Confinement 150

Chapter 150 Joint Struggle

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 I was reminded that Misuzu-chan’s life was completely over, and I repressed my rising dislike as I took my seat at the round table again.

 ”…It’s terrible”

 ”Yeah, I agree”

 Kyoko-san nodded at me.

 ”But if you don’t want to be like that, you’ll have to behave well”

 ”So, the mission is… well… it’s kind of… naughty?”

 Masakey-chan nodded her head, and Kyoko-san nodded her head.

 ”As long as there’s a man around. That was how it was last time, too, and the women who didn’t like it dropped the men first, and as a result, there were no men left at the beginning”

 ”Hmm…I see. I guess that’s what’s going to happen this time, too. Is this one the same as the last one, except for the participants?”

 ”No, we didn’t have this luxury of one room per person, and there were fewer of us. It was more like a horrible stone basement… and by the way, it wasn’t Aramaki-san, it was Seki-san”


 ”Seki-san the Mackerel”

 ”Oh…I guess it’s all about seafood there”

 Masakey-chan chuckled, and her breasts, which didn’t fit her figure, swayed in the air.

 She’s the type of model that we can’t use in our fashion magazines, but if she did a swimsuit gravure for a young man’s magazine, I think she’d get a big hit.

 Thinking about this in a corner of my mind, I opened my mouth.

 ”…I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep Fumijima-san like this”

 If Fumijima-san is still alive when I’m voted in, there’s a chance I’ll be assigned the same mission as Misuzu-chan. Honestly, I don’t want to do that… I need him to leave as soon as possible.

 But Masakey-chan shakes her head.

 ”But… Fumijima-san is still someone we can talk to. The worst offenders are the First Beauty. They’re going to have four solid votes there. And the fewer people we have, the harder it will be to cut them off”

 Then Kaneko-san let out a self-mocking sigh.

 ”That’s true. If that happens, you’ll be preyed upon by Hikami and the president before you’re even voted in. Just like me…”

 ”Prey… what do you mean?”

 ”They’ll threaten you with death if you don’t vote according to them. Because, even with death on the line, there’s nothing to do here until nine o’clock at night. So, they’ll play with you just to keep you occupied, and then they’ll just throw you away”

 ”No way…”

 Aside from the president, Hikami-kun is a very likable model. I was irritated when he said earlier that holding Misuzu-chan was a reward for him, but he doesn’t appear to be a malicious person.

 However, Kaneko-san…

 ”I know the true nature of those two people very well”

 Then she began to tell me the story of how the model Kaneko-san disappeared. Many of the things she said matched the stories I had heard from others.

 That’s why I went to the reception room of First Beauty in order to save Misuzu-chan.

 However, I hadn’t thought until just now that Hikami-kun was playing a part in it.

 A heavy silence fell as Kaneko-san stopped talking.

 After a while, Masakey-chan opened her mouth with a look of displeasure on her face.

 ”Masakey, too. I don’t think I can forgive President-san and Hikami-san. That’s why I think the four of us here, plus Natsumi, should work together to collect votes for either the president-san or Hikami-san”

 Kaneko-san nodded and Kyoko-san smiled with a twisted corner of her mouth.

* * *

 ”I have no objection either. I don’t blame you if we have to destroy each other later, but it’s not good for me to let those bastards do whatever they want”

 ”Well, then, let’s just fight together for the next round, okay?”

 Masakey-chan looks around at the others, and they all nod. Of course, so did I. At any rate, since we won’t be able to vote in the next round, there’s no reason not to join in.

 The opponent has four votes, and we have five. Misuzu-chan will not be able to vote next time, and Fumijima-san is the only one left.

 And depending on who Fumijima-san votes for, it could be a five-to-five draw.

 ”Who are the presidents going to vote for?”

 They must have thought the same thing I did. Masakey-chan tilted her head, and Kyoko-san spat something.

 ”That ugly guy, I guess”

 ”Yeah. Akira Mizuki was watching the video of Fumijima-san and Misuzu-san with a very unhappy look on her face. If the president imagined that his lover might be raped by Fumijima-san in the future, it would be normal for him to want to destroy him”

 If the presidents are going to vote for Fumijima-san, then we’ve won.

 We have five votes, the presidents have four.

 The remaining vote was Fumijima-san himself. And there’s no way he’s voting for himself.

 ”The question is, who will it be, the president or Hikami?”

 When Kyoko-san murmurs, and I look back at Kaneko-san. She has the right to make that decision, I thought.

 ”…In your opinion, which one is more unforgivable?”

 Kaneko-san looked at me with a serious face.

 ”Both… but the best is…”

◇ ◇ ◇

 Time flies.

 [Good evening! Aramaki-san announces that it’s nine o’clock in the evening, Jake! Gather around the round table, Jake!]


 As usual, Aramaki-san’s voice rang out loudly, and I jumped up on my bed again.

 (This is too bad for my heart every time)

 Then I walk out of the room and go to the round table. This time, I’m the second one after Kyoko-san.

 While I was watching the others coming out of the room, Akira-chan came out from the president’s room with him.

 It seems that the rumor that she was his lover was true. To be honest, I can’t believe that he can make out with his lover in such a place where death is a near possibility.

 As everyone except Misuzu-chan and Fumijima-san took their seats, Aramaki-san jumped up and down on the screen.

 [Wait a little longer, Jake… Ugly man and Misuzu are in the middle of their last shot, Jake]

 ”What do you mean, the last shot… are they still doing it?”

 Akira-chan’s face pales quickly.

 [That ugly guy. Aramaki-san was surprised to see him, Jake. Misuzu survived for the time being, Jake, and the baby’s impregnation was confirmed, Jake]

 ”Hey, hey… they’ve been at it all night, seriously? This isn’t hardcore play!”

 When Kyoko-san said that with a disgusted look on her face, Aramaki-san, for some reason, competed with her and spoke.

 [Aramaki-san’s no stranger to hardcore play, Jake! After all, I have been playing with tentacles for 365 days, Jake!]

 Then, in a close-up, she said.

 [Anisakis, though!]

 And then she starts giggling to herself again.

 …I swear, these fishes…

 What the hell is wrong with this atmosphere?

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