Confinement 11

Chapter 11 Uncomfortable Distance

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 When I arrived at the classroom, I sat down in my seat as usual and started to observe my surroundings quietly.

 My seat is the second from the back of the classroom, near the window.

 It’s a position from which I can see the whole classroom.

 As for the class, it was much the same as usual.

 Like, noisy before morning homeroom.

 Several people are gathered in groups, chatting and laughing.

 However, as I propped myself up on my elbows and gazed blankly at the scene, Kurosawa-san’s indecent act last night flashed through my mind.

 [Aaaaah, more…… I want you spurt that inside me, Aaaaah, give me something that feel so good, more~, Aaaaah~, it’s so good, it feels so gooood~……]

 I suppose even I was getting confused because just before she lost consciousness, she became so crazy that she begged me to come inside her.

 (I had s*x with Kurosawa-san, didn’t I?……)

 When I became aware of this, I felt a sudden tingling in my lower abdomen.

 Finally, I graduated as a virgin.

 And the other party was Kurosawa-san, the girl all the boys longed for.

 If it was allowed, I wanted to brag about it out loud.

 I want to brag about it to the whole world.

 Such a desire overwhelmed me.

 And the next thing I knew, my thing was tense, and I hurriedly leaned forward. While doing that, I pretend to be asleep, propped up on my desk.

 Haa~, I’m not used to this kind of vitality.

 Perhaps the effects of that energy drink are still lingering.

 Actually, my body feels lighter than usual, even though I haven’t slept a wink, and I’ve been fucking her all night.

 Rather, I want to do more.

 I even want to go home and hold her right now.

 As for Kurosawa-san, Lili told me that she would spend a lot of time brainwashing her into thinking that she liked me and that she was crazy about me.

 Because the next time I see her, the cognitive impairment will be gone, so she won’t be as obedient as she was last night, but I can’t wait to see how she will turn out. I’m really looking forward to it.

 Anyway, with this level up, I can now make up to four rooms.

 In other words, I can use three more rooms at the same time, not including the one I’m using for Kurosawa-san.

 So, while brainwashing Kurosawa-san, I can have three more people going at the same time.

 There are still more people to take revenge on.

 I look around the classroom, wondering who my next target should be.

 (I’m not sure if it’s Kasuya-kun, Tateoka-kun, Fujiwara-san, ……or the other cronies. Come to think of it, Masaki-chan is also…….)

 While I was thinking about this, the bell rang to begin the school day.

 ”All right, everyone, take your seats!”

 Gorioka, the homeroom gym teacher, came into the classroom.

 ”Well. Kurosawa hasn’t been home for a few days. If anyone knows anything about her, please let me know”

 As soon as the homeroom started, Gorioka suddenly said those words, making me jump in surprise.

 (No, it’s not funny. Calm down, calm down)

 While I was frozen in thought, the long-haired Tateoka-kun said, “Oh, really?” and the classroom was in an uproar. Everyone was whispering and whispering.

 When I looked around, I saw that everyone was glancing at Kasuya-kun. Well, that’s understandable.

 Kasuya-kun himself is still staring at the blackboard with a dejected expression.

 The noise continued until Gorioka said, “Quiet!” and slammed the table with his attendance book.

 In the end, no one knew where she was, and in fact, Gorioka was being questioned by the students.

 At last.

 ”Everyone be quiet! Anyway, the police are here to talk to you, so if you hear your name called, please leave class and go to the principal’s office!”

 Gorioka then cut the conversation short.

 With that, one by one, the members of Kasuya-kun’s group were called by name in the morning, and they went to the principal’s office and came back.

 Of course, I was never called out.

 Though they didn’t say it out loud, they seemed to be somewhat excited about the situation.

 They seemed to be excited about the unusualness of having a classmate go missing and being interviewed by a detective.

 Except for Kasuya-kun, of course.

 And at lunchtime, I pretended to be asleep at my desk and continued to observe my surroundings.

 The topic of conversation was exclusively about Kurosawa-san.

 I hear people talking about seeing someone who looks like Kurosawa-san at the station, but only I know that it’s just a misunderstanding.

 There’s no way in a million years that the secret room will be revealed. That’s why I can relax.

 Feeling an indescribable sense of superiority, I turn my attention to Kasuya-kun.

 He was clearly frustrated.

 Tateoka-kun and the others were not around today, feeling as if he might come at them if they said something inappropriate.

 And the only person by his side was Fujiwara-san.

 Her blonde hair is tied up in a side-tail with a pink elastic band.

 Her blouse is wide-open at her breast, and her skirt is so short that I can almost see her pants if I bend down a little.

 Mai Fujiwara, a black gal with flashy make-up and shoes on her bare feet.

 I thought she was Kurosawa-san’s follower, or to put it another way, she was like a Goldfish.

 For that reason, it felt strange to see Kasuya-kun and Fujiwara-san talking without Kurosawa-san.

 ”Don’t worry, Misuzu is a strong girl”


 ”It’s all right, cheer up, I’m here for you”

 While comforting him, she pulled a chair over to Kasuya-kun’s seat and leaned in close to him.

 (Huh? Isn’t there something wrong with the distance?)

 It may look like she’s comforting him, but I wonder if she should be hugging a guy who isn’t her boyfriend, patting him on the head, and getting all sticky like that.

 Well, I know the reason.

 But I know it’s only for good looking guys.

 And as I was looking at him like that, my eyes happened to meet Kasuya-kun’s when he looked up.

 (Oh, shit!)

 By the time I thought that, it was too late.

 He must have found a place to vent his frustration.

 ”Don’t look at me, you bastard!”

 Out of nowhere. He suddenly threw the filled Coke bottle at me.


 I was thrown back by the strong impact.

 I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my forehead and stars scattered in front of my eyes.

 The plastic bottle which had hit me in the forehead bounced on the floor and hit the wall.

 The Coke bubbled, and I involuntarily held my forehead as I nearly fell out of my chair.

 This is no different from being hit by a rock.

 And so, I felt a slippery sensation on my palm.

 (Oh…… my blood is coming out)


 I let out an involuntary moan and stared at Kasuya-kun.


 ”What’s with your eyes? Haaa!”

 I’m still scared when he scares me like that.

 As I hurriedly turned away, I saw a man and a woman in suits walking towards the parking lot outside the window.

 Perhaps that was the detective.

 Behind me, Kasuya-kun clicked his tongue, “Tsk!” and the quietness of the classroom came back to life.

 ”You’re worried about Kurosawa-san, aren’t you……? Poor Kasuya-kun”

 ”Kimo-jima, you should read the atmosphere!”

 What I hear are voices of sympathy for Kasuya-kun and condemnation for me.

 (What? Is it my fault? I’m bleeding, you know? What’s wrong with this world? Is it a bug?)

 Holding the wound on my forehead with a handkerchief, I made up my mind.

 (I won’t hesitate to involve other people in this, I won’t hold back in anymore)

 At the end, Kasuya-kun will be the last one to feel the way I feel now, and I’m going to make him feel it dozens of times over.

 Then, I turned to look out the window again and thought about how many times I would need to waste my time in the future.

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