Confinement 7

Chapter 7 Very tasty

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 Kurosawa-san’s face, illuminated by the flashlight, looked red up to her ears.

 Her eyes were slightly unfocused and a little glazed.

 She seemed vaguely dazed, probably due to the loss of intelligence caused by starvation.

 And although she was a little thin, it didn’t spoil her beauty. In fact, she even looks s*xy.

 But now, she is stuck staring at my object.

 And she’s been in this position for a long time, shaking her fingertips as she reaches for it.

 ”If you don’t want to do it, I’ll put it away”

 Kurosawa-san raised her eyebrows as if she was troubled when I told her so.

 ”No, it’s not like that”

 ”So, what?”

 When I tilted my head, she slowly pointed to my thing.

 ”Isn’t…… your thing is too big?”

 That’s no way.

 Because that’s what a bitch will say. She must though that if she flattering me with the word “big”, it would make me feel better.

 But I wouldn’t let her get away with it.

 ”Well, I don’t know if it’s big or not. I’ve never seen anyone else’s beside mine. Rather, Kurosawa-san know better than me, don’t you? After all, you’re a bitch”

 After saying that, she looked a little hurt.

 ”Y, you called me a bitch again…… That’s cruel. I’ve only seen Jun-kun’s”

 Her voice’s tone was somewhat childish.

 It seems her intelligence level is even lower than before.

 (Huh? Is that so? Isn’t she just screwing around? If it’s true, then….)

 ”Hmm, so it’s bigger than Kasuya-kun’s?”

 ”Y, yes. Compared to yours, Jun-kun’s is a little…… more, Umm, a little…… c-u-t-e”


 I couldn’t help but spurt out and burst into laughter at this.

 It’s not as if mine is particularly big, but apparently Kasuya-kun has a pretty cute one.

 Even though I didn’t mean to offend him, I can’t help but feel sorry for him when she reveals it to me.

 ”Fufu… Hmm… I see… That’s right…”

 It may sound simple, but this put me in a good mood.

 I can’t help but feel bad because I have some advantages over Kasuya-kun.

 Perhaps wondering why I suddenly started grinning, Kurosawa-san asked me in confusion.

 ”H, hey, what should I do?”

 ”I told you to think for yourself. If it feels good for me, I’ll tell you”

 ”O, okay. Erm~…… I will just rub it up and down…..”

 After that, Kurosawa-san gulped and nervously touched my thing. Then, she began to move her hand up and down, caressing it fearfully.

 Her touch was soft, as if she was holding an egg in her hand.

 And rather than squeezing, it was more like stroking the surface.

 It wasn’t that it didn’t feel good, but it was very irritating.

 (Huh? Is she really scared?)

 ”You know, Kurosawa-san……. You can’t finish it if you keep doing that”

 She grunted after hear that, and looks like she was about to cry.

 ”Ugh…. Because I don’t even know what to do~”

 ”But it’s not your first time, is it?”

 ”I’ve said that, but…… this is my second time. And on my first time, I just laid still. And you know…… Jun-kun was the one who did all the work”

 ”Huh? Seriously?”

 It’s hard to believe that she’s lying in this situation.

 She is beautiful, strong-willed, a reader model, and has a boyfriend. (*Note: reader model -> Dokusha model -> Amateur fashion model who serves as a representative of the readers of a particular fashion magazine)

 I thought she naturally had a lot of s*x, but that was just my prejudice.

 But this turned out to be a real problem.

 My plan to get the bitch to do it herself turned out to be a huge miscalculation because she wasn’t a bitch in the first place.

 Everything was going well up to this point as planned, but things stumbled in an unexpected way.

 After all, one of us was a virgin, while the other was a super beginner – even without her purity, she was a virgin by the end.

 And with this, I could only foresee a catastrophe.

 If this was between two young lovers, they might be able to accept the fact that they were not very good at it.

 But that’s not the case with us.

 I tried to get her to do it voluntarily, but it ended up like this.

 That being said, if I were to show her some lame, rough s*x, all the hard work I’ve done so far would be wasted.

 (It’s a no-win situation, huh……)

 As soon as I thought that…

 ”Mufufu~. You seem to be in trouble, Devi. If you want, Lili can teach you how to have s*x!”

