Confinement 158

Chapter 158 This is How Takaka Takata Fell

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 As soon as I walked back to my room from the girls’ bar through the commuter entrance, I sat down on the floor with a slump.

 I was on the verge. Somehow I managed to keep the first place, but my nerves were getting worn out.

 Yesterday evening, when I arrived at work, I was feeling very comfortable.

 There were no names of Mako Bitch or Fucking Rena on the shift list posted in the locker room, and I knew that if those two weren’t there, I’d be in first place.

 In fact, I was the prettiest of all the cast members who were working that day. My make-up was perfect, and my leopard print bikini was so cute that I was sure I would win by a double score.

 But when I opened the door, it turned out that I was in a dead heat by one vote.

 It wasn’t that there was a strong rival or anything like that, but it was a low-level battle where the score was evenly distributed among all the cast members.

 The voting race dragged on until the closing time, and I was losing my nerve.

 (I can’t take it anymore…)

 As I recall, it was just after I arrived at work that I got into trouble.

 ”Good morning”

 When I stepped into the bar, the cast members of the day were already at the counter.

 ”Good morning! Taka-chi”

 ”Yes, good morning”

 It’s not that the cast members don’t get along with each other.

 It’s just that we don’t really know each other well enough to get along.

 And there’s an unspoken rating system that automatically puts me, Mako Bitch, and Fucking Rena in the center, even though we don’t have a fixed position.

 Today, too, without even thinking about it, I took the center position, chatted with the girl next to me, looked around at the other cast members, and giggled in my heart.

 (Haha☆ I’ll have an easy time today. Yay, yay, yay!)

 From a customer’s point of view, today might be a bad day. There are no pretty girls except me.

 In the meantime, the first customer came in.

 The president of a real estate agency in the shopping district, a greasy old man, Shimaki-san, I remember. He’s a client of Mako Bitch.

 ”Hey… Is Mako-chan not here today?”

 As soon as he entered the bar, I gave him a flirtatious look, to which he was obviously disappointed.

 ”Aha~, I’m sorry, Shimaki-san. Instead, today, let’s have a chat with Mako’s best friend, and it’s me…”

 ”So you’re good friends with Mako-chan, huh?”

 ”Yes, I’ll tell Mako how good Shimaki-san, so show me how good you are today”

 ”Hahaha, you’re saying good things, young girl. All right, first, give me a Jim Beam highball. Are you want to eat? Or you want to drink too, young girl!”

 ”Kyaaa! Shimaki-san, you’re “Hand-some”!”

 This is lucky.

 Shimaki-san is what I call a fat customer of Mako-bitch.

 Sometimes he brings a lot of his own employees with him, so if I can win him over, Mako Bitch’s vote will go down and mine will go up.

 Just as I was getting off to a good start, the second customer walked in.

 ”Welcome to… huhh!?”

 As soon as I saw the customer, I crouched down under the counter with no time to spare.

 (W-w-w-w-why is he here?)

 The person who came in was my teacher.

 It was Morioka-sensei, the homeroom teacher of the next class.

* * *

 ”What’s wrong, Nee-chan?”

 Suddenly I crouched down, and Shimaki-san spoke to me in a puzzled voice.

 ”I-I’m fine, I’m just a little dizzy…”

 To be frank, this is no time to be dealing with an old man.

 If he finds out that I’m working here, all the hard work I’ve done so far will be for nothing, and everything will be over before the summer vacation is over.

 ”Ara, isn’t it Gori-chan? Welcome! Are you here to see Fumi?”

 It was a cast member at the far end of the room who called out to Morioka-sensei.

 She was a veteran cast member in her mid-twenties, who was called Fumi-neesan by the other cast members.

 But! In my opinion, she’s just an old lady. She’s not a girl anymore. And in fact, she’s just an aunt making herself look younger.

 However, Morioka-sensei looked as if he was going to stretch his nose. His nose was so long that I wondered if he could stretch it that far, and he hurriedly took a position in front of Fumi-neesan.

 ”Oh, Fumi-chan, I heard you were working today, so I came to see you…” (*Note: I -> Boku-chin)


 Wait, wait, wait!

 Morioka-sensei looks like a scary gorilla, but among the students, he’s a strict but good teacher. That’s what they say.

 But right now, he says “Boku-chin”. And I can’t help but feel I’ve seen something I shouldn’t have.

 No, it’s okay. It’s private and I’m not doing anything illegal.

 Rather, it’s more about me.

 (I-I-I’m not going to be found out, am I?)

 In fact, it is very unlikely that my appearance will reveal that I am Takaka Takata. Even so, it’s still too risky to continue to serve customers without knowing who I am. Above all, my nerves are not strong enough.

