Confinement 151

Chapter 151 Announcement of the Results of the Second Round of Voting

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 K-chnk*! A sudden loud sound was heard, and the red door opened.

 Following this, Misuzu-chan stepped out with a dizzy, ghost-like step.


 I shriked at the sight of such a miserable figure.

 Her head was covered in a muddy white liquid that looked as if it had been spilled in a bucket.

 Her soiled body looked as if it had been forcibly clothed without being wiped.

 One of her shoulders was exposed, the shoulder straps of her bra were hanging down, the buttons of her blouse were wrong, and the fabric was twisted in a strange way.

 Her beauty is gone, and her eyes are lifeless. Her mucus-covered figure reminded me of a slug.

 She didn’t seem to care that everyone was looking at her, but she had a thin smile on her face and spoke.

 ”He… Ehehe… My haby… My wovely haby…”

 She rubs her belly affectionately.

 ”Misuzu-chan have been fucked so hard that she’s breaking…”

 I heard Masakey-chan muttering softly.

 Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I think there was a hint of envy in her voice.

 Following Misuzu-chan, Fumijima-san came out, looking no different from the way he had before entering the room.

 ”Oh, hello? I’m sorry to keep you waiting?”

 He still looked the same.

 Somewhat timid and unsure of himself, he seemed to be frightened that all eyes were on him even now.

 [Forget it, you ugly, go back to your room and vote quickly, Jake]

 ”Vote…? Oh, yes, excuse me”

 With that, he rushes into the room he’s been assigned.

 Then, Aramaki-san told Misuzu-chan who was left behind.

 [Misuzu, you too, Jake. Go into your room, Jake, you don’t need to vote this time, Jake!]

 ”He-… a room? A room… han I henter it?”

 Tilting her head like a young child, Misuzu-chan let out a faint giggle and staggered into the room assigned to her.

 ”…Oh no, that’s not good”

 There was no one to respond to Kyoko-san’s muttering.

 There was no time for me to respond either.

 (That… Even if she survived, it would be hell)

 She’s losing her mind, being televised having s*x with a man she doesn’t like and carrying his child. I didn’t think she could lead a sane life.

 [Don’t worry, I’ll cure her insanity later, Jake. I don’t know if she’ll be happy to be sane again, Jake]


 [If I feed her with Aramaki-san’s magic salmon potion, her HP will max out and she’ll recover from any condition in one shot, Jake]

 ”What the hell is that fishy elixir?”

 Natsumi-chan seemed to have given her a good answer, but I didn’t understand the meaning of her answer.

 What’s a fishy elixir?

 After a while, Fumijima-san came back and took a seat without hesitation.

 He had been fucking Misuzu-chan all night, but he didn’t look tired. I wonder what this guy is like.

 [How about you, Jake, you ugly shit, if you have any thoughts, I’m all ears, Jake]

 When Aramaki-san urged him to do so, Fumijima-san opened his mouth with an unpleasantly shy smile.

 ”E-ehehe, I-I didn’t think that I would be able to get married… I want to survive with Misuzu-san and build a happy family of three”

 Apparently, he’s willing to take responsibility. But marrying someone like this is a serious, serious punishment.

 But what is it…?

 Somehow, Fumijima-san’s words appear to have the two new models’ moods worse.

* * *

 [If you guys can get out, I’ll send you a proper wedding gift, Jake. Aramaki-san’s goods are very popular in Hokkaido, Jake]

 ”Is there such a thing as merchandise…?”

 [Hmm? I don’t know who gave it to me or where I got it, but it’s a carved wooden salmon with a bear accessory, Jake]

 ”That’s a carved wooden bear! Not a salmon!”

 Natsumi-chan replied again. What a great catcher. I could feel that she was an experienced catcher.

 While we were having such a casual exchange…

 [Oh, right, Jake, I received the results of ugly’s vote, Jake. This is quite a dead heat, Jake]

 Aramaki-san shouted. Apparently, the unintelligible joke was just buying time.

 But then, President Kurashima’s mouth twisted in displeasure.

 ”Hey, Salted Salmon, if Misuzu doesn’t vote, won’t that affect the outcome of the vote?”

 [Even if it’s a dead heat, one vote won’t change the final result this time, Jake]

 In other words, there’s a difference of more than two votes between the top and second place.

 [I’ll announce the results from the minority votes first, Jake]

 As before, Aramaki-san is shown in a close-up, and the words “total results” are drawn in a flashy motion with a flame effect.

 Then, the words “Yasuko Kinuta – one vote, Masakey – one vote” appeared next.

 ”Whoa, it’s me!”

 I shouted and jumped up and down on my chair.

 When I turned to Masakey-chan, she was smiling without seeming to be upset.

 …There’s something a little scary about this girl.


 [Three votes for Fumijima the Pheasant Man]

 President, Akira-chan, and Yamauchi-san shouted in surprise, “Three votes!?” And Hikami-kun looked as if he had lost his mind.

 And finally, with an explosion-like effect…

 [Kirihito Hikami 5 votes]

 appeared on the screen.


 Hikami-kun prostrates himself on the round table and droops his head.

 Fumijima-san exhaled loudly and wiped his forehead.

 The President, Akira-chan, and Yamauchi-san look at each other with expressions of disbelief.

 From the expressions on their faces, they seemed to be surprised that Fumijima-san had three votes, not that Hikami-kun had five.

 Hikami-kun’s five votes are probably the five people who decided to fight together, and Fumijima-san’s three votes are from the Presidents.

 Whoever voted for me and Masakey-chan must be Fumijima-san and someone from the President’s group.

 Hikami-kun is just looking from side to side, as if he doesn’t know what to do.

 [Then, the announcement of this mission, Jake!]

 Aramaki-san said, and with a flashy effect, a text appeared on the screen.

 It was–

 [A live broadcast of lovemaking with Chihiro Kaneko. Pledge your eternal love!]


 Instantly, Hikami-kun jumped up and looked at Kaneko-san with wide eyes.

 This is quite outrageous. The mastermind probably knows how Kaneko-san was sold off.

 (Of course Kaneko-san is going to refuse this… no chance for Hikami-kun…)

 As soon as I thought that…

 ”I don’t mind”

 Kaneko-san ruffled up her one-length hair and muttered to herself.

 As his eyes widened in surprise, Hikami-kun rushed to Kaneko-san’s side and took her hand.

 ”C-Chihiro! T-thank you. No, what happened before was just a misunderstanding. I knew that Chihiro was the only one for me!”

 For those of us who know what happened, we can’t help but feel disgusted by the way he said that.

 As I wrinkled my brow, wondering what Kaneko-san was thinking, Kyoko-san let out a small laugh, as if she couldn’t stand it any longer.

 Kaneko-san smiled and opened her mouth as she ran her fingers over Hikami-kun’s cheek with an affectionate hand.


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