 Suddenly, a red-haired girl covered in pale light, Lili, appeared in midair.

 Even though it was an extraordinary event, a girl suddenly appearing out of thin air, Kurosawa-san didn’t seem surprised.

 She just looked up at Lili vaguely and spoke.

 ”Oh, it’s the cosplay girl”

 And at that moment, a blue vein appeared on Lili’s forehead.

 But she forced a smile, albeit a bit strained, on her face.

 ”I, it’s not a costume, Devi. I’m the real devil, Devi”

 Oh, well done. Good job, Lili.

 It’s not that Kurosawa-san has bad intentions.

 It’s just that she’s not thinking straight.

 I’m sure she knows that if she yells right now and makes my thing wilted, we’ll never get anywhere.

 ”H, hey, Lili……”

 When I pretended to be puzzled, she gave me a meaningful look. Is she saying that I should leave it to her? Well, okay….

 And after that, she landed next to Kurosawa-san and hugged her shoulder and spoke.

 ”I’m on Kurosawa-chan’s side, Devi”

 ”You’re on my side……?”

 ”Yes~. A cute girl would be much better than this guy. Don’t worry, if you do as I say, you’ll be able to break this guy in no time!”

 I could see the general gist of what she was saying.

 Lili was going to pretend to be her ally and give instructions to Kurosawa-san, so that she would want to have s*x with me…… as planned.

 Of course, this would be a blessing in disguise for Kurosawa-san. As expected, she took the bait easily.

 ”Y, yes, please! Tell me!”

 ”Then take it off!”

 Kurosawa-san was taken aback by Lili’s words.


 ”Eh?? Don’t just say that, Devi. You know how boys are. Boys get excited by looks. That’s why I’m going to show him Kurosawa-chan’s s*xy body. That alone is almost as good as winning, Devi!”

 ”So, it’s like that……. Okay, I get it”

 I don’t know what I won or lost, but surprisingly, Kurosawa-san started to take off her clothes without hesitation.

 The red and navy-blue colored tartan skirt fell to the floor and one by one the buttons of her blouse were undone.

 As the blouse was thrown off, a girl from my class, Kurosawa-san, appeared before me in her underwear.

 She was 8 heads tall with long arms and legs, and her breasts, while not big, were much richer than I expected. (*Note: average human tall was 7-8 head tall, when I read it on some article)

 She was wearing light blue underwear with white embroidery around the edges. It had a satin-like gloss, which I felt suited Kurosawa-san very well.

 Of course, I don’t know how good or bad the underwear is, but since she is a reader model, I guess it must be expensive.

 Finally, just as Kurosawa-san was about to put her hands on her socks.

 ”Oh, it’s better to leave your socks on, Devi. It’s more exciting that way”

 Lili quickly stopped her.

 (Probably, that girl is actually an old man in a costume?)

 After all, she understands men’s s*xual habits too well.

 And this was the beginning of my suspicion that Lili was an old man.


 I moved my gaze from the bottom to the top and looked closely at Kurosawa-san’s underwear.

 Her skin is white without a single stain. Her navel is cute. Her waist is neatly curved.

 Before, I couldn’t tell from her clothes, but her breasts and ass were surprisingly big.

 This was my classmate, the most famous person in school, in all her undressed glory.

 Except for her family and boyfriend, no man had ever seen her in such a naughty way.

 The thought of it makes my heart beat faster and my crotch harden unconsciously.

 All the blood in my body collects, making my glans painfully tense.

 Seeing my pulsating crotch, Kurosawa-san rolled his eyes.

 ”Amazing, it’s getting big again, ehehe……”

 I guess her ability to think is getting worse by the minute.

 Because she smiled innocently, which was unimaginable from her usual coolness, and said, “Okay, then…” and put her fingers on the hook of her bra.

 But Lili hurriedly stopped her.

 ”Wait a minute, Devi! Don’t take it off yet, Devi”

 ”Eh…… Why?”

 ”Look, even sweets look better when they’re wrapped pretty, right? That’s why you shouldn’t take everything off”

 ”Oh, is that so?”

 ”Yes, Devi. That’s why it’s best to leave it like this…….”

 As she said this, Lili moved one side of Kurosawa-san’s bra slightly so that only the top of her areola could be seen, barely enough to see her nipples.

