Confinement 12

Chapter 12 Love or Death

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 The soft, pleasant smell of the sun.

 The softness of the pillow made me close my eyelids, which had almost fallen open.

 And a comfortable sleep with the soft touch of a blanket…………

 ”Ehh!? Eh? Ehh!? What’s happen!?”

 I woke up.

 I woke up in a panic and I found myself in a completely unfamiliar room.

 It wasn’t my room, and it wasn’t that horrible stone room.

 Rather, it was a king-sized bed, decorated with pure white bedding trimmed with gold thread.

 There was also a bright, shining chandelier, and a scent of roses that tickled my nose.

 The room was like a suite in a first-class hotel, with elegant furnishings lining the walls.

 And it seems to be a luxurious room that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a night.

 ”W-w-w-what? Why? What’s going on?”

 In a word, I was confused.

 And when I looked at what I was wearing, I saw that it was a pure white nightie with frills and ribbons around the neck and cute puff sleeves.

 The material is cotton. It was fluffy and very comfortable to wear.

 I have a longing for this kind of cute dress, but I would never buy one myself. Because I don’t think it would look good on me.

 Even so, I could tell right away how expensive this was.

 I’m not just a reader model, you know.

 And as I was still confused, suddenly…

 ”Have you woken up? Misuzu-ojousama”

 There was a voice calling out to me, and I was so startled that I jumped out.

 And when I turned my eyes toward the voice, I saw a woman dressed in a British-style maid’s uniform that looked like something out of a movie.

 She had silver hair, translucent white skin, and blue eyes.

 She spoke to me in fluent Japanese, but no matter how I looked at her, she looked like a foreigner of North European background.

 And she was a beautiful woman in her early twenties.


 ”Yes. First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Freesia and I will be taking care of Misuzu-ojousama. If you have any requests, please feel free to ask”

 Inside my head, I was still confused.

 It was too sudden.

 What the hell is happening to me?

 ”U-um….. Freesia-san? Where am I? Why am I in this place?”

 Then she smiled softly.

 ”I don’t think you’d understand if I told you where you are, so I’ll spare you the details, but Fumi Fumi-sama has asked me to treat you respectfully”

 ”Fumi Fumi-sama?”

 (That creepy guy? I think that’s what the cosplay girl called him……. What’s his name again? It seems to be Fumio Kijima, not Kimo-jima, I’m pretty sure)

 ”Yes, I heard that he was satisfied s*x with Ojou-sama, so I suggest you have a good night’s sleep”


 With that one word, the events that had happened to me yesterday flashed through my mind.

 Instantly, my cheeks heated up.

 That’s right. I was embraced by that man.

 I even begged him in a sweet voice.

 And in the end, I was violated so senselessly that I fainted.

 I felt like a small boat being tossed about in a stormy sea.

 He was like a wild animal that was completely different from Jun-kun.

 And there was nothing I could do but drown in the sea of pleasure.


 I couldn’t get any words out.

 The only thing I could think of was the tears welling up in my eyes.

 I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!

 I can’t believe he’s doing this to me!

 As I stood up on the bed, I sniffled at the maid in front of me.

 ”Freesia-san! I want to go home!”

 But she didn’t seem to be perturbed, and just elegantly folded at the waist.

 ”I’m very sorry. I can’t fulfill your request. But please look. That door is for the toilet, and that door is for the bathroom. However, there is no door to the outside here”

 ”That’s ridiculous……”

 ”It’s true”

 Her tone is polite but insistent, and the force of it makes me understand that it’s true.

 No, it might be more correct to say that I was forced to understand it.

 So, with a slumped back, I sat down on the bed.

 ”Hey…… that creepy guy, you, and the cosplay girl, who the hell all of you?”

 ”Fumi Fumi-sama is Ojou-sama’s classmate”

 ”That’s not what I meant……”

 ”I don’t know what “cosplay” is, but I’m just an ordinary pervert who loves to smell semen and sip condensed it”


 I feel like my ears are going crazy.

 No, no, no. Something inside of me rang a warning bell that this was the wrong place to ask questions.

 As my cheeks twitched involuntarily, Freesia-san said in a reassuring tone again.

 ”Even if you want to go home, Ojou-sama can’t go home unless Fumi Fumi-sama allows it”

 If I was confronted with the fact that I couldn’t go home, I had no choice but to hang my head.

