Confinement 8

Chapter 8 Speed King

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 ”Lili, do something!”

 ”Geez, I can’t help it…….”

 Lili scratched her red hair in an annoying way and flew down to Kurosawa’s side.

 Then, while stroking her head, which was still sucking my thing as if begging for a refill, she whispered into her ear.

 ”Hey, hey, Kurosawa-chan. Let’s eat something more delicious than that. If you can satisfy Fumi Fumi, I’ll let you eat whatever you want later”

 She stopped moving for a moment, then made a plop sound and removed her mouth from my thing.


 ”Yes, what do you want to eat?”

 She pondered, “Hmm”

 I don’t know why but her gesture is so childish.

 Her eyes are debauched, but she looks as cool and beautiful as ever.

 That’s why it felt so…… strange to me.

 ”Erm, um, steak!” (*Note: N’tone, n’to)

 ”I see. Steak. Haha, thank you for answering like a child of the Showa era”

 When Lili patted her head again, Kurosawa’s eyes narrowed like a cat in the sun.

 I feel like her behavior is getting more childish with each passing moment.

 It seems a bit different from what I’ve heard.

 ”Hey, Lili…… you said her intelligence level would drop. Is it possible to go through this kind of child regression?”

 ”Ahaha, emm…… I think Kurosawa-chan is actually a very spoiled child. I think the fact that her reasoning is weakened makes her true nature show through. Maybe she’s the type of person who wants to be spoiled when she’s alone with her boyfriend”


 Although some people may think it is troublesome, I really admire the situation where girls want to be spoiled.

 What’s more, if a cool girl is spoiled only by her boyfriend…….

 Ah, to be honest, I felt jealous of Kasuya-kun.

 However, when I was cowering in jealousy, Lili clapped her hands.

 ”Anyway! Your goal is to get laid, so you shouldn’t wilt. Do something about it!”

 ”Do something……?”

 ”I said, get your thing up!”


 Lili is so vulgar.

 Lili was so vulgar that I couldn’t help but be taken aback.

 ”Haa~, it really takes a lot of work. ……Well, buy Lili some time and do something in the meantime, okay?”

 ”Buy time?”

 Lili, leaving me puzzled, looked into Kurosawa’s face and whispered to her in a tone as if she were talking to a child.

 ”Then let’s get ready for a bit. Kurosawa-chan”


 As Kurosawa nodded her head, Lili clung to her from behind and suddenly grabbed her breasts.


 ”Hey, hold still, okay? If you don’t get them wet, it won’t be able to enter them”

 Lili smiled like a bully and slipped her fingertips under her bra.

 As soon as she did, Kurosawa jumped up.

 ”Hyaann! No, don’t pinch my nipples!”

 She lifted her hips and twisted away as if to refuse.

 But Lili shows no signs of stopping her hand.

 She wrapped her arms around Kurosawa-san and rubbed her nipples relentlessly with her fingertips from behind.

 ”There, doesn’t that feel good? You don’t have to hold back”

 ”Oh…… Nnn…… Nnn…… Oh, Nnn…….”

 Kurosawa-san’s reddened cheeks and white nape, the line from her neck to her shoulders, and the dent in her collarbone are all very graphic.

 And as Kurosawa-san’s voice gradually moistened with sweetness and twisted, a pale pink nipple peeked out of the top of her slipped bra.

 ”No….. Nnn…! Nnnn…… Oh……!”

 ”You’re so sensitive, Kurosawa-chan. They’re already so hard”

 Lili’s mouth twists into a sadistic grin.

 She pinched and twisted her nipples, and then covered her lips with her own while Kurosawa-san about to scream.


 For a moment, Kurosawa’s eyes widened in surprise.

 However, her eyes immediately melted in pleasure.

 The sound of tongues intertwining, the chuckling and churning of water.

 She breathed hotly, and panting.

 Kurosawa was left to her ownself.

 Lili, on the other hand, licked her mouth and was really insistent on her nipples.

 Kurosawa’s body jumps and jerks over and over again.