 ”This much, Devi”

 Naturally, my eyes were locked on it.

 Between her white skin and light blue bra, I could see her pale pink nipples.

 I can almost see her nipples, but I can’t…… see them, which is frustrating.


 You definitely an old man.

 Lili, who looked at me with a smile on her face as I breathed uncontrollably, turned to Kurosawa-san and pointed at my thing.

 ”Then, start, Devi. Since it’s so big, let’s attack it first”

 ”O, okay. What should I do?”

 ”I said earlier that looks is important, Devi. But that’s not enough. So, lend me your ears”

 As soon as Lili whispered in her ear, Kurosawa-san gave a small nod and knelt between my legs.

 Then, while twisting herself, she gently reached out and grasped my thing.

 I involuntarily jumped at the stimulation.

 I guess my body temperature is higher than hers. Because the cool touch of her palm felt good.

 And while she stared into my eyes, she brought her face close to my thing and rubbed with her cheeks, murmuring.

 ”P-e-n-i-s ❤”


 I’ll be honest and confess.

 I thought I was going to cum and it was awful.

 I can’t believe that Kurosawa-san would say such obscene words as she rubbed her cheek against my grotesque thing.

 Lili, you’re a horrible girl. She understands too well the pressure points of a virgin.

 (That girl definitely has a thing. And she’s got two of them)

 I really thought so.

 Anyway, the fact that Kurosawa-san doesn’t seem to have much resistance is a sign of declining intelligence.

 It seems she has some kind of cognitive impairment, so she’s probably just doing as she’s told.

 (This would be suicide if her intelligence level were to recover……)

 In spite of what was going through my mind.

 Lili hugged Kurosawa-san from behind and whispered gently into her ear as she had stopped moving with her mouth in the shape of the “s” in “thing”.

 ”Look, can you see how it’s twitching? Doesn’t that make him feel good? It makes him happy, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it make him happy if he felt better?”

 ”Yeah…… It makes him happy, maybe”

 ”Then make him feel even better. Next time, you’ll do it with your mouth……”


 Kurosawa-san nodded her head as Lili urged her on.

 And with that, her lips came closer and her breath hit my sensitive spot.

 My pre-cum already leaking out and glistening slickly on the glans.

 Then, as soon as her tongue licked the tip of my glans, I felt an electric current run down my spine and my body jumped.

 (W, what is this? It’s so different from doing it with my hands! It’s so much better!)

 ”Haha! It’s amazing. You’re so good, Kurosawa-chan. It seems he felt really good. He must have been thrilled. Do it again, do it again, do it again!”


 Before I knew it, Lili’s words were no longer have a “Devi” at the end of her words.

 Yeah, maybe it was simply too hard to do.

 Back to Kurosawa-san again, as Lili encouraged her, her tongue movements became more and more bold.

 ”Lick, lick, chu, chu……”

 In front of me, Kurosawa-san’s red tongue crawls over my reddish-black glans.

 It felt rough and slippery.

 Whenever the hot tip of her tongue, covered with saliva, touched my glans, I felt such a sharp pleasure that I almost mistook it for pain.

 ”Ugh! Kuh……Kuh……”

 I know it’s pathetic, but I can’t stop my voice from leaking out.

 After all, that Kurosawa-san is licking mine with all her might.

 That Kurosawa-san, who looked down on me coldly in the past, is desperately stretching out her tongue, with her eyebrows furrowed in worry.

 And my heart was pounding just looking at that scene, moreover, if she licked me like this, I felt like I could die happily.

 As Lili looked at me with a smirk on her face, she whispered into Kurosawa-san’s ear.

 ”It’s okay! It’s good! Kurosawa-chan, you’re amazing! It’s worked! It’s worked!”

 ”Ehehe…… hihiho? (Is this……good?)”

 ”Yes, yes, it’s perfect. Let’s bone him up!”

 Lili gave a thumbs up, and Kurosawa-san let out a giggle as she extended her tongue to the glans.

 ”Then suck it!”

 As soon as Lili said that, Kurosawa-san took my thing in her mouth with a quick slurp.


 I was shocked to see her cheeks lightly dyed and her pink lips sucking mine into her mouth.

 It was the first time I had ever experienced the inside of a mouth that was so warm and slimy. It was so comfortable that I felt as if the tip of my thing would melt and disappear.

