Confinement 156

Chapter 156 Announcement of the Results of the Third Round of Voting

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 [Good evening! Aramaki-san announces that it is 9:00 p.m, Jake! Gather around the round table, Jake!]


 As usual, Aramaki-san’s voice rang out loudly, and I jumped up on my bed again.

 ”Oh, it’s already that time…?”

 I can’t believe it’s been 24 hours since then.

 Depressing and frightening times, unwanted events always seem to come early.

 Last time, Hikami-kun was killed.

 The fact that he was killed in such a vivid way in front of my eyes by someone I knew made me feel the existence of death more clearly.

 And I feel indescribably guilty that I played a part in causing his death by voting for him.

 I also felt indescribably guilty that I had salmon roe bowl for lunch and salmon steak for dinner.

 I dragged my heavy legs to the large room with a round table, where the President, Akira-chan, Yamauchi-san, Kaneko-san, Kyoko-san, Natsumi-chan and Masakey-chan were already sitting around the round table.

 (I wonder if Fumijima-san and Misuzu-chan are still there…)

 The door to Fumijima-san’s room opened just as I took my seat.

 Everyone’s eyes were on the door at once, and I couldn’t help but gasp when I saw a figure staggering out of the door.

 It was Misuzu-chan.

 From head to toe, she is covered in a slick white fluid like a mollusk.

 Her pale face is red with the lingering fires of lust, and her eyes are vacant. Her mouth is sloppily open, and white liquid is trailing from it.

 She was not wearing any underwear, and her one-piece t-shirt was so soaked and stuck to her body that her nipples were faintly appearing.

 And the most disconcerting thing of all was that around her neck was a bright red collar like a dog’s, with a lead connected to it. Fumijima-san, who came out later, was holding the end of the collar.

 ”Uu… uuu… my haby, ehehe, my lovely haby, my haby”

 Misuzu-chan was acting as if it was a replay of yesterday, and everyone in the room was shocked.

 While we were quiet, Fumijima-san walked towards the round table, pulling Misuzu-chan’s lead.

 ”Hehe… sorry I’m late. Here, Misuzu, sit on the chair properly”

 ”Yaes… shyuwariyonyou…”(*?)

 As Misuzu-chan came closer, a strong smell like that of roasted dried squid drifted into the air.

 Then, just as Misuzu-chan was about to take a seat, Akira-chan, sitting next to her, shouted, “Hii!! Hey, don’t come over here!” and moved to the empty seat next to me, the seat of the former female detective.

 When everyone took their seats, Aramaki-san jumped up and down on the screen.

 [It seems everyone is here, Jake, so let’s get started, Jake!]

 And, not expecting Fumijima-san’s brutal behavior, she ignored it. Naturally, I couldn’t help shouting out, even though I was trying to be low-profile.

 ”Wait, wait, wait! Misuzu-chan is in such a mess…!”

 Then, Aramaki-san let out an exasperated voice.

 [What are you talking about, Jake? Aramaki-san has no intention of restricting free love, Jake]

 ”F-Free love…! T-that can’t be love! It’s rape! Rape! Of course Fumijima-san attacked Misuzu-chan!”

 [Eh… there’s nothing wrong with rape, Jake. In fact, the only thing wrong with it is that ugly bastard’s enormous lust who’s been doing it for two days straight, Jake]

 ”No way…”

 No, it is natural if she says so. The handbook said that even killing each other was no problem.

 I looked up at the ceiling.

 Above my head, Aramaki-san’s voice came down from the monitor.

* * *

 [In the first place, from Aramaki-san’s point of view, procreation is basically rape. Irresponsible bukkake on eggs, Jake’s]

 ”Why Salmon and their biology..?”

 When Natsumi-chan made a simple comment, Fumijima-san turned his head toward me and distorted his cheeks.

 ”Fuhihi… Ponpoko-san, please don’t make false accusations. T-this is our lovemaking, you know. Hey, Misuzu, you love m-me, right?”

 Misuzu-chan smiled dimly and muttered, “Ehehe, I love you…” as Fumijima-san pulled the lead.

 This is crazy. That’s all I could think of. Then a thought crossed my mind.

 Fumijima-san may have arranged this whole farce. To get Misuzu-chan for himself…

 If Fumijima-san is the mastermind, this vote will be the end.

 Kyoko-san said that last time, when the mastermind was discovered, everyone who survived was released.

 I, Kaneko-san, Kyoko-san, Masakey-chan and Natsumi-chan will vote for Fumijima-san in the next round. That’s a majority.

 ”Oh, yes. Aramaki-san, Misuzu already voted in my room, is that okay?”

 Fumijima-san suddenly asks, and Aramaki-san nods on the screen.

 [That’s not a problem, Jake. We have your handwriting on the first vote, Jake]

 [Then we’ll announce the minority vote first, Jake… but there’s no minority vote this time, Jake! This time, the votes are split in half and it’s a battle of two halves, Jake!]

 Then, as usual, Aramaki-san was shown in a close-up, and the words “Total Results” were drawn in a flashy motion, with flame effects.

 Then, the next page appeared,

 [Fumijima Pheasant Man – 4 votes]

 ”Are you joking!?”

 ”W-what the hell?”

 Natsumi-chan and I shouted, and Kaneko-san quietly closed her eyes.

 And finally, with an explosion-like effect…

 [Chihiro Kaneko – 6 votes]

 appeared on the screen.

 I couldn’t believe it.

 The breakdown of the Kaneko-san’s six votes was three from President, Akira-chan, and Yamauchi-san. Then, two from Misuzu-chan and Fumijima-san that made it five votes.

 So — which among the five of us is it?

 Indicates that one of us betrayed the others.

 Naturally, it’s not me and Kaneko-san. Then it must be Natsumi-chan, Masakey-chan, or Kyoko-san…

 I turned my attention to the three of them.

 Natsumi-chan had a shocked expression, Masakey-chan was drooping. And Kyoko-san was staring at the middle of the round table with a sorrowful expression.

 When I remembered that they were suspicious, all of their expressions looked fake. On the other hand, when I turn my attention to the President and the others, they are smirking.

 It’s annoying. I’m frustrated. I’m angry.

 The man who framed Kaneko-san and sold her out has framed Kaneko-san again. There’s no way this can be allowed to go on.

 [And the mission for Chihiro Kaneko is…]

 A close-up of Aramaki-san appears on the screen, and text appears in the background.

 [Restrained Kneeling Sex with Itsuki Kurashima! Three hours of humiliating urination play, premium pack]

 ”T-that’s terrible…”

 ”…What’s a premium pack?”

 At about the same time as Kyoko-san and I let out a squeal, President Kurashima burst into loud laughter.

 ”Ahahahahaha! That’s quite an interesting entertainment!”

 Then, with a clatter, the chair collapsed and Kaneko-san left her seat.

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