Confinement 159

Chapter 159 Play to Your Heart’s Content

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 As I stepped out into the corridor, I saw a door that hadn’t been there before, and another long corridor beyond it.

 ”You are supposed to be a dumb gal who was found in the city. Please behave in such a way that your true identity will not be revealed”

 ”…I know!”

 I throw a grumpy voice at the back of the cockroach maid walking in front of me.

 I slept until noon, and it’s now one o’clock in the afternoon.

 I’m going to sell my body for money. And it’s to that bottom-feeder, Fumio Kijima.

 I can still turn back now, but what am I going to do by turning back? These thoughts are running through my head.

 But I don’t feel so depressed as I wondered. I just feel a lot of anxiety, a little guilt, and an inexplicable elation.

 (…Anyway, don’t let him know it’s me. As long as I keep that, everything should be fine. Then, I’ll act like the girls I’ve seen on the DVD, unnecessarily excited and optimistic..)

 I watched the DVD over and over again. I’ve memorized what the girls said so well that I can recite them by heart.

 (Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’m Taka-chi, a dumb, s*x-loving, vulgar black gal. I love money, I love cock, I’m a black gal who’ll do anything as long as it makes me feel good..)

 As I walked, repeatedly telling myself this, Cockroach maid suddenly stopped in her tracks.

 When I looked up, I saw that the corridor had come to a dead end and there was a wooden door in front of me.

 ”Beyond this door is the Master’s bedroom. Takata-sama, are you ready? Once you open the door, there’s no turning back, okay?”

 ”D-don’t scare me every time”

 I gulped and gave a small nod.

 The cockroach maid knocked on the door and opened it without waiting for an answer.

 On the other side of the door was a luxurious room that looked like a suite in a high-class hotel.

 Red carpet, white walls decorated with gold.

 Behind a leather sofa set that looked like it was designed by Eames, sat a huge canopied bed that looked like it could hold ten people.

 ”I-it’s amazing..”

 As I retreated, almost unconsciously, the cockroach maid glanced at me and then raised her voice.

 ”Master! Thank you for waiting so long. I’ve brought the sperm squeezer of the day!”

 ”Oh, thank you”

 I turned to the direction of the voice and saw Kijima in her underwear sitting on the bed with one knee up.

 He was as ugly as ever. His smiling and relaxed expression was also annoying.

 ”Come on, introduce yourself”

 The cockroach maid urged me, and I stepped forward.

 (I have to be as stupid and vulgar as possible..)

 I take a quick breath and force myself to raise the tension.

 ”Giggle☆ Hello, I’m Taka-chi! I’m really excited to get paid for having a lot of fun! I’m so confident, I’m going to fuck you until you’re peeing your pants!”

 Kijima rolled his eyes for a moment, then said.

 ”Hee~… that’s nice! You’re kind of my type. Nice to meet you, Taka-chi”

 Then he smiled.

 To be honest, I was relieved. I don’t want to be liked, but if I’m rejected here, I won’t get paid and my pride will be torn apart.

* * *

 But… well, come to think of it, Kijima’s girlfriend must have been Fujiwara-san, the black gal.

 Then, maybe I’m right in line with this guy’s tastes now.

 Coffee-colored, deeply roasted skin.

 Silver hair tied up in twin tails, gaudy makeup.

 Wearing a gold micro-bikini with very little fabric.

 No matter how much he looks at me, I’m an erotic black gal.

 ”She will be held until four o’clock. Then, Master, please enjoy her to your heart’s content”

 The cockroach maid bowed and left the room.

 It’s just me and Kijima left.

 (What should I do? What should I do from here?)

 What would the black gal Taka-chi do?

 I think back to all the DVDs I’ve watched, zipping through the beginning parts.

 When I think about it, I think that in all of them, the girl started to have s*x aggressively.

 Maybe the person who likes black gal is the type of person who wants the girl to take the initiative.

 (If that’s the case..)

 ”Giggle☆ Let’s get started right away!”

 I made up my mind and jumped on the bed as if I were excited.

