Confinement 157

Chapter 157 Ponpoko is Frightened

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 ”Do you mean I’m going to have s*x with this man?”

 A low, stifled voice spilled from between her lips.


 As I sat in my chair, I saw Kaneko-san’s hard clenched fist shaking in front of me.

 We haven’t worked hard enough.

 Before we knew it, President had taken Misuzu-chan and Fumijima-san into his fold.

 Otherwise, it is hard to imagine that they would have voted together for Kaneko-san.

 Especially since Misuzu-chan did not see Kaneko-san pushing Hikami-kun.

 Who knows, maybe someone who betrayed her was also cut down by the presidents.

 And the mission given to Kaneko-san was too vicious.

 After all, for Kaneko-sana, the president is someone she can’t get enough of killing. And this mission was like giving in to that person completely.

 As I turn to the President, he looked triumphant, a smirk on his face, and his mouth twisted into a grimace.

 It was disgusting. It was so ugly that the sludge still looked more beautiful. I thought.

 In front of me, I could hear the sound of teeth clenching. I was too scared to look Kaneko-san directly in the face.

 ”Come to think of it, I haven’t had s*x with you since I took your virginity. It took a lot of effort to convince you to appear in AV”

 The President stood up, humming to himself as he walked away from the round table and pointed at his feet.

 ”If you want me to help you, kneel there. Get down on your knees and beg miserably. If I don’t like it, I’ll abort you on the spot. Flirt and cajole like a bitch to satisfy me. I might even use you as a toilet if I like. Last time I was in the doctor’s office, they said I had high sugar. Maybe my piss will be sweeter and easier to drink, hahahahaha”

 It was a lousy joke. It was disgusting.

 But I couldn’t tell Kaneko-san to stop. I can’t tell her she doesn’t have to do that.

 Because that would be like telling her to die.

 Kaneko-san wobbled to the side of the President with a ghostly gait.

 I couldn’t stand to watch.

 I couldn’t help but turn away.

 This is too much. To kneel before someone she hates so much that she wants to kill him, yet she was humiliated by him again.

 But if she doesn’t, she’ll be killed. A vivid image of Hikami-kun being torn apart flashed through my mind.

 Kaneko-san quietly walks up to him with her head down.

 As soon as she kneeled down in front of the President, he grabbed Kaneko-san’s hair and twisted it.

 ”You’re the mastermind, aren’t you?”

 ”What…what are you talking about?”

 Kaneko-san replied, her face contorted by the pain of having her hair pulled, and the President’s voice rose, his face contorted with anger.

 ”It’s no use playing dumb! You’ve lost. Get this farce over with!”


 ”Too bad. It wasn’t me…!”

 As soon as Kaneko-san said that, she jumped at the President like an animal. She grabbed the President by the hair, head-butted him in the jaw, and then leaned over him, put her hand on his chest, and pulled out something silver.



 Akira-chan and Yamauchi-san’s voices echoed, and Kaneko-san raised her right arm. The object in her hand reflected the lighting and glittered.

 It was a fork. It was the fork that had come with the salmon steak for dinner.

 The President’s face twitches with fear, and Kaneko-san swings down with a big swing of her hand at the President’s face. But–

* * *


 Kaneko-san’s weight is light, and as the President bounces his body frantically, the fork’s trajectory slips and it sticks into his shoulder. The suit’s fabric is thick, so the sting is shallow.


 The President let out a scream, and his shirt bled slightly.

 But it was far from a fatal wound. Kaneko-san must have understood that. She pulled out the fork and spoke.

 ”I may end up here… but that’s okay. If it’s over, it’s over with you in it”

 Then she turned her gaze to his neck.

 ”Agh! Aah! Ahhh!”

 The President must have realized that she was looking at his neck. He twisted frantically to get rid of her, and kicked the ground frantically like a beetle flipped inside out as he backed away.

 Looking at him, Kaneko-san stood up and walked over to the President with a fork in her hand.

 ”You should be happy. If you die now, you won’t have to choose between the two women you love. Doesn’t that make you feel better? If everything goes well, there might even be a chance that both of them will survive”

 ”D-don’t be stupid! There’s no point if I don’t survive. I won’t die until I push Akira to the top of the entertainment industry! I won’t die!”

 ”Really… you think you and Akira Mizuki can survive to the end?”

 ”Yes, I’ll survive! I’m not going to die! Akira can’t die either!”

 I saw Kaneko-san glance over at Kyoko-san as soon as the President barked that out.

 The President shouted urgently at the monitor.

 ”H-hey! Salmon! Salmon! What are you waiting for! There’s no chance this bastard can complete the mission! Get rid of her quickly! You scum!”

 Then, for some reason, Aramaki-san appeared on the monitor, even smaller than usual.

 [You really are a pompous old man, Jake… Aramaki-san is a little bent out of shape, Jake]

 ”Shut up! Just do something! Salmon don’t have belly buttons!”

 Aramaki-san opens her mouth as if to mock the desperately shouting President.

 [Surely, I don’t have a curved belly button, Jake. After all, when we reproduce, the male must curved his nose to appeal to females, Jake. Salmon with a crooked nose, Jake]

 ”No! I don’t need that trivia! Hurry up and do something about this bitch!”

 It’s quite a douche play to play with someone whose life is in danger. It made me think twice about Aramaki-san.


 ”I hope you pay for what you’ve done in hell”

 Kaneko-san looked at the President and was about to swing her fork down, but…

 [Well, it’s not fun to have two people drop out at once, Jake]


 We all opened our eyes at once.

 Suddenly, Kaneko-san’s body was lifted into the air. Both of her feet left the ground and she writhed in agony.

 I looked up to see a rope hanging from a hole in the ceiling, wrapped around Kaneko-san’s neck.

 The rope was coiling up with a cracking sound. Her body was being lifted higher and higher.


 With an exhalation of air, the fork fell from Kaneko-san’s hand and clanked on the floor.

 She wriggled her arms and legs, grabbed the rope around her neck with both hands, and tried desperately to resist, but as if to mock her, she was lifted higher and higher.

 Everyone forgot to speak and looked up in dismay, the sound of Kaneko-san’s labored breathing echoing loudly in the large room.

 Finally, when Kaneko-san’s head was hanging high, almost touching the ceiling, her body suddenly jerked and jerked. Her body convulsed violently, and her arms and legs hung limply down.

 The sound disappeared from the room.

 There was no one who could speak.

 Everyone was just staring up at Kaneko-san hanging from the ceiling with their mouths open, stunned.

 It was dimly lit near the ceiling, and I couldn’t see her expression at all.

 It was scary to imagine whether she was contorting in pain or opening her eyes in bitterness.

 It was scary. It was more vivid than when Hikami-kun died.

 At that time, I had no time to think about Kaneko-san’s pity or the President’s bitterness.

 I was just, just scared. Terrible. I was filled with such feelings.

 I want to get away from this place. These were the only thoughts swirling around in my head.

 Before I knew it, I was screaming, “Kyaaaaaaahhhh!”. My own will no longer intervened at all.

 So, I jumped up from the chair, ran into my assigned room, and locked the door behind me.

 Then I jumped into bed, pulled the blanked over my head, and just trembled. All I could do was tremble.

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