Confinement 153

Chapter 153 Behind the Scenes of the Death Game Part Two

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 I was awakened by a shrill scream.

 My eyelids were heavy, my body was heavy, and I could feel the hard stone floor under my cheeks.

 In my hazy state of consciousness, my thoughts wandered aimlessly.

 (…Why am I sleeping on the floor?)

 My thoughts remain hazy. But I listened vaguely to the sound of someone talking, as if it were just a sound in my ears.

 ”What a wonderful gift. Hmm, please give my regards to Miss Lili Amos. I’ll make sure to help her in the future”

 ”Yes, I’m sure the Lord will be pleased to hear that. As for this young man, I will come and pick him when he is no longer needed, so please enjoy him to the fullest” (*Note: Lord -> Aruji)

 ”Yes… I will do that”

 I slowly pushed open my heavy eyelids and found a silver-haired foreign woman in a maid’s uniform kneeling right next to me as I lay there. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

 (I wonder if she’s a cosplayer…? I heard on the news that they come from overseas for events these days…)

 However, as my consciousness becomes clearer and clearer, I gradually realize how abnormal the situation I’m in is.

 (What…what is this?)

 Stone floors, massive stone walls like an old medieval castle.

 The recesses near the ceiling are lined with lighted candlesticks at regular distances.

 And along the walls on either side, there were figures standing in a line.

 The faces of these people were all pigs.

 Pigs in armor are standing upright and standing in a line.

 (They look awfully real… like rubber masks for party goods, huh?)

 I tried my best to figure out where I was and why I was here. As soon as I did, I had a flashback of Chihiro’s mouth contorting into a smile in my mind.

 (Death game!? That’s right! I was tricked by Chihiro and killed in the death game…)

 In an instant, my hands and feet were cut off and I was thrown into a hole to die… but I could still feel my hands and feet, and the terrible pain I felt at that time was nowhere to be found.

 My consciousness is gradually awakening.

 My body is heavy, but it doesn’t seem that I can’t move.


 As I try to sit up, the silver-haired beauty glances at me.

 And then–

 ”Well, I’ll be going now”

 With that, she turned on her heel and walked away. Then she disappeared without a sound.

 At that moment, the pigs mask that lined the walls on either side of me stomped on the ground and shouted in unison.

 ”Moho, moho, mohoooooooooo!”

 ”Moho, moho, mohoooooooooo!”

 ”Moho, moho, mohoooooooooo!”

 A raspy voice, a foul murmur. But it’s got a very controlled rhythm, like a military shout.

 (It’s scary! It’s scary! What is this?)

 When I jumped up…

 ”Hmmm… looks like I woke you up. Young man. I thought I was welcoming you. They’re…”

 From the front, a rather stern bass voice. It sounded like a dubbed version of the main character from the “Silent Hill” movie series.

 I hurriedly turned my head toward the voice,


 I couldn’t help but choke back my voice.

 There, sitting on a huge chair, was a huge figure.

 A huge pig mask, probably more than three meters tall, was staring at me with a glass of brandy in his hand.

* * *

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 I retreated, shattered by fear. Looking at me, the giant pig mask squinted at me and said in a very stern voice.

 ”…You’re really beautiful, young man. Hmm… you look frightened, but if you are frightened at the sight of me, I have a piece of advice for you. Close your eyes and try not to look at anything. You just need to feel my love”

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I returned to “The Confinement King’s bedroom” after dropping Shima-san off at home, I found Kurosawa-san, Masaki-chan, and Kyoko standing there with their cheeks twitching just inside the room.

 ”What are you guys doing?”

 Kurosawa pointed her finger.


 I looked at her fingertip, and then at the line of her finger.

 ”U-ufu, ufufufufu… fufu, fufufufufu..”

 There was Kaneko-san, face buried in the sheets, laughing and shaking her shoulders.

 (It’s scary!?)

 I know she’s happy that she finally got her revenge, but yes, she’s scary as hell.

 But the situastion can’t stay like this forever.

 ”Kyoko, try to talk to her”

 ”No, I don’t want it! You do it! You’re a man!”

 (Damn it, remember it when the death game is over…)


 I had no choice but to call out to her, and Kaneko-san jumped!

 And then–

 ”Oh, no. I must have fallen asleep…”

 She wakes up and ruffles her one-length hair with a languid expression.

 ”Yes, but…”

 When Kurosawa-san said that…

 ”I’m sleepy… and I want to sleep…”

 Kaneko-san repeated in an awkwardly low voice.

 Apparently, she was going to say that she was asleep.

 That’s quite brazen of her.

 ”Ah, haha… you must have been tired”

 And then, Masaki-chan complied at the speed of light. As expected of Masaki-chan. Her ability to read the atmosphere was unbelievable.

 ”…Let’s sit down for now, ahaha”

 ”Yes, of course. Ahaha…”

 ”M-me too, I’m kind of tired, ahaha…”

 We sit down on the sofa around the table, smiling at each other in a somewhat nonsensical way.

 (What are we going to do? With this atmosphere…)

 ”What’s wrong with you? You guys are so weird”

 Lili suddenly appeared in the air at the same time as Kaneko-san made a deliberate pause and I gave her a twitchy smile.