 The bar starts at five o’clock. I have to made him ejaculate at least ten times by four o’clock, including preparation and rest, so I don’t have time to relax.

 I retrace in my mind the actions of the AV star and act accordingly.

 And so, I began to put my hands around Kijima’s neck and lean down, giving him a sweet look.

 I let out a sweet exhale, and reaches up and touches Kijima’s thing with my fingertips on his underwear.

 But at that moment…

 ”What… is this?”

 Nearly reverting to my original state, I hurriedly smiled.

 I can feel my cheeks twitching.

 It’s big. Kijima’s cock was absurdly bigger than I had imagined.

 Of course, I only know Kobayashi-sensei’s cock, but compared to that, there’s a difference between an adult and a child.

 Moreover, it’s not that hard, so I don’t think it has an erection yet.

 ”Oh, ahaha… it’s seriously super bad. It’s too big, this thing”

 Kijima looked at me suspiciously when I said that to him.

 ”Is it that big? Or Taka-chi doesn’t have much experience?”

 ”No, of course not! Every night I’m getting fucked up all over again. Well, what I mean, they’re just relatively big”

 ”So, you love to do it with your mouth, right?”


 If I’m not mistaken, the girls in the DVD, as soon as they pull down the guy’s pants, give him blowjob, as usual. I think they were licking the guy deliciously.

 ”O…o-of course! I’m so happy to be able to eat such a nice cock, I’m super excited!”

 I’ve never given blowjob to Kobayashi-sensei, and he’s never asked me to.

 So when I first saw it on DVD, I thought it was crazy.

 Because a cock is a reproductive organ and an excretory organ.

 But in all the DVDs I saw, the girls were all sucking their cocks, looking so delicious.

 So…I’m a little curious to know what it tastes like.

 ”Well, I want to make you feel good too, so let’s have some fun with six-nine. Can you straddle me?”

 ”Oh, yes”

 I’ve heard of six-nine before. Anyway, I had to pretend to be happy so that he wouldn’t know that I was confused.

* * *

 (Ugh… it’s embarrassing)

 Even though I’m wearing a bikini, I can feel my face heating up at the thought of my vagina being watched at close range.

 It’s so embarrassing.

 But I can’t let him see me embarrassed.

 (A-anyway, I have to do something about his cock..)

 I hurriedly put my hand on Kijima’s pants and pulled them down.

 As soon as I did that, his cock popped out right in front of me, and I let out an involuntary squeal.

 ”What’s the matter? Are you scared of it?”

 ”No, I’m not scared!”

 ”What? But why you squeal..?”

 ”Oh, hahahaha… I just got a little excited that you have a nice cock. My head is spinning. Anyway, I’m gonna eat it!”

 I opened my mouth wide and sucked his cock.

 A fishy smell comes to my nose.

 A strange, fishy taste spreads in my mouth too.

 (What’s so good about it?… Uee… it’s disgusting..)

 But once it’s in my mouth, it’s under control.

 Thanks to the DVD, I know how to make a man feel good.

 I tightened my lips and began to move my head back and forth violently.

 *Jyupo*, *Jyupo*, *Lick….*

 ”Oh, that’s intense. That’s good! Oh, that feels good, Taka-chi”

 I breathe a sigh of relief in my chest as Kijima lets out a pleasant sound.

 (Okay, he feels good. But my jaw is sore, however if I can just hang on like this..)

 It’s still not tasty, but I enjoy the feeling of his cock hardening in my mouth.

 Sometimes it trembles, probably because it feels good, but it makes me happy.

 *Jyupu*, *Jyupu*, *Jyupu*, *Jyupu*.

 (Come on! Hurry up!)

 When I’m thinking like that…

 ”Then, I’ll make you feel good too”

 I suddenly felt the crotch of my bikini being pulled down, making me jerk involuntarily.

 (No, don’t stare it!? It’s so embarrassing)

 But Kijima didn’t hesitate in the slightest. The next thing I know, he’s kissing my pussy and his tongue is tracing my slit.

 ”Hiii, hyaah..”

 I couldn’t help but let go of the cock in my mouth and arched my back.

 Kijima’s tongue gained more momentum and entered me.