 ”Shi-Shimaki-san, I’m sorry… I’m feeling a little sick, I’m going to take a break”

 ”Oh, well, no problem”

 I crawled back under the counter to the locker room and let out a big sigh.

 (I didn’t expect Morioka-sensei to come…)

 But this bar is the nearest station to the school. Since it was located behind the station, there was no possibility that someone I knew would come.

 I was prepared for it, but Morioka-sensei is the worst.

 I have heard from Kobayashi-sensei that Morioka-sensei is his drinking buddy.

 In other words, there is a possibility that Kobayashi-sensei will visit this bar.

 I may be able to fool Morioka-sensei, but Kobayashi-sensei will know.

 After all, I am his future wife, so there is no way he could not see through me.

 In the end, Morioka-sensei stayed in the bar for almost two hours, during which time I felt as if I was being roasted by a fire, and was getting impatient.

 While I was in the locker room, votes that should have gone to me were going to other girls. There was no way I could not be impatient.

 (Oh no, oh no… just hurry up and go home! You damn gorilla! You monkey! You space monkey!)

 So, after the teacher left and I returned to the counter, I was not in a good mood, my conversation was slow, and I kept making mistakes. I was, if I do say so myself, a completely useless cast member.

 Even so, I somehow managed to win first place because three of my customers who had missed the last train came to see me just before the bar closed.

 I always call them suckers in my heart, but today they looked so handsome.

* * *

 (I’m so tired…)

 After a long time of reminiscing, I fall into bed.

 I feel like I need to take a shower and remove my makeup, but I can’t find the energy to do so.

 I can only say that I was lucky to have won today.

 If Mako Bitch or Fucking Rena had been here, I would not have been able to win. If I lose one more time, it’s over for me.

 In such a situation, the possibility of my acquaintance’s coming to the bar was extremely damaging.

 Perhaps because of the stress, my stomach began to ache.

 As soon as that happens, the offer of Cockroach maid seems more and more attractive.

 (Just one night… it’ll be easier if I hold out… right?)

 100,000 yen if I make Kijima ejaculate ten times. That’s enough to give me one more day of leeway even if I miss out on first place.

 Anything to get away from this trapped feeling. I felt like that.

 There was no way that I, the chairwoman of the public morals committee, was going to be held by a bottom-tier like Kijima. It’s impossible.

 But a black gal who works at a girl’s bar. If Taka-chi wants to do it as a lucrative side job, she can go to….

 (That’s right. I don’t have to be recognized either. Then, after the summer vacation, I’ll be the rightful chairwoman of the public morals committee. I’ll only be playing the role of Taka-chi, the black gal for now. And if I act like the girls in that AV, I’m sure he won’t find out…)

 Making up my mind, I reach for the doorbell to call Cockroach maid.

 To be honest, I just wanted to get away from this trapped situation.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Good night, Kaneko-san”

 As usual, I dropped Shima-san off at home, and when I entered “the bedroom of Confinement King”, Kaneko-san was leisurely drinking tea on the sofa.

 ”Thanks for the hardwork. Did my performance go well?”

 ”Yes, I think you acted very well”

 In fact, it was just a loose rope wrapped around her neck. And the invisible Torture was just floating around with Kaneko-san in her arms.

 ”Well, now that I’m out of here according to the scenario, I’ll just relax and watch the rest on the monitor”

 ”Yeah, I’ll take care of the rest”

 Kaneko-san’s role in this turn is to cause a rift in the relationship between the President, Akira Mizuki and Kiyoka Yamauchi.

 Now that the President has made it clear that it is he and Akira who will survive, the rift is irreparable.

 There are only nine of us left. The President and Akira Mizuki, who can’t afford to lose Misuzu’s vote, are sure to vote for me. I don’t think Yamauchi will give up on the President at this point either. She has to survive.

 That’s what I was thinking,

 ”Good work, Devi”

 Lili appeared in the air.

 ”How’s everyone doing?”

 I asked, and Lili explained about each of them, counting on her fingers.

 ”Kurosawa-chan is in the shower right now, Devi. Oppai-chan and Kyoko are visiting Raccoon Face’s room as planned, the female model is in her room tending to Shacho’s injuries, and the manager is holed up in her room, working on stuff, Devi”

 ”What is she working?”

 ”Randomly throwing things at the wall, Devi”


 To be honest, I don’t like hysterical women.

* * *

 ”But anyway, my turn will come in the morning. This afternoon, I’m free to go, okay?”

 To tell the truth, Fujiwara-san and Rin Fukuda have been sending me messages on social networking sites every day, saying they miss me, miss me, and miss me.

 If I don’t follow up with Fujiwara-san, she might try to force herself on me with her wealthy power.