 ”But…… in other words, if he allows it, you can go home”

 ……That’s it.

 If I can make that creepy guy fall in love with me, I’m sure he’ll give me what I want. It’s the only way to go. That’s why I allowed myself to be bodied with that guy.

 ”And as far as I can see, it won’t be long before Fumi Fumi-sama will forgive you”


 I looked up at her unconsciously.

 ”Because he didn’t hold a girl he doesn’t like all night long. Last but not least, the fact that he’s asking me to treat you with respect, I’m sure his love for you is nothing short of amazing”

 ”Is that true……?”

 ”Yes. The only thing that matters now is whether or not Ojou-sama will accept him”

 ”What do you mean by that?”

 ”It means that there is no such thing as one-way love. People are weak creatures. No one can continue to love someone who does not give them back their love”

 ”W-wait, wait. Does that mean I have to fall in love with him?”

 ”That’s right. If it is left alone, unacceptable love will turn into hatred. Then, you will be nothing but an obstacle for Fumi Fumi-sama”

 ”Obstacle? What does that mean……?”

 ”Well, let me put it this way. Love or Death is the only card you have in your hand right now”

 That’s too much of a choice, isn’t it?

 ”No, I can’t do that! I have a great boyfriend, Jun-kun, and I can’t fall in love with him…..”

 ”So, you do not want to see Jun-kun again? However, if you want to show your love for Jun-kun, there is only one way, and that is to win the favor of Fumi Fumi-sama”

 ”What’s that…… I don’t understand”

 My head is already a mess.

 If I want to meet my boyfriend, I have to fall in love with another man.

 What’s that? It’s a no-brainer.

 I felt like I was being told to unravel a tangled mess of threads.

 Just as I was puzzled, Freesia-san suddenly clapped her hands *Clap*. And I looked up at her.

 ”For that aside, Ojou-sama. Are you hungry?”


 When I heard that, I started to feel fiercely hungry.

 ”*Gurgle Gurgle*”

 My stomach made a terrible noise as if I suddenly remembered, and Freesia-san giggled.

 ”No, ugghh…….” (*Note: Yada)

 I pulled the blanket up to hide my face in embarrassment.

 ”I thought it might be a little heavy for you just after you woke up, but I heard it was Ojou-sama’s wish, so I prepared steak for you”

 With that, I turned my attention to where she was pointing, and before I knew it, there was a meal ready on the table.

 A beef steak was steaming on the plate, a wide variety of cakes and pastries were in the basket, a fresh salad and colorful juices were lined up in a stylish bottle.

 ”This is the finest aged beef, imported from the best restaurants in New York. If your stomach can’t handle it, I can prepare something else for you, just let me know”

 Although I still don’t understand what’s going on, the aroma of the steak cooking fills my mouth with drool.

 My throat began to gurgle.

 And invited by the aroma, I got off the bed and walked unsteadily towards the table.

 ”Oh……it smells so good……”

 Then, I sat down on the chair Freesia-san had pulled out for me, and my eyes were glued to the steaming meat in front of me.

 ”Please enjoy your meal”

 By the time Freesia-san says this, I’ve already picked up a knife and fork. It was frustrating to cut the meat. But when I took a slice, and put it in my mouth, the flavor of the meat spread into my mouth.


 Seeing me flapping my hands and feet in delight, Freesia-san smiled as she poured grape juice into my glass.

 It’s probably an absurdly delicious meat even if eaten normally.

 But for me, it’s the first meal I’ve had in days.

 Hunger is the best seasoning, as they say, and I was at a loss for words.

 A model friend of mine who was into fasting diet said, “After fasting, your stomach is smaller and you can only accept porridge,” but that was not the case at all.

 My body wants meat. It’s screaming for more.

 As I gobbled up my mouthful of meat, Freesia-san said.

 ”Arara, Ojou-sama. Your dress will get dirty. Don’t worry so much, I’ve prepared plenty of meat for you”

 She smiled and wiped my mouth with a napkin.

 If this was my mom, I think she would have frowned at me for being so petty.

 And as I looked at Freesia with a sideways glance, I thought inwardly.

 Regardless of the issue, there was no doubt that this person had been kind enough to talk to me.

 This person, Freesia-san, seemed kind, and if I could persuade her, I might be able to make her my ally.

 That’s what I was thinking at the time.

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