 ”No, ah, ah, that place, ah, hiii, ah, ah, ahh..”

 At the same time, his fingers started to move, and I could only pant while holding onto his cock.

 The pleasure is too sharp. An electric current rushed down my spine, and my body stiffened. All I could think was that I was being targeted only at the part that felt good.

 While I was in a hurry to get out of trouble, the feeling of climax began to build up, and finally his fingers rubbed up against my clitoris, and before I knew it, I was in a state of shock.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, s-something is coming!? I’m coming! Cum, cum, cum, cum! Cummmming!!”

 I screamed and climaxed wildly.

 My mind went blank, I didn’t know what had happened. His fingering was so precise that it was as if he knew every part of me that felt good. His tongue and fingers would touch where I wanted them to be.

 My body loses strength and I fall on top of Kijima’s body like a squashed frog. I just moaned, feeling the heat of his cock against my cheek.

 ”Nnnn… ahh… I’ve been made cum..”

 Of course, Kobayashi-sensei also caresses me when we have s*x. But they are different. Kijima is too good.

* * *

 ”Ahaha, you’re very sensitive. But I don’t feel good at all at this point”

 To be honest, I regretted it.

 I thought I can make fun of him like the man in the DVD, and make him ejaculate with my mouth and hands. Then, when he shows his pathetic pale face, I can laugh at him. As a reward, I’d even let him cum on me. That’s what I was thinking.

 But Kijima was a monster. His cock is big and his technique is unbelievable.

 This is impossible. I’ll never be able to take the initiative.

 I’ll have to change our tactics.

 Praise him, flatter him, let him do whatever he wants. I’ll just take it and let it happen until four o’clock. That’s all I can do.

 I lifted myself up from Kijima and lay down on my side.

 Then I made a fascinated expression, as if I was in love with Kijima, and leaned into his body as if begging him.

 ”No, it’s not that I’m sensitive, it’s just that your cock is so big that I’m too excited, it’s overheating, overheating”

 ”Ahaha, what’s that?”

 ”Because your cock is so big, and it’s so thick and bulky, and it’s so firm. You could kill a cunt in seconds with that thing. It’s so black and shiny, and you’re dripping your juices all over it, it’s so hot, this cock… it’s so hot”

 ”Oh, I’m so glad you like it”

 Men are simple. They feel good when I compliment them on their cocks. Anyway, if I get him to ejaculate ten times, I get 100,000 yen. Honestly, I don’t want to do it, but it’s the only way.

 ”So… please fuck my pussy with this big cock. Feel free to fuck me and make me feel good”

 I whispered as I rubbed my cheek against his shoulder, and Kijima’s nose started to breathe a little harder.

 ”Well, I guess I’ll take you up on your offer and just fuck you to my heart’s content”

 When it came time for me to be embraced, the image of Kobayashi-sensei flashed through my mind.

 Don’t worry, Sensei, this isn’t cheating! It’s not Takaka Takata, it’s Taka-chi, the black gal!

 Kijima sits down between my legs, takes his cock in his hand and puts it between my legs. Then, without any sign of hesitation, he suddenly inserted it.

 ”Ah! Your cock, it’s coming in, ah, after all, i-it’s so biggg, ah, ah, ahh..”

 I’ve already come once, and my pussy is already soaked. He could get in, but the pressure was unbearable.

 Kobayashi-sensei and I make love about once every two weeks. But I’ve never felt anything like this in s*x.

 (It’s bad, it’s really bad. I thought I could handle it, but… this is foul. But, I managed to hold on..)

 But Kijima’s words made me despair.

 ”Fuuhh… Taka-chi, you’re so tight for a slut. It’s only the tip that’s in there”

 (Really? Just the tip?)

 When Kijima started to push his hips further, the pressure was so great that I screamed out.

 ”N-no way! It’s really thick when you’re inside my pussy, I’m scared! My hole is so tight!”

 And finally, when he plunged his cock deep into mine, I was so shocked that my fingertips scratched the air.