 Eventually, when Lili pulled on her nipples as if to pinch them.

 ”Nnn! Nnnnnnnnnn……!”

 She writhed violently.

 But just as she was about to climax, Lili quickly pulled her hand away.

 ”Haa~…… Haa~…. Why, why are you stopping……”

 Kurosawa-san’s face was completely debauched, with tears welling up in her eyes.

 Lili smiled wickedly at her and whispered to her.

 ”I’m sorry, but it’s not Lili’s job to make you cum”

 ”No way….”

 Kurosawa-san sighed and nodded her head, and Riri suddenly slipped her hand into her panties.

 ”Then I’ll play with this next one”

 As her fingertips stirred in her light blue shorts, Kurosawa-san jumped and said, “Hyinn!”.

 Then Lili pulled her hand out of Kurosawa-san’s underwear, exposing it in front of her and letting her see the liquid stringing around her fingertips.

 ”Can you see it? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Kurosawa-chan is so naughty. It’s already so soggy”

 ”No……. don’t say that…….”

 Kurosawa-san shook her head no, but Lili smiled and put her hand inside her underwear again.

 Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu

 ”Nnn, Ahh…… ahhh, ahhh, ahhh”

 As her fingers stirred beneath the fabric, Kurosawa-san’s lusty moans rushed up like a musical tone over the lewd sound of water.

 Naturally, my eyes were glued to her.

 Even though I had just come, my crotch began to get hard again…… and I was already tense. It’s so hard it hurts.

 Sage time? What is it and is it good?

 I’m sure the sage will take off his pants as soon as he sees this scene too.

 Everyone is bound to get excited when they see such intense lesbian play in front of them.

 ”Noooo…… What is this, this is my first time. It feels too good, am I going to cum? Am I really going to cum? Ah, nooooooo…….”

 I think my eyes are probably bleeding right now.

 ”Haa~…… Haa~…….”

 My breathing is ragged and my heart is beating fast.

 I can’t sit still.

 As soon as I sat up, Lili stopped moving her fingers.

 ”What…… happened again……?”

 Kurosawa-san moaned in pain as she was stopped just short of cumming again. Still, Lili whispered softly into her ear.

 ”He(…) re(…) it(…) comes”

 ”Fueh? ……?”

 Lili then forced a confused Kurosawa to stand up.

 Her knees were already sore, like a newborn fawn.

 And if Lili let go of her, she would have fallen forward.

 But when she stood up, it was right in front of my face. Kurosawa-san’s crotch is just a few dozen centimeters in front of me.

 Her light blue underwear. Her crotch was right in front of me, where her love juices were making a nasty stain.

 ”Ahaha, Fumi Fumi, you’re really close. Here, takes a good look at this”

 Lili’s fingertips slid Kurosawa’s underwear to the side.


 Kurosawa-san’s resistance was weak, leaving me with my mouth half open and my eyes glued to her.

 There, the wet pink folds of her pussy quivered vividly.

 The first time I saw a girl’s pussy, it was much more intricate than I had imagined.

 I thought to myself, “This must be what the word ‘erotic’ looks like”

 While looking at my stunned face with amusement, Lili pinched the bloodshot, swollen bud with her fingertips.

 ”First……, this is the clitoris”


 Immediately, Kurosawa-san leaned back with a high-pitched voice.

 ”Ahaha, Kurosawa-chan, you’re such a bimbo. This one is the labia majora and the inner one is the labia minora…….”

 This time, she traced the pink petals with her fingertips and showed them to me.

 ”How’s that for a beautiful pink color?

 Lili’s fingertips are slick and wet.

 I couldn’t help but gulp as I looked at the tip of her finger.

 ”Do you want it?”

 I nodded dumbly at Lili’s question.

 I want it. Of course, I want it.

 My crotch is already swollen and swollen.

 ”Kurosawa-chan, look at this. Kurosawa-chan is so naughty, when Fumi Fumi sees you, and he said he couldn’t take it anymore”

 When Lili whispered this, Kurosawa-san’s empty eyes and gaze stopped at my crotch.

