Confinement 10

Chapter 10 Leveling Up for the First Time

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 ”Ooh~, it smells so bad…….”

 I couldn’t help but pinch my nose. (*Note: Lili calls herself using “Atashi”)

 In a word, it smells like “s*x”.

 It must be very romantic if it’s a scent left over from a night, but it’s really not. Rather, it was the smell of male and female body fluids.

 And the smell is sour.

 Not a sweet, but a very sour kind.

 Last night, Fumi Fumi went berserk with the energy drink from the demon world.

 Even though he is a human, he went berserk, which even in the demon world is not good nowadays, and began to rape Kurosawa-chan with incredible energy.

 I watched them for a while, but Fumi Fumi was so wild that I simply gave up.

 I can’t, I can’t, I can’t stop him like this.

 If I get too close, I’ll be in trouble.

 So, I decided to go back to the demon world because I was hungry, I wanted to take a bath, and I wanted to watch a show.

 I’m sorry, Kurosawa-chan.

 Anyway, the energy drink in question is a well-known long-selling product with the catchphrase “Tonight, you can make the princess in a good mood” by the Demon Lord, and is usually sold in stores in the demon world.

 It’s not a precious item or anything.

 Although I had never given it to a human being, I had no idea that it would have such a dramatic effect.

 Anyway, it was now 7:30 in the morning.

 I came back to this room.

 When I looked around the room again, all I could think was “catastrophe”.

 It’s a messy, and sticky.

 Well, that’s okay. I don’t care about that.

 However, the biggest problem is—

 Fumi Fumi is still(…) in(…) daze(…), and(…) he’s(…) still(…) raping(…) Kurosawa-chan.

 (Whoa, whoa. Seriously……)

 It’s been over eight hours, you know.

 Kurosawa-chan, who hadn’t eaten for three days, looked like she was dying.

 She seems to be unconscious, her body is twitching, and her eyes are white.

 Fumi Fumi grabbed both of her legs and kept slamming his hips like a pile driver.

 (This is insane……)

 I never thought that there would be a person in this world who lose its mind cause of the drink…….

 And now, Kurosawa-chan is covered in semen.

 It’s as if a bucket was dumped on her head and she’s covered in semen.

 It’s not just that.

 I don’t know how much of it was inside her, but her lower belly was swollen like a pregnant woman.

 (I’ve already confirmed that it’s a safe day, but I doubt she’s pregnant……)

 There’s nothing wrong with impregnating a woman itself.


 (Fumi Fumi has a weirdly serious nature. It seems like he’s going to say “I’ll take responsibility and marry her” with a straight face……)

 While I was thinking about this…


 I can’t believe it that Fumi Fumi was groaned.

 If I look it again, I can see it through the gap between her private part and his thing, the semen, which was inside her, spilling out.

 ”Haha…. Hahaha……”

 I laughed for the time being, but my cheeks involuntarily twitched.

 (Seriously?……. It’s coming out in liters……)

 However, Fumi Fumi does not stop.

 Instead of soaking in the afterglow of his ejaculation, he forcibly turned Kurosawa’s body over and began to pound his hips against her from behind.

 This made me panic.

 ”Hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute! Fumi Fumi, no, don’t do that again! If you do anything more, she’ll really die! Stop! Stop! Stop itt!”

 Actually, Kurosawa-chan’s face was completely pale.

 She looked as if she had run out of oxygen and was suffering from cyanosis.

 When I shouted out, Fumi Fumi stopped moving for a moment.


 He mumbled vaguely, and made a show of looking around.

 And then he looked fearfully down at his own body.

 In front of Fumi Fumi’s gaze, there was Kurosawa-chan, lying on the ground with a crushed frog-like face.

 Actually, she is a beautiful girl with a model physique, so the sight can only be described as tragic.


 Apparently, he had finally come back to himself.

 ”You don’t remember?”

 ”N, no, I remember everything, but…… I’m so distracted”

 ”Don’t draw back, don’t draw back. You did this to yourself”

 ”This…… is a not good idea, right?”

 ”Well, it’s not exactly what I had planned, but…… it saved me a lot of trouble in terms of corrupting Kurosawa-chan, or rather, it skipped a lot, and for now, let me take care of the rest as planned”

 ”Y, yeah. Please do. That…… she is not dead, right?”

 ”Don’t worry, she seems to be alive for now. As long as she’s not dead at this point, I can do something”

 ”Yes, please”

 Just as Fumi Fumi pulled his thing out of Kurosawa-chan, a fountain of semen flooded the room. The sound of semen spattering on the floor was mixed with an out-of-place electronic sound.

 ”Eh? What is that?”