 ”Ngghhaa!? Gigh, i-it’s painful, it’s so tight, the tip’s hitting me so hard”

 I can’t breathe, it’s too painful. As I was breathing heavily, Kijima stroked my head affectionately.

 ”It’s all in, Taka-chi”

 ”Oh, no, this is bad, nfu, ah, ah, it’s pulsating so much, just by being in there, it’s making my hole vibrate, ah, ah, ah, ah..”

 This is what happens when I’m just being penetrated.

 I felt a chill run down my spine at the thought of what would happen if he moved.

* * *

 ”Okay, I’ll move”

 ”Wait, wait… Hiiiii?”

 Kijima slowly pulls his hips back and starts thrusting again.

 It’s a gentle movement. But as the thick cock rubs up against my widened vaginal walls, a horrible feeling of pleasure comes over me like a string.

 ”Ah, hii, no, it’s dangerous, your big cock, hii, no, it’s really bad. Ah, ah, it’s like you’re coming in and dropping my cunt right there. Ah, ah, ah, ah… haa~, it’s so hard and thick, it’s so strong, it’s bad, it’s really bad, ah, ah, ahh..”

 I can’t think of anything else to say.

 I clenched my teeth and fought the pleasure that was stabbing my body. But gradually, Kijima’s hips began to move faster and shorter.

 *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*!

 ”Nnnh, ah, noo, hii! It’s fast, it’s so fast, it’s so thickk, ah, ah, it’s gouging my pussy walls! It’s so hot, ahh, haa~, ahhhh!”

 I didn’t know what I was saying anymore.

 Every time his cock went back and forth, stars flashed in front of my eyes, and my body was melted by the tremendous pleasure.

 Just missionary position. It was supposed to be normal s*x, but it was nothing like the s*x I knew.

 *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*!

 ”Ahh, ah, ah… Your cock’s too big, my pussy’s too tight, ahhh, my whole vagina’s being shaken, I can’t take it, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t!”

 *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*!

 I can’t help but be embarrassed by the sound of water coming from between my legs.

 ”The demon pistons are making me squeal, kuhh, Ahhh, ahhh!”

 Before I knew it, my legs were wrapped between Kijima’s hips, and I was enjoying myself.

 ”How does it feel? Does it feel good?”

 As he slowed his hips, Kijima looked into my face.

 My face, messy with tears and drool, loosened and smiled against my will.

 ”It’s so good… being penetrated by a huge cock makes my head feel soft, and having my hips grinded and my cunt walls gouged makes me feel great”

 I was stunned by my own stupid reply, but in a corner of my mind I understood that it was okay because I was a black gal.

 ”Well, let’s get more comfortable!”

 And with that, Kijima started to slam his hips down hard as if he was on fire again.

 ”Hiiiiiiin? It’s so hot, it’s so hot, it’s bad, it’s bad, it’s badd!”

 *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*, *Thud*!

 The tip of the cock slaps my womb, and I’m breathless inside my vagina. Then, suddenly, Kijima’s cock swelled up.

 ”Ahhh, no! Your cock in big trouble, really big trouble. Ahhh, so much rampage, your cock is raging, it’s going to cum, it’s going to cum. Ah, the semen is going to come”

 And then…


 Kijima’s face twisted in agony and at the same time…

 Tremble! Spurtt! Spurttt!

 His cock burst open, flooding my stomach with hot liquid.

 ”Hooooooon, kuhhh, fuwawawa! It’s so good, it’s really coming out of my vagina!? Kufu, ahh, it’s so hot, it’s coming deep into my womb! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmming!!”

 Under Kijima’s body, I arched my body as if I were bridging, jumping and jerking like a fish on land. I couldn’t sit still.

 Then Kijima finishes his last squeeze, exhales, and pats my head lovingly again.

 ”Well? Did it feel good?”

 ”It feels so good… Nnnn, it’s so good… oh… no way, your cock is too good..”

 I responded breathlessly, and Kijima smiled at me.

 ”Well, we’re wasting time, so let’s do it hard. It’s okay. You could make a lot of money and of course, we don’t have to take a break”

 (Oh no… I’m going to be killed..)

 In my foggy head, I thought…

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