the two of us here.

 Masaki-chan looks down at the book in her hand, and I do nothing but let my eyes wander in the air.

 The time just passes in silence.

 (It’s awkward……)

 As soon as I started to think about shoving her into the room…… she suddenly stood up.

 ”Oh, umm”

 ”W-what is it?”

 She looked at me with a thoughtful face, and then bowed her head vigorously.

 ”I’m sorry! I didn’t expect it to turn out like that…..”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Welcome home, Devi”

 When I got home and went into my room, I found Lili floating in the midair, reading a manga.

 ”Oh, so you’re continuing the “Devi”?”

 ”Of course, I’m going to continue, this is normal, Devi”

 ”You”re lying”

 Lili tilted her head curiously as I put my bag on the side of the desk.

 ”Are? Fumi Fumi, are you in a good mood, Devi? Did something good happen to you, Devi?”

 ”Not really….. It’s nothing”

 That’s a lie. I’m so happy.

 Because after that, I talked with Masaki-chan for quite a long time.

 There was something in that conversation that was enough to make me feel upset.

 But I kept my composure and changed the subject.

 ”So, how is Kurosawa-san? Is she okay?”

 ”No problem, Devi. At the moment, she’s enjoying the carrot side of the stick, Devi. Lili’s servant is taking care of her, so don’t worry, Devi”


 ”Yes, excellent, but pervert, Devi”

 ”That’s the worst kind!”

 ”Oh, don’t worry, don’t worry, Freesia is not interested in women, Devi”

 ”Oh, it’s a woman. You scared me……”

 I patted my chest, relieved.

 I was relieved, though the “pervert” thing still bothered me.

* * *

 ”By the way…… I want to have s*x with Kurosawa-san again”

 When I told her that, Lili wrinkled her brow and gave me a stern look.

 ”You beast…….”

 ”No, it’s not like that. It just…… felt so good”

 ”Don’t say “just”, you disgusting, Devi”

 ”Oh, you’re terrible”

 ”But, it’s not good! Kurosawa-chan is getting her reward now, Devi. If you want to fuck her so badly, just go get your next target, Devi. Have you decided on your next target yet, Devi?”

 ”Ah…… Yes. I’m thinking of going with Fujiwara-san, but there’s something that’s been bothering me”

 I explained to Lili about Fujiwara-san’s attitude towards Kasuya-kun that I had seen today.

 But for some reason, she looked rather bored.

 ”Maybe she doesn’t have a thing for Kasuya, Devi”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Yes yes, she just wants a new umbrella because Kurosawa-chan is gone, Devi. Probably she’s bullied in real life, Devi”

 ”Eh, that Fujiwara-san? She’s a bad-looking black gal, you know”

 ”It’s like a threat color in animals, Devi. It may be unconscious, but she’s just protecting herself by dressing flashy, Devi. To be honest, that type is boring…… It’s too easy, Devi”

 ”Too easy?”

 ”Yes, Devi. Well, it’s a good thing to observe a little more, Devi. Maybe this Fujiwara is really need dependent, Devi”

 ”Dependent, huh……”

 ”Well, there was one more thing that Fumi Fumi had to think about, Devi”

 ”What is it?”

 ”How to approach Kurosawa-chan next, Devi”

 ”The cognitive impairment has been cured, right? But can’t we do what we did yesterday? We’ve scared her enough. If we scare her, she’ll go back to…….”

 ”It’s no good, Devi. If you dominate Kurosawa-chan with fear, you can’t make her more than [Submissive], Devi. This is where the real brainwashing comes in, Devi”

 ”If threats don’t work, then why don’t we just be nice to her, or talk to her……?”

 Lili then snickered as if she were making fun of me.

 ”Are you going to ask like, ”Can I kiss you?” to her, Devi? No, no, no, that’s not good, Devi. That’s why Fumi Fumi is not taken seriously by girls, Devi”

 ”Leave that alone!”

 ”Right, Devi? Most unattractive men think that being nice is enough, Devi. They say they didn’t do anything that their crush doesn’t want to do, but then they ask, “Can I do that? Can I do this?” That is what will they do, Devi. To put it bluntly, they’re nothing but an idiot, Devi”

 ”You can say whatever you want!”

 ”Well, listen, Devi. Asking for someone’s consent is the same as putting the responsibility on them, Devi. How can they love someone who puts the blame on them, Devi?”