 ”Haa~…… Haa~…… Haa~…… It’s getting bigger than before, Haa~…….”

 ”You’re right. When he saw Kurosawa-chan’s naughty part, it became so big. He’s so happy for you. I’m sure it will feel great when you put it in. It’ll feel really good……”

 ”It feels…… good……?”

 The look on her eyes was debauched. Her face full of excitement and redness. With this, her nasty expression invites men.

 Just by looking at Kurosawa-san’s figure, my breathing will naturally become faster.

 Lili, who saw me, urged me to lie down, and I leaned back.

 When I lay down, my thing stood straight up and trembled in frustration.

 ”See, it feels so good, it’s so easy. All you have to do is sit on top of it, and it feels so good”

 ”Haa~…… Haa~…… Feels…… Good”

 With her tongue dripping out of her mouth, Kurosawa-san is staring at my crotch with feverish eyes.

 Lili helped Kurosawa-san stand up so that she could straddle my body, and she began to sit up slowly, breathing hard and collapsing to her knees.

 Then, Lili picked up my thing with her fingertips and guided it to Kurosawa’s secret part.

 And then–


 The sound of nasty water and the feel of wet flesh echoed.

 With the slightest resistance, a heat like a steamed towel envelops my object, its tip.

 ”Kuuh, Ugghhh, Ah”

 Kurosawa-san raised her eyebrows in agony as she slowly lowered her hips.

 ”Ugh, it’s so tight……”

 The vagina entrance tightened around my thing, and I moaned at the unexpected narrowness of the entrance.

 And when she drops her hips as if she’s running out of steam, my thing penetrates her entrance and goes deep into her hole.

 Zun! And then there was a shock.

 At that moment…

 ”Hiiii! Aaaaahhhh!”

 Kurosawa looked up at the ceiling and let out a voice that sounded like a scream.

 The plump vaginal flesh tightened around the meat stick, and the glans thrust deep into her, pushing up against the hard, crispy part of her cervix.


 ”I’m coming!”

 That’s when I easily reached my limit.

 ”Eh, hey!? Heyyy!”

 I clenched my teeth as I heard Lili’s panicked voice.

 ”Kuh, Ugghhh!”

 But the thing that I had somehow managed to hold back broke down at once and overflowed into her.

 ”Nnn, ahhhhhh!”

 Kurosawa-san screams out with her throat white, and the folds of her vagina begin to convulse, greedily squeezing the meat stick in the middle of my ejaculation.

 There was no way I could stop myself from ejaculating.

 And I continued to spit out my semen in a steady stream, unable to do anything about it.

 The stars scattered before my eyes.

 I felt as if the ground was spinning around me.

 It felt even better than I had imagined.

 I was even impressed by how different it felt, even though it was the same thing.

 The ejaculation did not end.

 ”Haa~…. Haa~…… Ah, it’s spraying inside me…… I’m come too……”

 Kurosawa-san muttered with an ecstatic expression.

 I can clearly see her secret part opening up in front of me, greedily swallowing my own meat stick.

 It was an amazing sight.

 As I breathed on her shoulder, Lili put her hand on my forehead and gave me a dumbfounded look.

 ”Fumi Fumi…… I’ve set you up so well”


 ”You could shot another, aren’t you?”

 ”No, I can’t. I’ve already done it once……”

 Lili immediately looked up at the ceiling.

 ”This is why virgins are……. How do you make a legend of the fastest climax, like coming the moment you put it in? You speed king!”

 ”Speed King!?”

 Lili’s face twisted in annoyance.

 ”Oh well. I didn’t really want to use it”

 She pulling a small bottle out of thin air and holding it in front of me.

 ”Drink this!”

 ”What is it?”

 ”It’s just energy drink”

 ”Oh, that’s great”

 ”It doesn’t have any side effects, but it’s from the demon world, so it’s a little stronger than…… Heyyy……!”

 Lili made a crazy noise, and Kurosawa-san, who was still connected to me, tilted her head with a dazed look on her face.

 ”Y, you drank it all!?”

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