 ”Oh right, thank you for the hard work, Devi! It went pretty well, Devi!”

 She sounded happy and optimistic. Honestly, I felt as if a god of salvation had appeared. I mean the devil.

 Of course, I did my best to follow Lili’s enthusiasm.

 ”Yeah, that went well! That’s what I call Lili!”

 ”Nufufu! Follow Lili and you’ll be fine, Devi!”

 I guess everyone else is in the same boat as me. They were clapping their hands frantically.

 Lili was all smiles, her small breast puffed up as if it was a bridge. But when I praised her even more, she said, “But well, I miscalculated some things, Devi”.

 When we are praised too much, we try to balance ourselves out and say something negative about ourselves. That’s how the mind works.

 Well, Lili is not a human, but she is still the same.


 ”The vote for Oppai-chan, Devi… it didn’t have a big impact, Devi… but a close vote would have been more desperate situation, Devi”

 The plan was for me to get four votes and Hikami to get five. It was supposed to be by one vote.

 But when I opened the door, I found that one vote had gone to Masaki-chan, making it a two-vote difference.

* * *

 ”So, who voted for Masaki in the end?”

 Kurosawa asked, and Lili puckered her lips in annoyance.

 ”A rotten looking guy, Devi”

 Well, I guess so.

 I voted for Pompoko-san as planned. That leaves Hikami as the only remaining vote.

 ”Yesterday, the President and the others predicted that almost all the participants would vote for Fumi Fumi, Devi. I guessed that if everyone was going to vote for Fumi Fumi, then it was safe for him to vote for someone else, Devi”

 ”He’s an idiot”

 ”He’s an idiot”

 Kyoko and Kurosawa-san look at each other in dismay. And Masaki-chan tilted her head in displeasure.

 ”But, why me?”

 ”Maybe she was trying to seduce you. Kirihito, he’s a breast lover…”

 Lili nodded at Kaneko-san’s words.

 ”Yes, I think he was planning to scare you into voting for Oppai-chan relentlessly after this, Devi, and then give you a helping hand, Devi. I think he was going to tame Oppai-chan and eat you up, Devi”

 ”Eh…yikes! That’s disgusting. That idea is already creepy. Tricking people, scaring them, and then trying to get them to have s*x with you! It’s disgusting!”

 (Hmmm? Something is piercing my heart…)

 I looked away, and Lili changed the subject with a grin. Yeah, thanks.

 ”So, as planned, I’ve sent the handsome model to the demon world, Devi”

 ”So, the next time I see him, (s)he’ll be Kiriko-chan, right? That’s… something I’d like to see”

 Nodding at Kurosawa-san’s comment, Lili turned her head towards Kaneko-san.

 ”So, no further changes in treatment, Devi? Become an AV star?”

 ”Yes, sell him(her) off. If you can sell him(her) to a dominant pervert, it’s so much better…”

 ”I can’t be responsible for where it goes, Devi”

 Lili chuckles at that.

 Well, out of the four of them, Hikami is relatively good. If (s)he’s lucky, (s)he might be able to return to a normal life. But only as a woman.

 While I was thinking about this, Kurosawa-san opened her mouth with a slightly anxious look.

 ”By the way… Hikami-kun’s confession… it was live broadcasted, wasn’t it?”

 ”Not live broadcast. But it’s uploaded and always available, Devi”

 ”Isn’t it supposed to be amazing?”

 ”Devi Devi”

 Lili nodded, smiling.


 She must have remembered the time she was surrounded by the press at home. Kurosawa-san gave a distant look.

 Probably by now, all the talk on TV was about Hikami’s confession video. It must have become a huge scandal. The media must be rushing to the places of the women named in the video.

 ”The disappearances of Sacho, the rotten looking guy, the model, the manager and the raccoon face are all being reported at the same time, Devi. It’s large-scale Kidnapping Again, Devi”

 ”So, what about us? Won’t they get suspicious?”

 ”I’ve taken care of that, Devi. I’ve taken care of the receptionist, and destroyed the records. There’s no reason for anyone to suspect the connection, Devi”

 Kurosawa-san lets out a sigh of relief.

* * *

 ”So, what’s next?”

 Kyoko tilted her head, and Lili smiled.

 ”Shacho suspects that AV girl is the mastermind, Devi, and he’s going to concentrate his votes on her for now, Devi. And he’s probably going to try to contact someone to get votes, Devi”

 ”So, I guess we’ll just go back to our rooms in the Death Game Area and wait for the President to contact us”

 As I said this, Kurosawa-san leaned down on my shoulder.

 ”Hey, I’m bored just waiting… can I go to Fumi-kun’s room? I’m his wife, you know”

 Lili shook her head.

 ”No, Devi… The first person Shacho might get in touch with is Kurosawa-chan, Devi”

 ”Ehh… why… I thought Fumi-kun and I were going to be lovey-dovey again today…”

 Then, Masaki-chan puffs up her cheeks.

 ”Didn’t he give you a drink yesterday? That’s extravagant, Misuzu. I’ve barely had any contact with Fumio-kun during this death game! Can you believe it? It’s just me! Just me! But I will definitely make up for this! I’ll make it up, I swear!”

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