 ”Ugh…… when you put it that way, you might be right”

 ”So, what Fumi Fumi is aiming for is exactly that, Devi! A beast and a gentleman, Devi!”

 ”Beast and gentleman?”

 ”For example, you can say, “Be quiet and let me hold you, so I’ll be nice to you”, Devi”

 ”Is that too difficult!?”

 For me, who’s just graduated from virginity, that’s too much to ask.

* * *

 ”Don’t worry, Devi. The suggestion is already in effect, Devi. Kurosawa-chan can get out of here if she falls in love with Fumi Fumi, Devi. That’s what I’ve imprinted on her mind, Devi”

 ”O-okay…… that’s right”

 ”So, when someone will fall in love with you, Devi?”

 ”That’s when I want them to like me……?”

 ”Correct, Devi. And humans are really strange creatures, when the situation is like that, their brains try to correct the gap between the situation and their feelings, Devi”

 ”So you’re saying that Kurosawa-san will fall in love with me?”

 ”Yes, Devi. In addition, Lili’s servant is now carefully applying the suggestion that “If you don’t think you like him, he won’t like you”, Devi”

 ”That means……”

 ”The next time Fumi Fumi meets Kurosawa-chan, that girl will be thinking that she should like Fumi Fumi, even if it”s only pretend, Devi. If Fumi Fumi were to behave like a beast and a gentleman at such a time……”

 ”And then……?”

 ”She’s all yours, Devi!”

 ”Wow…… it’s indeed the devil”

 In front of my stunned eyes, Lili proudly puffed out her small breasts and said with great enthusiasm.

 ”Hmmph! If you understand what I’m talking about, I’m going to teach you how to act, Devi. It’s time to special training, Devi!”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Ugh, I’m so full……. I can’t eat anything else”

 On the bed, I lay down with my arms outstretched.

 If my mom were here, she would have told me that I was wrong to lie down right after eating.

 After all, I had eaten two 300-gram steaks in the morning, and a mountain of fried chicken and potatoes for lunch.

 After that, I had ice cream and chocolate cake for dessert.

 And now, for dinner, I had a huge bowl of sushi.

 Normally, I would never be able to eat such a huge amount.

 I ate, slept, and ate all day long.

 My eating habits are not befitting a model.

 If I keep this up, I’m going to go down the fat road.

 ”I’m glad to hear that you were satisfied with your meal. For dessert, I’ve prepared well-chilled yogurt, milk, soy milk, carmine, aubergine, dried bean curd, apricot bean curd, coconut milk, and vanilla shake”

 ”……That white lineup is giving me a bad feeling”

 ”It’s just your imagination”

 I was taken aback by Freesia-san’s cool-headedness, but decided to try to persuade her again.

 ”Listen, Freesia-san, this is kidnapping. It’s not too late to get me out of here. Don’t worry. I’ll only report that creepy guy to the police, and you’ll testify that you saved me”

 ”The police?”

 ”That’s right, I’ll never forgive that creep! There’s no way he’ll get away with this for free!”

 ”I hope so”

 ”Why are you looking at me like I’m some kind of a joke?”

 ”No, I just think you’re cute”

 ”Haa~…… sounds like you’re making fun of me”

* * *

 ”I don’t mean to, but it’s wonderful that you can be so bossy as soon as your stomach is full”

 ”You’re making fun of me, isn’t it?”

 I was pissed off, but Freesia-san just smiled quietly.

 ”Geez…… that’s enough. I want a cup of tea. No milk, please. I want it fresh”

 ”Very well, Misuzu-ojousama”

 ”Hey, can you stop saying “Ojou-sama”? It’s making me uncomfortable”

 ”Even if you say so, Misuzu-ojousama is an important person to Fumi Fumi-sama”

 ”Are you still saying that? He can have any woman he wants, you know”

 ”Is that so? It seems to me that Misuzu-ojousama is the object of Fumi Fumi-sama’s love”

 ”W-wait, stop! Stop it, it’s disgusting. Love? You’ve got to be kidding! I was just forcibly raped! I have a boyfriend named Jun-kun! I’m not kidding!”

 ”Then please at least pretend to love Fumi Fumi-sama. If you don’t want to be dominated forever, he will get tired of you”

 ”That’s fine. It’s okay! If he gets bored, I can go home”

 ”No, no one returns a toy to the store when they are tired of it. They are just disposed of”

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