Confinement 160

Chapter 160 Takaka Takata has Grown Up

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 ”Oh, no, it’s not good, it’s too much, ahhhhhh, Nnn…”

 I’m so excited that I’m making the stiff chairwoman of the public morals committee gasp in ecstasy.

 She mouthed obscene words with her pompous, lecturing mouth, and let out a screeching gasp. Her eyes, which had been looking down on others, are now debauched with pleasure, and she is drooling sloppily. Just thinking about it made my groin feel even harder and more tense.

 I don’t think she’s even thinking straight anymore. The only words that came out of her mouth were quite stupid gal-speak.

 If that’s what comes out of her mouth unconsciously, it means that the brainwashing that Lili has put in place has penetrated that deeply.

 She’s finally lost her way. All that’s left is for her to fall down the hill.

 Anyway, as of today, I need to make her feel my cock thoroughly. So much so that it’s not enough for me not to be in.

 So today, without changing positions, without pulling out once, and without even taking a break, I did ten shots in the normal position without pulling out.

 From the third shot onward, the semen that had flowed into her was spurting out with each thrust, and the semen was bubbling up between the gap, forming a jelly-like liquid.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhh, nnn, it, it, it’s too much…”

 Sweat, tears, drool, and snot messed up her black gal makeup. The face of the woman who has been debauched by pleasure does not show any trace of intelligence, and after the tenth shot, she is out of breath and unresponsive.

 ”Hiin, ahhhhh, p-please forgive me, I-I can’t do it anymore…”

 ”Well, this is the last time, okay?”

 I slammed my hips as hard as I could while feeling the ejaculation, and her relaxed body trembled a little.


 At that moment–

 *Tremble*, *Spurttttt*, *Spurttttt*!

 I unleash the tenth shot into her vagina. And all she can do now is moan in a low voice, “Ahhh…”

 After all of it was out, she just jerked and spasmed with a nasty expression on her face.

 When I slid my cock out of her, the frothy semen came pouring out with an obscene sound.

 I’m sorry to say that I did it myself, but it was quite a spectacular sight.

 At that moment, when I couldn’t help but chuckle – as usual, an electronic voice that I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman echoed.


 ”Takaka Takata’s state has changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level MAX”

 ”You may install furniture without restriction”

 ”● Stage Setup Installation Level 1″

 ”You can now set up a complete reversal event (plot twist?)” (*Note: どんでん返し)

 ”● Function Loan (Lend-a-Function)”

 ”The prisoner in state of [Enslaved] could be lent the authority to activate the function. One function per person. The Master cannot use the function while it is lent”


 Even though it’s a [submissive], at this stage, it’s probably best to think of it as a slight lessening of the sense of repulsion and disgust toward me. After I’m done with her… how should I treat her? I’m not sure.

 Anyway, I feel that the functions added this time are rather subtle.

 (<Function Loan (Lend-a-Function)> seems to have a use, but… complete reversal? What’s that?)

 At the same time I was twisting my neck, the door opened and a short cut dressed in a maid’s uniform came into the room.

* * *

 (Uh… Saito-san, right?)

 I can’t call her a Cockroach, it’s too harsh.

 She was one of the four people who blackmailed Fujiwara-san, but looking at her like this, her face is surprisingly cute. Well, I think there’s a bit of maid’s uniform correction in her face.

 ”Confinement King-sama, thank you for your hard work. How was it?”

 ”Yeah, I enjoyed it. Oh, by the way, Saito-san is taking care of her, isn’t she? Thank you”

 As soon as I said that, she bowed her head vigorously with a look of great emotion on her face.

 ”That’s a waste of words!”

 ”Well, I’m going to take a shower”

 ”Yes, I’ll take care of her!”

 She then grabbed Takata-san’s body and carried her up on her shoulders as if she were a stuffed animal.

 I’ve heard that Lili has given her some physical modifications, but some?

◇ ◇ ◇


 I found myself lying on the bed in my usual room.

 As soon as I tried to recall in my foggy head under what circumstances I had fallen asleep, I felt a shiver in my lower stomach.

 ”Oh…I’m being held by Kijima…”

 He was a monster. I didn’t know what was going on anymore. He just kept coming and coming in the same place. It was like a rocket that had been launched into satellite orbit and couldn’t come back.

 ”Are you awake? Takata-sama”


 A voice suddenly called out to me, making me jump involuntarily.

 I turned my head in the direction of the voice and saw Cockroach maid standing there.

 She smiled and opened her mouth.

 ”Congratulations. Master seems to have taken a great liking to you”

 ”D-don’t congratulate me! What’s with him! He’s a monster!”

 A monster. That’s all I’m saying.

 He’s got an insane cock and an amazing technique. I feel like an idiot for thinking I could just milk him for all he’s worth.

 ”…At any rate, the word monster is a compliment to Master as a great man. I’ll take that as a yes. If you’re disgracing him, I’m going to twist you”


 ”Yes, twist your neck. Two hundred and seventy degrees”

 She was smiling, but her eyes were not smiling at all.

 ”Ugh… what time is it?”

 ”It’s a little after six”

 ”Six o’clock? In the evening? I’m late!”

 ”Yes, indeed. However, your body has already been cleaned and made up, so you are ready to go to work as soon as you put on your clothes. Can you go to work?”

 ”Oh, of course. Why not?”

 ”Really? But I think you should take it easy. Ten rounds of s*x burn as many calories as five hours of jogging”

 ”Five hours? “

 That’s why I’m so heavy.


* * *

 ”I’m going to… work”

 ”Very well. I’ll have a change of clothes ready for you. Also… since you have completed ten ejaculations today, you have received one hundred thousand yen, and your debt has been reduced to two hundred ninety thousand yen”

 ”Two hundred and ninety…”

 It was probably just an illusion, but I was slowly becoming happy that the 3 million yen that had been weighing on me for so long had been reduced, even if just a little.

 Now I don’t have to worry about losing the first place two more times.

 I feel like I can make it.

 (If it’s six o’clock, there aren’t many customers yet… I should still be able to make it back)

 I’ve just earned 100,000 yen, but if I lose today’s first place, I’ll be back to square one.

 ”Hey, are Mako and Rena present for today’s shift?”

 ”No names on the list”

 (Okay! I’m in!)

 I take a pose in my heart.

 If it weren’t for those two, the rest of the cast wouldn’t be my enemy.

 Of course, that’s on the condition that no one I know come to the bar.

 But my body is still absurdly dull.

 I managed to sit up and get out of bed, my body creaking and creaking.

 It’s hard, I’m tired. My back is heavy.

 Still, in order to survive and grow… in order to build a happy family with Kobayashi-sensei, I have to work. I can’t afford to lose the top spot.

 (Everyone is working with this in mind…)

 There are no high and low professions.

 A businessman, a prostitute, a public servant…

 Everyone who works is great.

 I felt like I understood that firsthand.

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