Confinement 152

Chapter 152 It’s Okay

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 Everyone’s eyes were drawn to Kaneko-san’s mouth.

 Amidst the attention, her lustrous lips announced.

 ”Only if we get married”

 Hikami-kun suddenly widens his eyes like a cat that has been hit. Then he ruffled her hair and gave her a fake smile.

 ”Hahaha, let’s do it! Let’s get married! From now on, I’m all about you, Chihiro! I promise!”

 Hikami-kun breathed a sigh of relief. Kaneko-san smiled with a cool face.

 I was just at a loss.

 I don’t get it.

 She used to hate Hikami-kun so much.

 If I asked her who she wanted to target, the President or Hikami-kun, she would have named Hikami-kun without hesitation.

 ”Leaking a s*x video is fatal for a celebrity… but if you take responsibility and marry the person you’re having s*x with, you might get a good reputation… you’re thinking that now, aren’t you? If we divorce after a few years, it might make up for it”

 Kaneko-san asks Hikami-kun in a sultry voice. Despite the softness of her voice, her words were quite harsh. Hikami-kun panicked and raised his voice in an exaggerated manner.

 ”No, I don’t think that way! Chihiro. I’ve finally realized. You’re the only one I’ve ever really loved! I’ll ask you again! Please marry me!”

 ”Oh, I’m so happy”

 A flat, emotionless response. Then Kaneko-san said.

 ”But, Kirihito. How much can I trust your words? You’ve been betrayed me once…”

 ”You can trust me, I’ll never betray you again!”

 ”Hmm… then, will you settle everything?”


 ”You’ve had a lot of girls besides me, right? Will you tell me all the girls you’ve had, and confess how you’ve done to them? And then apologize to them? In front of the camera”

 ”Wait a minute, Chihiro… if I do that… I won’t be able to continue modeling, I won’t be able to make a living after marriage”

 ”That’s true. But then you’ll be mine and mine alone. You don’t have to worry about your life. My family in Hokkaido owns a farm. I’ll let you choose. You can either come with me and spend your days on a dairy farm in Hokkaido or you can die. I don’t think you have to think about it, do I?”

 ”No, of course not…”

 As Hikami-kun drooped his head, the President shouted at him.

 ”Don’t be fooled, Hikami! Don’t say a word! Ka-Kaneko? If you need money, I’ll get it for you. So just shut up and let Hikami hold you!”

 I can see the impatience in the President’s eyes.

 After all, Hikami-kun’s story must contain something inconvenient for the President. However, Kaneko-san did not even look at the President.

 She just walked up to Hikami-kun and took his hand.

 ”It’s okay, trust me. I love you”


 As they looked at each other, Aramaki-san jumped up and down on the monitor.

 [Don’t you dare change the rules of the mission without Aramaki-san’s permission, Jake!]

 Well, I suppose that’s true. The mission is to broadcast live lovemaking between the two of them.

 I guess she doesn’t want to broadcast his confession using the streaming facilities without permission.

 But then…

 [However, it’s pretty interesting, Jake]

 The next moment, Aramaki-san was in a close-up, as usual.

* * *

 [Okay, Jake! Kirihito Hikami! Behind the red door, you’re going to tell us everything you know about the women you’ve been cheating with, Jake. And by the way, Aramaki-san knows 90% of what you’ve been up to, Jake. If I find out you’ve been lying, you’ll die on the spot. Jake!]

 ”What!? You’re bluffing, right!? You can’t possibly know that! That’s bullshit!”

 The one who raised his voice was the President, but Aramaki-san spat at him in a close-up.

 [You can bluff all you want, Jake, but there are so many ways to do this, Jake. For example, Yamauchi, do you really think there’s no possibility that you’re making a deal with that woman, saying, “You’re the only one who can help me, Jake, tell me everything”, Jake?]


 ”N-No, I didn’t make that deal! I didn’t!”

 The President turns around with a shocked look on his face. And Yamauchi-san screams in panic.

 ”A-anyway, Kirihito! Don’t say a word! You’re being deceived, you know!”

 ”So you want me to die!?”

 Kaneko-san took his hand again and whispered into his ear.

 ”Let’s start over in Hokkaido with me, okay? When you’re done with all your confessions, you can hold me… I’m so excited with thought of you holding me again”

 Then, as if to remind him, she looked at him again and spoke.

 ”It’s okay, trust me. I love you”

 It seemed he had finally given up. Then, Hikami-kun turned his back on Kaneko-san and walked heavily towards the red door.

 ”Y-you fool! Kirihito! Don’t be fooled!”

 The President tried to run toward him, but Kyoko-san stood in front of him.

 ”That’s enough, old man. You’re not getting anywhere”

 When she said this while picking her ear with her pinky finger, the President pushed her away, saying, “Get out of the way!”, then…

 ”What? Are you really going to do that? Haaaa! Kirihito!”