 I think it’s better to meet her around here, and of course I want to meet her too.

 There is a different kind of excitement in love with Fujiwara-san than in s*x.


 ”No, Devi. Fumi Fumi must clear the schedule for this afternoon, Devi”

 ”What? Why?”

 I snapped, and Lili chuckled.

 ”Tattakata’s fallen, Devi”

 ”Oh, I see…. She’s a lot less weak than I thought she’d be”

 ”It’s not that she’s weak, Devi, it’s just that I pushed her so hard, Devi. I want you to give Lili praise, Devi!”

 Kaneko-san tilted her head as Lili pursed her lips at me.

 ”Who’s Tattakatā?”

 ”Oh, it’s not the same thing as a death game. There’s this stiff chairwoman of the public morals committee who’s a real enemy of mine, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to brainwash her into being the opposite of a vulgar erotic gal. And her nickname was Tattakata”

 ”Ahaha… you’re a bad guy after all”

 ”I won’t deny it, but I think my stance this time is that I was just waving a firework at myself”

 ”…a terrible man”

 ”I can’t deny it, can I?”

 ”Even so, turning a stiff girl into the complete opposite of her personality… can you really do that?”

 Kaneko-san asked, and Lili puffed out her chest.

 ”It’ll take time, Devi, but if we follow the steps and push herself hard enough, we can do it, Devi.”

 And Lili explained the procedure to me in detail.

 First of all, the main principle is that “the pressure on deviant behavior is proportional to the probability of realization and the strength of the desire”.

 That is, in a nutshell, the stiff chairwoman of the public morals committee would want to be bought by me. Theoretically, it is enough to create enough pressure to make her do so.

 Well, I’ll explain it in a simple way.

 First, Takaka Takata’s desire is to graduate and marry Kobayashi-sensei.

 But there was an event that suddenly pushed that possibility far away.

 That is, I found out about her relationship with Kobayashi-sensei. If I told anyone, their relationship would surely collapse.

 According to Lili, the pressure for deviant behavior had risen considerably in Takata-san’s mind at this point.

 At this point, however, the deviant action was to get rid of Fumio Kijima.

 Lili said simply, “Only stiff people are reckless when cornered, Devi”

 Seriously… I wish she wouldn’t say scary things.

 Back to the explanation, I offered her a solution, saying that if she made 3 million yen at a girls’ bar, I wouldn’t tell anyone, and it’s made her feel better. For a while, the pressure eased.

 But it’s only temporary. There’s no way she can keep the top spot forever, and it’s in my calculations that things will go wrong.

 And as the possibility diminishes, the pressure to deviate increases again.

* * *

 However, even if she wanted to get rid of me, I wouldn’t show up in front of her, and the maids know what’s going on, so just getting rid of me won’t stop me from talking her relationship with Kobayashi-sensei.

 In other words, even if she wanted to deviate, there was no way to do so.

 And when I judge that the pressure is at its highest, I will offer her another way to reach her desire, another way to deviate.

 That is prostitution, being held by Fumio Kijima for money.

 A criminal act that the real Takaka Takata would never tolerate. Immoral decision making.

 But the pressure must be high. And there were no other options, and most importantly, her own consciousness was slowly being altered.

 In order to weaken her rejection of s*x by forcing her to watch AV, and to assimilate her with the gals in the AV, I took advantage of her innate diligence and made her become a black gal.

 It is common for people to have a mind first and then act according to that mind, but this process is not irreversible.

 In other words, the state of the mind changes in accordance with one’s actions. This is why habits are so frightening.

 If a stiff person acts as a black gal, the mind will change to tolerate the gal-like behavior in order to correct the inconsistency.

 Finally, there is a final push.

 That is the guarantee of anonymity.

 It means that I don’t know that the black gal is Takata-san.

 This is a guarantee that no matter how much immoral behavior she does, Takaka Takata, the chairwoman of the public morals committee, will not be held responsible, and no disadvantage will occur.

 Perhaps, “only once”.

 She will go astray with such intentions.

 But once she goes astray, there is no stopping her.

 Easy money, good s*x.

 And the end result is a visible decrease in debt.

 No matter how much money she makes at the girl’s bar, the three million dollar face value will decrease on the last day. On the other hand, every time she finishes with me, her debt will be visibly reduced.

 Of course, it’s just a morning, evening, and night game, but the sense of accomplishment is addictive.

 This is how Takaka Takata became addicted to s*x with Fumio Kijima, and in the end she could not live without it.

 Kaneko-san looked up at Lili with an expression of utter disbelief when she told her this story in detail.

 ”…You’re really a devil”

 And then, as if nothing had happened, Lili replied.

 ”Yes, Devi”

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