 ”It’s good. Kurosawa-chan. You’re great! And don’t forget to keep looking up into his eyes and sucking as hard as you can!”

 Kurosawa-san does as she’s told and begins to move her face up and down while looking up and making eye contact with me.

 ”N, Nnn…. Chu, slurp, slurrrppp”

 Her cheeks puckered up and her lips pouting, while her face was flushed. There is no sign of her usual cool beauty. And her nose is stretched out and she is sucking and squeezing the meat stick hard with her lips.

 (Kurosawa-san’s naughty face was like this, huh, probably even Kasuya-kun has never seen)

 In the midst of the constant assault of pleasure and Kasuya-kun’s sense of superiority, I couldn’t help but twist and turn.

 ”Nnn, Slurp, Chu…… Slurp, Chupa, Nnn, Nnn, Chu……”

 ”Oh, kuhh……!”

 My body felt so good that I had to work harder to hold back.

 So, I try to twisted my body back and forth, and she looked surprised for a moment, but she would not let me go by clinging to my waist.

 And then she sucked my thing hard.


 Her mouth gets narrower, and my glans is crushed by the inside of her jaw and her tongue.

 And with the tongue sucking up so hard, like a vacuum cleaner, I was about to ejaculate.

 ”Ugh! Kuh!”

 I put all my strength into my hips and held on desperately.

 The stimulation was too strong.

 But I can’t let myself cum so easily. No matter how much I try, it’s too fast.

 I want to be able to enjoy this pleasure even more.

 But when I pulled my hips back, she sucked it even deeper and choked on it to keep it in her mouth.

 And that was my limit.

 ”U, ugh, uhhhh!”

 I felt my lower abdomen tremble.


 And then my glans trembled.

 The hot liquid spurted inside her lips. Kurosawa-san, who still sucked my thing, surprised with her cheeks twisted. But she didn’t let go of her mouth.

 ”Nnn—-! Nnn—-!”

 On the contrary, she moaned and made a slurping sound as she sucked up more of my thing.


 The sharp, almost painful sensation made me grit my teeth.

 Spurt! Spurt! The semen spurted out like a persistent geyser.

 She finished sucking it all up, and after it’s over, she took off my thing from her mouth.

 The semen she couldn’t swallow overflowed from the edge of her mouth and spilled out in white streaks.

 ”Did you drink it?”

 I couldn’t help but ask, and she also sucked up the semen dripping from the edge of her mouth with her fingers.

 Then she turned her unfocused eyes to me, smiled bewitchingly, and spoke.

 ”It’s delicious…… I want more”


 ”Yeah, it’s…… so delicious, give me more”

 She muttered with a dazed look in her eyes and took my thing in her mouth again.

 ”Ku, kurosawa-san!?”

 Without caring about my panic, she started to suck my thing again. She was breathing hard like a menacing cat, pursed her lips and began to squeezing my thing with all her might.

 ”W, wait a minute! I’ve just cum! It won’t come out that fast! Lili! What’s going on here?”

 When I turned to Lili for help, she was laughing with her stomach in the air.

 ”Ahahaha, it’s more than I expected. It’s delicious, isn’t it? After all, it’s been three days since she’s been fed”

 ”I mean, seriously, it’s food for her?”

 ”Haha, it seems semen was delicious like soy sauce or something for her. Or it’s soy cum?”

 ”You think that’s a good idea?”

 If anyone asks, she’s only been drinking water for the past three days.

 This is a survival instinct, partly because her thinking has dropped to the level of a drunk, or even lower.

 Gurgle, gurgle……

 If I listen carefully, I can hear the sound of her stomach rumbling mixed in with the watery sound of her sucking my thing.

 Kurosawa-san is a model with a cute face and an amazing figure.

 The sight of her in her underwear, sucking on my thing with all her might, was quite a sight.

 But that doesn’t mean I can’t give her a second shot without rest.

 ”Lili, do something!”

 ”What? Kurosawa-chan’s head has been imprinted with the idea that Fumi Fumi’s semen is delicious, so why don’t you give it to her as if you were feeding her? It may even be possible to keep her as a semen-drinking slave, making her drink only Fumi Fumi’s semen from now on”

 With that, Lili smiled her devilish smile.

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