Confinement 9

Chapter 9 She Wants to be Raped

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 ”D, did you just drink it all!?”

 Lili shouts in an outrageous voice.

 ”You told me to drink it!”

 With the amount was about the same as a regular energy drink.

 I finished it in one gulp.

 ”You were supposed to lick it!”

 ”Tell me that stuff as soon as you can!”

 As soon as I said it, a dramatic change came over my body.

 My stomach became hot and my thing, which was still inside Kurosawa-san’s private part, trembled violently.

 ”Hyii! Don’t move……”

 At the same time as she let out her voice, my heart pounded violently.

 And it was a serious pounding.

 It was so painful, so, I held my chest and frowned.

 My blood vessels also emerged from my chest, beating wildly.

 I can feel it. I can feel the blood pumping through my body like a torrent.


 I can’t help but scream.

 The blood vessels were pulsating as if my heart was scattered all over my body.

 And something was rising up from inside my body, from the depths of my body, from the deepest part of my body, and from the farthest part of my body.

 It was an urge.

 It was a fierce and violent urge that I had never felt before.

 A feeling similar to hunger, a feeling similar to thirst.

 It was an unfathomable desire to taste the prey in front of me to the very core of her bones.


 Seeing me screaming, Lili let out a cry of “Oops!”.

 And as I can’t hold back anymore.

 I grabbed Kurosawa-san’s neck and thrust my hips up with all my might.

 ”Hiii! Aaah! Kyaaaaaah!”

 I don’t care if she screams. No matter what happens, I’m not going to spare her.

 (Scream more! Pant more!)

 The frightened look on her face makes my blood boil even more, and the meat stick that is still sticking inside her secret part gets even bigger.

 Like a pile bunker, my meat rod drills into her womb.

 It rubs up against her folds as if to scrape them off, and bring pleasure down on her spine.

 ”No, no, you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me…….Aahh! Nnnn!”

 As I thrust up her body with all my might, the semen I had just released spurted out with each thrust from between the folds of her flesh. With every thrust, the semen I had just released spurted out between the folds of her flesh with a gushing sound.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, Nn, ahhhh!”

 Kurosawa-san covered her cheeks with her hands as if in shame when she was being thrust up from below with such force.

 Her eyes should have been glazed over. But now, her eyes are drooping sloppily and her expression is debauched.

 ”A, ah…. Ah, ahh, ah, Higu, it’s so deeep……!”

 With each thrust, she let out an impatient voice.

 In addition, her voice became increasingly high-pitched as if she was being pushed to the limit.

 (It feels good. It feels so good. More! More!)

 With that thinking, I raised myself up from my frustrated position of thrusting from below and pushed her down.

 ”Eh, W, what are you doing? Kyaa! It’s so heavy……”

 The meat stick was still penetrating her.

 She was frightened, so I put her underneath me and began to slam my hips down desperately in the missionary position, putting my weight on her.

 ”Ah, No, Ah, Nn, it’s deep, it’s hitting my inside! Ah, ah, ah, hiiin, ah!”

 There is no way I’m going to let her move anymore.

 This girl, this woman, is a tool for me to feel good.

 She’s just a meat hole for my thing.

 ”Ah, stop, stop it please, you’re so rough…. Noo, you’re hitting my spot! Hyaaa!”

 Her high-pitched moaning in my ears was pleasant and unconsciously, she locked her legs around my waist.

 Her long black hair was in disarray and drool was dripping sloppily from the corner of her mouth.

 Her cheeks were glossy and her expression was desperate. Her tears that have accumulated in the corners of her eyes make her even more desirable to men.

 ”Ah, p, please forgive me! Please let me gooo!……”

 Her scream just caused me to feel even more violent emotions.

 That’s right. This emotion called revenge.

 I will not forgive you!

 It was this woman who had humiliated me.

 She is the one who kicked my balls.

 And so, the image of a predator preying on an herbivore flashed through my mind.

 I will devour her. I’m going to devour her.

 Immediately, a beastly roar rises from the back of my throat.


 As I desperately moved my hips, I grabbed Kurosawa-san’s head between my hands and forced her eyes to meet mine.

 ”Kurosawa! No……. Misuzu!”


 I would not allow her to turn her face away.

 So, as I looked at her frightened face, I shouted at her.

 ”Look! Look at my face! And don’t look away! This is the face of the man who is raping you! This is the face of the man whom you’ve kicked in the balls!”

 ”Nooooo! Hiiii! I, I’m sorryyyy~…… P, please forgive me……. Ah, nooo~……”

 She stiffened her body as if frightened.

 However, Ironically, her flesh hole is squeezed tightly to keep my thing from escaping.

 So, there was no need to hold back.

 Her body wants to be raped by me.

 ”No, I won’t forgive you. Misuzu! You’re mine now. I’ll never let you out of here again. I’ll keep on fucking you. Look at this face! When you see this face, you will be wetting your crotch by reflex, and I will fuck you until you become a pig!”

 ”No~, I don’t want to become a piiiiiig!”

 At the moment she screamed out in agony, I pulled my hips back and slammed into her depths all at once.

 Pound! And then the sound of flesh colliding with flesh echoed, and the bloodshot glans pierced her womb.


 She opened her eyes wide and let out a sound like a squashed frog.

 The next moment, the tip of my meat stick, which had crushed her womb, erupted with great force.

 ”Ah, ahhhhhh! It’s coming out! It’s spurting out! It’s so hot! Ahhh, I’m cummmmmming!”

 With that, her legs clench around my waist.

 She also clenched her teeth with her eyes wide open and arched her body back.

 On the other hand, my semen was slapping against the depths of her womb, making a splattering sound.

 It was a long, long ejaculation, so long that I couldn’t believe it myself.

 ”Ah, ahhh, puhi, fuhh, ahhh, buhi!”

 She became a broken toy and trembled, letting out a strange sound that could no longer be called a moan.

 When the ejaculation was over, she stretched out her tongue sloppily and her body bounced back and forth.

 Her face was that one called “Ahegao”.

 Such a face of that beautiful model.

 A climax that I’m sure no one has ever seen before.

 And as soon as I thought that, my crotch began to heat up again.

 There was no sign of it fading at all.

 My body is not tired at all, but the desire to overflow is still tingling in my lower belly.

 ”Still not enough …….”

 Hearing my muttering, Kurosawa-san’s mouth leaks out with a dazed expression.

 ”No way…… I, I’m going to die……. I can’t do it anymore…….”

 But I don’t care about that.

 I start to move my hips again.

 Lili, who was watching the scene from midair, shrugged her shoulders in dismay.

 ”Ah…… this is impossible, Kurosawa-chan. I’m sorry, but I can’t stop him from doing this until he’s done. So, I’ll be back tomorrow……”

 Kurosawa-san with a dazed look on her face looked up at Lili and reached out her hand as if to ask for help.

 But as if to shake off her hand, Lili muttered,

 ”……Till then, don’t(…) die(…)”

 ”Save me……”

 With that, Lili disappears into thin air.

 And Kurosawa-san’s face is instantly imprinted with despair.

 It’s also fascinating.

 I’m sure she’s still in a daze. So, I cover her lips with mine, and she flirtatiously flicks her tongue at mine too.

 She seems to be nearing her limit.

 But her body still wants me.

 The night is long.

 I still want to listen to her sweet moaning voice.

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