 ”Good for you, Fumi Fumi! That’s the sound of leveling up”

 ”Level up?”

 ”Yes, I explained it to you first. I explained to you at the beginning, that when your level goes up, your ability also goes up”

 Immediately, a voice that sounded like it was synthesized, but I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, rang out.


 ”Misuzu Kurosawa’s status has changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Your level has been raised to 2″

 ”Along with that, the following functions are available”

 ”● Room Creation Level 2″

 ”You can create up to four rooms simultaneously”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level 1″

 ”You can install simple furniture in your room”

 ”● Special room – bathroom”

 ”You can install a bathroom in a room”

 ”● Passing thought the Room (Passing Through)”

 ”If you place a door in the wall, you can pass through the room and appear on the other side of the wall”

 ”● Silence”

 ”Once a person enters the room, they will be forcibly sent back to the room if they attempt to speak to anyone about anything unfavorable to the owner”


 ”This is what level 2 is all about, I guess. The added features are random, but I think it’s relatively hit or miss”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Yeah, <Silence> is a complete miss, but <Room Passage> is pretty rare”

 ”But out of the five, <Silence> seems to be the most useful, don’t you think?”

 Fumi Fumi looked at me suspiciously, and I shrugged my shoulders exaggeratedly.

 ”Remember the explanation? <If you try to talk to someone>. With that, what is prohibited is only talking. That means it won’t work with letters or emails”


 Fumi Fumi’s voice had an echo of disappointment in it.

 I think he thought he had found a way to safely release Kurosawa-chan.

 ”By the way, Lili, what is Kurosawa-san’s condition? It’s called [Submissive]”

 I was taken aback by Fumi Fumi’s question.

 I thought I had already told him what I was going to say, but he said it was too long and cut off the conversation, so that’s what happened.

 ”I can’t help it…… Okay, the condition of a confined person is ranked into four categories: [Normal], [Submissive], [Subjugated], and [Enslaved]. And [Submissive], it’s mean “I don’t like it, but I’ll do as I’m told””

 ”So, Kurosawa-san, is that her current state?”

 ”That’s right. If you can get her to the point of [Enslaved], you can completely captivate her soul, but if you leave her at the point of [Submissive] and [Subjugated], she’ll gradually return to her normal state, and at some point, if you leave her at the point of [Submissive], there’s a chance she’ll turn on you”

 ”I see. ……But at least she obeys me for now”

 ”Well, if you’re afraid, you could try something like that again”

 After that, Fumi Fumi looked at Kurosawa-san’s figure, which was covered in semen and twitching.

 And he laughed, “Hahaha…….”

 ”Well, I’ll take care of Kurosawa-chan, and you can go to school. It’s about time for you to leave the house, right?”

 ”Eh…… school? I don’t feel like it……”

 ”No, you can’t. You’ll stand out if you take a day off now. It’s about time they started making a fuss about Kurosawa-chan’s disappearance, and we don’t want to raise suspicion. And since you’re going to spend a lot of time raising this girl, I want you to find out who you’re going to get next”

 ”Y, yeah…… okay”

 Nodding his head, Fumi Fumi walked out of the room without hesitation.

 If he hurriedly prepared himself now, he would be just in time for the start of the school day.

 And after confirming that the door was completely closed, I nodded my head.

 ”Well, let’s get started, shall we?”

 First, I’ll deal with Kurosawa-chan.

 I put my finger on her forehead and locked her soul to prevent her from dying or waking up.

 I then poured a very small amount of the same energy drink that I had given Fumi Fumi yesterday into her mouth.

 Her pale face regained its bloodiness at once.

 ”It’s really annoying that virgins don’t know how to take it easy”

 Anyway, now I’m sure she won’t die anymore.

 Then I turned my attention to the corner of the room.

 ”Freesia, come out”

 Immediately, a woman’s shadow appeared in the corner of the room.

 She was dressed in a classic British-style maid’s uniform and had silver hair. She looks to be around 20 years old, but even I don’t know her actual age.

 She is one of my followers.

 Freesia, the High-ranking Succubus(Elder Succubus).

 As she appeared on the scene, she smiled an enchanting smile.

 ”It’s a lovely scent…… Ohime-sama”

 This sucky smell of s*x is probably like the finest perfume for a succubus.

 ”I would like to become his partner once. I’m sure it would be very comfortable to have so much semen poured into me”

 ”Don’t be silly. If you were to do it, Fumi Fumi would be dried up in no time”

 ”It’s a shame”

 ”Freesia. Anyway, can you clean this girl up and take her to the room I prepared for her yesterday? The rest of the arrangements will be as we discussed in advance”


 She took a deep breath as if enjoying the scent, and then elegantly folded her waist with neat behavior.

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