 When he said so, the sound of a red door opening echoed in the air.

 And by the time I turned my eyes to the red door, it was closed.

 After a pause for breath, the monitor showed Hikami-kun sitting on the bed with a tense expression on his face.

 [Connecting the line, Jake. Okay, cut!]

 At the sound of Aramaki-san’s voice, Hikami-kun jerked and jumped. He looked from side to side with a tense expression on his face, and remained silent.

 Then, after a long, long silence, he began to speak as if he were squeezing.

 ”……I, Kirihito Hikami… um, u-up until now, I-I, well, I cheated, or rather, I tricked… well, let’s just say I apologize to the woman. At first, I didn’t mean to deceive you all, but I ended up doing so――”

 Inaudible, faltering speech.

 He must be thinking that there’s nothing he can do about it. The President is staring at the monitor with a face as if he has chewed up about a million bitter worms.

 Hikami-kun’s story was long.

 There was a lot of talk, a lot of talk.

 Models whom he has used before, idols whom everyone knows, actresses, announcers.

 (This… is an industry shock. If this is really being distributed, the media is going to be in an uproar right now)

 I was taken aback, and almost everyone looked surprised. The President is holding his head, and Yamauchi-san is biting her lip. Akira-chan was leaning close to the President as if caring for him.

 The conversation lasted for a good thirty minutes, and the names of the women mentioned were probably no less than fifty.

* * *

 ”…I apologize”

 At the same time as Hikami-kun hung his head, the image on the monitor was cut off.

 A few moments later, Hikami-kun walks out from behind the red door with a grim expression on his face. Then, with a staggering gait, he walked up to Kaneko-san.

 ”So… Chihiro…”

 When he opened his mouth, Chihiro-san smiled and spoke.


 I will probably never forget the look on Hikami-kun’s face at that moment.

 There is a saying that a pigeon was hit by a peashooter, but that was not that level. It was more like a pigeon being hit by a shotgun.

 ”What!? Why!?”

 ”Because I could see that you don’t care about me”

 Then Kaneko-san pointed his finger toward Hikami-kun’s nose, who was confused and upset, and spoke.

 ”I’ve told you many times. “My-parents’-house-is-Sake-brewery-in-Niigata-Prefecture”. And actually, thanks to you, I’ve been disowned and I can’t return… but you never tried to learn anything you weren’t interested in”

 Instantly, the blood drained from Hikami-kun’s face.

 ”I thought I gave you one last chance. But it appears that you don’t think I’m important enough to remember. You don’t even know me”

 ”I’m sorry. I-I won’t forget it! I won’t forget it anymore! Besides, Chihiro, you said you were fine and that you loved me!”

 Then Kaneko-san’s eyes narrowed.

 ”Do you remember what you said to me just before I was kidnapped?”

 And then, as if chewing on every word, she said.

 ”It’s okay, trust me, I love you… You know better than anyone that these words are worthless, Kirihito”

 Hikami-kun’s face contorts into a huge grimace.


 ”Hey, hey, don’t fuck with me, you just an AV dirty actress! Just open your fucking legs!”

 He shouted and grabbed Kaneko-san’s arm.


 I shouted, and she smiled without panic or fear. Then, in a rather flat tone, she told Hikami-kun, who grabbed her hand.

 ”Kirihito, you’re already finished. There’s no point in struggling”

 ”S-shut up! As long as I hold you!”

 ”…You don’t understand. You’ve been given a mission you can’t complete. It’s lovemaking. If you force yourself on me, it’s just rape”

 At the same time as Hikami-kun’s eyes widened, Kyoko-san shouted at the monitor.

 ”Hey, Kombu-maki!”

 [It’s Aramaki!]

 Aramaki-san suddenly appears in a close-up on the monitor.

 ”It’s the same. You’re a pain in the ass. Just get on with it”

 [Anyway, that’s it, Jake. The first one eliminated is Kirihito Hikami, Jake!]

 As soon as Aramaki-san announced this…

 There was a sharp sound of wind.


 Immediately, Hikami-kun screamed like an animal.

 There was a loud splash of blood between Kaneko-san and Hikami-kun, and his arm, which had been holding Kaneko-san’s hand, was cut off in two.


 ”Ugh… groan!”


 Amidst our shouts of astonishment, one sharp wind slash after another echoed.

 This time, his body was cut clean off from the knees down. From the knees down, Hikami-kun’s body slid down to the ground.

 ”Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I-it hurtsssss! H-Help me! C-Chihiro! Chihiroooooooooo!”

 To Hikami-kun’s desperate cries…

 [Shut up, Jake!]

 Aramaki-san spat it out mercilessly.

 Instantly, the floor opened up, and Hikami-kun’s body was swallowed deep into the hole with a shocked expression on his face.

 Then, after hearing a thumping sound at the bottom, Kaneko-san kicked his limbs down into the hole, saying, “You forgot something”.

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